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Paid Rent Receipt

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I was desperate. The rent was past due and in my mailbox was a seven-day notice, pay or you will be set out on the street. It was just an old mobile home in a cheap trailer park, but it was all I could afford for my two kids and me. My deadbeat husband was no where to be found and child support non-existent. My job at the department store just barely meet my expenses, but this month the store cut my hours back to save on payroll and the kids had to go to the doctor and I just couldn’t pay the rent on time. Now, I was facing eviction.

Dave was the owner and operator of the trailer park. He was a scummy character resembling Ron Jeremy the porn star: beer belly gut, unshaven, and generally unkempt in appearance. I didn’t much like going to his office. Dave would always leer at me undressing me with his eyes. I once walked in and he had a porno flick playing which he only muted while I was there paying the rent.

It was right at 4 when he closed the office that I walked in hoping that I could appeal to what ever heart he might have to give me some extra time.

No such luck, the bastard just grunted and said, “all you single woman with kids and no husband are alike. You think just because I own this trailer park that I am rolling in money. Well, sweet heart, I have what I have because I don’t give nothing away. Pay your fucking rent or you and your two brat kids will have to get the fuck out.”

I turned feeling like shit as I walked toward the door when he hollered at me, “Hey, sweetheart, you might be able to work it off. You know, trade out some personal services in exchange for a paid rent receipt.” I turned and looked at him and naively I asked him what sort of services did he mean.

He laughed and told me to lock the door and he’d explain it to me. Again, naively I locked the door and as I walked back toward his desk he told me to stop and turn around slowly. Puzzled, I started turning around. With my back toward him he told me to stop and bend over. That’s when stupid me caught on to what personal services he wanted.

I turned about and glared at the SOB, “you bastard, I am not a fucking whore! You really think that just because I am in a tight spot that I’d resort …”

Interrupting my tirade Dave said, “Now, Sweetheart, I know you’re a good girl. I am a businessman… you’ve seen the bumper sticker, No, cash. Then it’s gas, grass or ass no one rides free? Well, I got plenty of cash, my gas tank is full, and I don’t spoke pot. But, you are, in addition to being a good girl, are one nice piece of ass. Now, don’t get so indignant over a simple business transaction. You can be walking out of here in thirty minutes or so with a paid rent receipt. Doing only what you no doubt have done free with lots of guys.”

I just stood there glaring at the SOB his words echoing in my mind. Then I began to think that as disgusting as Dave looked and his offer was it was a quick easy way for me to keep my ass from being pitched out onto the street. My glare soften, my eyes closed and with a deep sigh a stood composing myself in preparation of what was expected of me.

Sensing my resignation to any further protest Dave leaned back in his desk chair and with a business, matter of fact, tone to his voice he to asked me to take my clothes off. I locked my eyes on his as my hands shakily began unbuttoning my blouse. I pulled my blouse from my skirt, slipped it off and laid it on the chair in front of his desk. Next, I unbuttoned my skirt and let it fall to the floor. As I stepped out from my fallen skirt I also slipped out of my sandals. Laying my skirt on the chair I reached behind my back to unfasten my bra strap. A quick roll of my shoulders and my bra joined my blouse and skirt. Dave’s eyes widen, he licked his lips and he grabbed his crouch and adjusted his stiffening cock.

Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of my bikini panties I started to push them down my legs when Dave told me to stop. “I asked you to turn around and bend over for me. I still want you to do that, and as you do I want you to slide your panties slowly off your ass and down your legs.”

I did as I was instructed. With my thumbs still in the waist band of my panties I slowly turned kadıköy escort my back to Dave and as I bent over I slipped my panties down off my ass till they just fell down my legs around about my ankles.

“Spread your legs sweetheart.” Dave instructed. I stepped out of my panties leaving them lay on the floor, and with my legs about shoulder with apart I bent over till my hands touched the floor.

“Now, Sweetheart, pull your ass cheeks apart for me. Show me your pussy and pretty little ass hole.” Again, I did as he requested. I felt dirty and cheap as I grabbed both ass cheeks and pull them apart expose my private it’s to his leering stair. Through my legs I could see him rubbing his crouch his breathing was getting heavier as he studied me.

“Nice, sweetheart, very nice ass and pussy. Most ladies I know keep their pussy hair trimmed. Your thick natural bush is nice. Come over here by me, Sweetheart, let me get a closer look at all your loveliness.” I stood, and in total humiliation I walked over to that S.O.B. I’ve been naked many times with my ex-husband and several boyfriends, but I never felt as naked, totally exposed and vulnerable as I did walking over to where Dave was sitting and stood between his open knees. He lightly stroked by legs. He examined me head to toe. Smiling, he slowly moved is hands upward and back over and around my ass. As he squeezed my ass checks he pulled his face into my belly and rubbed and kissed it. Then he looked up and I felt his hands coming up the sides of my naked flesh till his hands where holding my breast. He squeezed them and pinched my nipples.

“Sit up on my desk, Sweetheart, I want to get a nice look at that hairy cunt of yours.” He turned in his office chair his knee nodging me to his desk. Once my ass was on his desk he told me to lean back and as I did he pulled my legs up and with his hands behind my knees he pushed my knees back and apart opening my sex to his lustful stair.

“Pull your cunt lips apart, sweetheart, let me see that lovely pink fuck hole of yours.” He was so crude. I was just another woman in a tight spot whoring her self, and he was using me as such.

I felt his fingers probing my vaginal lips and slowly he slipped one then two and before he was done finger fucking me he had four fingers well up inside of me. Then he lowered his face and kissed my cunt lips. He used his tongue to French kiss my pussy. He moaned, and slobbered like he was in a watermelon-eating contest. Finally, he focused on my clit. His tongue flicked over it, it gently circled and his mouth sucked it between his lips.

“Fucking sweet! Your cunt is sweet as honey. You’re a horny slut aren’t you? I’ve eaten a lot of pussy and a bitches cunt ain’t this sweet unless she is hot and horny.”

He was right. As disgusting as Dave was and his taking advantage of me, I hadn’t had sex in months and his tongue and the sucking of his mouth upon my clit was taking me to the edge. My body betrayed me as his tongue circled and flicked my clit. My breathing became deeper and I let quiet sighs hoping he wouldn’t pick up on my growing pleasure. But, my approaching orgasm could not be hid as my ass began to involuntarily roll and push up into his face. Then it came in an overwhelming wave of pleasure that spread quickly and powerfully from my clit over my entire body. I cried out loudly, no longer caring that he knew I was enjoying myself. My body shook and tingled uncontrollably, my toes even curled.

With one powerful release then came the wonderful afterglow. I lay there across his desk, his head still between my spread legs, and his mouth and tongue gently probing my fuck hole. Lifting my head, I looked down between my legs to see his disgusting face. His mouth buried in my pussy, he looked up at me and gave me a long hard lick from my ass hole, over my cunt and clit till I could see his mouth resting in my pubic hair. “Sweet, fucking sweet you are.” I closed my eyes and lowered my head without saying a word. Dave’s mouth slipped back down to my pussy and his tongue and lips began their work on my clit. Quickly, I felt another orgasm üsküdar escort approaching, and again a wave of pleasure surged through my body.

Dave again tongued my fuck hole as I basked in the afterglow. Then he stood and taking my arms he pulled me up to my feet. I was a little wobbly, but I didn’t have to stand long. “Knee down for me, Sweetheart,” and with firm pressure he pushed down on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees. My head was still buzzing from my second orgasm when I became aware of his cock. My ass was resting on my heels as I kneed in front of him backed arched. I felt his hand as he lifted my chin. Dave had already taken his pants and shorts off while he was eating me. All he had on was his long oversized sweatshirt. Kneeling in front of him I could see his legs where thick and hairy. Then from under his sweatshirt Dave took his cock in hand and guided the tip to my lips. Before I could react the tip of his cock was pressed against my lips as in a kiss. I reached for his cock and pulled back so I could see this cock that I had just kissed.

He was like Ron Jeremy in cock size as well. “Big ain’t it. You’ll like it. Now, suck me, Sweetheart, show me how talented your mouth is.” I looked at it, then up into Dave’s eyes. He just smirked at me as I kneeled before him. My eyes went back to his massive cock. I stroked it and studied it. Then I leaned forward and kissed my way up from the base of it to its large purple head. Looking up at him I parted my lips and let his cock pass between them and into my mouth.

Slowly, with firm pressure from my lips I began to suck his cock. He asked me to lick it, so I ran my tongue over the entire length swirling my tongue around the tip, which made his legs buckle each time.

Then, with his cock once more between my lips he takes my head into his hands and begins to fuck my mouth. Deeper and deeper he trusted and pushed it. I gagged a few times as he attempted to enter my throat. Having given head many times before to past lovers I knew he was wanting me to deep throat. I enjoy sucking cock; I even like it when a man cums in my mouth, but deep throating is not particularly pleasurable.

As the cock goes deeper and deeper it causes me to gag and thick froths of saliva form around my mouth till long nasty strings hang from chin. Dave was going nuts as forced his cock deeper. I felt totally degraded.

Dave’s cock was the biggest I ever had. I never gagged so hard before, but inch by inch his monster slipped deeper down my throat till my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He was beside himself as he held his cock deep in my throat. Then he began thrusting, fucking my mouth till I thought he was ready to cum in my mouth.

“Wow!” he said as he pulled his cock from my mouth. “Can’t cum yet, haven’t fucked you.” He helps to my feet and again I find my ass sitting on the edge of his desk. He lays me back; my legs are opened my knees hooked around his hairy arms. His hands grip my hips and he pulls me into position and with a smooth fluid motion he positions his cock between my cunt lips and I am now just a thrust of his hips away from have my cunt filled with his big cock.

I didn’t have long to wait. Leaning over me, my legs held back apart my feet to either side of his head, he looked into my eyes and as he smirked he added to my humiliation by telling me to tell him I wanted him to fuck me like a whore.

I looked up at this nasty man, angry and humiliated. I knew I had to do what ever pleased him if I was going to get that rent receipt; so I looked up at him, eyes closed in disgust I whispered, “Fuck me like a whore, Dave. Fuck me like and whore.”

He groaned and with a hard thrust into me he filled me balls deep. He let me straighten and close my legs. My feet were still on his shoulders and his hands gripping my hips kept his cock buried deeply into me.

After several minutes of steady fucking he again pulls me to my feet. I am then turned and told to bend over the desk.

“Tilt your tight pretty little ass up for me.” He ordered. My cheek and tits were mashed into his desk, but I tilted my ass, as he wanted. He then guides his tuzla escort cock into me again and he began to thrust hard and fast. He called me his fuck bitch. I couldn’t be quiet as he humped my ass. Being taken from behind has always been my favorite position. I am penetrated deeply this way and I can feel the man’s cock pressing into my womb. With Dave it felt like he was in my womb.

Between my moans, screams and cry of pleasure and the sound of his belly slapping against my ass I am sure any one passing by outside would be getting an ear full. Again I felt like Dave was building to his orgasm and my cunt would be filled with his cum.

Once again he pulled his cock from me. Our rent paying session was not over yet. He led me over to a large leather sofa. He sat down and told me it was time for me to fuck him. I looked at him sitting there stroking his cock which glisten with my pussy juice. I straddled him and reaching down I took his cock and pushed it into position. Slowly, I lowered my self down on his cock. He grabbed both my tits in his hands and began kneading and squeezing them. He rolled my nipples between his thumb and fingers and as he did he pinched them. Lightly at first but as I slid up down his cock I couldn’t help but ask him, no, I told him to pinch them harder. When I am real hot, and I was real hot I love for my nipples to be pinched. Harder the better…

Next, he took a tit into his mouth and sucked and lightly at first he bit my nipple which sent both bolts of pain and pleasure through me. I pushed down hard on his cock and with both my hands on his chest I arched my back tilled my head back and thrusted my hips into him. I didn’t lift off his cock I pushed it deeply into me and humped him till I filled the room with my cries of pleasure

He pulled me in tight and we rolled as one on the sofa with me on my back one legs on the back of the sofa the other hanging off the front. He fucked me hard and steady pushing my ass down deeper and deeper into the sofa cushion. Again, I could tell he was approaching his climax and wondered if he would finally cum. Even though I was hot, and my body was taking pleasure from this nasty man’s using me I still wanted this to be over.

I didn’t have to wonder long as he pulled out, pulling me up off the sofa he told me to knee on the floor. He was going to cum in my mouth. Kneeling before him, my ass again resting on my heels I tilted my head back and open my mouth in anticipation of receiving his cum. I didn’t have long to wait. Dave told me to stick my tongue out that he wanted to see his cum shoot into my mouth.

I watched him as he jacked feverishly, his face covered in sweat then he told me he was cuming and as shot his load he laid his cock on my tongue so he would shoot straight into my mouth. My mouth was filled with the first pulse of his ejaculation; each successive pulse shot a thick white rope of cum on my face, hair and tits. He stopped jacking and told me to take his cock back into my mouth. Looking up at him I gently sucked and licked his softening cock.

Dave smiled at me as he looked down at my face covered with his cum and his softening cock in my mouth. His cock satisfied, and his balls empty, Dave turned and staggered back to his desk. I watched as he grabbed his rent receipt book as he began writing I grabbed my panties from off the floor and was about to slip them back on when Dave hollered,

“I want your panties as a souvenir.” I just looked at him and balled them up and threw them at him. They hit him in the face and he caught them as they fell. Holding them up to his face he said he would add them to his collection.

Quickly, I dressed wanting to get that rent receipt so I could get out of his office. Dave motioned for me to follow him over to a closet door. He unlocked and opened it revealing on the back of the door about dozen or so pairs of panties. His collection…

“These belong to the “ladies” that have traded out the rent just like you have.”

He pinned mine to the door and then he showed me a pair of skimpy red ones.

“These belong to Sharon. She was the first and it was her idea, too! I couldn’t believe it, she just locked the door and started unbuttoning her blouse. As you can see there have been many other rent whores.”

As he handed me the rent receipt he reminded me that my rent would be due again in just two weeks. I took the receipt and with the taste of that disgusting man’s cum still in my mouth I walked out of his office contemplating whether I would have to whore my ass off again to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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