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Sins of Joy Ch. 04

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I attributed this story to my dearest editor “JackGates74”. Thank you “JackGates74” for all the hard work on the story.


Soon before, I leave Shahida Bhabi’s home that morning saying her goodbye and kissed her, I could smell the perfume Shahida Bhabi was wearing and wanted to take her back into the bed and fuck her again before I left for office.

Life turned pretty much turned very happy to be have with Shahida bhabi. After that night, we became bold and now I was spending my nights with Shahida Bhabi in her home. Our dates became more frequent; I began to visit Shahida ‘s house on a more regular basis. Over the next few months our lovemaking activity, and togetherness, continued at the high level, which we both found very satisfying. Our love for each other developed, and got stronger and stronger. Shahida Bhabi loved me, and gave herself to me, literally “body and soul”. From that day She started to wears provocative, smart and very nicely attire but with all her grace, may be she thought her body needed to be better presented to me. She increased the length of her neckline, to give me lot of amount of her cleavage.

Shahida had been a very conservative lover when we first started. But as we grew more and more comfortable with fucking each other, I had brought out some of the lsut in her. We continued our adulterous relationship whenever we had the opportunity, we enjoyed sex a lot and Shahida Bhabi was very keen to experiment. She is intelligent woman and knew what turned me on the most and tried very hard to please me in bed and out of bed in every way. She always was willing to do whatever I asked. She sucked me off regularly now and soon she became a good cocksucker, she could take all of my cock in her mouth, the head entering her throat, we both enjoyed that quite a lot but she never made me cum in her mouth and that was the only thing she doesn’t like and I never insist. I could see the pleasure in her eyes whenever I asked go to between her thighs and very happily she let me eat her cunt. She loved me. I consider myself one of the luckiest men on earth.

We became now regular bed partners. But we tried to keep this from the kids and others. Yes, we had to keep our affair quiet. We lived in fear every day that someone would discover us and we would be made the main topic of gossip in town forever. We tried each position, in all the places in her home; it was possible to have sex. The kitchen, the balcony, on the floor, everywhere it was possible. She could fuck in almost any position without complain. Even once I fucked her standing up in the lounge. Her and Mine shilwar were around our knees as I pressed her against the door of the kitchen and fucked her. We both sleep in one bed whenever I sleep over here. She was my Bhabi but in all senses, she was my wife, in her home and in her bed.

We really began to live like husband and wife. The children took to me famously. They treated me like their father, demanding that I stay with them night and day and took my sleeping with their mother as a natural occurrence. We do not hesitate now to kiss and fondle each other in front of the children. My mouth and tongue became familiar with every inch of her body and all her recesses.

Kissing Shahida ‘s bum, more and more often, made me wonder if she would like my cock to enter her that way? Then, one night I was in Shahida Bhabi arms after a long fuck. Her hands were fondling my cock, which was growing hard and I deliberated fingered her arsehole. “I like your lovely buttocks Shahida Bhabi and I want to fuck your ass.”

“You didn’t like my pussy? Isn’t it tight enough for you?and it is also sin, I have heard.” she said.

“No, it is not sin, it is not true, and yes, you’ve a tight pussy but fucking your ass is my dream,” I replied.

She giggled, “Yeah, who am I to stop you?” she asked as we kissed and sucked each other’s tongues.

“I was thinking about you Shahida , that you would not like it, Have you done this with your husband?”

“No,” she said to me. “I’ve never done this with my husband. He had never asked for this, nor I thought for it.”

“You’re kidding me,” I said. “He came home and saw this beautiful ass every night for 16 years and he’d never touched it? Was he impotent?”

“He probably talks like he does it, I don’t think he could do it; he’d no stamina ” said Shahida .

“Bhabi, it will be an honor for me to be the first man to make love to you this way.” Let me say you bhabi, I can eat your asshole.

She laughed and said,” be correct, you’re not the first but you’ll the last man, now Then do it,” she whispered. “Be gentle with your bhabi.” and rolled onto her stomach spreading her legs and presented her sweet, nice, round and clean ass to me. It was like someone gifting me a chest of treasure. Her ass cheeks were so soft and delightful. I nuzzled my lips and nose into her anal crevice getting drunk on her pungent aroma.

Even then, I was hesitant. “May gaziantep rus escort I lick it?”

“Do you like my ass so much, Jawad, my love?”

“I can’t help myself, Shahida . Next to your cunt, it is the most favorite thing that I adore. I know your ass is going to be so tight and because of that I am going to love it, love fucking you that way!”

“You have kissed me that way already, I even felt your tongue, but you didn’t lick it, if you like, so why not?”

I slowly started to lick her ass checks with my tongue. Cagily I kissed around her anus in a circle, circling her ass buns with my tongue. It was a strange but excellent feeling to be sucking and licking an asshole of a woman for the very first time. It was a novel and exciting experience for me.

My desire to penetrate her hole with my tongue was overwhelming; I could not stand it any more and buried my tongue into her asshole at the same time spreading her ass-cheeks with my fingers. This was a fantasy coming true for me. Because, in my quiet lonely moments I had been thinking of Shahida ‘s ass in this way. Of its possession with my hard cock.

I spread her ass cheeks open, the asshole of my dream woman and let my tongue touch her puckered hole. She gasped. I then started licking slow at first. She was now panting, rather quickly. I decided to stick a finger in her open pussy, thinking she would like to be touched there too. She loved it and pushed her ass further into my face.

“Oh that feels good, Jawad! Yes!” She muttered with a smile. “Your friend never did that to me. Yes! I like it!”

I licked and licked for many minutes, developing an unexpected hunger, lathing and slivering her swelling asshole. It was time to widen her very tight hole for my assault on her anal virginity. I had to take care because I knew I would want Shahida repeatedly so she had to like it, that the experience had to be as good for her as I knew it would be for me.

I slowly eased my thumb into her anal orifice, and she jumped a little, but then pushed her ass back for me to continue,

I whispered, “How does this feel?”

She made a squealing sound as my thumb slid by her sphincter ring muscle. I was all the way up her and met no resistance. I started to thumb fuck her ass ever so gently. I really wanted this experience for her to be unforgettable and delightful for her, so I did not stop fingering her pussy and thumbing her clitoris, at the same time pushing a thumb all the way into her asshole. She was moaning loudly and fingering her own pussy, which was dripping wet, saying she was cumming, then, she cried out loudly when she did have a big trembling orgasm.

Knowing she was thoroughly enjoying our lovemaking and what I was doing to her arsehole, I decided to be more ambitious and put my hard cock into her ass. I quickly took a bottle of Vaseline from the dressing table and oiled my dick.

She instinctively placed herself on hand and knees on the bed with her ass up in the air so I could enter her easily. I adjusted a pillow under her so she could muffle the moans and screams that I knew she would not be able to control. I took some Vaseline and gently applied some into her asshole to lubricate it more.

I positioned my dick at her anal opening and placed the head of my cock on the little brown star-like button, which was on full display as she was on her knees and making her ass bulge out for me. I gave my cock a little push with a little force and she felt the pain and a loud moan escaped from her lips before she could muffle it. She did not say anything. I again applied some force and the tip of my cock head entered Shahida ‘s tight hole. I did not get the expected “No” so I pressed onward and inwards and so entering my prick head inside the warm hole of Shahida ‘s ass. She cried out with the pain,” Stop it, please stop it, jawed!” Shahida Bhabi implored but her pleas fell on deaf ears. She groaned and moaned into the pillow, Her fists grabbing the bed sheet as she heaved her hips up and I pressed her hips down.

Resting for a while, I gave her chance to get used to my cock inside her ass for the first time. When her rectum relaxed, I boldly pushed my cock in until she gasped for air and obviously with some pain. I froze again and patiently waited for things to ease for her. I realized I did it wrong, but now it was done. Almost immediately she started to push back onto my cock. I held still and let Shahida impale herself until my balls were in contact with her pussy and my complete lengthy shaft was inside her asshole. At last I was deep in my dream lady, Shahida Bhabi’s butt hole at last.

I waited impatiently for her rectum to relax and allow me to pump. I tried to move back slightly but she screamed in pain, begging me to wait.

Finally, she relaxed enough to allow me to start slowly and gently to move my prick in her rectum.

She started panting and moaning as I slowly picked up the pace of pulling my cock out to the point where my knob felt the restriction of her sphincter and then back in smoothly until my balls were slapping against her pussy. She was trying to muffle her moans and screams with the pillow. I was slowly pulling it out to the point that just the head was still restricted inside her anal ring and then firing it back into her. Shahida Bhabi started panting really hard. She was constantly moaning. I increased my rhythm and she started to moan with her lust full voice, which I usually got whilst fucking her pussy.

I thought my big prick was uncomfortable for her so I pulled it out. I heard her pant, “Oh…oh …oh, oh no, Jawad, no! It is lovely! I want it in! Please fuck me in my ass!” She put her hand out behind her grabbing my slippery dick and guided it back into her asshole. My laughter was spontaneous, manic really because of my nervousness.

I slide back in a little faster than the first time. She wanted more.

I was not muffling my moans and between my moans and her muffled sound. She begged, “Oh, wow, this is fucking awesome! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Our sounds kept getting louder as I pounded in and out of her beautiful asshole.

She started bucking back at me more urgently. I sped up. I was fucking her ass with hard long thrusts. In addition, she was meeting every thrust with counter thrusts of her own until our flesh was slapping against flesh loudly. The outside world would have no doubt that we were fucking.

I had no fear that I was hurting her now and she was just as rampant that I was. “Oh Jawad my brutal passionate lover! Give it to me more! Much harder and faster!” She was now screaming with a lusty passion that I had never heard her utter before.

“Yes, yes my sweet Bhabi, I am giving it to you…All I have!”

“Yes Jawad, fuck every hole of your Bhabi, give all you have to your sweet Bhabi, your Bhabi is so starved for this fucking of her arse…” I shoved harder against her, right up her, until I was crushing my balls against her pussy lips. I wanted to feel my cock exploding deep in the maximum depths of her ass, I was so proud and pleased that Shahida would love the anal fucking and would ask me for more, lots more.

My balls were slapping her pussy with each thrust of my cock into her ass and the sensations coming from her ass and pussy were building toward a grand finale. I could feel my cock getting bigger and my balls raised and clinging to my shaft. I was getting ready to implode inside her rectum.

I began to feel that Shahida was missing the kissing, breasts sucking and tit rubbing, so my hand reached over her waist to her mamaries and I cupped her breast and she started to push her buttocks back onto me while I was pinching her both nipples.

My cock was now ramming Shahida Bhabi’s ass and my fingers were buried in her pussy. I took one long lick up the center of her back and then leaned over to tongue her ear. This motion obviously pushed my cock deep into her and she started to cum again. I continued to pump slowly in and out waiting for her spasms to subside so that I could pull my cock all the way out and then just ram it back into her without any problem.

The thought of anal sex with Shahida Bhabi and the sight of my cock sliding in and out of that gorgeous asshole for which I was dreaming only to see, the sensations created by her tight arse ring squeezing on my cock and her reactions; pushing her ass back against me to bury my cock further into her. The slapping of my balls against her pussy all led me to the heights of heaven. I was almost always playing with her pussy.

My balls contracted painfully, I was about to pull my cock out and to move into my final piston mode. “Hey, now cum in your Bhabi’s asshole! Fill Bhabi’s ass with your cum!” she pleaded. I agreed with her wishes and soon my cock exploded launching spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her ass. That orgasm was the biggest of our whole relationship.

My cock seemed to double in size with each throb as the hot jets of cum fired deep into her rectal cavity.

As she started to feel my cock swell, she pushed back against me and started yelling, “Oh! My God! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck Bhabi’s ass, Jawad! Give Bhabi all your juicy cum! Fill Bhabi’s asshole” She started to cum again; she was so hot and horny. She had handfuls of the bed sheet and it looked like the bed sheet fabric was in danger of being torn as she kept clutching at it.

I withdrew my cock from her and sat back on my knees looking down at Shahida ‘s backside. Her anus was swollen, slightly open and oozing some of my seminal fluid which had been too much for her ass to handle. It trickled down her thigh to end up on the bed sheet. Her hole looked tremendously inviting and my cock was still up for action and she moaned with passion as I slipped it back in unguided. A touch of tiredness took hold and I collapsed on top of her.

Not for long however, I started kissing and licking her back as my cock started to shrink, but her anal ring was squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing, teasing me back to life. The sensation was keeping my cock partially hard and I continued to gently slide it in and out of her. Pure reflex and bravado really as Shahida had sucked my balls dry. She looked back at me. Her eyes were begging me to finish it now. This time she collapsed onto the bed and I followed her with my cock still buried, pulsing in her ass.

Finally, she whispered, “Jawad finish it”.

Ok, “Bhabi,”

Eventually, I couldn’t hold out any longer and told her that I was going to cum. “Do inside me” she moaned, “do it in my arse, I want your cum inside me in my arse.” She had barely got the last word out when I tensed up and buried my cock as deep as I could as I started to shoot a huge load of cum inside Saeeda ‘s arse. We both lay there for a while until my dick softened .

I pulled my cock out slowly and I rolled off her and we both moved up into normal positions in the bed fully tired. Shahida Bhabi took some time to regain her composure. Suddenly she sat up and reached for a towel off the bedside table and turned and lovingly toweled clean my now soft fatigue wilted cock, and then she in turn wiped her own pussy and bum and relaxed down beside me in the comfort of my arms. She seemed so shy and embarrassed at that time. I pulled her body tight to mine. I covered her mouth with mine, kissing her with passion and urgency and said, “It was fantastic, Bhabi.” The whole thing had not lasted twenty minutes but I had dreamed about it for so many years.

She weakly giggled back and said, is that what you wanted from me, or some other thing Jawad? No one in world has ever touched me there before and no one else would be allowed touch me there in my entire life.”

You do not need to tell me that, Bhabi. I know you; you’re not that type of woman.” I kissed her cheek and saw tears in her eyes; I do not know whether they were tears of joy, or something else. She had given to me, her lover, something she had given to no other; not even her husband.

Soon we fell asleep. I awoke early to find Shahida Bhabi was sleeping peacefully at my side. I moved next to her and started running my fingers through her hair. She awoke smiling happily, putting her lips to my left chest, teasing my nipple with wet tongue and gentle tugging on it with her teeth, which made it immediately grow rigid. It was still a bit soon from her yesterday’s fun and games. I flinched and she laughed. Her actions brought an acute stiffness to my cock too and she moved herself closer as she felt it against her warm belly. She could turn me on so that I was rampant for her so quickly.

I was still too tired to fuck her; so I asked her to come on top of me. She straddled my waist eagerly, as if desperate to get my hard prick inside her again. Her hand eased my turgid weapon into her already moist cunt. I pulled her down onto me, we kissed, suckling tongues exploring and stirring up even more passionate desire. She rocked her hips up and down on my length; ever so slowly, she slid her pussy up and down onto my cock. My cock was like a fish diving in and out of warm water. It felt so good to be buried inside her juicy cave of love. Already the smell of sex, her sex was pervading my flaring nostrils, I could hold back no longer. I started to fuck her hard and deep and she moaned out and kissed me with stabbing tongue. Faster and faster, speed and rhythm building, my hands roaming her lower back down her hips to her drenched pussy.

She was leaning over me now, offering her breasts for sucking. I sucked and bit her tits fierce with passion; it was what she wanted she pushed them harder into my teat hungry mouth. I moaned and lifted my ass off the bed thrusting my cock deeper up into her. Her tempo was increasing minute after minute. Shahida was dripping wet by now as I could feel her gooey liquid spreading across my thighs. She quickened her pace, I started to squeeze and pinch her tits more urgently. My hands all over her.

“Oh Jawad you are making me such a whore!” she moaned contentedly.

I lifted my ass to push up deeper into her and said, “Thanks, my Bhabi you’re a whore, granted, but you are all mine! I am not going to tell anyone.”

She was screaming, “Fuck your Bhabi! Fuck your whore! Give all your big cock to your Bhabi, fuck Bhabi’s cunt with your lovely magnificent cock!”

I just held onto her hips as she bucked on my cock. Some time later, I rolled Shahida onto her back. Positioning myself on my knees between her spread legs and lining up my cock again, thrust back in until I was buried deep into her pussy. I started fucking Shahida knowing that she was about to experience her first mind-boggling orgasm.

Both Our bodies were saturated with the efforts of our joint passion. When we finally collapsed together on the bed with our bodies wrapped around each other, I teased her that I did not know that she was capable of fucking like that. She slapped my cock with her palm and I winced and returned the favor by slapping her arse.

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