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Snobby Surma Ch. 05

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*Author’s Note: To truly enjoy this story please read the first four parts in category – First Time*

Surma looked gorgeous as she walked into Flurry’s. She was dressed in a fawn, starched stiff, cotton Sari.

Flurry’s was a cake shop on Park Street in Kolkatta. They served the best cold coffee on the planet.

Rakesh had never seen Surma in a Sari until now.

He had seen her in a school uniform, jeans or Salwar Khameez. Now he realized that the mature version, in a sari, could be equally stimulating.

An indian woman in a sari could be most beautiful and elegant, especially if the sari is worn and carried off well.

Surma’s sari was a beautiful fawn color that showed off her clear complexion. Her blouse top was low cut and showed off the tops of her swelling breasts through the Sari.

Her thick black eyebrows were delicately shaped and enhanced the beauty of her large luminous eyes.

Her lips looked like they had just been plucked from an orchard of the juiciest of plums.

Her bindi, on her forehead, was designer and matched the sari and earrings flawlessly.

Surma was a picture of elegance and beauty.

Rakesh took a deep breath and his heart skipped a beat as he saw her. He could feel his blood rushing through his veins.

She had worn her Sari low on her waist so that her flat tummy was visible, whenever her Sari was swept to one side.

Trust Surma to carry off a sari so well.

She looked stunning, gorgeous.

Surma seemed to have blossomed after marriage.

She looked even more beautiful than he remembered.

That childish demeanour had vanished and was replaced by a womanly grace that was terribly alluring.

She had a look of experience and maturity but she still had not lost that look of vulnerability that he craved.

Rakesh stood up to greet Surma when she arrived but she did not even seem to notice him there.

Surma looked around. Her long black, silky hair waving to the other customers. She pulled a chair before Rakesh could, and sat down.

As soon as Rakesh sat down she started with the verbal onslaught.

“What you are doing is very wrong Rakesh!”

“Calm down Surma! What did I do?”

The thought that this beauty had her eyes focussed on him had set his pulse racing. What lipstick was she using? Her lips never looked more delicious.

“I saw Deotima. I know you both are having an affair. I want you to stop it immediately!”

“But Surma, who told you this? This is not true!” Rakesh lied. Her eyes were sparkling like glowing coals.

God she looked so beautiful.

“Don’t lie to me Rakesh. She told me herself !”

Rakesh thought for a moment and realized Deotima would never tell Surma about their affair without informing him first.

“That is not true. She could not have told you that”

“Rakesh, I saw it in her eyes. I know Deotima since childhood. She could never hide anything from me. And she still cant. She looked so guilty. I saw this same look in her eyes the last time you cheated on me”

The waiter arrived and stood by their table.

“Surma, what would you like to eat or drink?” Rakesh asked nervously. How he wished she would smile.

He could feel himself getting an erection as he awaited her response. Her smooth arms and painted fingernails looked lovely.

“Cmon Rakesh. Lets go. I need to pick up something. We can talk on the way.”

Rakesh apologised to the waiter who stared open mouthed at Surma.

Rakesh and Surma left Flurrys together.

The fragrance of Surma lingered on inside Flurrys enticing other customers long after she left.

As they sat in the back seat of Surma’s fancy car, silently, her bare arm touched his momentarily.

Rakesh could feel a spark of electricity shoot through his body in that brief touch of her soft skin.

As the car hurtled through the streets of Kolkatta, Surma seemed preoccupied. She stared out of the window with a thoughtful look in her eyes.

Rakesh knew the anger Surma was displaying was fake.

After all, why should Surma worry about his and Deotima’s affair? It was none of her business.

When the car took a sharp turn, Surma held his arm for support.

The electricity started to spark again. Rakesh felt a shiver run through his body at her touch.

This girl was driving him crazy!

Surma ran her hand up and down his arm, almost without thinking and seemed to be feeling his bulging biceps.

She let her hand remain on his arm for a while. Then she slipped her hand onto his thigh.

Rakesh’s whole body was on fire now. His growing erection was becoming an embarrassment. What if Surma noticed it?

He did not have to wait long for the answer.

Surma’s hand had slid onto his crotch. She squeezed his hardening penis through the crotch of his pants rhythmically.

Rakesh looked at her but she refused to look back at him.
What was she doing?

Rakesh could feel the blood rush to his rapidly hardening cock and he could not stop himself from flexing canlı bahis his cock muscles.

Without looking at him she unzipped his pants and pushed her fingers into his underwear and felt the hard base of his penis.

Rakesh’s heart was pounding so hard, he felt like he was going to stop breathing. He was completely erect and rock hard by now and she could feel it.

“Surma, are you crazy?” Rakesh asked her breathlessly. He was breathing in gasps now.

Although the car windows had protective sunfilm that blocked out the sun and stopped anyone from outside from looking in, the chauffeur could smell a rat and inform her husband.

Surma did not seem to care. She pulled out Rakesh’s huge cock and encircled her fingers around its girth.

The feel of Rakesh’s cock in her hands again, after so many months, was exhilarating.

Surma remembered this cock so well. Its firmness and size. The vein that ran along its length. The color of the head. She pulled back his foreskin. It reacted to her touch.

Suresh’s cock was nothing like this one.

Suresh was her husband.

She began to stroke it, pulling back the foreskin and revealing the purple head.

As she stroked it she let out a sigh and turned towards Rakesh and looked deep into his eyes.

Her eyes were so full of lust. Rakesh could feel his heart pounding so hard inside his chest, he felt like he was going to faint.

Surma squeezed his cock harder as she felt his excitement.

She loved every inch of this cock and missed it terribly.

“Suresh is cheating on me,” Surma said matter of factly.

Her stroking fingers never left his rock hard penis.

“How do you know?” Rakesh was squirming and thrusting his hips upwards as she played with his most private part.

“He goes out of town for 3 days and stays for a week. When he comes back he is not so eager to have sex”

“Maybe err hmm he is just working… too hard?”

“I miss you Rakesh. I need you.”

Surma’s eyes were staring deep into his.

Rakesh felt his heart jump again.

How badly he wanted to fuck Surma.

When he first saw Surma at Flurrys dressed in a sari, he had gasped at her beauty and elegance.

As she had grown older she had grown even more sexy and desirable.

Those eyes. Those eyes. They held so many memories and promised a world better than this one.

And those delicate feminine hands that knew every inch of his cock and what he liked most.

She had just been the envy of every man at Flurrys.

And that same woman was playing with his cock. In a car with a chauffeur who could turn around and see what she was doing.

Surma was always one for danger. With her guts she should have been a businesswoman.

Rakesh marveled at the fact that a woman as pretty as Surma was doing what she was doing to him.

He was indeed blessed.

Surma’s thumb was rapidly rubbing the tip of his cock, sending shivers down his spine.

What a difference it made when a woman masturbated a man and when he has to do it himself!

She knew Rakesh would cum if she continued this. But she had other plans.

So she stopped and reluctantly pulled her hand away. She licked her thumb and tasted his juices.

It took Rakesh 15 min to soften enough to put his cock back into his underwear.

Surma told the chauffeur to stop at Victoria Memorial.

Surma led him to one of their old favourite spots.

A dark corridor upstairs where not many ventured.

They stood around and watched to see if there was anyone around.

Then Surma dropped to her knees and unzipped Rakesh again.

His big floppy cock fell into her waiting fingers.

Surma felt the thumping of her heart as she closed her neatly painted fingers around his manhood. She loved this cock. She never could resist it ever since she had first seen it. It was a thing of beauty.

She licked the sides and pushed the foreskin back. The sight of the head of his cock made her wet instantly. She could feel her juices squeeze out of her pussy as she rubbed her thighs together.

She sucked the bulging head and masturbated him into a full erection.

She was like an army general commanding her troops into an attention posture.

Her mouth greedily sucked him back to erection mode and then her tongue took over. Licking rapidly back and forth on the tip and squeezing with her hands.

This was her old friend. How she had missed Rakesh’s delicious cock!

Rakesh tried to hold back. How dare she scream at him at Flurry’s? Who did she think she was?

But this was his dear Surma.

Voluptuous, sensual, sexy. Oh God what a beauty!

The super smart debater. Articulate, brilliant and sensual.

What a package!

How he had lusted after her for so many months when they were in school.

Now the same girl was desperately sucking his cock in public. Like a whore.

Surma was a married woman now.

Married to a hotshot venture capitalist.

A man who could quite possibly buy bahis siteleri the hotel Rakesh was working at.

Rakesh looked down at Surma on her knees before him. Dressed in a Sari. Oh God she was gorgeous.

An Indian woman looked most elegant in a Sari. Posh, sophisticated.

Maybe it was all those Indian movies where women in transparent sarees got wet in the rain and gyrated their bodies towards the man, teasing, tormenting him and eventually allowing just a mere peck on her lips.

What a sham those cock teasing movies were.

Surma was the real Indian woman. Bold, daring and sexy.

And willing to give far more than a mere peck on the lips.

No cock teasing here.

On her knees, in front of him, cheating on her husband, Surma looked like a doll.

Those lips that blew words into microphones enthralling audiences everywhere with her brilliance, were on his cock.

Those lips that had just screamed at him in anger were playing a totally different role.

Surma was licking his cock so greedily that despite himself, Rakesh started to build up to an orgasm.

Rakesh suddenly realized that a married Indian woman was even more attractive than a single Indian woman.

Maybe it was the maturity that she had acquired with the experience of another man. Or was it her guts to challenge an established social institution like marriage?

Surma was an expert cock sucker.
Why were some women so much better at sucking cock? It was her love for cock that made the difference. And Surma definitely loved cock.

Its feel in her hands and mouth. The way it reacted to her touch. The pleasure it gave her when it went inside her body.

This thing seemed to know every pleasure spot inside her body.

You treat it well and it gave back to you many times over.

Cock deserved worship.

Surma noticed the slight jerking of his hips before he exploded. She knew what to do. She started to lick rapidly on the tip of his cock. First up and down and then side to side.

Rakesh did not want to cum so quick. He wanted to drag it out and enjoy it for a little longer.

So he pulled Surma off his cock and moved back.

Surma did not even look up at him. She had her eyes focussed on his cock and followed him on her knees to get it back into her mouth.

Rakesh moved back further.

Surma then looked up at him with such desperation and pleaded, “Rakesh give it to me!”

That look of desperation turned him on so badly that Rakesh stopped and allowed Surma to pull his cock back into her mouth.

She started to suck again. This time she was sucking so aggressively that Rakesh could not hold back any longer.

Rakesh began to shiver as his orgasm uncontrollably traveled through his body.

Surma squeezed his penis hard with her slender fingers and masturbated him even faster, inviting him to give her his sperm.

This was her favourite part.

Just before explosion, Rakesh’s cock became so hard that it was a throbbing piece of rock.

Yet so silky to touch.

Especially when he was so close to orgasm, she loved squeezing his cock hard, holding it tight in her hand, feeling the strength of his manhood.

It felt like every ounce of strength in his body was focused in his huge cock at the time of orgasm.

And she loved it when he delivered all that strength into her mouth and went back to being soft and floppy.

She was God for that moment. Sucking up his strength in that one moment.

She his woman, was sucking all his strength into her soft, feminine body.

She felt stronger each time Rakesh gave her his sperm.

Her rapid licking and sucking on the head of his cock had the desired effect.

Rakesh gave a huge sigh and exploded into her lovely lips. His semen spurting out of his cock and into her mouth.

Surma’s lips were wrapped tight around his cock as he almost fell to his knees, shaking in orgasm. She did not want to let even a drop of this nectar of strength escape.

Rakesh let all his sperm rush out of his penis into her mouth. Spurting hard and with force.

She squeezed his erect, throbbing manhood as he sprayed his sperm in three spurts into the back of her mouth.

Surma took all his cum into her beautiful, waiting mouth and swirled it in her mouth.

She loved the taste of his cum. She lovvved the way his cum sprayed into her mouth.

Surma rolled her tongue in his cum as she enjoyed its slightly salty, unique taste.

Male cum was an acquired taste, like caviar, that needed to be sold in bottles.

Slowly she swallowed. Gulping it all down.

Surma wiped Rakesh’s cock clean with her hankie and wiped her mouth too.
She put the hankie back into her handbag, got up and said, “Lets go.”

Surma dropped Rakesh at his hotel and left.

Rakesh wondered what that was all about.

So both the girls were unhappy in their marriages?

Rakesh had heard Surma mention over the phone to somebody that she would be alone at home that afternoon.

Rakesh bahis şirketleri did not go to work. He left the hotel and went over to Surma’s house.

Surma opened the door and exclaimed unconvincingly when she saw him, “Rakesh! You cant come in here!”

He went in and realized she was expecting him when he saw she was wearing a sheer nightie with no bra on.

“So you knew I would come haan?” Rakesh teased as he caressed her hair and rubbed his thumb along her throat and lips. He noticed Surma surrender to his touch.

“Would you like something to eat first?” Surma asked him nervously. She was sheepishly aware that Rakesh had caught her lie. She did not want to show Rakesh how excited she was to see him.

Rakesh pulled her towards him roughly. Surma instantly thrust her breasts onto his chest and exclaimed in false surprise.

“Rakesh I am a married woman now!”

However Surma was staring lustfully into his eyes.

Her big brown eyes always got him. He could find oceans and several distant, unknown worlds in those eyes.

“You should have thought of that before you came to meet me at Flurrys.” Rakesh said as he rubbed her nipples with his thumb through her sheer negligee. Instead of pulling back, Surma found herself thrusting her breasts towards his groping fingers.

“Rakesh someone could come in.” Surma was desperately trying to save her dignity.

Rakesh’s hands were between her thighs and reaching for her pussy. No panties.

Surma did not stop him. She held his strong arm as he blatantly explored her body.

“Do happily married women walk around the house without panties nowadays?”

“Rakesh. Stop it.” Surma said staring unblinking into his eyes. She did not want him to know how desperately she wanted him to continue.

“YOU wanted to marry this guy. So learn to be happy with your husband Surma.”

“Rakesh I made a mistake.”

“What time does the big boy come home?”

“In another three hours.”

“I want to meet him.”

“Really? You serious?”

“Now serve me lunch.”

Surma served him lunch. She was staring at him nonstop.

After lunch, Rakesh helped her clean up,brushing against her body several times.

Then he led her to her bedroom.

Rakesh lay down on Surma’s bed. Obediently Surma lay down beside him.

“I need to take a nap.” Rakesh commanded and shut his eyes.

Surma lay down beside Rakesh.

Surma could not control herself anymore. She had tried hard to portray herself as the ideal Indian housewife but she could not continue the charade any longer.

She ‘accidentally’ ran her hands and knees over Rakesh’s cock several times, while pretending to sleep next to him.

Rakesh slapped her hands away each time she tried to unzip him.

She opened her eyes and stared at Rakesh with such desire that Rakesh had a hard time controlling himself.

Surma had become Rakesh’s slut puppy.

He turned her around and held her from behind till she quietened down. All the time he rubbed his hard cock into her ass.

Surma tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he wouldint let her.

Rakesh felt her tummy and thighs and breasts and did not allow her to take off her negligee.

Surma was wriggling and twisting trying to turn around and let him take her.

However Rakesh would not allow her.

Finally it was time for Suresh, Surma’s husband, to come home.

Surma and Rakesh took a shower together. Again Rakesh did not allow her to suck him off.

Surma managed to hold his hard cock in her fingers a few times but he pushed her hands away each time.

He had gotten Surma and himself into such a heightened state of arousal with all his denials, that both were ready to explode.

When Suresh returned home from office, Surma introduced Rakesh.

“Suresh, meet Rakesh. He is an old school friend. He just dropped in out of the blue!”

Suresh and Rakesh shook hands and Suresh excused himself to go freshen up.

The cricket match was about to start and Rakesh called out after Suresh.

“The cricket match is about to start. Do you watch cricket?”

“I love cricket! I came early just to watch the match! Surma get the whisky and soda. Lets watch this game together with our new friend.”

Surma was in such a heightened state of arousal that Rakesh caught her staring at him with such lusty eyes that he had to motion to her with his eyes to stop it.

Rakesh and Suresh watched the game together cheering for the Indian team and getting totally involved in the game.

Inspite of his warnings, Rakesh could feel Surmas stares every now and then.

Rakesh deliberately avoided her lustful stares.

He knew that she was wondering what he was up to.

The TV was on one wall and there was a huge sofa in front of it. Behind the sofa there was a gap until the wall.

Rakesh stood up and moved to the gap behind the sofa.

“Why are you standing? Sit down.” Suresh admonished Rakesh, motioning for Rakesh to sit next to him on the sofa.

“No. Let me stand for a while. Its good for my back. ” Rakesh countered.

Rakesh stood for a while and when Surma went to the kitchen to get more snacks, Rakesh waved to Surma to come behind the sofa.

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