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Omar the Great

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“May I take you order ma’am?” the waiter asks.

“Oh no sir, I am still waiting for my guest to show up.” I replied. “I don’t know why I let Candace talk me into going on a blind date.” I muttered to myself as the waiter disappeared around the corner.

I know I fell off the dating scene for a minute but now I see why I’ve been off. My date can’t even have the decency to show up on time. I’ve been sitting here 20 minutes twiddling my thumbs and sipping this glass of water that tastes fresh from the faucet. Another five and I will be jetting out of here. He, whoever he is, is going to be sorry he let a fine petite thing such as I wait all this time. I’m glad I didn’t go all out and buy a new outfit. Regardless, my plump cherry lips with my curls bouncing off my shoulders did enough justice.

To pass time I start making my own lemonade at the table and squeeze the lemon in my water. I swirl it around a bit and add a dousing of sugar. This is about to be the best free lemonade ever. I lift my glass to try it out and in my peripherals I see a large dark figure emerge in my presence.

“Is this seat taken?” A deep voice asks.

“Not if you’re my date.” I respond. Could this handsome dreadlocked brotha be my blind date?

Before I could get too excited he exclaimed. “Well officially I’m not your date but I’ve been sitting at the bar since you came in and I noticed that you’ve been sitting all by yourself looking bored and anxious. So I decided to help relieve some of your anxiety because no foxy little thing as yourself deserves to be alone. Forgive my manners, but my name is Omar.”

I hesitated for a moment then I thought to myself well I might as well not waste the moment on someone else’s lack of effort. “Nice to meet you Omar my name is Sabrina.” As I reached out and accepted his firm handshake.

“Now if you don’t mind Miss Lady I would love to be your date and join you for dinner.”

“Please do!” I exasperated.

As he turned to sit down I noticed his bundle of tight dreads swinging across his back. He pulled out the chair to give himself enough room to sit comfortably and as he took a plop in the chair, a gust of his Gucci cologne hit me in the face. “So Omar tell me something, do you usually stalk women at restaurants and offer them a last minute date?”

He chortled. “Oh no ma’am. I was actually supposed to meet an old buddy of mines from college to catch up on old times but I haven’t heard from him since I got here. What about you, do you just accept dates from strangers?”

I laughed on the inside, given the circumstances it seems like I do. “Well actually I haven’t even been on the dating scene in a while. My homegirl Candace was trying to set me up on a blind date, but looks like I got stood up, blindly.” I kneel my head down and shake in shame. His warm hands reached out and covered mines as he consoled my disappointment.

“Any man that misses an opportunity with you is a fool. I don’t want to scare you or anything Sabrina but this is fate that we met. What are the odds that both of our guests stood us up? It’s in God’s plan for us to meet”.

Oh really? I thought to myself. Hmm could this man really be sent from God? Well for whatever reason he decided to place Omar in my life I intended to find out. The waiter returned to the table in a timely fashion. I ponder on why whenever I kaçak iddaa go out to eat I can never remember my waiter’s name.

“Are you ready to order?”

“Please give us a few moments”, Omar responded. We peeled open the four page leather encased menu. “Please feel free to get whatever you want.”

“You say that like you’re paying.”

“Answer this one question for me Sabrina. This is a date isn’t it?”

As I began to fix my lips to respond he cut me off. “Okay then, I believe a man should always pay if he asks for the accompaniment of a young woman.”

“Okay” was all my lips could say. Omar was winning major brownie points. Oddly enough his presence was beginning to awaken all of my senses, even the ones covered in cob webs. I had worked up an appetite and figured I might as well make the best of my night. On the waiter’s follow up trip I ordered a Category 5 Hurricane and T-Steak Topped with Shrimp and Grits in bourbon sauce. My taste buds salivated just by saying the name out loud.

“I love a woman with an appetite, especially ones who look like they watch what they eat”

Lucky for him my metabolism is fast and when I gain weight it all goes to my plump ass. While we waited for our food Omar and I took the liberty to get to know each other better. He began giving me the best 10 minute summary of his life. He explained to me that he was a personal fitness instructor at his own gym, he was pushing his mid-30’s had no kids and had never been married. He loved to volunteer at his church and appreciated a good adventure.

As he went on explaining his life in what felt like a short film I began thinking to myself. What’s wrong with this handsome, wholesome man with no ties? Just as I thought that, it was like he instantly read my mind.

“Most women are always thinking something is wrong with me because I’ve never been married and have no kids and I don’t want to sound cocky but I look good. But the truth to the matter is nothing is terribly wrong with me. I just believe in taking my time and finding the right one. Most ladies I meet aren’t up to speed with my wants and needs. I can give you the world but if you can’t succumb to my needs then no need to get deeply involved in a commitment.” The mystery of wanting to know his needs kept me intrigued. “I’m going to be honest” He went on to explain. “A lot of women that come into my life seem to lose themselves after I have physical intercourse with them. It’s like they neglect the feelings of my heart and just want the feeling of my, excuse my language… Dick!”

This I had never heard of but it had me really interested in finding out how this effect was possible.
Just as my stomach began to rumble in hunger the waiter served us our food and I could feel the Category 5 Hurricane beginning to flood my bloodstream. My lightweight ass couldn’t have been thinking with my right mind when I ordered this drink. We went on sipping, eating, and talking the next hour. I sat across the table admiring the beauty on this caramel stallion. Each sip getting me more delved into the life of a real man. After finishing off my drink I felt like this wasn’t the first date I had been on in over a year. Omar made me feel comfortable like I was talking to an old friend, yet hot and bothered like I had been reading a good story in the Ebony Magazine about the sexiest man of the year.

11 kaçak bahis o’ clock rolled around and to my amazement we were the only ones left in the restaurant. I had been here nearly three hours and wasn’t tired yet. Talking to Omar made me feel wide awake like I didn’t want the night to end. As he handed the waiter his gold AMEX to pay for the food he confessed that he loved my company and was elated when I accepted his offer to be my date. He proceeded to walk me outside to my car and all I could think was that I wasn’t ready for the night to end and I felt like I could spend forever in the company of Omar the Great. Oh yes he was so impressive tonight I coined him the name. The drink I had earlier was now swirling around the pit of my stomach and I felt like I had nerves of steel.

I blurted out “I don’t usually do this actually I never do this but life has room for firsts so if you don’t have anything to do and wouldn’t mind, I would love if you would come over and we can continue getting to know each other better. I’m rambling on but you get what I’m saying.”

“I’m glad you asked because I was surely about to offer!”

Omar followed me back to my place in his nice midnight blue BMW 745. The car fit his statute well and made him look like he could appear in Forbes at any given time. When we arrived at my home I quickly ran through my mind to remember if I had anything dirty lying around. I stumbled to get through my front door. Omar questioned if I was okay whilst trying to cover up his slight laugh. “Oh yes I’m fine I just moved in not too long ago and keep forgetting about that darn raised door step.” We made ourselves comfortable in the living room as our night long conversation carried on. Our bodies sat on the couch facing each other and the more he talked the more I imagined his luscious lips all over me. We hadn’t even been in the house 15 minutes and I was already plotting on how I was going to get him to reveal his secret mystery. I got so caught up in my loud thoughts that for a second I couldn’t hear a thing he said. He asked me if I felt the same. Too embarrassed to admit that I didn’t hear anything he said the last five minutes because I was busy fantasizing about him. I seized my opportunity to get a taste of his sweet lips. And just like any man he openly accepted my kiss and let me meet his tongue.

We tongue danced for the next half hour while he slowly caressed my shoulders and back. Ooh it felt so good to be in the arms of a man again. I had already told myself when I invited him over that I wasn’t going to stop him if he made a move. As we continued to kiss, his right hand began moving up my thigh. He used his two fingers to dance his way up to my pussy. He swiped them in between my second lips and placed them on his lips as he licked my juices off of his fingers. “Mmm tasty.” He knelt down to prepare for some dessert.

My heart began to pound out of my dress while he pleasurably sampled my treasure. While he continued going to town in my fat round I took off his shirt, exposing his back muscles. His muscle was flexing like he was taking a fitness photoshoot. I ran my fingers down the fine lines that detailed his physique. He stood up for a brief moment to take off his pants and that’s when I hopped up and latched onto his firm figure. As I crossed my legs tightly behind him I could feel the bulge from his manhood illegal bahis poking me from underneath. I looked down so I could see what he was working with as he dropped his Polo boxers to the floor. And just by looking at it I could see how females get dick crazed by him. His totem was about 8 inches long with a girth the size of a dill pickle. His head curved slightly up so I knew my g spot was in for a treat. While he packed on the necessary tool I caressed his neck and left kisses everywhere I could on his beautiful body. He then spread my cheeks wide open as I dropped down. My pussy was so tight it felt like it had lock jaw on his massive dick. Riding him while he held on tight took me to another place. I lost energy quick riding him because it had been so long. But good ol’ Omar was well prepared. He let me down to the floor with ease and spun me around as he slowly ran his hand up my back to guide my face down.

“You might want to hold on to something.” He swiftly advised.

I grabbed the closest thing near…my ankles. He rhythmically started moving his thick pole in and out of me as his left hand caressed my pearl and his right hand pressed up against my asshole. I don’t know what it is but just the pressure of his thumb covering my anus woke up additional nerves. I began screaming so loud that I felt like I was going deaf. Omar quickly pulled out his dick and swiped it from the front door of my treasure to the back of it… leaving a wet trail where it lay. As I moved my hands to grab something more sturdy, his ankles, I felt the head of his dick trying to make room in my ass… MY ASS!

I had never done anal sex before but I surely wasn’t about to stop Omar now. He seemed like he knew what he was doing and in this short time of knowing him I had built up trust. Pushing slowly and firmly to make way for even just his head to enter he proposes a question. “Are you okay with this?”

Caught in the moment I said the first thing that came to mind. “Hell yeah do you baby!”

“With much pleasure.” He then forced himself halfway through my ass. I admit it kind of hurt but just the thought of him in me took away all the pain. He pumped so vigorously yet gentle into my back door and the more he did it the more it began to feel good. I could feel his palms getting sweaty as he began losing a tight grip on my hips. I poked my head over my shoulder to watch him work. I could have freeze-framed every second of watching him from this angle. Time moved with a slow pace as each moment felt longer than that. I continued lusting as he swung his head up to get his dreads out of his face. They swung across his back and rested on his shoulders as pearls of sweat dripped down his chest and abs and onto my delectable ass. We were both so wet now it felt like we were sexing in the shower.

By the end of our ‘getting to know each other better’ that night I had managed to cum six times which was a personal record. I let him spend the night because I didn’t want any one feline taking shots at what I just had. I could fuck him over and over. Forget ever going on another date I found my man. As these thoughts sprinted across my mind I got a quick hold of myself. Sabrina you finally revealed his mystery now don’t run this man off with your craziness. That’s when it hit me this man really does turn women dick crazed. I already came six times and I wanted to go for another six more. I lay in my bed that night while he slept and tried to think of all ways not to show him how I too had become another one of his dick crazed victims. Omar the Great, conquers all!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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