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Sodomy and Spells

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Sat down in a heavy, black chair. On the backrest was the symbol of the order of the Dominicans. In front of her were four men in white robes, sitting behind a long table as black as her chair.

Miriam felt the icy cold of the polished stone floor beneath her feet, she pulled up her mantle and rubbed her hands together.

“Do you know about the accusations, daughter?”

“I know, Father.”

“So say, is it true what those who accused you wrote?”

“I have never practiced witchcraft, Father, I have never created venous potions or anything like that.”

“But they claim that you manipulated medicines, blessed the sick, used magic charms.”

“People came to me, Father. They knew that my grandmother made me aware of the magical arts. But I never, never practiced black magic.”

“Excuses from those who don’t want to admit their sins. All witchcraft is the work of the devil. You surrendered yourself to his whims.”

“No, no priest! That was never the intention, I did it because I was taught. Because people begged, begged crying on their knees. Roguing in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Blasphemy! Do not use the Lord’s name in vain, it was not because of Him that you gained a reputation as a sorceress. It was the work and grace of Lucifer.”

“But I have healed, I have healed people, they know I did not do evil enchantments.”

“Some claim that not all were healed, many died by your intervention.”

“I warned that they would not heal, that I was not capable of miracles, I warned everyone who came to me. I never deceived anyone.”

“The devil did a perfect job, the spell was so well engineered that you did not recognize the dominion that Satan exercises over you.”

“He deceives you daughter, everything that does not come from Our Lord and the Holy Church of Rome is the fruit of sin.”

“Salvation is in the scriptures, in the texts dictated to the apostles nowhere else.”

“I have never read the scriptures.”

“Women don’t need to know how to read, just trust the representatives of the Church and their fathers and husbands.”

“I do not understand what they speak, I do not know Latin and I have not a husband.”

“You do not need to know the meaning, just trust that what they tell you is the purest truth.”

“And as for the other accusation, the most abject of all. Have you practiced?”

Miriam, felt a shiver run down her spine, pulled the sides the mantle even tighter to close. She let her gaze wander, let her mind speak.

It was out of desire, more than love, I experienced the feeling of being filled by the Divine, the Sublime.”

“Divine! How dare you use such a word to refer to a vile act such as the one you performed?”

“Yet another proof that Beelzebub has you under control. Fornication outside marriage is already a heinous sin, even more so when accompanied by sodomy.”

“A disrespect to everything that are in the scriptures, how dare you?”

“They said that Jesus never made mention of sodomy. He saved Magdalene from being stoned. Who has never sinned, so throw the first stone, that is what He said.”

“How do you know that? Who taught you such a passage?”

“The one who ate me, Father. The one who satiated güvenilir bahis his pleasure inside my orifices.”

“How absurd, how disrespectful of this tribunal!”

“Who was this figure, what was his name? What did he do to you?”

Miriam stared at the white four figures, sitting far away, protected by the table. Ridiculous figures belching scriptural truths, so curious to know the minute details of their story.

“Do you really want to know what he did to me, how he did it?”

Looked of four males, three squirmed against the seats, two put their hands over their robes, groping their waists. She laughed inwardly, imagining their masts being stroked while she discoursed on the indecencies her mysterious lover.


He came at night, with the moon high, he asked permission, he said he had urgency, his bones ached, his body burned, he trembled with fever. Cried out for help, begged for mercy.

I prepared two potions, two thick hot broths. I knew he would sleep for hours, varying and dreaming. I stretched him out on my bed and slept on my pillows.

Before long, the effects of the potions began to make themselves felt. My lord began to speak, tell truths, your deepest desires came out mixed with the sweat that cured your fever.

But he became more agitated than usual, and I stood up, taking care that he not to hurt himself. His soaked clothes forced me to take off his jacket and blouse.

His hairy chest, his contours drawn, beautiful like Greek statues.

He began to talk nonsensically, as if he were talking to someone else, begging for affection. Kisses.

“Vika, please Vika. Just once more, touch me here.”

His cock grew, lifting his pants, his hand stroking his erection. I don’t deny, that delighted me, a beautiful male touching himself in front of me. It had been so many years, I couldn’t stand it, I loosened the knots that bound his pants. I let his manhood reveal in front of me.

The mast rose on its own, lush, indecent, glowing reflecting the candlelight. The veins highlighted, the head polished, more than charming.

“Hold, stroke Vika, please give me a caress.”

I put a damp handkerchief over his forehead, tried to make him calm down, but the lord was still shaking, moving and lifting his hips, showing off his hard beam.

I couldn’t stand it, I stroked. Wiping the sweat from his face, I getting wet my fingers on his pleasure. I squeezed the pole, I shook it hard, with the vigor that men like.

“Cum, enjoy my lord.”

The soft hand, the long fingers, squeezed my breast. He opened my lips and sank yours fingers into my mouth.

“So Vika, suck, drink of my pleasure.”

I don’t know why the lord said that, I don’t know how, it set me on fire. The next thing I knew, I was licking the tip, sucking the sweetness that oozed out of it. I kissed and let the beam penetrate my mouth, I used my tongue and the roof of my mouth caressing him, charming him. I stroked his balls. I opened myself whole to the voluptuousness of his most depraved desires. The lord ate my mouth without shame.

He called out for Vika, naming her a whore, his delicious tramp. I gave the last stirring on the drooling rod, opened my mouth and swallowed again. I güvenilir bahis siteleri did as men more like and let the rod penetrate fully, caressing my throat. I felt it pulsating, the hot spurt going down to my stomach, then I tasted the sour taste of its cream.

We both came, he offering his milk, me wetting my thighs.


Miriam shuddered rubbing her thighs together, the hot honeydew running down the middle of her hair. The priests had no idea that it always turned her on, less for the stories she told, much more for knowing their hard cocks

Their masts raised under their robes, at least three of them bewitched by her speech. You could hear the priests’ breathing, their glazed gazes.

Miriam spread her legs apart, insinuated her lap, her vulva emerged covered by her garment.

“And when was the sodomy?”

“Enough! What has already been said is enough, there’s no need to go into indecent details.”

“Of course you do, it is confession to the Lord, the reason for the Holy Inquisition.”

“Redeem your sins Miriam.”

She laughed inside, laughed again, debauched as always. Curious how as all males are, she thought.

“It was the next day, we slept naked, embraced like a couple…”


I got up with the dawn, washed myself in the bucket the sweat of the night. I cooled the body heat. Then I took care to wipe his face. The sweat was gone, the fever go down.

My lord woke up without understanding where he was. It was still the effects of the potions, he told me he had dreamed a strange dream, almost real, someone so similar to the woman he had loved in his youth.

Told him that my medicines, the potions, had this effect beyond healing, they revealed the deepest desires of my patients.

“What did I do, what happened?”

We remained silent for a while, our gazes fixed, sharing a secret. I told him everything, I told him what we did. He called me Vika and spat me your cream in my mouth.

I made his cock grow again, swell under his pants.

“It was not a dream, it really happened?”

“Did I do as she did? Did I … Did I satisfy my master, as he expected?”

I held his eyes to mine, reached out, touched him with my fingers, massaged his balls, wrapped my hand around his cock. We laughed, both of us, together, accomplices.

“Is there anything that Vika has never ‘given’ to my lord?”

“His mouth and his flower were mine in those days, I was his master, his mentor. But…”

“But what, my lord?”

I squeezed his inflated balls maliciously. He groaned, closing your eyes.

“She never allowed me to taste the ring, you tight tunnel.”

“Maybe because it’s a sin?”

I slipped my hand inside his pants, warmed my fingers on the warm beam. My lord moaned again at my touches.

“Or maybe it’s because your mistress didn’t know the pleasure of giving her hips to the one who has the keys to open her coffers. The secret in enjoying… with the ass.”

“Show me then, let me feel your heat.”

“Without shame, without pain.”

“I do it with appreciation, gently, I stroke your ring the way you like it best.”

I blushed, biting my lips, imagining the act, the moment of rupture, finally deflowered by iddaa siteleri such a distinguished, and thick gentleman, penetrating my ass with his hot cock.

I took off my clothes, knelt on the bed. I got on fours. I showed him my nurtured ass. The big hand smoothed, squeezed, opened me. It brought out my most recondite secret.

The lord dropped down his pants, pressed his cock against my flesh. I crushed my fingers sensing the infamous acts. His cock mingled with my hair, he opened my lips, but his eagerness was so great that he immediately sought my hips and forced my dry entrance.

“Wait my lord, listen to me.”


“First taste my pussy, let me wet your cock on my candy. Then spit, spit in my hole, and then fill me with your fingers!”

My lord did as I begged, he shoved his cock all the way in, piercing my flesh, soaking his thick, warm cock in my juices. His body punched me in the hips like a ravenous animal in heat. That’s when I felt his spat, and soon his fingers piercing my tunnel. I took the moment and touched myself moaning and he screamed calling me a whore again.

That only made my honey wet his cock even more.

“That’s it my master, now taste my ass. Eat the ass of your servant!”

I’ve never given so much to a male, his cum wetting my thighs, I pissed on his legs. It was enough for my lord to honor me with his white cream. The hot gush running down my channel, the pulsing of his thick cock stuck inside my ass. Divine, sublime…


“He spat so, so much. Then he showered me with his piss, a hot piss…. Sweet… I let it relieve itself on my neck, then in my mouth.”

When I stopped talking, all four priests were paralyzed, eyes wide.

I turned my head toward the ceiling, closed my eyes and let my body flow, I grabbed onto the legs of the chair, lifted my body a little, my breasts, felt the hard nipples, showed the hairy forehead.

I trembled. My whole body trembled, I felt it when the jets wet my robes.

“Aaaaaahhh!!!! AAAAAaaaaaa… MMMMmmm…”

I breathed pulling in air, the hard-on fading, the numbness emerging. I looked at the priests, two dumbfounded, another with a hard pole inside his robes, and the fourth one wiping his greased fingers.

“Who was this lord?”

I straightened up, looked down, and saw the dark stain on the cloth denouncing my pleasure. Droplets were still running down my legs.

“A very powerful lord, someone who won’t like to hear about me here.”

“Who, creature?”

“The Bishop of Verona.”

“Michelle Capuleto?”

“Yes, my lord.”

I flashed a naughty smile, loving the discomfort of the four priests, their white robes stained with their creams. The four of them speaking in Latin, sometimes a loud shout, one face reddening, another man wiping sweat, or looking at me startled.

It took a while before all four faced me again.

“Miriam, this tribunal of the Holy Office has reached a verdict. As you have confessed your mistakes, your sins. There is no reason to sentence you with the bonfire. But your sins are grave, they deserve your penance.”

“Yes, Father, I know that I have sinned.”

“Just knowing is not enough, you will fast for half a year, will flog yourself every holy day.”

“Yes, Father.”

“Go and sin no more my child. Don’t let yourself become a stray sheep.”

“Be careful, they always tell us everything, do not do again. Never sin again.”

“Yes, Father.”

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