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On the Car

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They were to meet tonight for dinner, and knowing that he would want to take off her clothes and make love to her the moment he saw her he decided to masturbate before he left the house. He pulled up her picture on the computer and scrolled through a few of her previous emails to him, stroking himself lightly at first, reading her descriptions of what it felt like to be full of his cock, to be screwed with no mercy, and to be licked over and over again until she screamed with release…all the while getting harder and harder…the movement of his touch became firmer and faster as he read about her tongue wetting his dick, and the feeling of slippery warmth that enfolds him as she tastes him…he closes his eyes, the words turning into memory as he feels his balls tighten and contract with the beginnings of an orgasm, the last thought as he cums is that he will soon be inside of her tonight…


The woman is waiting at a restaurant in town that is a discreet yet classy environment, bringing a mix of old English and modern textures together. High-backed wooden seating areas provide secluded dining spots for the patrons, mixed in with elaborate iron work and beautiful lighting. She stands near the gleaming wood of the bar, sipping on a drink and smiling softly. The dress she is wearing is a soft dark brown material, that hugs her breasts and flares out at the hip almost touching the floor. There are no traces of panty lines anywhere, the knowledge deepens her soft smile for the one she is waiting to meet for dinner soon.

When he does arrive, he walks up to her and kisses her discreetly on the forehead, lightly squeezing her arm. He enjoys touching her delicately, knowing in truth she likes it a little bit rough. He glances down before they are seated at their table and sees her nipples are like pebbles under the dress and his cock gets half hard just noticing and then remembering how pink and sensitive her nips are… He just knows she is already wet.

The table is covered with a thick rich cloth that drops to the floor, their booth secluded yet part of the diners in general. They sit close to one another, thighs and arms touching. They order food that is succulent and juicy, each teasing the other with the way they eat, sucking on morsels and licking their fingers after taking bites. It doesn’t take long before he is rock-hard and smelling her arousal through the aromas of their meal.

As they talk and eat, she slowly lifts up her skirt and subtly moves closer to him pendik escort as evening moves on. He is not aware yet that her dress is gathered around her waist and her pussy is throbbing with hunger for his touch. But when dessert arrives she makes her move, taking his hand in hers, kissing the inside of his palm and suckling his finger, using her lips and tongue to touch him. Lust shoots down his body and straight to his cock as he watches her pink tongue gently caress his finger, just like she does to his dick sometimes….

She leans forward and pulls his hand down around her back so he half embraces her and they kiss. When the kiss ends, she leans back against the backboard of the restaurants bench and places his hand now on her bare thigh….he touches silky soft and warm skin and his eyelids close halfway, knowing she wants him to finger fuck her right there, in the restaurant. As she cuddles closer to his arm, she reaches out and feeds him a strawberry dipped in cream, and her breathing gets heavier as she watches him lick the strawberry while his fingers slowly move closer to her wet pussy lips. He can feel the heat emanating out of her as he finally touches the downy fur of her pussy which is damp – matching the liquid languorous expression in her eyes.

His middle finger parts the soft hairs and dips into the cleft of her lips. Her hand curls on his thigh and clutches the loose material of his pants as he fondles her, while looking in her eyes and smiling. He tells her that they are not going to leave the restaurant until she cums since she is behaving so naughtily – putting demands on him to touch her pussy in public….her answer is a smile and slight change of her hips position to accommodate him even more…and it is then that he realizes she wanted this before she even arrived at the restaurant. H

His now stiff dick gets even harder than before and is pulsing with lust, just knowing she wants him. He thumbs her clit with his index finger while pumping her gently with his middle and pinky fingers, gently squeezing her pussy lips with his thumb but without arm movement so as not to alert anyone near. She continues to feed him his dessert, putting on the pretense for the other diners, he knows she is feeling the intense desire that is taking over him as well, his hard-on strains and bulges in his trousers and although he would like nothing more than to throw the table to the ground and fill her up with his cock right there on the seating bench, kartal escort he is content with this sweet torture and the light sheen of sweat that is beading her brow.

She desperately wants to fling her legs wide open and grip his arm, pumping her hips hard to his fingers rhythm, but the pleasure is even more intense for the lack of freedom that is allowed. The feeling of his finger pad flicking rapidly on her clit makes all the pleasure pool fuller and fuller in the base of her belly….his hand his getting soaked in her juices and knows he is leaking out cum in his pants in response. But, to anyone who looks, his chin is resting on his left hand, while he is being fed dessert, and they are holding hands under the table. It is very difficult for her not to squirm and pump her hips on his fingers, but she barely manages it. The pressure of pleasure is building up and just as she is about to cum she leans forward to catch his lips in a wet hot kiss, and he swallows her moans as he increases the pressure on her clit, and she can’t stop herself any more and tightly grips his arm with the one hand that was on his thigh – pressing him even harder onto her pussy, as waves of pleasure overcum her. He can feel her pussy muscles contracting as her orgasm hits and subsides….

They sit for a minute after she cums, foreheads touching and to the outside world they look like a couple cuddling over dessert. As soon as the bill arrives they pay it and leave…he can hardly walk due to the hardness of his dick, but they make it out into the parking lot to her car, holding each other close. They have to walk a little bit to get there, since she deliberately parked in a more remote spot – and he can’t help but stop her several times to deeply kiss her, reaching up to fondle her tits with both of his hands through the soft material of her dress, stopping before he loses control and fucks her right on the cement parkway, in sight of anyone who wants to watch.

When they finally get to the car, there is no one around at all, except the slight breeze of the evening. She leans over to unlock the door, but he is so aroused, that just the curve of her leaning over nearly undoes him, and he leans down over her from behind, holds her in a bear hug and just grinds his dick against her really hard. She gasps in pleasure and drops her purse and keys on the ground to steady herself against the car as her lover presses his rock-hard cock against her ass…he fits easily into her maltepe escort cheeks because she has not been wearing any panties….she loves the feeling of her breasts against the glass of the car door and the rigid shaft in her butt. He grips her hips and rubs against her to relieve some of the pressure that has been building for the last hour….

soon, it is not enough….he turns her around – she parts her legs and half wraps them around him, and he takes hold of one of her thighs while another hand grips her hair and they kiss deeply and passionately while the fit of his length meets her pussy’s heat. Her hands grab his butt and pull him even more tightly against her at first, then she quickly reaches in front of him and undoes his belt, button and zipper of his trousers to free his cock – she runs her thumb across the hardened tip and feels the dewy precum that has made the tip slick…now it is his turn to take hold of her hand, but instead of holding her hand closer he moves her hand and arm against the car…and now he pulls the dress up around her stomach – making ready to finally enter her hot wet pussy – but, she squirms away suddenly and he closes his eyes tightly to gain some control over his desire…and steps away from her to calm down…

when he is ready, he opens his eyes to see her draped over the hood of the car, legs spread and ass cheeks shining whitely in the muted glow of the parking lot lights, looking at him with a ‘fuck me now, and hard’ expression…wasting no time he takes hold of his thick, hard cock and walks toward her, simply thrusting into her in one hard long movement – pulling her hips toward him. He continues to hold onto her and with rapid forceful movements he is surrounded in moist, wet, slippery hot pussy. Over and over he takes his dick out almost the ridge of its head to slam it deep inside of her. The metal of the car’s hood provides a slick surface so that she just slides back and forth with his movements of pushing her hips forward as he pulls his cock out and pulling her hips and ass to him forcefully as he pistons his dick inside of her wet heat once again.

Her nipples react to the friction and cold of the metal giving her a delicious erotic feeling, and all she can think is harder, harder. The material of her dress rests on her back, so he is able to see how her ass shakes and trembles with each thrust he makes – a quick glance upwards shows her hair tumbled about and her face a mask of lust and pleasure, and soon all of the images and memories of finger fucking her in the restaurant, of the times when she was on top of him…riding him lustily, the taste of her pussy, the sight of her lips around his cock…they all come together in this moment of fucking her, and his cock explodes inside of her with all the pressure he has felt…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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