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Rain Storm

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He pushed the covers to the side, grimacing as the cool air rushed over his body. A glance toward the other side of the bed revealed that his wife had already risen. Of course he had already known that hadn’t he? Even when asleep, lovers always sense when the other leaves the bed.

Pushing himself into a sitting position, he swung his feet to the floor as he ran his hand over his unshaven face. Glancing down, he smiled and thought that whatever he had been dreaming about must have been enjoyable judging from the strength of his morning erection. With a sigh he picked up a pair of cotton shorts and pulled them on as he stood up.

He walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen in that trance like state common to those who have just woke from a deep sleep. Reaching into the refrigerator he grasped a container of grape juice and poured himself a glass. Where was his wife he thought as he turned to go into the living room.

His eyes blinked and squinted at the light pouring into the living room through the large plate glass window overlooking the front lawn. As his eyes gradually became accustomed to the light he strolled over to the window, leaning a shoulder against the frame of the window and looking out across the yard.

The first thing he noticed was his wife walking back toward the house with the newspaper in her hand. She was wearing a pair of running shorts and a thin white cotton T-shirt. From the way her body was moving under the shirt he would have bet that she didn’t have much on underneath.

The sudden movement in the branches of the trees along the drive gave notice of the passing of a gust of wind. Looking around he noticed what was following that gust of wind. A line of rain began to move across the lawn, pushing before it a wall of warm humid air.

He saw his wife glance back over her shoulder and she also saw the rain advancing across the lawn toward her. She was only about 35 yards from the door of the house and therein lay the promise of dryness and warmth. With one last glance she begin to run in race to reach that haven. Watching her run only served to confirmed his early suspicion that she didn’t have anything on underneath the t- shirt. What a intriguing sight it was to watch her run, her breasts bouncing and swaying, barely restrained by the shirt.

Despite her desperate bid to reach the house, she lost the race about 10 yards from the door. The wall of rain slammed into her, instantly soaking her as if she had been immersed under water. With a shake of his head, he turned and went into the bathroom to get a towel to bring to her as she entered the house.

He found her just inside the door, water dripping from her clothes and hair as she tried to separate the sections of the newspaper so it could dry. With a slight grin, he held the towel out for her to take. She noticed çankaya escort the smile on his face and the laughing glint in his eyes. Playfully she pushed the towel aside and tried to give him a big wet hug. Laughing, he took a step back and grabbed her wrists in an attempt to hold her away from him. When he grabbed her wrists, she continued forward so that her arms stretched out to either side of her body. This movement pulled the T-shirt tight across her chest.

He noticed that the rain and the cool air inside the house had created a reaction in her body. Just as he had surmised earlier, she didn’t have a bra on under the T-shirt. Her erect nipples pushed against the thin cotton and the wet T-shirt did little to hide her body. He could see the outline of her erect nipples and the dark coloring around them. He felt himself stir and begin to push against the restraint of the shorts he had on.

She also sensed the change in attitude between them and stood silently, a mere foot away from him. It was if the air between them suddenly crackled with a million volts of electricity. As he released her wrists, she let her arms fall to her side. Retrieving the towel, he softly ran it across her face. He then begin to rub her hair to dry it. She simply stood there gazing into his eyes as she enjoyed the light touch of his hands through the towel.

Having dried her hair so that it was only damp, he placed the towel across his shoulder. Taking both of his hands and placing them on each side of her face, he gently ran his fingertips from her chin up and across her cheeks. He had always enjoyed the feel of her soft skin under his hands. His fingers continued across her cheeks, then across her ears and into her hair, stopping so that his hands cupped her face, the palm lying just below her ears. With his thumbs he lightly caressed her ears as he pulled her toward him.

As he leaned toward her, her only reaction was to tilt her head upward to allow him access to her lips. Then her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted in anticipation. At first he simply brushed his lips against hers, feeling a tingle of electricity as they touched. As they stood there with their lips slightly touching, he could smell her with every breath he took. She didn’t have any perfume or scented lotion on. This scent was simply her. It was the way she always smelled and no scent made by man could ever be more arousing to him.

He parted his lips more and pushed his tongue out to touch her lips. He could feel the smoothness of her lips as he slid his tongue around them. Feeling his excitement level rising, he pressed his lips harder against hers and allowed his tongue to move into her mouth. His tongue touched hers, pushed against it and played with it. Still she did not move. She just stood there allowing him to play with her, explore her and express escort etlik his feelings toward her.

Stepping back slightly, he heard her let out a long breath and watched as she opened her eyes. She looked so soft and beautiful with the damp hair framing her face. Her face was slightly glowing due to his rubbing it with the towel earlier. Her lips were red from having been kissed just moments before. The look on her face was one of total relaxation, of trust and of enjoyment. It was quite simply the sight of a lifetime.

He reached down grasping the hem of her T-shirt, pulling it upward. As her raised the shirt, the hem caught on her breasts pulling them up for a brief second. Then with a jerk the hem slid upward and her breasts fell from beneath her shirt. The sight made him swallow hard. He pulled the shirt over her head and then knelt before her running his fingertips from her ankles up the length of her legs. Sliding his fingers into the waistband of her shorts, he pulled them down past her hips and allowed them to fall around her feet. He lifted her legs one by one and moved the shorts from under her feet, tossing them to the side. As he knelt in front of her he leaned back on his heels to look at her. The effort was well worth it he thought as he looked at the patch of trimmed hair between her legs, the breasts with their erect nipples rising and falling with each breath, the lips still red and slightly parted. Then he stood up again.

She stood before him, trembling slightly from the cool air on her still wet body. She told him with a look that she was his to use. She wanted him to take her. She wanted him to touch her, feel her softness, to ravish her and plunder her body, to make her explode with passion. He leaned forward and with his tongue reached out to lick a droplet of water hanging from one of her nipples.

He ran his tongue around her nipple feeling it grown even harder and more rigid. He began to suck it, gently at first and then harder, catching it softly between his teeth. Then he kissed around the nipple and down the side of the breast, pausing to lick between her breasts and then started up the other breast. Soon his lips closed over that nipple and he flicked it with his tongue. He sucked this one also, continuing to touch the nipple with his tongue as sucked.

As he tenderly played his lips and tongue around her breasts, he placed a hand on her back, lightly caressing up and down the middle of it. His other hand moved to his shorts and pushed them down, letting them fall around his feet. His erect cock sprang free, pointing upward in its own curved way.

Standing up, he kissed her again, enjoying the softness of her lips. As he did so his hands slid down from her back and he cupped her ass. He firmly squeezed her ass, pulling her closer so that his cock was ankara demetevler escort pressing against her. He moved his hips slightly so that his cock rubbed up and down against her body. He then took his stiff cock in his hand and pushed it down so that it was between her slightly parted legs. Due to its curve, his cock was pushing upward between her legs. Slowly he moved his hips back an forth so that the head of his cock slid up and down the lips of her pussy. He could feel the wetness from her as his cock slid back and forth.

After a few minutes he stopped and moved around her. She just stood there, head down and eyes closed. He moved up close behind her, sliding his arm around her waist. He bent his head to kiss her neck and the smell of her hair flooded through him. As he continued to nibble at her neck he moved his other hand around to cup one of her breast. He let his fingers play with her nipples and the arm around her waist pulled her back against him. This caused his cock to press into the soft cheeks of her ass. Again he reached down and pushed his cock between her legs so that it was sliding back and forth across her now wet pussy. As he continued to move his cock back and forth he raised his head and released her breasts. Placing that hand in the upper part of her back he pushed her forward. She stretched out her arms so that she was braced against a nearby wall. She bent over just as he was pushing his cock back along her pussy and this time it pushed past her lips into her. A moan let him know that it felt good to her. Holding her hips on both sides with his hands, he started to pump his cock into her. Slowly at first but the speed quickly increased. The only noises that could be heard was the sound of their bodies slapping together and the moans that were now coming from both of them.

Looking around her side, he could see her breasts swaying under her. He loved the way her hanging breasts moved everytime he pushed his cock into her. She was very wet now, her juices running down the inside of her legs. The sight of her breasts pushed his him past the point of stopping. With a groan he thrust his cock in and out of her as hard as he could. He could tell by her quick short breaths that she also was almost ready to cum. He felt the pressure build and with one last thrust he emptied himself into her. For a second he held himself in her as far as he could, feeling his cock pump itself dry into her. Realizing that he had finished a few seconds to soon, he turned her around and knelt. He pushed his tongue into her extremely wet pussy, licking her clit as fast as he could. After a few seconds he felt her grasp his hair with her hand as her body began to jerk. As she moved around he followed her, never letting his tongue leave her clit. With a loud squeal she came, her hips pushing against his face.

She slid down the wall and they lay on the floor together. He lay on his back and she was partially on top of him. Her head was on his chest and she could hear his heart’s rapid beating. He could feel her breathing against his body. With a smile he said…Good Morning.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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