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Pleasurable Working Environment

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Just another boring day at work. I sit in my desk day dreaming about an escape. Being a teacher sometimes has its rewards but most often than not it gets BORING!!!!

I was in my conference hour waiting for the next bell to ring for the end of my day, when Josh a fellow computer teacher walks in. I have had a secret crush on him since the first time I met him. Despite us both being married we often tease each other with innuendos and comments but it all seems like harmless fun.

“How are you today lady?” asks Josh, his sexy long, dark hair is pulled back in a professional pony tail. I look up from my papers that I am grading with a smile.

“Nothing really just the usual grading of essays,” I reply.

“You always like to assign essays and the kids hate doing them, why bother?” queries Josh.

“Because I love words.”

I stair at his dark moody eyes and pounting lips dreaming of kissing them tenderly and feeling his goat-tee on my ears and neck. I feel flushed and warm at the thought so I look away.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, just a little warm in this room I need to report the a/c to maintenance.”

“Oh, and here I thought it was me.”

We both laugh. If he could only read my mind he would realize just how true that comment is.

“So are you going to be working late today?” Josh wonders.

“Yeah, I have to finish my class lesson and submit it for approval. This is the only place I can really concentrate.”

“Oh ok. Was wondering if you wanted some dinner after work.”

Now this surprises me. I mean we have always talked about meeting each other’s spouses but I didn’t expect this short notice.

“Sorry love, but Robert has to work late too. Raincheck?” I answer.

“Who said anything about Robert going to dinner? I was asking you,” says Josh.

“Are you serious? I mean what will be the talk in the teacher’s lounge if we are spotted alone together without our significant others?”

“Let them talk, at least it will be good conversation.”

Again, we laugh but there is something thick in the air; a overwhelming electricity building up in the room. I begin to squirm and to my surprise get a little moist at the thought.

“Really, I have so much to do. These reports are due on Friday.” I tell him.

“Well, maybe we can have dinner here and I can help you. I mean being a computer teacher we just have to make sure our computers are working.”

“That would be nice, but really I can’t impose on you like that.”

“Nonsense, you need to eat and well I need to learn so maybe I can be more proficient as well. Besides, Mandi is going out with her girlfriends so I really don’t want to be alone at home.”

“Well if you have no real plans I could use the company.” More like a distraction but what a distraction as I look at Josh’s body. I am ankara eryaman escortlar very attracted to his physique. Big and strong like a mountain. I wonder how those powerful arms would feel around me.

The bell sounds and I prepare for the end of day routine a few students come in for extra help with their essays.

“Well, Mrs. Gonzalez you have a good afternoon and I will see you soon.” Josh smiles as he exits my room.

“OK you too,” still finding hard to calm down as my students are teasing me.

“OOOOOOOO Mrs. Gonzalez, you and Mr. Moody are flirting,” sing the kids. Junior high school has too much hormones for their small bodies. Sometimes I think it leaks.

The rest of the afternoon is filled with punctuation and grammar corrections. And then finally silence as one by one students leave for home. Other faculty walk by with friendly words of farewell, until there is a heavy silence throughout the building. It is sort of scary but something I am very use to.

As I sit there beginning my reports, I look up and see it is almost 5:30. I start to think perhaps Josh had to leave or simply forgot about his offer of dinner. Just as the thought enters my mind and I engross myself fully in my tedious paperwork, I hear a a strong voice.

“Well there is my sexy lady. I wish I had teachers like you when I was young,” jokes Josh.

“Stop that, you make me blush.”

“So I brought us pizza is that ok?”

“Sure, it will make it easy to eat and work at the same time.”

He pulls a chair close to my desk and I glance over to see his tight jeans and crotch. I imagine that it is hard and ready for me. I blush at the idea.

“OK was that a late reaction or is there something on your mind?” Josh asks.

“Oh, just thinking how sweet it is for you to help me out,” I lied.

“You don’t know what I expect in return for my help.”

“Oh, you mean I have to return the favor?”

“Yes, but not in so many words.”

“Fair enough then,” I smile thinking about how I would like to rip his clothes off and just jump on him right then and there.

We eat and tease while we work on my reports. Often, I steal glimpses of hands and think about what they must feel like.

“Hey, you need to show me how to work these reports,” Josh reminds me.

He stands behinds me to view the forms I am working on. I feel his weight against my chair and he leans down close over my shoulder. I become warm to his close presence.

“Well, what do you want to know? Most of it is pretty self explanatory.”

“I see that and much more. What a nice view.” Josh gleams. I look up to see him looking down my blouse where my large breast are slightly visible.

“Wonder how dark your aerolas are?”

I swat him lightly as I reply,

“Josh, I have never heard you say things like that.”

“Oh escort etimesgut come on Ann, you know I have always wanted you.”

No, actually I didn’t. Sure we tease and joke but it is all just fun nothing meant to be taken seriously.”

Just then Josh turns my chair around and looks deep into my eyes.

“You mean to tell me you see or notice how you affect me?”

Just then I look at his crotch to see a raging hard on. My nipples begin to tingle and I feel hot.

“Josh, what about your wife?”

“Josh leans in closer and whispers huskily, “Mandi knows and told me to go for it.”

In total shock I look up into his eyes once more as he pulls me into his arms and lowers his lips unto mine. Slowly, he parts my lips with his tongue and slowly traces the inside of my mouth. He taste so sweet. My breath quickens as he begins to reach into my blouse for a hard nipple. Josh releases my mouth to lick my neck as a moan escapes me. He lifts me up to sit me on my desk. My mind whirls, is this really coming true? Oh it feels so good. I should stop him but I can’t. I don’t want this to ever stop.

Gently, at first, he pinches my right nipple; getting progressively harder as he gauges my reaction. I reach down over his jeans to feel his engourged cock. It is thick and hard and huge. Oh I want to taste his juice. As I begin to undo the button and zipper of his jeans, he unbuttons my blouse and snaps my bra. Lifting the cups aside he lowers himself to suckle at my breast.

“My grandma, what dark aerolas you have?” Josh moans.

“MMMMMM the sweeter they taste,” I tease.

My hand reaches into his pants to release his dick from the cage of fabric. Josh is as wet as I am and the anticipation is intense.

I stroke his beautiful manhood rythmically and Josh quivers slightly. My breathing is becoming more and more rapid and I can’t wait any longer. I have wanted him for so long.

“Oh baby, pleeeeaaasssseeee…I want you inside me now,” I whisper, “but first let me taste your cock.”

I get on my knees and slowly lick the head of his dick. His pre-cum is so sticky sweet. I lick my lips and open my mouth wide as I swallow him to the hilt. I reach for his balls to massage them as I work my mouth up and down his shaft. Josh pulls my hair gently as he encourages me to take him deeper into my mouth. I can feel him beginning to throb as I suck harder and harder. I stop and suck his balls and start at the base of his cock licking my way up to the top and swallow him again. Everytime I feel him getting close to cumming I slow down as I want to make this last. It is torture, but oh what ectasy.

“OK, enough of that. I need to bust my nut or you are going to make me crazy,” Josh orders.

He raises me up again on my desk and hikes my skirt up where batıkent escort he sees a huge wet spot on my panties. He slowly rubs the outside of my panties and I moan again.

“Oh, please Josh, I can’t stand it.”

“Now you know what I have been going through.”

His hand goes into my soaking netherlips parting them delicately. He slowly strokes my clit with his massive fingers and I buck under his touch. He returns his mouth to my breast, biting the nipples tenderly and alternating the biting with sucking. He then plunges his two thick fingers deep into my pleasure crevice.

“OOOOOHHHHH Josh, I have wanted you for so long.”

“Beg me Ann, beg for my cock.”

“Please, please, pleasssssseeee. I will do anything to feel you inside me.”

Josh tears my panties off. The sound of ripping fabric excites me even more. I have never been so dominated in my life.

He turns me over so that I am bent over my desk, exposing my hot hole to him. Slowly he rubs the head of his cock over my pussy lips.

“Oh, Josh please don’t tease me. I want it in me NOW!”

“Beg for it Bitch. Come on tell your daddy how bad you want this cock.”

“Josh. Josh. PLEASE!” I scream

He slowly pushes his dick to part the full lips of my vagina, and I feel the head rub over my clit. I moan harshly my breathing becoming deeper and heavier.

Josh then quickly slams his cock deep within my hole. The feeling totally fills my inside. Josh’s penis is so engorged it rips into my swollen walls.

Josh pumps nice and slow, deeper and deeper with each stroke. My ass cheeks bounce off his balls. He reaches over to pinch my nipple and kiss the back of my neck.

“Oh baby, Fuck Me! It feels so good.”

Josh moans to my encouraging words.

“If you don’t fuck me good, I will make you do it again and again until you get it right,” I tease.

To my surprise I feel a sharp sting to my ass. Josh has found my ruler on my desk and has spanked me with the unforgiving tool. To my astounishment I scream for more. Josh oblidges a short flick of his hand to administor the blow.

“Are you a bad little girl?” Josh groans, “I will have to keep you after school more often for being such a bad girl.”

“Oh yes, please Mr. Moody more, more, faster, harder.”

Josh, thrusts quickened and my pussy walls begin to tightens around the his shaft. I begin to quiver and feel him tense up. A burst of warm, thick jisum floods me. With both climax together. Josh leans over and and lightly kisses my neck. Slowly we come down from our high,kissing each other wantingly.

“Wow, Mrs. Gonzalez I never knew homework could be this fun. I am going to have to do more.”

I glance up the clock, “Damn, we are going to be in real trouble if I don’t get home soon. Won’t Mandi be upset with you?”

“I told you she knows what I am doing.”

“Josh, are you serious?”


“I can’t believe that,” I reply.

“She wants to meet you and maybe if you are up to trying something new join us for some fun.”

I could only imagine what he meant. But that is another story for another time……..

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