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Stefan , Olivia

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Stefan she had never seen that look in his eyes before. She asked herself “Is this a date?” He seemed to be reading her mind as he met her at the sidewalk, guiding her to the door with his hand on the small of her back. He then opened the door and let her go first. They walked over to the counter to order.

The clerk asked what they wanted; both ordered one slice of pepperoni each, it was the best around. As they went to pay and while waving his hand over her open wallet, Stefan said “Don’t worry it’s on me”. He then said “Why don’t you go get a table?” She complied and moved towards an empty table. Stefan paid and took their number.

Olivia watched him as he sauntered over to the table. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Stefan sat down and they made idle chit-chat while waiting for their number to be called. “Order up,
” he heard them say. He got up and came back with their slices. They stopped talking and began eating their pizza.

Stefan couldn’t take his eyes off her mouth as she bit into the pizza. He kept imagining kissing her lips and what it would feel like to have her mouth on his hard cock. Just the thought was getting him hard, he may have to go home and rub one out before going back to work. She noticed him watching her. As she took another bite a thought crossed her mind, “The pizza was so warm on her tongue just like she envisioned his cum would be.” He seemed to bring these thoughts out in her mind.

Neither wanting to be to forward, they both said nothing and continued with the basic car conversations they would have had in the store. Concentrating on the conversation they both almost lost track of time. Olivia quickly and politely said “This was great, but I have to run or I’ll be late.” Stefan said “Sure, we’ll do it again soon.” She wasn’t sure what that meant, but was in too much of a hurry that she had forgotten to even thank him for lunch.

She did get back to work on time. After Olivia started putting some supplies away, she realized she hadn’t thanked him. She wanted to call, but wasn’t sure if he was back at the shop yet or not so she texted him.

Olivia – “Just wanted to say thanks for lunch I had a great time.”

Stefan – “I’m glad; I’d like to do it again sometime, but this time after work.”

Olivia – “Okay, give me a call later and we will see when works.”

Stefan called her around 8:30 pm when he knew she would be home from work. They tried to make plans but nothing was working with their work schedules. The two seemed to be on opposite ataşehir escort schedules. So the plan was set to go out on the 29th of September, it was a Saturday night and they both had it free. They knew they would still see each other in the store, but it wasn’t the same. Over the next month they began texting each other and talking on the phone as much as possible. The conversations were starting to get hot and heavy.

One day while in the store Olivia had asked what he had done over the weekend and his reply was “Played with myself since no one else would.” Olivia decided to text him later and it went like this…

Olivia – “Why did you have to say that to me earlier? It keeps popping into my head.”

Stefan – “Say what, When?”

Olivia – “What you were doing over the weekend.”

Stefan – “YOU!!! Well I should have been doing you!”

Not really knowing how to reply she simple typed “LOL”. Each conversation was starting to escalade like this. It was getting closer to the time that they were to get together and Olivia got the worst news. Her boss broke his leg so she will have to go on the annual conference for work in her bosses place. This happens to be the same time that she and Stefan were planning to get together. The worst part was having to call and let him know. When Olivia called him she did make it clear that as soon as she got back that she would be so very ready to see him that she would try to come back sooner. The conference is only a week, but a whole week to wait for their first real date and what she knew would be more was too long to wait. The conference happened to be in Vegas this year and she had been a few years back, definitely wanted to go back just never the right time or guy.

Olivia decided to look into it and found out that she was actually getting a private room since the changes to the reservation were made. This gave her the thought to ask Stefan if he could either come with or meet her there. She called him right away and he was over the moon to get a chance to go to Vegas. All he needed to do was get someone to cover the shop for a few days and buy his plane ticket. All the flights were booked for the first full day and night and the second morning she would be out there so she had to go alone. But he could be there on second night by dinnertime and take the same plane back.

Olivia left and spent the first night sitting at the bar drinking and talking with other attendees of the conference. When she got back to her room it was late kadıköy escort and she was a little tipsy, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Stefan. She had started to undress and was down to her matching red lace lingerie. So she texted him, he was just getting into bed. The conversation went a little like this…..

Olivia – “What are you doing?”

Stefan – “Just getting into bed.”

Olivia – “Well, if that is the case then have sweet dreams of me!”

Stefan – “OMG, I have been going crazy all day thinking about the day I get there and the night! I had to leave work early because of it.”

Olivia – “Really how many times today?”

Stefan – “Two so far, but since I’m going to bed soon then that would make three.”

Olivia – “Awesome! Imagine what the real thing could do to help with the third.”

Stefan – “I so want to taste your sweet juices.”

Olivia – “I’m sure you would rock my world, but we can’t you’re not here……or maybe!?!”

She decided to call him and without even saying hello Olivia started with…

Olivia – “What would you be doing to me if you were here right now?”

Stefan – “I want to go down on you.”

Olivia – “No!”

Stefan – “PLEASE!!!”

Olivia – “What a naughty boy!”

Stefan – “PLEASE!!!”

Olivia – “No!”

Stefan – “I’m dying to play, taste, and tease you!!”

Olivia – “That is tempting.”

Stefan – “I want to give you orgasms until you can’t take it anymore.” “And don’t let me stop until you have cum as many times as you can.” “I want you to tie me down and ride my face.”

Olivia – “I’m getting hot just thinking about all that, how am I to sleep tonight?”

Stefan – “You could be doing what I am doing.”

Olivia – “And what is that?”

Stefan – “Stroking my member, maybe you could double click your mouse.”

Olivia – “I’d like to watch you play with your member, which would make me want to cum.”

Stefan – “Do you have your laptop? We could video conference and watch each other, it is as close to being there as we could get.”

Olivia – “My laptop is up and I’m online……you need to sign on big boy, I have something to show you.”

With that Stefan got out of bed and went to his computer. It was sleeping and as it came to life there popped up a video conference request. He clicked yes! As the window came up he saw Olivia lying there on her bed in nothing but a matching red lace bra and thong. Stefan was wearing a pair of blue plaid boxers.

Olivia – “Do you like bostancı escort bayan what you see?”

Stefan – “Definitely, I’m already hard just looking at you.”

Olivia – “I’m getting wet thinking about you inside me.”

Stefan released his hard cock from its cloth prison. Olivia mouth fell open with shock to see him there with cock in hand. It was more than she had imagined. Olivia wanted so much to taste, touch, and feel it inside her. She began playing with herself and released gentle moans.

Stefan – “That’s right play with it, get it all wet; let me see you slip that finger inside. That’s it; imagine that’s me doing that for you with my tongue on your clit.”

Olivia – “Oh yeah, that feels so good. Does that make you hard baby? I want to watch you explode. What will make you cum?”

Stefan – “Why don’t you take it all off, so I can see your hard nipples and a full view of that beautiful pussy?

In one sultry movement she pulled her hand from her clit and began to take her bra off slowly. First the left strap and then the right, then she began to unhook the back. In only a few seconds her big milky white breasts were laid bare for him to see. He was trying so hard not to cum. Olivia laid her bra to the side, then stood up and moved her hands down her hips to the delicate lace and slid it gently down to her ankles until she was standing there with nothing on but a smile.

Stefan – “Now lie back down and aim that hot pussy this way.”

She did as he said and she could see that Stefan had begun to stroke his cock harder and faster.

Olivia – “Is that what you want, to see my lips?”

Stefan – “Oh yeah, use both hands. Spread you lips with the one and play with your clit with the other. OH YEAH!! I want to fuck you so bad right now. I keep thinking about how tight and wet you look. I’m…getting…so…hard……….”

He begins to moan himself. In rhythm, they begin to almost cum. Not wanting to close their eyes, but almost at the climax……..The moans get stronger, both stroking away at themselves. Faster, harder, faster, harder.

Both in almost a whisper “Oh, oh yeah, I’m cumming!” “Oh god, oh god!” And with that they climaxed together, yet miles apart.

Stefan – “Wow, that was so hot. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we can cum together with me inside that hot tight pussy.

Olivia – “I can’t wait, I’ll be thinking about it all day!! I want you to fuck me until I scream!”

Stefan – “I want you to tie me up and have your way with me.”

Olivia – “That can be arranged.”

They started to get turned on again, but realizing that they had to leave something for tomorrow they said their good nights, signed off their computers, cleaned up and went to bed.

To be continued…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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