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Public Flirtations

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“Hey honey,” my husband whispered. “Look over your left shoulder, but do it discreetly.”

I gave him a look, but he just smiled. I made sure my two kids were still clamoring over the build it sets at the children’s museum at Navy Pier. I peeked over my left shoulder, but see nothing but the chaos that comes from a place like this. Screaming kids, running, kids, laughing kids. And parents endlessly chasing them.

“Sorry Patrick, I don’t get what you want me to see.” I could hear the edge of annoyance creep into my voice and I try and push it away.

“Tall guy in the dark blue shirt.”

I looked again and saw a man in blue with a young blond hair boy. The man seemed to be looking at everywhere but my direction. He was tall, about the same height as my husband but a decade younger. He had dark hair and then he smiled and I felt a flutter in my stomach.

I blushed, realizing that my husband was watching me and asked, “Alright, what about him?”

“I believe he’s been checking you out since we got here.”

I glanced back and saw him brushing off a young boy about seven years old.

“Nonsense, in this museum everyone kind of flows the same way.”

Patrick shook his head. “Alright Kim.” He noticed our little girl banging away at a set of blocks and ran to stop her. I went over to my son and intentionally bent at the waist, knowing that my ass would be shown to great effect in my skirt.

I peeked around my legs. Sure enough, the stranger’s gaze was latched onto my ass. Was that a quick rub against his crotch? I smiled to myself. Let’s give him a show! I reached for a toy, bending lower. I was only 5’4 and 120 lbs, but my ass had always been full even at the age of 40.

Incredibly, the stranger pulled out his phone. He appeared to check it, but I swore he took a picture. I felt myself get a little wet, thinking about this man looking at my ass when he was alone! I smoothed my skirt and stood up slowly. Intentionally looking away, I tugged at my shirt, showing off my tits to their full effect.

The kids ran into the next room. I followed behind them passing within a few feet of him. Our gazes met and I felt an electric jolt between my legs. I refused to look, but I could feel my nipples harden. I wondered just how easy it was to see.

I caught sight of my husband but he was still keeping close watch with our little girl. Looking back, I saw my admirer herd his son to the same room. I moved to the side of the doorway.

His kid ran past with his father behind. He sidled bahis siteleri up next to me, so close I felt his breath on the back of my neck and something light brushed along my ass. As he continued, my eyes glanced down, I was sure I could see his rock hard cock.

I leaned against the wall to slow down my breathing. I was definitely wet now. I waved to my husband and walked over to our family.

“Look who’s followed us to the next room.” Patrick nodded to the other side of the room.

I shook my head and smiled. “Oh you. He’s younger than me by ten years.”

My husband leered. “And your body still turns heads.” He glanced at the kids and then whispered. “Especially when your nipples are hard.” He winked.

I felt my cheeks heat up from blushing and gave him a soft punch.

I moved around and to help my little girl grab the boats in the water. I wished I had worn a looser v-neck as it would have given my admirer an eyeful of my boobs. Still, I thought he might still be able to glimpse something. With effort, I resisted checking to see if my efforts were successful. Instead, I slowly rotated around, eyes still fixed on my child, until my ass was facing his direction.

I slowly bent further, relishing in the feel of the fabric pressing against my curves. I imagined him discreetly touching himself, maybe taking a discreet picture or two with his camera.

Unable to help myself, I peeked.

He was looking at me with unabashed lust, so taken with my ass that he didn’t even realize that I was looking back at him. I swayed my hips slowly back and forth and watched his hand move up his thigh and slowly move up his thigh. His hand settled unobtrusively over his crotch and his thumb moved up and down. He was stroking himself!

Abruptly their eyes met. He blushed furiously and jerked his hand away. I didn’t look away though. and through some spark of courage, I smiled at him and winked. A shocked look crossed his face and then he returned the smile.

But then my kid was pulling me to the next room. This one had forts arranged out of various furniture.

“C’mon mommy!”

I was pulled into a maze of obstacles. I looked back and saw my husband and son laughing at us. I shook my fist in mock anger before being pulled further in.

We crawled along and now I was ruing the fact that I had worn as a skirt as I felt it ride up a bit. My daughter scrambled into a fort full of balls and I stayed where I was with a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, I saw a familiar boy shoot past me and into canlı bahis siteleri the ball fort. I felt a warm body press up against me and I leaned back. His hand tentatively moved across my ass. When I didn’t say anything or move away, the hand grew bolder. His hand kneaded my ass harder, starting at the top and working his way down. almost to the hem of my skirt.

I bit my lip to keep from moaning and pushed my ass out farther. He started using both hands now. His hands danced over my ass, sometimes moving up for a quick feel of my breasts and then down again. I silently wished for him to move under my skirt to shove his fingers into my wet pussy. To finger fuck me until I cum. And I feel his fingers curl under my skirt, his finger tips brush against the bare skin of my inner thigh. higher and higher.


I blink through the haze of desire that had enveloped me and see my daughter dart forward. Without looking back, I crawl forward.

My husband and son are on the other side of the maze. Patrick and I make eye contact and I wonder if he can guess on how turned on I am. But before he can say anything, my daughter pulls him to the next room. I grab my son’s hand and we follow along.

The kids play in a room that mimics Chicago’s skyline. But despite the fact that we are there for over twenty minutes, there is no sign of my admirer. Disappointment wells within me as I realize that he has probably left.

The next room is full of bubbles and the various children screeching nearly breaks the sound barrier.

“Pat, I have to go to the bathroom. Will you be alright with the kids?”

He nods and turns back as the kids try to make bubbles with various crazy shaped wands. I make my way to the bathroom, but there’s a line of women out the door.

Already sexually frustrated, I don’t feel like waiting. I turn to walk back when I spy the men’s bathroom. “Screw it.” I march over, thinking that I had better make this quick. I slam open the door and nearly run into my admirer!

Instinctively, he stops me by grabbing my arms. I try to stutter out an excuse as a smile spreads across his face. He reaches past me and I hear the click of the lock. He walks me over to the sinks and spins me around.

I grab onto the counter for balance even as I feel his hands pulling up my skirt.

“We don’t need these.” He tugs down my panties, all the way down to my ankles and I obediently step out of them.

From the reflection of the mirror, I can see him staring at my ass as he continues canlı bahis to paw at it.

We make eye contact in the mirror as a finger is shoved into me.

“You are very wet.” Two fingers slide into me. “VERY wet.” Three fingers slide in, raising me to my toss at the violent intrusion and all I can do is whimper with lust. I grip the counter tighter as they move in and out of me a few times more.

His hand snakes around and I start licking his fingers clean. My taste is strong and tangy. I can see him unzipping himself, but at this angle I can’t see his cock. His hand moves away as I feel his cock move against my wet slit. I stick my ass out to give him better access, giving myself over to him completely.

His cock continues to move along my pussy lips and then the angle changes and the head presses against me. His hands grab my hips and pulls. I look back up and our gazes lock as his cockhead pops into me. He feels about the same thickness as my husband. I steady my legs as he begins to slide in. As he moves further and further in. I gasp and he smiles at my surprise. I haven’t felt any cock this deep before!

Finally the base grinds up against my ass and then he withdraws just as slow. SLAP! I almost stand up at the mixture of pain/pleasure, but he’s deep inside of me again. SLAP! He thrusts again. SLAP! The pace begins to increase and he needs both hands to fuck me hard and violent. The sensations are too much and I cum, but he doesn’t slow. Instead my convulsions spur him on to go faster.

I can barely stand, but he holds me up as he makes me his personal fuck toy. His hand snakes down between my legs and begins to roughly rub my clit. After my orgasm, it’s incredibly sensitive, but I can’t do more than gasp, completely at his mercy.

“Oh yeah,”he breathes. “You are even hotter than I thought you’d be.”

His fingers saws harder at my clit. Pain/pleasure lightening up… and I cum again!

His breathing grows ragged and he breathes into my ear. “Oh yeaaah… YES!!”

I feel his cock swell and bury himself deep within. His grip on my hips so painful, I’m sure I’ll have bruises. He continues to slide in and out of me though now much slower. I even begin to think he’s going to fuck me again but then he pops out.

I collapse onto the counter. He gives my ass a final caress and then I hear the door unlock and he’s gone. I straighten up as best I can and I realize he never returned my underwear. I smooth out my skirt the best I can.

Blushing I make my way back through the museum. My family is still in the bubble room. My husband looks up and I wonder if there’s something in my expression to give away what happened. He raises a questioning eyebrow.

“Stupid lines for the bathroom,” I mumble.

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