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Second Time with Uncle

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My story begins last April when I took a vacation back to the country I was born in central America. It was exciting to see everyone after being away so long. I won’t bother with the all the details of what I did over those two weeks as you might assume it was just your basic vacation stuff. You know visit old friends have fun go to the beach etc.

I’ll get straight to the point. My plan was to stay at my uncle’s house for the two weeks since he doesn’t use it that much. My uncle and I had a history back when I was younger that we got over. He sexually took advantage of me but that’s another story. I got over it and we moved on. I am now 33 with long black hair I stand 5’6″ tall with an athletic body. I’ve got to admit that I try to keep my self in shape. I’m a 36 C with a 23-inch waist and 36 inch hips surrounding a firm shapely ass. A lot of guys insist that my ass is my best feature, LOL.

I made my self at home at my uncle beach house and on the second day there I learned that he was swinging by just for a week or so. I did not think it would be a big deal. I have talked to him before I just haven’t seen him for at least 5 years. So it would be good to catch up on stuff.

The day came when he arrived. He hadn’t changed much for a guy that’s now 67. He had white hair and was a little chubby with a small beard. I laughed and called him an old man. He laughed too. We talked for a few minutes but I was on my way out to chill with some friends and he had some appointments he had to attend to. I guess his was business or pleasure but it didn’t really matter.

I got back to the house around 1am and was surprised to see him still awake. He was in a white T-shirt and boxers just walking around reading some paper work as he greeted me. We sat and chatted for a short while before going to sleep. This same social scene was repeated over the next two nights. We’d both go out for whatever and spend some time chatting when we returned.

The third night I got in a little earlier and was in my room just relaxing taking it easy when it all changed. I was a little tired from all the late nights. He started by walking in my room unannounced. I didn’t pay him any mind since I was watching TV and he sat beside me in his usual boxers and t-shirt. He just started chatting. I was wearing a spaghetti string top and a pleated summer skirt. We kept chatting and started joking with one another. I would call him old and fat and laugh and he would tell me to shut up in a joking grup porno way and jump on me and try to nibble on my neck, which was my funny spot. I already knew what he was trying to do.

I noticed he was semi-hard in his boxers. Every time he would try and tickle me he would push his body weight on me. I moved away and just laughed it off. I was still joking with him and he would get up and tickle my sides and push me on the bed. We started roughhousing. I was trying to catch my breath from all the laughing out loud while he would try to flip me over on my stomach. I noticed there was a program that I wanted to see on the TV so I told him enough. He turned me over and I started watching TV.

I was lying on my stomach and he took that chance to mount me and started grinding his cock into my ass. I looked back at him but he was too busy staring at how his crotch looked against my butt. I could feel his cock was semi hard and all I could think is here we go again. I couldn’t believe that after so long he would again try this with me again. I tried ignoring him while watching the TV but I could feel his hand go down to his dick. He was moving it and positioning it so it would poke me and slide right between my ass crack. At the same time he was pulling my skirt up to my waist so my panty covered ass cold be exposed. While he was doing all of this he would talk to me about what I was watching on TV. It was like nothing was happening. So I played along.

He started humping me and placed his hands on my shoulders. Then he began to thrust. He was getting wilder and wilder every thrust. He would burry his dick deeper between my ass cheeks wedging my panties in. He kept talking about the show and he would look down to see the view that I guess exited him more. Then he placed his hands at my sides pushing him self up as his hips kept thrusting. I tried to get a better view looking back just to see how his boner was wedged between my ass cheeks. I could see in his heavy breathing how he was enjoying it. It didn’t take long for him to reach to the point of no return when he suddenly took his right arm and pulled his dick out trough his boxers and shot a huge amount of cum on the back of my panties spewing into on my ass crack and back, His body shook with each blast till he was out of breath. He got up and pulled my skirt back down with out saying a word and walked out.

To my surprise I did nothing. I said nothing. Surprisingly to me it didn’t seem all that hd porno shocking. This is how he had me in the past and I thought it couldn’t get any worse. Boy, I was wrong.

The next morning, I was waiting to take a shower and he was already up and showering. When he was done he walked out with the towel in his hand and sporting a rock hard boner. He never was that big. I would guess he was 6″ curved up like a banana. Well saying good morning he walked by and I entered the shower. I took a one and was back in my room getting dressed very quickly. He walked in wearing this time some briefs jockey shorts showing a tent in front. I quickly grabbed my towel and covered myself, since I was only in my blouse and panties. He was showing me some pictures he took back in Europe where he lives now. They were funny pictures and with out realizing it I started making fun of him again.

Like the night before he started rough housing with me till he pulled away my towel and started tickling me again. This time I could see he was more determined to shove me playfully on the bed. Turning me around in the process and mounting me. I knew what he was about to do and I started getting comfortable. He started humping me this time with one hand on my ass cheek caressing and groping it. The other hand was around my chest griping a handful of my left breast placing the whole weight of his body on me. I turned on the TV as I might as well watch it while he gets his rocks off. He had his whole weight on me and I could feel his breathing on my neck as he was humping me vigorously. I felt his loose hand pull my blouse up, as he wanted to feel flesh to flesh. I guess what stunned me was when he started pulling my panties down as I tried to move away and wiggle my ass show my hesitancy. But since he had his whole body on me he would just blow in my ear and say calm down calm down softy. He would actually beg me for it. He would say please just once more. My stopping moving I guess gave him a hint to continue. He then pulled down his underwear and mine leaving them both around our ankles but not completely off.

He then spit on his loose hand and rubbed it allover his dick. As I looked back I could see he was looking down and right at that moment he was placing his dick between my ass cheeks. It felt cold at first but then I could feel the slipperiness of his cock and the heat of his flesh on mine. I could see his dick slide in and out between my butt cheeks as he was guiding it and rubbing latin porno more spit on it. He then laid on me again and started thrusting. With every thrust I could feel his dick go in and out of my butt crack and poke the entrance of my ass hole. With every push of his hips it seemed he wanted to enter me but since it was so slippery it would just rub on it. At this time I could not understand why but my pussy was soaking wet. Until then I could not say I was or was not enjoying it.

He then raised him self up. This time used both hands as he sat up then with one hand he opened my ass cheeks and with the other guided his dick to my ass hole. Instantly I clinched shut and he whispered; relax! I tried to since I knew it would hurt if I didn’t. I felt the cold tip of his dick push against my sphincter once more and I tried to relax as his cock head pushed open my asshole. He started to penetrate me slowly, then he rested his body on me again as he kept pushing with his hips till he was balls deep in me. He stayed there for a few seconds so my ass muscles could accommodate his fat cock, then his pelvis started to move, making his cock go in and out. I could hear he was in heaven as he let out a huge sigh of lust. With both hands he went up under my blouse to grip each a breast. He kept fucking my ass slowly sometimes in a grinding motion, as he took his fingers and played with my nipples.

All that time I just placed my head down and watched the TV trying to not make much noise or let him think I was enjoying it. He then took his hands out and raised his chest up just so he could view his pelvic area buried deep in my ass. I raised my head and looked back. I inadvertently clenched my ass cheeks and he almost lost it. He asked me to do it again and he closed his eyes and his body would shook of enjoyment. He then started thrusting a little harder as both of us looked on as his crotch was smacking my ass with every pound. It wasn’t long before he said he was going to cum. His motion became faster and erratic as he started yelling he was cuming. With one last trust he buried his cock deep in my ass and I could feel each squirt of cum. I felt each shot of semen fill my ass and his cock pulsated deep inside me. He lay on top of me, out breath his hip still pushing up against my butt making sure every drop of jizz was getting in my ass. He then asked me to squeeze a couple of times more, he wanted to feel my ass milk his cock dry. While I did I could feel more cum squirting out filling me, starting to ooze down my legs. His body convulsed each time and he then pulled out and lay with breathless beside me. I just got up with out saying a word and jumped in the shower again, when I came out he was already gone to his meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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