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Spark , Stone – Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven — Who’s This Nice Guy?

Okay, okay, so he had to be completely out of his frigging mind to go through that and live to tell the tale. Well, that was definitely an exaggeration, but Aidan felt the need to do precisely that. Because as soon as he had gotten home, he had slipped under the covers, in bed, and …

Sort of jerked off furiously while replaying in his mind how Heathcliff – frigging Stone! – had touched his dick and even took it into his mouth for like 8-10 seconds or so. Half an hour later, he was sweaty, wasted, and in no mood for a shower, which he knew he needed to take.

If that had been so hot, how hot exactly had to be full-fledged sex with Heathcliff? Aidan whimpered as he walked toward the bathroom. His dick was oversensitive, and he could not give himself another hand, no matter how much he wanted to.

While there, with Heathcliff, he had managed to joke and say whatever just to seem cool and totally fine with hooking up with someone who had the looks of an Adonis and the reputation of a Don Juan, the gay version.

But inside … well, inside, he was a huge mess right now. Good thing Heathcliff hadn’t seemed bothered by his lack of experience. A few times, he had almost choked while sucking off the guy. What an experience that had been, Aidan thought, as he stepped under the water jet.

By all means, Heathcliff was way, way out of his league. So what was that all about? It felt rather nice that Heathcliff had picked him in blind, so to speak, seeing how they had first hooked up over that dating app. Ah, he needed to delete his profile.

Aidan stopped for a second while soaping his body. Was he really going to obey every word Heathcliff said? For a moment, he considered rebellion. But, what lay in balance was well worth it. Maybe the man was going to touch him again, and maybe, just maybe, Aidan was going to see what a real blowjob felt like.

His short experience, while he liked to think that it did include trading blowjobs, was not particularly rich in that category. Mainly if he was to consider how many times he had been on the receiving end.

So, he was, after all, willing to play to Heathcliff’s tune, he thought after a not so long debate. Well, all that happy banter that was going to and fro between them seemed to work for them. And Aidan was pretty much satisfied with taking what was offered.

Of course, that wasn’t particularly a reason to feel proud of himself. His mom and dad had taught him better than to obey the whims of a spoiled fitness guru or whatever. Seeing how he had so far managed to save face while interacting with Heathcliff, that meant that he was handling himself well.

Was he? No, Aidan shook his head, as he wiped his body with a large fluffy towel. He wasn’t thinking in such negative terms of himself. If he was obeying to Heathcliff’s whims, it was because he had decided to do so. Not someone else.

Ah, damn, he needed to send his boss a message and told him about the change of plans. There was a chance that the man was going to ask him to come straight to work the next day, and then he could tell Heathcliff he hadn’t managed to convince his boss to leave him off the hook, just because the star of their commercials wanted that to happen.

That was going to work out rather nice, Aidan thought. He wasn’t going to bend the knee, so to speak, to Heathcliff, and the guy was not going to be able to hold it against him. Now that sounded like a way out.

If it were for someone to ask him what exactly he was afraid of, he would say that he didn’t feel exactly gutsy enough to face Heathcliff Stone so soon. He had practically had the guy’s cock in his mouth, and, although briefly, his cock had been in the other’s mouth.

Damn, he wasn’t going to get any sleep if he kept doing that. With a sigh, he grabbed his phone. There was a way out of this if his boss wasn’t going to reply to his message at all and tell him that he didn’t need to bend to Heathcliff’s desires.

“Sorry for the late message, boss. Heathcliff Stone wants me to go over some marketing materials tomorrow.”

There. He sent the message. It was short, to the point, and also not very convincing. For minutes, his phone remained silent, and he felt that he could breathe freely. He was off the hook. He wasn’t going to spend tomorrow in the company of that homme fatale, and he was going to be okay.

His phone pinged, and his heart sank a little.

“Do what you have to, Spark. And keep the guy away from trouble.”

Ah, damn it, Aidan cursed, and he put the phone cautiously on the nightstand. Then he needed more than just his beauty sleep. He needed all his strength to face Heathcliff tomorrow. Yeah, he could be the perfect professional, after all. And that was the strategy he needed to count on.


Aidan touched his hair gingerly, wishing he could have a last look in a mirror, to see if he looked fine. As he waited in front of Heathcliff’s door, he almost felt like running away. Last night, görükle escort it had all seemed extraordinary, erotic, and mind-blowing, but, in the light of the day, how were they going to face each other?

He gulped a few times nervously. The not so imaginary knot in his throat was making it difficult to breathe. Maybe he could make a run for it? But …

The door opened, and Heathcliff welcomed him with a radiating smile.

“You’re punctual. I like that,” Heathcliff said.

“Of course,” Aidan replied. “It’s not professional to be late to business meetings.”

“Business meetings? You think that’s what’s happening?” Heathcliff chuckled.

“We’re not allowed to fool around during work hours.” Aidan put both his hands up as if he was waiting for the other to jump him on the spot.

“Fool around?” Heathcliff watched him closely, and Aidan almost felt the need to take a step back.

Why did Heathcliff have to look amazing in anything he wore? Right now, he was dressed in a white tank top and sports shorts, and Aidan could barely keep his eyes off his beautiful arms. Or chest. Damn, that chest was like sculpted in marble. And it was easy for Aidan to make its shape through the tight-fitting fabric.

“Did you get enough sleep?” Heathcliff hovered closer.

Aidan could smell the scent of whatever shower gel Heathcliff was using. In some parallel universe, that had to be the scent of sex appeal.

“Of course,” he protested right away.

“Funny, because I think you were daydreaming right now.”

“I wasn’t daydreaming,” Aidan said, keeping his cool.

“Yes, you were,” Heathcliff contradicted him. “Did you have breakfast?”

“Yeah, I had breakfast. Are we going somewhere or are we just spending some time in the door, talking nonsense?” Aidan pretended to be courageous.

“What did you have for breakfast?” Heathcliff came even closer.

“Food,” he replied and licked his lips nervously.

Heathcliff had no idea about what personal space meant. They were so close now that only a couple of inches were needed for their noses to touch.

“As your owner, I need to see to your eating habits,” Heathcliff said with a sort of finality Aidan was sure he didn’t like.

Aidan smiled, too. “Damn, you really think that’s how it is. You’re not my owner.”

“Really, Sparky? Now, who’s a good boy?”

Heathcliff was talking in that annoying voice people used to converse with their pets.

“Cut it out.” Aidan got annoyed for real this time. “Now where should I take you, Your Highness? I remember clearly that you wanted to be chauffeured around. By the way, this is the only one time I’m lying for you. I told my boss I would look with you over some marketing materials.” He pointed a finger accusatorily at Heathcliff.

“We will do that, too, sure.” Heathcliff shrugged and finally decided to close the door behind him.

Then he took Aidan by the shoulders so that they could walk toward the car.

“Isn’t this a little too …” Aidan tried to shrug the man off.

“No, it’s not.” Heathcliff squeezed him harder. “Have you forgotten your current status so easily? You belong to me, bunny boy.”

“I don’t belong to you,” Aidan protested. “Stop it with all the teasing.”

“Or else what?” Heathcliff laughed. “And stop fretting so much. As much as the idea of morning sex appeals to me, it usually happens after my bed partner spends the night.”

“And what’s that got to do with anything?” Aidan wondered out loud.

“C’mon, pet. I know very well why you’re like a hedgehog under the siege of a dozen owls.”

“Oh, of course, you know everything.” Aidan glared. “Owls don’t hunt in packs. Actually, they’re pretty solitary creatures.”

“Of course I do know everything. At least, I know everything when it involves you. You’re thinking about the blowjob you didn’t get.” Heathcliff seemed to ignore his rambles about owls completely.

Aidan blushed and pulled open the car door.

“Get inside the car already, Stone.” He hid his embarrassment about being read so easily. “And don’t expect me to keep the door for you.”

Heathcliff laughed and sauntered to the other side. After climbing behind the wheel, Aidan reached for the door on Heathcliff’s side to open it.

And now his entire car was going to smell of Heathcliff’s expensive shower gel. Damn, he was in hell.


Heathcliff wanted nothing less than to grab Aidan, call it a day, even if it wasn’t even eight am, and drag the young man back to the house. What was going to happen after that, not even he dared to think about for no other reason than the fact that he needed to show that he could rein in his attraction toward the corporate bunny.

The fact that Aidan was trying to put on a brave face and pretend he wasn’t affected made the entire situation even more delicious than it already was. There was just something about Aidan Spark, something that made the guy unique, special. Heathcliff could bursa escort bayan categorize his bed partners in many ways. There were people who had sex with him for favors, there were those who thought a wild night with Heathcliff made them look good, and there were also bed partners who just wanted to see how it was like, and then brag to their friends …

Heathcliff could not remember the last time when someone had had sex with him just for him. Of course, he could write down Aidan’s attraction toward him as nothing else but curiosity and also a common appeal toward a celebrity. He wasn’t as big as Hollywood stars, or musicians with Billboard hits, but Heathcliff knew he was sort of a celebrity, too.

Nonetheless, there was something in Aidan’s eyes when the guy was looking at him that Heathcliff hadn’t seen in his bed partners’ eyes in an eternity. Aidan liked him not just because he was a fitness guru with a strong following on social media.

Aidan was looking at him like Heathcliff was everything he wanted. There was nothing but pure, nude desire in those pretty eyes. And that was making him all giddy inside. Like he could not wait to see Aidan again.

Despite all the teasing, Heathcliff truly wanted Aidan, too. It was dangerous to feel this vulnerable. Some people, if not a lot of them, would have jumped at the opportunity to use that. Except that Aidan was doing nothing of the kind.

If he had wanted some opportunity to score with a grade B celebrity, he would have asked for it by now. Also, if he had wanted to work some angle and demand favors, he could have done it already. But Aidan was fighting the attraction, and that was making Heathcliff genuinely excited about the whole deal.

Maybe Aidan was nothing but a corporate bunny, after all. Even that sense of duty was endearing Heathcliff toward Aidan. He valued his work. With so many people around not giving a damn about such a thing, except for waiting for the next paycheck or hoping to strike it big, as if life’s pleasures were handed on a silver platter like lottery winnings to anyone but those who worked hard to get them, that was unique.

And it was something they had in common, Heathcliff realized. He valued his work, too, no matter how superficial others considered him. He wanted to help people get in shape, do even a little to change bad habits, and reap the benefits of their hard work. It wasn’t some smugness or idiotic attitude that had made so many people follow him on social media and watch his videos. Heathcliff wanted to believe that he was giving something back to those who listened to his advice.

Aidan complained. “Can I know where we’re going? All you’ve done so far was to gesture for me to make left or right.”

Heathcliff shook his head. By nature, he wasn’t a particularly meditative person. Yet, it appeared that Aidan was making him think. He bet the bunny would have laughed at that. But there was nothing to laugh about.

Aidan was making quite an impression on him. And now he wanted to make an impression on Aidan, as well, one that went beyond the image of a gay playboy who also happened to post fitness videos on social media. Heathcliff knew he needed to make Aidan understand why fitness and physical wellbeing mattered to him and were an essential part of his life.


“Where are we?” Aidan asked as he looked at the entrance with revolving metal doors.

The building seemed to be located in a less affluent area of the city, although it was new and modern. Multiple businesses appeared to be located there, so Aidan had no idea what Heathcliff had in mind.

Heathcliff just smiled all knowingly and took out from his rucksack an ID card which he handed to the man tending the reception desk.

“Good morning, Mr. Stone,” the man, way into his seventies, with a dignified countenance that reminded Aidan of butlers he had seen in movies, saluted Heathcliff. “Always sharp and early, right? Ah, I see you brought a friend?” he asked while scribbling down something in a large register that was hidden from view.

“A good morning to you, too, Mr. Johnson,” Heathcliff replied cheerfully. “Yes, today I brought someone with me. I hope that’s fine.”

“Of course it is. Any friend of yours is welcome here, Mr. Stone.” The old man handed back his card. “A few patients are already here, and I’m sure they will be excited to see you today.”

Patients? Aidan could feel his ears twitching. Now his curiosity was piqued. For the moment, he saluted the receptionist and followed Heathcliff who was already walking down a hallway in his usual purposeful stride, after wishing Mr. Johnson a good day.

He almost stopped dead in his tracks when they entered a large room appointed with what looked like exercising equipment. Not that it was a surprise to discover that Heathcliff was taking him to a place that was fitness related. The surprise came from the people who were already there. A mother with a toddler was sitting on a mat, and she was busy bursa escort communicating with him in the unique language that only young children and their parents could understand.

Other guests included an old man who was slowly walking on a treadmill while a short woman dressed in green overalls was guiding him, talking to him softly, as well as a lady in her early thirties who seemed to have troubles keeping her hands in her lap as she was resting on a long bench.

“How are my favorite people today?” Heathcliff said using his signature energetic voice Aidan knew well from the man’s videos.

Suddenly, the room became animated, with everyone busy welcoming Heathcliff. Even the woman on the bench tried to sit straighter, and her eyes lit up.

The short woman in green overalls turned toward them.

“So happy to see you today, Heath. Could you please see to Mrs. Simmons? And then little Andy?”

“Sure thing, Dee,” Heathcliff replied. “My friend is here with me to see how I work. I hope it’s not too much trouble.”

“Not at all,” the woman replied. “You two are more than welcome.”

“This is Aidan,” Heathcliff pointed at him.

The entire room said, on multiple voices.

“Hi, Aidan.”

He murmured a reply and sat on the bench when the woman pointed at him. No matter how he looked at things, he could not believe his eyes. A center for physiotherapy was the last place he had expected Heathcliff to take him to.

As he stood there, in a bit of shocked silence, Heathcliff knelt next to the lady with the twitchy hands and began speaking to her in a low voice. Then he helped her to what looked like a massage table in a corner where he started to examine her arms slowly.

The next hour, Aidan spent in a haze, his eyes never leaving Heathcliff as he moved from one patient to another, offering help and advice. When the toddler grabbed Heathcliff’s thumbs with both his tiny hands, and he began helping him move his arms up and down, Aidan was sure he needed to pinch himself.

Who was this nice guy?


“How come I don’t know about this? And what is it, exactly?” Aidan questioned, as soon as they were outside.

Heathcliff grinned at him. “Maybe you didn’t do your homework, bunny boy.”

“Seriously? I know everything that moves on your social media. I mean, I have to, for my job and all,” Aidan said quickly and pretended to play with his car keys to hide his embarrassment.

“Well, I never post anything about what I do here on social media,” Heathcliff said.

“Why?” Aidan asked as they climbed into the car. “This is, as my boss would put it, advertising gold. Plus, very family-friendly.”

“Nah, this is not something I want to brag about. This is something I do because I feel that it’s more important than anything.”

“Is it true? What that lady said? You’re volunteering here?”

“Yes,” Heathcliff said with a small shrug. “Does it surprise you?” he added with a broad smile.

“Sort of. I mean, you were really great there.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Heathcliff feigned affront. “I’m always great!”

“Oh, shut up.” Aidan shook his head, trying hard to shake off the smile he felt creeping in. “Come on, Stone, out with it. The big ‘why’. What is it?”

“First of all, tell me what you think,” Heathcliff insisted.

“Really? Okay. I’m impressed. Wait. Was this for me?”

“Yes. I definitely wanted you to see this part of me.”

Aidan looked ahead, pretending to be more focused on his driving than what he really was. His heart was beating just a tiny bit faster than usual.

“Why?” he croaked, and coughed, trying to regain his voice.

“It looks like I need to score some points with you.”

“Are you kidding me? Are you trying to impress your dates by showing them you can be generous with your time and skills?”

“Are we on a date? I thought it was a business meeting or something of the kind.” Heathcliff laughed. “To answer your question, I actually wanted you to know me a little better. Also, to answer your question about the ‘why’, here it is. I give money to charity, sure. But I’m doing this because I believe it is more effective than giving away cash, cash you never know for sure if it actually gets to the people who really need it.”

Aidan pondered for a moment.

“So you’re a nice guy, Stone?” He tried to tread lightly.

“Of course I’m a nice guy.” Heathcliff smiled affably. “So what do you think of me now?”

“I think,” Aidan swallowed slowly, not to give himself away, “that you really are a nice guy.”


Heathcliff could feel the bunny getting a bit skittish. What was that all about? After all, he had tried to make Aidan more at ease, by showing him that he could be a decent human being and he wasn’t going to jump him the moment they saw each other. Yet, it seemed like everything he did was making the other more nervous with each minute they spent together.

After leaving the center, they had gone to the tennis court, where Heathcliff had almost forced Aidan to change into a t-shirt and shorts that he had brought with him as extra, knowing that the bunny wasn’t going to bring his own. Aidan was already affronted by the mere idea that they were going to play hooky on a workday.

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