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Seducing the Babysitter: Redux Ch. 04

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Jamie had a dish of delicious spaghetti waiting on Dave when he arrived back from his weekend golf outing. He froze though when he entered the kitchen and spotted Jamie for the first time since Katherine and Taylor had given the girl a new makeover. Cutting her long brown hair and leaving in its place a styling that just barely covered her ears on the side with bangs in the front. Jamie had actually grown quite fond of the new look and embraced the new Jamie.

“What did you do to your hair?” exclaimed a surprised Dave.

“A new look for me, like it?” Jamie asked actually beaming over her make over.

“Well it’s different,” Dave tried to reassure himself. “What possessed you to cut it so short?” If only he knew a crazed lesbian had gotten hold of it in a frenzy filled moment.

“I don’t know, just a change of pace,” Jamie shot back trying to appear sincere. Dave continued to look her over and then reached into the fridge for a cold beer. He was far from enthused, preferring the long brown locks that he had known since high school.

Jamie and Dave sat in the den watching TV as they enjoyed a dinner together for the first time in several days. The young girl tried to engage her boyfriend in conversation about the weekend with his buddies but Dave seemed more intent with catching up with scores on ESPN.

Realizing her man was getting more involved in a baseball game, she retired to her bedroom with a Neil Gaiman book she had purchased. Jamie had fallen asleep when Dave slid into the bed wearing just a pair of gym shorts which he typically slept in. As Jamie woke up, she slid her head onto his bare chest, lightly moving her small hand across his broad shoulder. Jamie reached up and tenderly kissed his warm cheek and stretching… his lips.

Dave had been her whole world since high school and now she was so mixed up. She loved him but she also knew, she loved being with Katherine and Taylor. She loved their touch, the way they made her feel. What’s more she loved what she did with them, tasting their sweet young pussies.

Jamie swept her hand down Dave’s hard abdomen and rested it lightly on the top of his shorts, feeling the familiar cock, just waiting to come alive as she moved her hand slowly, grasping, feeling as the cock began to swell under her expert touch. She didn’t wait for an acknowledgment from Dave. She slid down and pushed the shorts just past his cock and balls as she took the warm member in her mouth as it began to fill her moist cavity. Her tongue began teasing its head as she coated the hardening shaft with her slick saliva.

Soon his cock had reached its full seven inches as she moved her head up and down, twisting slightly as she had always done, making Dave groan as his cock stiffened. Jamie couldn’t help but think of a couple of nights earlier when Katherine made her suck on Taylor’s strapon. The 9″ cock stretched her mouth wide as Taylor often pushed too far making her reflectively gag on the huge cock.

She tried to get the images of Taylor out of her head as she moved her lips up and down on Dave’s soft warm shaft until she finally needed to feel his firm cock in her womb. Jamie climbed up and straddled Dave’s body as she eased her already wet pussy down on his stiff cock. Using her hands she pushed up and down, taking his whole member in as he groaned, and his eyes closed with delight.

Jamie moved faster and faster, more deliberate as she toyed with her own little clit. She wanted them to cum together, to climax the way they always had. She loved him. Dave was her lover. They were meant to be together.

Dave rose off the bed and his toes clenched as he moaned loudly, his legs tensing up as he shot stream after stream into her hot wet cunt. Within seconds his body went limp signaling his orgasm had subsided as Jamie slowed her pace coming to a halt as well. She eased down and kissed Dave lightly on the lips, holding her position for a few seconds as she rolled off and went into the bedroom bath, sitting on the toilet allowing Dave’s spent cum to seep from between her soft lips.

It never really occurred to her before tonight about their typical lovemaking ritual – his climax and then her hasty retreat lest she leave a big wet spot in the bed where she would sleep for the fest of the night. Feeling his cum drain out, she peed before wiping off and returning to the bed where Dave was already breathing deeply.

She was unsure if he had already fallen asleep as she cuddled up behind him. She thought about how different it had been over the weekend, a rapid succession of orgasm after orgasm with Kat and Taylor. Jamie flipped onto her back and let her soft warm hand wander to her shaved cunt. Her slender finger slipping in as she brought it up to her mouth, wetting it before returning it back to her anxious clit. Taylor had loved sucking on Jamie’s tits and she twisted her own nipples as she fantasized about Taylor sucking on them now while Katherine fucked her with her strapon like she did last weekend.

God antalya escort how she had loved it when Taylor ate her pussy, moving her tongue as far as she could up her canal. Jamie’s fingers worked her clit which began to throb, pulse, as she imagined Taylor sucking on it as Kat sat on her face, offering her sweet pussy to Jamie’s tongue. She felt a warm rush over her pussy, her orgasm working its ways from her toes to her fingers as her clit throbbed. Jamie came softly, quietly and then drifted off to sleep.

It was mid week before she received a cell call from Kat asking if she would consider going with her on a photo shoot that Thursday. Jamie informed Dave she might be out shopping and he saw no problem with that as he intended to work late anyway. It was so easy to trick him. She wasn’t sure if that made her feel better or worse. Jamie wondered exactly what assistance she could possibly provide Kat but she didn’t ask her mistress. She simply acknowledged she would be ready. She had to – free will didn’t even enter in to it anymore.

Kat had asked Jamie to dress professionally in a blouse, grey dress and high heels. She of course still wore the thick silver necklace Kat had given her as a symbol of her complete submission. Dave had asked why she was wearing it to bed earlier in the week as she normally removed all her jewelry. But she just indicated it was something she picked up shopping and she really liked it dismissing his question.

Getting in the car, Kat explained that Jamie herself would be the subject of the shoot along with another model she had had worked with before. It would start off with Jamie wearing her professional attire but quickly evolve into an S&M scene.

Kat could see the apprehension in Jamie’s face and she knew, without her saying so, she was concerned about the distribution of the photos.

“The pictures themselves will remain my intellectual property but a few will be purchased by a woman for her private collection. We will also all be paid quite well,” Kat assured.

“So, who’s going to see these photos,” Jamie inquired.

“There will be a few for her private album and she typically takes one or two of them from which she makes a print for her home. At least that’s what’s she done in the past,” Katherine acknowledged.

“A print for her home, like to go up on the wall?” Jamie asked.

“Well that’s up to her, does it turn you on to imagine yourself on public display” Kat asked teasingly. Jamie looked away, it was a moment before she spoke again.

“So you know this lady?” Jamie pressed.

“Yes, very well,” she assured her.

“Why me?” Jamie quizzed.

“I’m shooting it in black and white and with your skin tone, as light as you are, it will be a stark contrast. Plus, I think it’ll be hot for the both of us,” Kat went on.

The girls pulled up in front of what appeared to be a warehouse downtown which had been renovated into studio apartments. “Look, if you want to bail, I’ll call Taylor but I think you’d be perfect,” Kat said giving her a last opportunity to get out of it.

“No, I enjoy you taking pictures of me. Besides, I’ve missed you and I’m a bit horny!” Jamie smiled.

“Well, one more thing,” Kat added. “I said I’m shooting it in black and white. A little S&M deal,” “Yea” acknowledged Jamie.

“The other model is a black woman,” Kat said her eyes staring straight into Jamie’s. Kat’s words hung in the air as Jamie thought about what she had just said. The other woman, another lesbian, was African American. While she didn’t consider herself prejudice in any way, there had been few black women at the schools where Jamie grew up giving her little contact with blacks until she went to the University of Colorado.

“Do you know that actress Joy Bryant that stars in Parenthood on TV?” inquired Kat.

“No,” Jamie admitted.

“Well she’s a former model and really hot. Tiffany looks a lot like her. Really nice figure, and a good bit taller than you, about 5’10” with gorgeous brown skin. She’s really got it going on,” Katherine smiled.

“Well,” Jamie paused, “Let’s go meet her.”

Katherine and Jamie took the elevator to a fourth floor studio apartment where a tall, slender black lady in a beige housecoat opened the door. Just as Kat had stated, Tiffany was stunning. “Hey baby,” Tiffany exclaimed as she kissed Kat loudly on the lips, hugging her before pulling back and appraising Jamie. “And you must be Jamie. Please come on in.”

The girls spent a few minutes getting familiar before Tiffany got down to business removing the housecoat revealing a black leather corset which barley contained her ample breasts, black panties and high heels. Tiffany seemed to tower over Jamie even though she too wore heels. Kat’s camera began catching images as Tiffany pulled the brunette toward her, roughly, as Jamie felt her warm sweet breath on her face as Tiffany’s soft pink tongue rolled out of her mouth like a snake and licked the girl’s face…slowly.

Jamie antalya rus escort was made to undress an article at the time as Kat captured every moment until she was completely naked. Tiffany then produced a black collar with a little silver hoop which she instructed Jamie to put on. Jamie was just about to tell her she was forbidden to remove her necklace when Kat said it was acceptable to trade the collar for the necklace.

Jamie was also provided matching ankle and wrist restraints, also black with silver hoops. Once the leather was in place, Tiffany pushed the younger girl down to her knees, pulling her face to her leather clad pussy telling her to lick her there. Lick her pussy through the leather.

Jamie did as she was instructed to do as her head was pushed further down, licking the woman’s bare legs and then the tops of her high heel shoes in an act of total submission. Jamie was required to pull down the woman’s panties and began tonguing her dark brown pussy lips with a soft pink core.

Jamie was surprised at how much the strong smell of the woman’s sweet pussy, mixed with the leather affected her as her head felt light and she felt a rush through her body. Jamie’s pink tongue eagerly lapped at the black woman as Tiffany teased her, “Lick that fucking cunt bitch. Get you some black pussy baby.”

Tiffany stopped long enough to remove the leather corset, her gorgeous mocha breasts exposed with the large dark nipples. Tiffany had an elaborate tattoo, a series of black stars that started to the right of her pussy, moved up her hip, along her side and became smaller and more compact as they reached her right breast just at her hardening nipple. Tiffany was every bit as attractive as Kat had mentioned and sexier than Jamie could have imagined.

The older black woman who appeared to be in her mid thirties, about ten years older than Jamie, now stood in front of Jamie, legs spread in only a pair of black heels. Jamie herself was completely nude, withstanding the leather collar and restraints indicating her complete submission.

Tiffany pulled the woman up and forced the young girl’s mouth to her erect dark nipple that Jamie hungrily took into her eager mouth. She sucked trying to draw as much of her breast as possible into her mouth as Tiffany pulled her head back sharply by her short brown hair, and then squeezing her cheeks making her mouth open reflexively, allowing a wad of saliva to drain down in a thread from her mouth to Jamie’s.

Kat captured it all as Jamie’s eyes grew wide but she accepted it willingly as a smile of wicked delight swept across Tiffany’s face, a realization that this young girl would do anything she required.

She pushed her head back hard to her tit, “Suck it, suck my nipple slut. You want some of mama’s milk don’t you baby. You like sucking on that juicy tit. Get you some baby,” Tiffany purred as Jamie licked and mouthed the black woman’s titties.

Tiffany then pushed Jamie back down on her knees again and turned around spreading her cheeks. “Lick me there baby. Lick my ass. Show mama how much you like my ass.”

Jamie had a crazed look in her eyes as she dove her face between Tiffany’s soft brown cheeks. She pulled the woman’s bronze globes apart and jabbed her soft pink tongue at Tiffany’s dark opening. Her saliva leaving a wet trail across her skin as Jamie became a woman possessed. She was so turned on! Her whole mind just went away. She felt so naughty, so dirty licking this woman’s ass but she loved it. She couldn’t get enough as she pushed her tongue into Tiffany’s tart ass. It tasted sweet and forbidden and she realized she could lick her there all night but Tiffany had other plans.

She roughly dragged the poor girl who didn’t have a chance to get off the floor as she was pushed onto a bed in the corner of the room. Tiffany moved to the four corners and pulled each limb tight, her arms to the corners of the headboard over her head as her tits were thrust out. Her legs likewise as Tiffany stopped momentarily to admire the perfectly pedicured toenails painted burgundy. Tiffany thought about tickling the soles of her feet but thought better of it as she went into an exposed kitchen and brought back a bucket of ice.

The black mistress took cubes and moved it lightly, ever so slowly over the delicate flesh. The ice cold sensation caused bumps to pop up on Jamie’s white flesh, drawing soft moans. Tiffany traced patterns around her cute breasts, little circles as the ice melted, cold water dripping down the sides of her tit but Jamie still refused to cry out. The ice almost felt as if it stabbed her nipples as Tiffany pushed the cold ice into her soft pink nubs which hardened, causing Jamie to groan loudly.

Then the black woman moved the ice down her taut smooth stomach, around her belly button until she reached her shaved pussy, teasing her delicate cunt lips causing Jamie to try to rise off the bed only to be held fast and secure.

Tiffany antalya ucuz escort then produced a pair of nipple clamps, adjusting them before slipping one and then the other over Jamie’s hardened nipples. As each one was released and the tension took hold, it drew a sharp gasp from the captured brunette. All of this captured on Kat’s camera as she walked around the two taking in the decadent scene.

The black beauty then lit a white candle that she held over her submissive lover allowing the hot wax to drop, forming hard puddles on Jamie’s soft tender skin. Tiffany took delight in allowing the wax to fall on Jamie’s nipples which had already begun to turn white from the tension of the nipple clamps. The poor girl winced and shivered at each drop, both the pain and the pleasure were new to her.

Only when the brunette’s tits were coated in wax as was her pussy did Tiffany remove the clamps causing the blood to surge back into the swollen white nubs causing a painful yet exciting sensation in Jamie’s chest. It was a searing pain which reached to her pussy causing her to close her eyes and thrust her face to the side of the bed.

Tiffany went over to her dresser and pulled out a large strapon black dildo that had to be eleven inches and thick as she lubed it up. She unfastened the girl’s small tender feet but left her wrists shackled over her head as Tiffany adjusted herself between the young girl’s exposed pussy, the top of which was still coated in warm wax.

Generously applying lube to the girl’s cunt, Tiffany began working the large head in slowly causing Jamie to gasp. While it was only two inches longer than the cock Katherine had used on her that weekend, it was much thicker and it further stretched the girl’s tight opening.

“Fuck, oh my God, fuck!,” Jamie finally yelled. As the long black shaft began to inch its way into Jamie’s hungry pussy, Jamie could no longer control herself.

“Oh shit, fuck me. That feels so fucking good! It’s so fucking big… shit. Fill me up, fuck me, fuck my little white pussy with your big black cock.”

Jamie’s cries fed Tiffany’s zeal as she pushed harder, pushing the girl’s legs up and over her own. Kat couldn’t get over the contrast between Jamie’s snow white thighs over Tiffany’s mocha colored legs. Captured in black and white pictures, the contrast would be even more vivid

“Take that cock bitch. I’m getting me some of that white pussy. Kat said you was some kind of straight girl. Says you still got some boyfriend you shacked up with. He know you out here getting fucked by a black sista? He know I’m tapping that sweet little pussy of yours…stretchin’ ya’ hole?” Tiffany sneered.

“No, no he doesn’t know…oh shit,” Jamie cried her head thrashing side to side on the bed as the huge black cock filled her womb, stretching out her cunt. The black cock moved further into her unexplored pussy. Jamie didn’t think it possible to take so much cock as it traveled deep inside, forever changing the contours of her pussy which stretched and accepted Tiffany’s cock.

“Yea, well I’m fucking his bitch now. Matter of fact, you’re my little bitch now aren’t ya’? You’re mamas’ little slut, taking all my black cock, filling that little white pussy of yours. When I’m done with ya’, you ain’t never gonna’ want any of that little white dick no mo’. You gonna’ wanna’ be mama’s bitch from now on. My little ass lickin’ whore. Ain’t that right dyke?” Tiffany chided her.

The more Tiffany talked, the more graphic she sounded as her thighs slapped hard against Jamie’s legs. Kat was trying to get everything but she was getting so turned on herself watching the two lesbians go at it. She felt her own pussy throbbing as she stopped momentarily shooting the scene and rubbed her own pussy through her tight jeans.

“Yes, fuck me, make me yours. Give me your cock. I want to be your little lesbian slut, your whore. Fuck me mama, fuck me…fuuuucckkk that feels so fucccccking good,” Jamie cried as her body convulsed. Her pussy felt like it was literally on fire as Tiffany bent down and kissed the girl hard and passionately on the lips. Her thicker, bigger lips completely covering Jamie’s as the brunette’s tongue immediately filled Tiffany’s warm moist mouth, searching out her tongue, as wave after wave wracked her lean body.

“Shit, shit, shitttt!,” Jamie cried as her legs wrapped tightly around the black woman’s slender waist as Jamie’s pussy tried to pull her in. “Oh my God,” Jamie cried out one last time until she went completely limp, exhausted from the ordeal.

Tiffany pulled the long black shaft out of Jamie’s cunt, which gaped open and twitched from the assault. The cock was coated in a white film of Jamie’s cum that Tiffany had her clean off willingly. Satisfied that the dildo was properly wiped clean, Tiffany rose from the bed and unshackled the brunette whose hair was wet and matted to her face.

Tiffany looked down at her spent lover, “Did you enjoy that baby?”

“That…was fucking amazing,” Jamie shot back. “I’m not sure I have ever cum so hard in my life,” she added.

“And I got it all,” Kat affirmed as she held her camera. “Look, Tiffany, we gotta’ run. I need to get this one back to my apartment. The two of you have got me worked up bad,” Katherine admitted.

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