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Satisfying Mom’s Needs Ch. 04

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We got out of the car and were getting into the house when we heard loud groaning sound from my parents bedroom. It seemed like Mom’s voice. I just gestured everybody to be quiet and walked up to the bedroom. The door was wide open and on the bed Dad was pumping Mom from behind with vigorous thrusts. They were facing the wall so we moved quietly to the bottom of the bed and could plainly see Dad’s stiff cock going in and out of Mom’s cunt with well-oiled smoothness and his cock was thoroughly sleek with Mom’s cunt juice.

Now they were both moaning loudly – ” oh, oh, I’m coming, coming”, and Dad’s cock stopped ball-deep in Mom and his balls were jerking up as he flooded Mom’s cunt tube with his hot semen.

After Dad emptied himself inside Mom he withdrew his wet but still hard cock from Mom’s cunt and turned around.

That’s when he saw us and exclaimed, ” My God, honey look who are here!”

Mom also turned around and saw us. She smiled and said, “you guys have been watching long?”

I said, “well we’ve watched the end and it was hot!”

Mom and Dad now lay down on their backs as we looked at their perspiring bodies.

Shoma looked at Mom’s spread out thighs and her cum-oozing cunt and said, “what a fuck! I have never seen anybody fuck before, it is so beautiful.”

Mom said, “well baby you’ll see a lot of fucking from now on.”

Shoma bent over and touched Mom’s cunt with her tongue. Mom smilingly opened her thighs wider and now Shoma really started to eat Mom’s cunt, slurping up the mixed juices oozing out of Mom’s well-fucked cunt. Shoma also licked Dad’s limp but cum-juice-coated cock clean.

After that Mom said, ” everybody, let’s go clean up. We can continue after dinner.”

Dinner was over soon and we were all eager to get back to our family fucking games. We all marched into my parents bedroom and within seconds our clothes were off.

Dad said,” well I have to go away again tomorrow so I want to have at least one more memorable fuck tonight.”

Shoma quickly added, “I want Dad to fuck me now. I haven’t had his cock in me yet.”

She lay down on the bed on her back showing us all her perfect young body, especially her exquisite cunt which was very lightly covered with fine cunt-hair. Dad didn’t waste any time. He got on his knees and put his mouth right on the fresh cunt and started licking and kissing all over. She moaned her approval.

We watched for a while and then Mom got hold of Gramp’s cock, which was now erect and throbbing. Gramp pulled her head with both hands as Mom swallowed the whole eight inches into her mouth. Mom was also jacking off Dad’s stiff cock. I moved over Shoma’s face and fed her my eight inches of stiff meat, which she eagerly sucked.

Shoma was getting very hot and was thrusting her cunt at Dad’s face.

She said, “Dad I can’t wait anymore, put your cock in me now and fuck me hard.”

Dad obliged readily. He moved up and lined up his throbbing erection at Shoma’s open thighs and as Mom opened her cunt-lips he gently pushed the head of his cock at the entrance of her wet cunt.

As the rest of us looked on Shoma’s cunt was stretched open by Dad’s cock-head as it entered her.

Dad asked, “are you OK honey?”

Shoma replied, thrusting her hips at the same time, “yes Dad, give me more.”

Encouraged, Dad got himself in up-to the balls in Shoma’s newly opened tight cunt.

Shoma came as soon as Dad’s cock bottomed into her cunt stretching it to the limit.

She groaned, “ah, ah, oh Dad, You made me come so fast but don’t stop.”

As czech experiment porno soon as her orgasm subsided Dad started to thrust in and out slowly taking it out almost to the tip and then shoving it all the way with one hard thrust.

Seeing Dad fuck Shoma we were also very hot. Gramp positioned Mom on her knees, a position both loved, her face touching my semi-hard cock as I was sitting on the bed watching Dad fuck Shoma for the first time. Gramp was inside Mom in one hard thrust which made her squeal and swallow my cock as she was pushed forward.

Now the action was hot and heavy. Dad’s thrusts into Shoma’s cunt was getting faster, the bed was shaking with each thrust. I was looking at Dad’s cock sliding in and out of her wet and slippery cunt with ease, although stretched to its limit. Shoma was moaning and encouraging Dad with her words and actions. Gramp was giving it to Mom hard and fast and every thrust was producing a slapping sound as his crotch slammed into Mom’s behind. Mom also sucked my cock with synch with her Dad’s thrusts into her slippery cunt.

Dad and Shoma were now in their final moments as she moaned and groaned –”ah, oh, yes, yes, give it to me harder Dad, oh, fuck me, aaah, aaaaah, ungh, ungh.”

Dad was groaning like a bull as he pistoned into his daughter’s cunt as if there is no tomorrow — “oh baby, oh baby, your cunt is so tight, I can’t hold any longer – oh, oh, I am coming, cooommmiiinngg.”

He slammed his cock into Shoma one final time and came.

Shoma cried out — ” ungh, ungh, oh yes, yes, I am commmmiiinnngg, I am commmiiiing, aaaaahhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhh.”

She pushed her cunt up hard at Dad’s cock as her whole body shook with intense orgasm as Dad filled her cunt with blast after blast of his hot cum.

While Dad was still ball-deep in Shoma’s slushy cunt, Gramp grabbed Mom by the boobs and increased his thrusts into her, saying, “here take it baby, here comes your Dad – AAAaahhhhh, aaaaaahhhh.”

Mom just thrust her ass back into Gramp’s crotch and stiffened her body as she came almost biting my cock in half, which had the desired effect as my cock started to spurt in her mouth as she swallowed every drop. After we cooled down a little we disengaged and lay down on our backs. But right away Mom pulled Shoma over her but facing each other’s crotch and started licking the oozing juices from her cunt. Shoma took the hint and put her mouth on Mom’s cunt and slurped away.

Eating and being eaten made Mom hot again and she said, “I have been fucked in the cunt and also in the ass but until now I didn’t have a chance to have cocks in both holes at the same time.

Shoma and I were surprised but it sounded very erotic. Mom started sucking Dad’s cock and jacking mine to get them stiff.

She said, “Momen(Dad) tumi amar gude chudbe ar Mintu amar pachcha chudbe(you fuck my cunt and Mintu will fuck my ass).”

Soon both our cocks were ready. Mom asked Dad to lie down on his back and climbed on top of him, aimed his erection at her cunt-hole and gently impaled herself deeply. Now she bent over forward and kissed Dad. This raised her ass up and I positioned myself behind her.

Gramp and Shoma were watching very closely. Mom told Shoma to get some K-Y jelly and coat my cock and her asshole with it. Shoma did just that and then she guided my throbbing cock head to Mom’s pink asshole and I gently pushed. With a couple of thrusts I was able to get in the head with just a low groan from Mom.

She said, “that’s it baby, push slowly but don’t stop until your balls hit czech first porno video my ass.”

I was happy to oblige. The lubrication helped but Mom’s asshole was tighter than Shoma’s cunt and my cock was being squeezed hard.

Mom now asked Gramp to stand on his knees just above Dad’s head. His limp cock was dangling in front of Dad’s face. Mom wrapped her lips around and started sucking with the rhythm of thrusts into her asshole while Dad just remained motionless with his cock in Mom upto his balls. Shoma was beside me looking curiously at the two cocks lodged in Mom and rubbing her cunt with her left fingers. Gramp saw her doing that, so he asked her to come to him, stand over Mom and Dad. Now her cunt was inches away from Gramp’s face. He got his tongue out and swiped it over her crack, making her groan. She grabbed his head and smashed it into her crotch.

It was getting very hot with all the fucking and sucking action. Moans and groans were coming from all directions. Dad was thrusting up into Mom now as I was pounding her chute and squeezing her heavy hanging melons. Mom was in utter ecstasy – moaning even with her mouth full of her Dad’s cock. Shoma was getting a little tired standing on her knees as Gramp ate her, so he told her to bend over facing me. This gave Gramp her smooth soft ass-cheeks in front of him and he immediately mouthed her cunt and asshole from behind with delighted moans from Shoma. I now grabbed Shoma’s smaller but firmer tits and squeezed them.

The double penetration was making Mom coming every few minutes as I could sense from her moans and stiffness of her body and the tighter squeeze on my cock. But it was coming to it’s final big one. The bed was shaking with the thrusts and slurping sound was coming from the cocks moving in and out of Mom’s cunt and asshole as well as from Gramp sucking all the juices from Shoma’s cunt.

Then it came. Dad made several strong upward thrusts and he jetted his hot come into Mom which triggered Mom’s orgasm. She cried loudly as her cunt and ass muscles squeezed our cocks which made me let loose with a gallon of come in her tight hole.

At that moment Gramp gasped and cried, “oh, oh, here I come baby, eat it all up” and Mom did.

Shoma thrust her ass into Gramp’s mouth and poured her sweet nectar into his mouth which he sucked up like a baby.

We just lay there in a pile in sweet exhaustion – satisfied for the time being. The stream of semen trickling out of Mom’s cunt and asshole was fascinating to see.

Gramp got up, saying, “I am pooped for the night – better hit the bed, but I can sense that you guys aren’t done yet.”

Dad said, “you are right there, Pop. I’ll be gone for a week so I want to fuck my Shoma once more before I am done.”

Shoma giggled and said, ” I’d love that. Amiyo chai tumi amake ar ekbar chodo(I also want you to fuck me once more).”

Mother perked up and said, “tomar meyeke abar chudte chao seta bhalo kotha, kintu ami ar Mintu tomader sathei chudbo(you want to fuck your daughter again that’s good, but Mintu and I will also fuck at the same time).”

Mom told Dad to lie down on his back and sucked his limp prick to erection. While Shoma did the same to my cock. Then Mom told Shoma to sit on Dad’s cock facing away. Shoma’s cunt was still slippery from her last fuck and sucking my cock so as she slowly sat on Dad’s cock with her thighs on either side of Dad’s waist, Dad’s cock sank into her slick cunt stopping only when it could go no further.

Shoma and Dad both groaned as their organs joined together. czech game porno Mom now told Shoma to lie down on Dad. As she did that Mom got on her hands and knees with her face close to their union while her cunt was just over Shoma’s face.

Mom said, “Mintu tui ekhon pecchan theke tor barata amar gude dhuka(Mintu, now put your cock in my cunt from behind.)”

I did as I was told aiming my throbbing erection at Mom’s wet and open cunt and Shoma held my cock and pushed it towards Mom’s waiting split. As soon as the head went in Mom gave a strong backward thrust and I was in her to the hilt.

Mom started to lick and suck the joined organs of Shoma and Dad as he was gently moving in and out of Shoma’s tight cunt. Shoma’s clit was standing erect in her wide open position and Mom took advantage of that by sucking and licking it as well as Dad’s cock and balls. On the other end I was now moving in and out of Mom’s slippery tunnel while holding her shaking boobs and squeezing them.

Dad was now looking up at our united organs while Shoma put out her tongue and licked my balls and the underside of my cock and Mom’s split open cunt-lips and her erect finger-like clit. Mom and Shoma were moaning continuously while their mouths were busy sucking each other’s cunt and Dad and my cocks.

Every now and then one or the other would say, “oh, aro jore chodo, aro jore chato(fuck harder, suck harder.)”

Dad was thrusting up into Shoma’s cunt harder and harder while playing with her erect

nipples. I also increased my thrusting into Mom’s well-oiled cunt producing a slurping sound at every thrust.

Shoma’s licking my balls and the underside of my cock was bringing my orgasm closer and closer. But it was Mom who pushed her ass hard on my crotch and squeezing my cock with her inner muscles, cried out – “Oh, Oh, Ungh, baby fuck me hard, fuck me harder” and she went rigid.

This made my semen boil over into her welcoming cunt with almost unending spurts. Shoma sensed what was happening and sucked my balls with increased vigour and then had to swallow the combined juices coming out of Mom’s cunt and my wet shaft. This triggered her to clamp on Dad’s cock as she stiffened her body and came.

That was what Dad was waiting for – he grabbed her tits tightly and pushed up to get as much of his engorged cock into Shoma’s stretched cunt and flooded her with his hot cum as her cunt muscles squeezed hard on his erupting cock.

We were all perspiring profusely by now but were glowing with the pleasure of complete satisfaction of our sexual desires.

Dad patted Shoma’s cunt where his cock was still embedded in her and said, “what a foursome we make. I never had so much fucking fun in all my life and Shoma’s cunt is the tightest I have ever fucked.”

Everybody agreed – we all had the best fucking of our lives.

Dad said to Mom, “now honey, you have nothing to complain about – you can get all the cock you want right in your home.”

Mom laughed and said, “you’re right about that honey – my cunt will be well taken care of from now on – not only by you two but also by my Dad – he can really fuck.”

I said, “if this is not heaven I don’t know what is. Getting into Mom was the ultimate and Shoma’s cunt is some out of the world experience.”

Shoma added, “yesterday I was a virgin and today I have been thoroughly fucked by three of the most loving cocks I can think of – I never want to live a day without fucking these cocks – my cunt is a little sore with all that thrusting it got but it is the most pleasant soreness.”

Dad said, “well we are fucked out for now, lets go to bed. I have a long day ahead tomorrow.”

So, four of us slept naked in their king-size bed – Mom and Shoma in the middle – Mom on my side and Shoma on Dad’s side. Before putting the lights out I leaned over and planted wet kisses on Mom’s and Shoma’s semen-oozing cunts.

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