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Not Too Far Now

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At heart I’m a very, very nervous guy always worried about making the first move or telling a girl my true feelings. This cowardice has always limited my sex life and the only times I’ve made love has been well into serious relationships, never having anything remotely close to a one night stand. This has one exception, a night of intense passion which I know I will never forget.

That night I had seen a local band with Chris his girlfriend (Emily) and her best friend (Jennifer.) When closing time came I knew Chris wanted rid of Jennifer for obvious reasons. So I offered to walk Jennifer home whilst Chris took the car. This suggestion went down well and we set off saying our goodbyes and making future plans.

It was a pleasant night and Jennifer’s house wasn’t too far so we just took a slow walk together. Now it may seem like a gentlemanly offer but I admit I had other motives. I was in love with Jen. We had met when Chris started going out with Emily and I had been attracted to her from the start. Jennifer had gorgeous curly red hair that rested on her shoulders and devastating green eyes with long lashes. She had a slight frame but still very feminine. When I first met her she had huge dark sunglasses on and when she took them off I was blown away by how beautiful she was. Her pouty lips gave a smile that let me know that this girl would be on my mind for months.

We actually spent a lot of time together (Chris requested my company saying that me being funny took pressure from him) and I loved every excuse to be near Jen. After a while I gave up all hope of getting together with her though. She was smart, funny and far too perfect for me. I was amazed at how witty she was, biting and sharp without being insulting. We became friends in our own right I often accompanied her shopping and to the movies (we had very similar tastes.) I honestly could not get enough of her.

We walked and as the temperature dropped she linked my arm. This wasn’t uncommon but it still made my heart pound furiously. I could smell her hair which is a scent I couldn’t describe. We joked at how bad the band where and how they desperately wanted to sound kadıköy escort like every bland pop punk band. She quipped that they certainly achieved the bland part at which point I turned and smiled at her. I looked into her eyes and she smiled back stunning me with how beautiful she looked tonight. She had on a simple white shirt, black jacket and pleated skirt. She didn’t wear much make up as her perfect milky white skin never needed it. Tonight though her lips glistened in the street light with lip gloss. That was when something completely unexpected happened… she kissed me.

I saw her close her eyes and lean into me and I immediately took my chance. Our lips met and it felt better than any kiss in my life. Her lips tasted of strawberries (the lip gloss I guess) and were soft and inviting. I began to get my bearings and placed one hand at the small of Jen’s back whilst I used the other hand to run my fingers through her silky hair. This was better than I could have ever imagined.

She slid her tongue inside of my mouth and expertly moved it around mine. I responded by pulling her in closer and kissing her as passionately as I could. Suddenly she broke off the kiss and looked hard into my eyes.

“Not too far now,” I knew exactly what she meant but was still surprised when she began to run towards her house beckoning me after her.

I ran after her still bewildered by the previous events and with my mind racing of possible things to come. Her house was just round the corner and by the time I’d rounded it she was already unlocking her front door. As I approached I saw she’d left the door wide open for me and I entered. As soon as I stepped into the door she slid her tongue into my mouth again and began to unbutton my shirt. I began to roam her body with my hands, astonished by how perfect it was. I gripped her tight and pulled her closer into me she responded my gasping and in a low moaned she whispered “I want you.”

The words echoed into my ear as she led me up the stairs gently holding my hand. I had been in Jen’s house many times (occasionally sleeping on her sofa) but now it was seeing üsküdar escort it for the first time. We arrived at her room and she led me to her bed and stood in front of me. Jen kissed me again before pushing me back as she started to unbutton her shirt. I just lay back and watched as her perfect body was unveiled before me.

Jen then moved her hand behind her back to unzip her skirt. I watched in amazement as the skirt fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. Before long she stood in front of me in only a thin strapped flowery white bra and matching panties.

“Your turn,” she said smiling seductively as she started taking off my trousers. In seconds I was naked in front of her. Still wearing her underwear she straddled my crotch, her knees tightly gripping my hips. Again we began making out intensely, my erection pressing against her panties. Her hands wandered around my body as she began grinding her hips into me. Her skin was unbelievably soft and each time our bare flesh made contact I shivered with pleasure.

Unable to wait any longer I slowly slid my hand up her slender back and unclasped her bra. Jen immediately lifted her arms allowing me to remove it completely. I threw the bra to the floor and marvelled at her incredible breasts. Small but perfectly round with rosy pink nipples. I immediately slid my tongue and gently caressed the other with my fingertips. She gasped and her grinding against me became more frantic. I began to kiss and slide my tongue over her amazing body whilst gently sliding my hands down to begin removing her underwear. She instantly shifted her weight and pulled the panties down her long slender legs. I took this opportunity to look down and gaze in awe of her perfect pussy which was just obscured by a thin line of red hair. I gulped and did my best to commit this to memory.

Jennifer now was sitting on top of me completely naked and I cannot even begin to describe how perfect she looked. She gently took hold of my cock and began sliding her wet, soft pussy down. I gasped at how amazing this felt and I could see Jen biting her lip as I completely entered her. She tuzla escort lay down on my chest began kissing my shoulders and neck and slid her hands up and down my body occasionally scraping her nails across me in long strokes. I gently slid my hands down her gorgeous waist, took hold of her hips and began to slowly thrust deep inside of her. I could feel her breathing hard against me and moaning slightly with each deep inhalation.

I continued moving deep inside of Jen whilst we began kissing again. This time our tongues entwined in soft, slow movements with Jen sometimes moaning into my mouth as I slid my cock deep inside her. Jen’s body felt amazing against mine her perfect nipples rubbing against me sending ripples of pleasure throughout my body.

Jennifer’s body began to stiffen and her back arched, I knew she was beginning to cum so I began to thrust faster as I sucked and licked her perfect nipples. She started to shake gently and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock but kept moving deep into her. I heard her moaning in her sexy, sultry voice as I made love to her.

Jen started bucking hard against whilst grinding her breasts against me, this felt incredible and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. We both fucked wildly and kissed each other desperately our tongues sometimes spilling from our mouths and licking each others lips. It felt animalistic and passionate beyond belief. In seconds I emptied every drop of cum from my body into her and at that moment I felt Jennifer reach orgasm again. We were both completely exhausted by how intensely we had given ourselves to each other.

Jen lay her head down on my shoulder and nuzzled into my neck. I held her tight and used my free hand to throw a blanket over us my flaccid cock still inside of her pussy coated in a combination of our cum.

She sighed deeply and I heard her whisper softly, “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

We slept in each others arms that night and when we woke up she told me how she felt. She told me that she thought she was in love with me and that last night only cemented her feelings. Jen also explained that she loved being near me and at every opportunity took an excuse to be with me. I was floored with disbelief and I told her how I felt the same way about her. I smiled at Jennifer and pushed her gorgeous red hair behind her cute little ears.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I Know.” She giggled and I smiled and held her tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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