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Olivia: The Hottest Mom Ch. 06

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Olivia, The Hottest Mom

Chapter 6

Olivia and Cody spend a romantic weekend in Monterey, complete with sex on an open balcony, hot tubbing, and lots of romance. Returning home, Cody prepares for a swim championship, anchoring a relay with Sheila and Nancy, both of whom he suspects have designs on him. Liv visits an old friend out of town, and Cody narrowly avoids being cornered in the Makeout Room by a very eager Nancy. Reunited, Cody and Olivia enjoy a naked picnic in her back yard.

My mother insisted I spend a couple of nights at home, so Liv had to climb off of me and help me dress and get out the door by seven or eight o’clock Monday and Tuesday evening. Since we only had the daylight hours, we laid out by her pool, skinny-dipping and sunning ourselves most of both days, with several breaks indoors, when we wanted more carnal exercise, without the need to remain quiet. Wednesday I prevailed upon Mom to let me stay over for the whole night again.

Liv was very attentive, and I returned her attention with total devotion and dedication. I didn’t know why she was so much closer and eager for me, but I felt the same. The Hottest Mom was the one woman I loved, and I was happy to be smothered by her affections and devoured by her pussy.

She was almost ravenous about our lovemaking, relentless and insatiable. It crossed my mind it was like she was storing it for some future need, like a squirrel stores nuts for the winter. We slept very little, and Liv was as passionate as I’d ever seen her, more, which was saying quite a lot.

Thursday morning, we woke each other with gentle lovemaking, exchanging kisses and moans as we licked and sucked and took joy in my latest penetrations into the moist warmth between her legs. After a shower, we headed downstairs, not bothering with clothes, and ate a quick breakfast, before she took my hand and led me back upstairs to the enthusiastically mussed bed.

Liv’s third orgasm, and my second, completely took the wind out of my sails. For our session after breakfast, she had mounted me in one of the Dirty Book’s best suggestions, tried early on, called The Randy Cowgirl. I lay back and she rode my cock, leaning back, though more like the horn of a saddle than the saddle itself. After we’d first tried that, it immediately become one of her favorite sexual positions, and now Liv humped me furiously, fingering her clit while she leaned back, tightening her labia and hole around my plunging dick. I marveled at her beauty, her eyes closed in sexual rapture, riding me intently, rocking her hips to move my cock in and out of her.

The sunlight through the high window in her room shone light down onto her tits and shoulders, and I watched, utterly captivated by her beauty and sexual fire. Liv’s breasts moved with her humping, the sunlight dappling her tits and nipples, the pale portions of her upper body seeming almost to flicker and flash as they ducked in and out of the warm morning glow.

She came first, arching her back, her juices nearly gushing out of her, her sultry moans filling the room. My cumshot followed almost immediately, spurting up inside her, our fluids mixing and sliding around my erection, cooling on our pubic bushes.

It had been a sprint, not the usual marathons of languid fucking we treated ourselves to nightly, but for all that always wonderful. Liv’s gasps and mine slowed and faded, before she sank forward on top of me, still straddling my hips and softening dick, her pale, full breasts coming to rest against my chest. I was completely lost in the moment, or I would have wondered at the ferocity and desperation that seemed to be driving our lovemaking that morning, but she was my girl, naked and warm and sexy on top of me, and I didn’t bother with it after a brief moment.

We lay there for long minutes, drowsing in and out, trading slow, lazy kisses in moments of semi-consciousness. I watched the sunlight that had illuminated her breasts so wonderfully creep down the wall as the sun rose, disappearing behind the eaves just before it passed her calves. Liv’s contented sighs complemented my own.

Propping her chin on my chest, she gave me one of her loving gazes. “I want to try something else, something new, baby…” She easily persuaded me with her gaze and her fingertips roaming all over my skin.

“Anything for you, my darling Liv…” At those words, she kissed and held me very tight, crushing herself into me, our bodies doing their best to be in exactly the same space. I kissed down her neck, then trailed my tongue along her shoulders and up her throat, underneath her chin. Her moans were sultry, sexy, smoky as I kept kissing her, and it was several minutes before she pulled back gently.

“Baby, oh, Cody, I love you so much! I wanted to try this with you for the first time… Never did it with anybody else, and you are the perfect man to do it with…” She disengaged almost regretfully, and rolled casino siteleri off the bed to a crouch by her nightstand. I heard a drawer open and close, but she didn’t climb back in bed, and stayed low to the floor, visible only from the shoulders up, her eyes alight with a deep, horny glow and her lips curled in delight.

“Cody, come here baby. Stand in front of me…” I climbed off the bed on her side, and stood in front of her, my cock beginning to awaken once more in anticipation of whatever delights she had in store. She was on a plush pink towel, kneeling and smiling very passionately at me. In her hands was a bright pink rod, rounded at one end. As I watched, she twisted one end, and I heard a steady buzz emanate from it, before she raised her hips and settled it on the towel, pointing toward the ceiling, before lowering her pussy to engulf it wholly.

I’d seen dildos before, but never in use, not in real life. “Fuck, Liv…” Seeing the smooth shaft burying itself in her made my heart skip a beat, then a whole series of beats.

Her eyes were closed, and one hand was still on the vibrating rod, holding it in place as she began raising and lowering herself on the droning pink column. “Ah…baby…it feels so good. Not as good…unhhh… as you…but…aaahhh… Oh, God, Cody!” Eyes still slammed closed, Liv reached for me, her fingertips grazing my hips, not quite grabbing them. Understanding her intent, I stepped forward, inches away from her.

Eyes still closed, my love reached for my swelling cock and aimed it at her lips, parting them and leaning in to take my glans between her lips. We moaned together, and Liv reached her free hand around to my ass, gripping it loosely, helping her guide my rigid pole past her lips and onto the velvet carpet of her tongue. I moaned again, another orgasm rising quickly in my loins.

After several bobs of her head, Liv moved her hand from my buttocks and grabbed my shaft, flipping it upward. Her eyes opened now, and she gazed up at me, running her tongue all along the underside of my hard-on. “Oh, Cody… You taste just like my pussy, baby…” Then, she suddenly popped my cock back between her lips, her hips humping the dildo quick and hard. At the same time, Liv sucked me hard, fast, almost willing my next load of semen out into her face.

My right hand made its way to her shoulder, then beneath the luxurious drapery of her jet black hair, stroking the nape of her neck in time to her sucking. My other hand stroked her cheek, marveling at the frenzied pace of her blowjob. Liv moaned around my cock, the vibration of those sounds adding to the pleasure she was giving me. Still she sped up, then suddenly stopped, pulling back.

Her eyes were hungry, and she panted with desire before speaking. “Baby…fuck my mouth. I’m not going to move, just fuck my face and cum inside…” True to her word, she went still, her mouth just slightly open, her tongue moistening her lips to ready them to accept my rod. Gingerly stepping a couple of inches closer, I slid it inside her mouth, and started to move back and forth, sighing at the feel of my cock sliding over her soft, pink tongue, past her lips, almost all the way in. I took care not to hit the back of her throat; her gag reflex wouldn’t be fun or sexy for either of us.

Her belly shook and I remembered the dildo traveling up her love canal, stimulating the whole length of that channel. Liv gave forth a deep and throaty moan, muted by my erection moving in and out of her mouth, but this time the vibration was more intense, with her louder sounds. “Oh, fuck, Liv, I’m going to cum…”

Setting the dildo free, she took both hands and grabbed my ass, pulling me into her all the way. My dick was all the way in, and I thought I felt it hit the back of her throat. Three times she pulled me in hard, and on the third thrust I screamed and let my cum boil forth, inundating her mouth and tongue and throat with the thick white fluid. She didn’t move an inch, but I felt her throat working, sucking down and swallowing every bit of my load.

My cumshot dissipated and devoured, I sat heavily on our bed, shoulders slumped and breathing heavily as I fought not to pitch backward onto the covers strewn all over, utterly drained. Liv stood and hugged me, pressing my forehead into her tanned, muscular stomach, running her fingers through my hair, both of us reveling in her fingertips on my scalp and at my temples. “I love you Cody. So much…”

Presently, we lay down, entangled in each other, and there was no drowsiness now. We slept until after noon, when she bent down and picked up the vibrator, now inert, and washed it in the sink before patting it dry and replacing it in her bedstand, treating it like a favorite pet. After a light lunch of sandwiches and cut fruit, accompanied of course by her homemade lemonade, we laid out by the pool, naked and holding hands. I didn’t go home until nearly nine that güvenilir casino night, and then only because Mom insisted, saying I could visit Jack the next day.


I arrived Friday morning, bright and early, ready for my girl. She greeted me at the door in her bikini, and the scent of spicy coconut tanning oil was thick in the air. As soon as I was past the door, she shut it and whipped off the two bits of cloth, discarding them on the tiled floor. She breathlessly took my hand and strode out to the patio with me in tow. My clothes drifted to the ground along the way, everything left inside, even if only barely.

After the close call with Jack charging up the stairs a couple of weeks ago while Liv and I were still naked from our night together, we learned to be a little more discreet. I didn’t spend Friday night over, but we frolicked in the pool and ate lunch and dinner at the table, under the umbrella, and made love the whole time we weren’t swimming or sunning ourselves.

Jack and Carla would return Saturday morning, and the change to our routine irritated me just a little. Not with Liv, or even Jack and Carla, but I gathered that Maximilian, never one to let Liv have one up on him, had decided to go out of town for an early weekend with Ilse, and was depositing their kids on her doorstep Saturday morning, so spending the night would be a risk we really couldn’t take.

We spent the last of our evening in the backyard, skinny-dipping and making out until long after dark. Both of us were eager to get our need for each other, if not out of our systems, at least banked and covered until the next weekend, eight long days away. The soft echoes of our final orgasms of the night were barely louder than the sound of the pool pump, and we held each other on the lounge by the water, unwilling to let this moment, any moment together, end.

“I love you, Liv.”

“I love you, Cody.”


The phone rang, and my heart raced with delight when my mother called me down, telling me it was Olivia. It was Monday around noon, almost a week early to hear from my gorgeous girl. After the championship, we had a couple of weeks off, though practice was supposed to start up again the week before Labor Day. It wouldn’t matter to me, since the beginning of September ended my eligibility to be on the team. My plans for the upcoming week had included finding more chores and gardening around the neighborhood, but Liv’s voice put a happy end to those plans.

Picturing the ways Liv and I could fill the unexpected time, I scooped the receiver off the kitchen counter, fighting the inclination to grab it too eagerly. “Yes, Olivia?”

“Cody, can you come by this afternoon? I would like your help around the house, and the backyard. Jack and Carla are staying over at their dad’s another few days, and I really could use the help.

I agreed quickly, my imagination whirling with all sorts of ‘chores’ she might suggest. It was odd that my best friend and his little sister wouldn’t be home for the weekend, since this was their weekend with her, or was supposed to be. After a moment’s reflection, I decided not to question our great good fortune at getting another week together.


I arrived at the house, excited to see my loving Liv. Knocking sedately, I waited for her to open up, and the door swung open. Instead of cautiously wearing mom jeans, or at least a robe, Liv was naked except for a gauzy negligee, in a green so dark it was nearly black, a darkly diaphanous covering over her beautiful, perfect body, barely enough to hide her treasures. Her breasts and buttocks were obvious, almost luminous under the reflected sunlight. Ushering me swiftly inside, Liv shut the door so no-one else would catch a glimpse of her welcoming me.

Once it was closed, Olivia threw herself into my arms, kissing me with her whole body, the way she always did. My hands stayed on the outside of her negligee for a few moments, and the feel of her skin sliding under the exquisitely sheer fabric had me hard in an instant. We headed to the top of the stairs, then I lifted her into my arms and carried her over the threshold into her bedroom, our bedroom, laying her gently on our bed.

We kept kissing, and she grabbed wildly at my jeans, sliding the zipper down and pulling my cock up over the waistband of my boxers, leaving the head peering over it like a voyeur. I wanted her almost as badly, and turned away from the bed. “Let me get the door, Liv.”

She grabbed my hand and turned me around to face her. “They’re both with their father, and I want the door open. I want the whole house to fucking echo!” As if to demonstrate it, she moaned very loudly as my hands cupped her buttocks and I pulled her into me, her nipples almost scoring my chest they were so hard. I only picked up on it later, the impatient impulsiveness she showed me, the frantic need to have me with canlı casino her, inside her, making love to her.

I needed no more persuasion, and my clothes were flung to the floor seconds later. She climbed on top of me, leaving the frilly negligee on, and she pulled the dark green satin bow holding it closed, letting the lovely lacey curtains part to reveal her beauty. Liv’s breasts were as lovely and full as ever, the tanlines so enticing, and the rest of her naked down to her toes. displayed between the clouds of diaphanous deep green lace. My cock sprang forward and into the lush black triangle and inside the moist heat beyond.

Our only sounds were wordless, inchoate, no communication other than our savage moans and sighs of passion. Liv humped me almost desperately, grinding with a frenzy I thought was native only to young men in the throes of their first lovemaking. Olivia came within seconds, and the contractions of her gorgeous pussy wrung my first orgasm of the day out of me. Hot cum spilled into her, all the way up to the center of her belly I was certain, and Olivia arched her back, eyes shut and groaning as she came again. A low moan issued out of her, coming all the way from her center, and Liv shook like an earthquake was running through the length of her body.

While the twin tremors of our orgasms were still fading, she suddenly pitched forward, lying on top of me, head on my chest, which was heaving along with hers, and clutched me hard. Inexplicably, she started sobbing. I knew better than to ask right away, so I let her cry, held her while she, gripped me tightly, wracked with what I thought must be deep, abiding despair. It dawned on me it might have something to do with us, but didn’t dare say anything, for fear of making it worse.

She subsided after about twenty minutes, and went quiet, just holding me. Her breathing was calm, serene, and I thought she’d fallen asleep, but suddenly she whispered my name.

“Yes, Liv? Is everything okay?” I desperately wanted her to be okay, wanted her more than anything I could name at that moment not to be so miserable. I could think of nothing I had done that would have hurt her, and these were the first words I’d spoken since entering her pussy half-an-hour ago.

“Yes! No…” She looked into my eyes, and I realized that she was the rare kind of woman whose face didn’t contort and grimace when she cried. She was still beautiful, and I wanted now, more than ever, to comfort her pain away. I still didn’t speak, let her take her time to explain.

“Cody…I love you more than anything, baby.” New tears brimmed in her eyes but she blinked them back, as much for me as for her. “My trip…just…fuck, baby.”

Still quiet, I kissed her on the lips, and continued silently to listen, to “give her space” as some of the moms had said over the years.

Liv reached up to touch my cheek, and gave me a wan smile. “I love you, Cody, and I wish this could go on forever, my sexy, darling man.” She kissed me and lay back. “I…got a job.”

“That’s okay. I’m going to start college in a month or so anyway…”

From her expression, I had missed something, something big. “Cody, baby, please…just let me tell you.”

The story spilled from her slowly, haltingly. I learned for the first time that Liv had once been a stockbroker, and her personal nest egg augmented the generous alimony and child support Maximilian had paid to get out of the marriage. Maximilian and she had met there when she was interning, and he had groomed her for a higher position there, around the time they were married. During the divorce, and since, he had effectively banned her from their San Francisco office altogether, and swooped in to assume all of her clients while she was dealing with the shock of his infidelity, adding another betrayal to his ledger.

A couple of weeks ago, she explained, an old friend sent her a letter. Tanya was a partner in her own firm and they had known each other since high school. They’d been part of each other’s weddings twenty years ago, and Tanya had moved to the Midwest right after college to work for a brokerage. Now she ran her own firm, and thought Liv would be a “good fit”. Liv had been invited to visit last week, while Jack and Carla were at their dad’s. That was why she’d been away for a couple of days.

Tanya’s brokerage was doing well, growing quickly, and she offered Liv a senior position, assuring her the that any additional qualifications she might need would be minimal. Liv could quickly start building a client base, for herself and the firm. The pay was better than what Maximilian had ever granted her during their marriage, and she’d already arranged for Jack and Carla to move with her, since Maximilian and Ilse the She-Wolf (I grinned when she said that) were ready to have the house in Orinda to themselves, and entertain the kids a couple of weeks in the summer and over some holidays.

I told her it sounded great, and she nodded once and took a shaky, deep breath, steeling herself for something awful, I knew instinctively. Then she told me where the position was.


I went cold, ice down my spine cold, as the implication hit me straight in the gut.

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