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Saturday Night Special Ch. 02

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(Sequel to Saturday Night Special)


Teri and I got back to the Village about 5 o’clock — maybe a little before, as the sky had not yet begun to brighten. I felt very affectionate toward her all the way home, but I kept my hands to myself. I had about half a hard-on though, and I mentally scolded myself, hoping my thoughts, and my dick, would cool down.

We stopped in front of her trailer, and we went in to pick up what she needed for the rest of the weekend. She stuffed a couple of swimsuits, a couple pairs of shorts, some t-shirts and some socks into a little overnight bag, and as a second thought grabbed a couple of towels, rolling up an impromptu toilet kit in one of the towels. She pitched in a bottle of nail polish and even a little bottle of perfume, zipped up the bag, and handed it to me to put in the car.

After all that, she reached under her bed and found an old jewelry box. She flipped it open, pulled out two $100 bills, and stuck the money in the pocket of her shorts. And, with a final thought, she dug under the sink in the kitchen and pulled out a quart bottle of Gordon’s gin and handed that to me as well.

“I think that’s everything,” she said. “Let’s go get your things and hit the road.”

“Don’t you think we ought to get a little rest?” I asked her. “We been up all night drinking and everything. We got about a four-hour drive to the beach.”

“Bobby, let’s just get the hell out of here,” Teri insisted. “No telling how long Ronnie’s going to be back in town. He might have called the cops on us himself, although I don’t think so. And no telling how long it’ll take him to get back here. But when he gets here, he’s not going to be in a joking mood, you know?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, sis, and it’s going to look real good when we get pulled 10 miles down the road and blow a point-15. You night-shift people don’t have no sense of time. I have to be at work at 7 in the morning, and I like to have my eyes open when I get to the job.”

“Bobby, look. If we get tired, we can stop at a rest stop or just pull off on a side road and doze until you get the red out of your eyes. We’ll be all right. Let’s just go.”

I couldn’t argue with her, much less persuade her, so I shrugged, shook my head, and walked to the car. “And Bobby,” she called out from the front door. “Here’s the keys.”

I put her shit in the back seat. I heard her inside, pulling and locking windows. Finally, she came out and pulled the front door shut, then hung a padlock through a hasp on the door and snapped it shut. “None of that’s going to stop him,” Teri said. “Might slow him down a little. public agent porno His name’s on the lease, so he’ll have to pay for anything he breaks.”

We got in the Pontiac, and I backed the car down to my place. I felt like I needed a bath, but Teri seemed in an awful hurry. I got an extra pair of jeans, a couple pairs of shorts, couple of shirts, toothbrush, and a hat with the name of a concrete company on the front. It was a comfortable hat, well-worn and fit. I looked in my wallet and saw $50 cash — that would have to be my contribution.

Finally, I pulled out my four-man tent, all bagged up, a couple of sleeping bags and a mothy old blanket. I figured we could find a campground somewhere back from the beach and save a little by sleeping outdoors. Mosquito spray? Yup. Suntan oil? Must be some around here somewhere . . .

I locked up, then went and threw all my gear in the trunk. I got in the car and started it, did a 180 to point it out to the road, and headed out on a promisee of great adventure.

Teri laughed at the rear-wheel spin and let out a little shout. She sat in the shotgun seat with her legs drawn up, her heels on the edge of the vinyl. She looked happy, a little dazey from lack of sleep, but relaxed and pleased with herself.

We drove for about an hour, and as dawn showed on the horizon, we stopped to fill up with gas. It came to $26. Teri paid, then went inside the bright-lit market. She came back with a bag full of pretzels, M&Ms, a Klondike bar, and a couple of Cokes.

And all the sudden I felt as tired as I’d ever been. My eyes went blank and would not stay open. “I got to sleep some, little sis,” I said. “You want to drive?”

“Jesus Bobby, I don’t know how to get to the beach,” she said. “All I know to do is go down the interstate, then double back up somehow. We’d end up in Atlanta if you turn me loose.”

I started the car and steered it behind a dumpster at the side of the store. Then I cut the engine, threw the keys on the floor board, and lowered the seatback as far as it would go. Teri did the same. “Yeah Bobby, you’re right,” she said. “I could use some winks.”

Winks wasn’t exactly what we got, at least not right away. As I put my head back and felt it spiral down into sleep, I also felt Teri’s hand on my leg, rubbing it from the knee almost up to my crotch. I felt my dick rising until it got uncomfortable. “Dammit, Teri, let me get just a little sleep, OK?”

Of course, by that time, her hand was stroking at my dick through my pants, and it was hard. Almost involuntarily, I reached over to her yonder shoulder reality kings porno and pulled her little body in my direction. Next thing you know. we were kissing frantically, and I was pulling up her t-shirt as she twisted at the button and zipper of my trousers.

My little sister could not get enough, I was learning.

I gave up and shoved my pants down past the steering wheel to my knees. Teri pulled her shirt off over her head, and it fell to her side. I put my hands to her titties, but she pushed through that gesture and lowered her face to my lap. She began kissing the end of my dick, which jumped under the touch of her soft lips.

She brushed the hair back from her face and took more and more of my dick in her mouth, alternately holding it still so I could feel the warmth of her and working it over with her tongue. She took one hand and began stroking my cock from the base as if trying to pull more and more of it into her mouth. And she began to bob her head and suck, occasionally raising her head to shake her hair out of her eyes.

I finally took her hair in one hand to hold it back and used the other hand to rub and stroke at her back and shoulders and down to her ass, my hand slipping under the waistband of her pants. She hummed and moaned as she sucked me, bringing her other hand up to play sweet tricks with my nuts.

She drew her legs up so that she lay sideways across the console and sucked, licked and kissed my dick, pulling up to swirl her tongue around the head, then drawing it in deep to her throat, where she gave me that swallowing action she was so damn good at. I twisted to my side so as to get a little more control of the action, and, with a hand steadying the back of her head commenced fucking her mouth.

Teri worked it deliberately, delightfully, stroking the base of my dick with one hand and caressing my nuts with the other. I felt selfish and tried to find a way to get a hand to her pussy, but it just wouldn’t work, so I let Teri direct the show as I pushed my pecker in and out of her hot mouth, listening to her slurp and moan.

I began to breathe harder and to moan some myself as the fabulous sensations built up through my body. She sensed my excitement and began to suck faster and harder, switching her hands so as to free one to move it up my belly to the sensitive parts of my chest. She sucked wildly, working her tongue, grazing my dick lightly with her teeth. It felt better than anything I could remember.

Teri’s breath quickened, and her groans were muffled by the dick filling her mouth. My orgasm began to build suddenly, rus porno and I warned her, “Sis, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum . . . right . . . now.”

The first shot hit her in the back of her throat, and she pulled off, breathing hard and swallowing as the rest of my juice jetted into her open mouth, her eyes, hair, cheeks. I came so hard that I shook, and whatever of Teri I had in my hands I held tightly, pulling her head to my belly as if trying to preserve the ecstasy.

I couldn’t move. Neither could Teri. And we fell asleep exactly that way, on the hot, sticky seats of the car, my nuts empty of cum, her face full of it.

The sun was up in the sky when I woke. Still groggy, I reached into my pocket for my phone and checked the time — 9:15. OK then, that’s about three hours sleep. It was already stifling hot in the car, even with the windows down. I mussed at Teri’s hair, kissed the top of her head, and urged her to stir.

She awoke, lifted her head from my lap, wiped at her cheeks and eyes, looked at her fingers, and gave a little laugh. “Jesus Bobby, you son of a bitch,” she said, chiding me playfully. “I told you not to do this. We’re going to end up in court if you keep molesting me like this.”

I laughed. “Baby sis, this was not my idea. I just wanted to go to sleep.”

She reached to the back seat and pulled out one of the towels, using it to wipe the cum off her face. She lowered the visor, looked in the mirror, and dabbed at her hair, trying to be sure she got it all. “I got to go wash up, Bobby,” she said. “It’ll only take me a minute.”

Teri put on her shirt, got out of the car and dashed into the store. In a few minutes, she was back, her face washed and her hair wet. While waiting, I started the car and turned on the a/c, or what there was of it. It cooled the car some. She finished drying her hair, then turned around to fish a brush out of her kit bag. I pulled out of the parking lot and back onto the road.

She finished brushing her hair, then stuck her head out the window, letting it blow dry. She pulled back in with a wild, shaggy do on her head, her eyes bright, seemingly satisfied with this minimal start to the day.

I turned on the radio. All I could pick up was one of those rural-route 1000-watt stations where they give the local news, hog and cotton prices, wedding announcements, baseball scores — the kind of broadcast you still find in small towns in the deep South. I punched through the buttons, trying to catch something from Florence or Columbia. No luck.

I was hungry, so I stopped at a McDonalds. I got a sausage biscuit and an orange juice. Teri wanted only a chocolate shake. She had change now, and she paid. We drove away. Teri put her feet on the dashboard, sucked at her milkshake through a straw, and started in on the M&Ms.

Life, all the sudden, looked wide-open and real good . . .


(Please continue to Chapter 3)

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