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Squad Car Fantasy

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I had thought about meeting him for a quiet lunch for some time. He was always on duty. Working for the Sheriffs Department took its toll on the relationship. I was always worried that the next phone call would be bad. I called him at work that day, asking that he meet me at the lake we visited last summer. He was curious why but I insisted he just meet me there with no questions asked. ” Oh I picked up the car so you will have to drive the squad car up.” I told him before quickly hanging up the phone. He didn’t know that I was going to make his fantasy come true. I was going to fuck his brains out in that car today. I went to his favorite Italian restaurant and got his favorite dish to go.

Wearing a short trench coat with some frilly crotch less lingerie under it his favorite color, green, I drove to the lake. It was remote, hardly anyone there this time of year. Fall had started to change the colors of the trees. It would be perfect! Just as planned no one was there, so I set up the blanket next to my car on the grass, then ataşehir escort went to the back seat of my car, putting a new tape in the video camera, I placed it in the back window. I knew he would park behind me at an angle; he always did, like I was going to try to escape him, so he’d block me in. The camera would catch everything so he would never forget this lunch. As I heard his car approach I quickly threw a sweater over the camera making sure that the lens was clear to record.

He opened the door of his squad car and I stood by my trunk, I opened my jacket and let it fall to the ground. His eyes light up as his imagination starts to wonder. He starts to get out of the car and walk towards me, and then I walked to the squad car… pushing him back down inside it. Leaning in I kissed him forcefully letting my tongue probe his mouth. Then I let my hands wander to his belt. Slowly undoing it, my hands working to let his throbbing cock free. Just as planned he parked so that the camera was getting it all. I didn’t kadıköy escort tell him though. I kept going, once his cock was out and in my hands I quickly took it into my mouth. Sucking it gently and quickly, not letting him react as I worked his cock in and out of my mouth. He moaned in ecstasy, I knew he loved this. My tongue working his hot cock fast and slow, teasing him with what was to come.

“Do you want to fuck me??” I asked him.

“Oh god yes” he moaned quietly. Slowly I stood and turned around, lowering my wet pussy onto his cock. His moans had made me nice and wet, sliding up and down his cock slowly at first. Then I started to move faster, my hands reached between my legs and teased my clit while also stroking his cock inside of me. He was now screaming in pleasure as his hands gripped my breasts and he bit my shoulder. I began to tighten my pussy around his throbbing cock, wanting to make him hotter! Our moans came together in the most wonderful song of ecstasy.

Suddenly, he pushed me off of bostancı escort bayan his cock. Telling me that I was about to get what I deserved. He led me over to my car and bent me over the trunk, knelt down and started to eat my wet pussy fast and furiously. As his tongue darted in and out of my pussy he began slapping my ass telling me to cum for him. My excitement quickened and soon my songs of ecstasy echoed through the valley. As I came, he rose up and entered me quickly from behind, his hand grabbing my hair and pulling it gently, the way I liked it. Whispering into my ear “You think you are a smart bitch huh? Doing this to me and thinking you won’t pay?? Well guess what I have a special package for you.” His thrusts quickened as he started to cum inside me, knowing that he was cumming made me cum again. It leaked all over his uniform and I could feel our mixed cum running down my thighs.

When he was finished, he turned me around and kissed me passionately, ” I hope you brought me a change of clothes ” he said with the biggest smirk I have ever seen on his face. I smiled and told him that I had and I had also brought him lunch. He was shocked at the time I took in planning this. I didn’t tell him about the camera, think I will save that for tonight when he gets off work…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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