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Strands of golden brown hair loosened from a tousled up do, swept down over her elegant shoulders. Her skin a soft pale touched with a kiss of pink from the sun, was accented by the soft coral of her silk evening gown. Loose and gauzy around her skin and hugging in just the right places. The cut back was sexy with a demur feel. Her lips full in a light shade of pink. Long think lashes framed stormy blue eyes accented by the lightest pale ivory shadow touched with flecks of gold.

She felt eyes on her as she walked into the large room. Glancing at the seating card she steadied herself and headed towards table nine. The room was decorated in the theme of love and romance. Perfectly suited as the annual charity dinner had fallen on Valentines day this year. She knew everyone at her table save for one gentleman. Apparently a very important somebody she had been told she would love to meet. Not important enough it seems to have been informed that this was a black tie affair.

He stood as she approached the table, extending his hand in a polite greeting. His dark brown hair was cropped tight and short, his skin touched with a warm tone of brown from many days under the sun. His eyes dramatic in a light shade of green. A strong jaw line finished with a slight cliff of the chin. A prominent five o’clock shadow played over his face further enhancing his rugged yet polished domineer. He was a few inches taller then her, not enough to tower awkwardly but enough to show dominance. His shoulders appeared wide beneath a sharply tailored black velvet blazer. A crisp white shirt left open just a little too much at the collar finished with rich cuff links. Well fitted black slacks, and polished shoes completed his look.

“You must be the lady of the evening” his voice was deep and warm. His hand gripped hers softly but with a firm command. Tucking into her seat, she turned and addressed him with a smooth thank you.

Once dinner and speechs completed she excused herself from the awkward conversation for a breath of air.

The wind softly swirled the soft fabric of her long gown around her legs. Just enough to bring a soft coolness to her skin. The sun barely visible on the horizon, sinking into the ocean waters in a haze of brilliant reds, and oranges.

Soft music and chatter floating in from the open terrace doors, punctuated every now and again by a shrill cackle of laughter by an over indulging woman. Clinking of glass and callings of congratulations.

After 4 hours of dinner and speeches, idle small talk and chatter amongst the table she hadn’t been able escort ataşehir to draw her attention away from him. The line of his neck, the strength of his shoulders. Constant thoughts and images of sensual acts with this strange man she hardly knew, kept filling her mind. He was so self-assured to the point of mildly cocky. Not someone she would have ever considered sleeping with.

“Enjoying the evening?”

“As much as one can enjoy a night of love when your alone.” a hint of bitterness on her lips.

“You haven’t been struck by cupid’s arrow?” he asked his eyebrow raising devilishly.

“I don’t believe in cupid, or that anyone can be struck blind to the world for love or lust” her voice was clipped and sharpe.

“Do you want to leave?” he approached her, and stood slightly by her side.

She cast a sideways glance at him taking in his posture, calm relaxed, sure of himself.

“I called for a car it’s waiting downstairs when you’re ready”.

She watched the lights on the street below as his footsteps receded back inside the ballroom. Moments later she effortlessly slipped back through the ballroom, retracing her steps to the table to collect her clutch and then headed for exit.

What was she doing, taking a proposal from a man she knew nothing about, was this a challenge?

“Going down ma’am?” the elevator attended smiled pleasantly interrupting her thoughts.

“Yes please” she stepped in and descended to the street below and the man waiting for her.

His eyes followed her every step as she crossed the foyer towards him. Noting the gentle sway of her hips beneath the sheer silk of her gown. He offered his arm and walked her to the waiting car. Opening the door he turned is intense gaze to her face.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes” her voice was soft and touched with a hint of excitement, but she controlled her expression.

She moved passed him and settled into the car, the slit of her dress exposing a long lean leg encased in a pair of strappy black heels.

He allowed a hungry gaze memorizing the sight of her bare skin before closing the door and walking around the car. He commended himself on his progress so far with a slight chuckle before entering the car himself.

He eased into the leather seat next to her, casually adjusting himself to an acceptable level of comfort, legs parted his knee nearly touching her leg. Hands clasped together on his lap, his head leaned back on the seat at an angle, a posture of calm and control as he watched her from beneath his slightly hooded eye lids.

His eyes kadıköy escort bayan slowly devoured her from the soft tousled hair, her eyes, trying not to stare back at him but feeling drawn to his energy, her lips full and slightly parting hinting at her heightened senses.

Long neck and elegant shoulders, the crease of her cleavage, and the soft swell of her breasts beneath the gown. The way the fabric flowed over her body then the creamy flash of thigh behind the curtains of her gown.

She turned looking at him, catching is hot gaze. Slowly shifting towards him leaning back into the seat, positioning herself in front of him, legs slightly parted. Running her hands lightly over her body, enticing him to come towards her.

His gaze heated, a slight smile played on his lips. His fingers softly drumming on is outstretched legs.

His eyes said it all, he had won the game…

She watched the heat in his eyes as he moved over her body, his scent filling her senses. Hot and moist, his breath gliding across the sensitive skin at the base of her throat. Her breathes growing more ragged, desire burning up from within, aching for a release, a surrender. Still his lips never found her flesh. His hands never once touching her body. His close presence was all. Not enough, yet it was so much more then she had ever dreamed it could be.

The car pulled up to the hotel, time seemed to have stood still.

“Shall I walk you to your room?” his voice thick and husky.

She nodded in approval as he slid from her body and climbed out of the car. He took her hand as she exited the car and the touch was electric. Walking through the lobby and up to her room she could feel her heart thundering in her chest, wetness sliding across her swollen pussy lips. Her mind fuzzy and dazed with desire. She hardly knew this man but that made the arousal so much stronger. The click of the room to the suite opening brought her clearly to her senses, without waiting to second guess the decision she pushed him up against the dining table her hands roughly tugging off his coat. Running her hands over his arms feeling the corded muscle hidden beneath the fabric.

Her lips gently slid across his jaw, the roughness of his stubble on her swollen lips sent a chill down her spine. Working up to his ear gently nibbling his lobe, sucking the flesh in between her lips, curling her tongue up along the shell of his ear. He let a low murmur of appreciation. Leaning back she focused on his face, tangling her hands in his hair and resting her body against his. Revealing in escort bostancı the feeling of his hard cock straining against her through their clothing.

Pulling back she gazed into his face reading his desire, allowing her warm breath to fan across his lips before covering them with hers. With a low groan he parted his lips letting her explore his mouth. His arms circled her, crushing her breasts against his chest. As he deepened the kiss and took control his tongue twirling and sliding around hers.

In a sudden movement he pushed his hands to the straps of her gown and roughly pushed it off her shoulders, tugging it down over her breasts, and off her hips letting it pool on the floor around her ankles. Lifting her quickly he turned and deposited her on the table top pushing her legs apart and settling them around his hips.

His lips locked back on hers, then travelling over her face and neck returning the attention she had given him. His hands absently gliding over her breast, palming them feeling her nipples tighten against his hand.

“Now” she breathed heavily in his ear.

Her back arching, pushing herself more fully into his arms. Wasting no time he released her breasts and pushed aside her panties, sliding his fingers along her lips feeling her wetness. He thumbed her clit in strong slow circles while sliding two fingers into her pussy. Massaging inside her until he felt the muscle start to clench around him, bringing her nearly to the edge then pulling out. Staring into her eyes he licked the taste of her off his fingers while unfastening his pants and pulling out his hard cock.

With one hand fisted in her hair, the other stroking his cock he rubbed himself against her swollen wet lips. She pushed against him her eyes closing head thrown back as he filled her completely. His hips grinding against her a moment before he pulled out completely and entered her again, and again in a fast forceful thrusts. Her body balanced on the table, back arched towards him feeling every inch of him inside her. The pleasure pooling inside her, quickly bringing her to the brink. His hands sliding over her body and gripping her ass increasing his pace. His breath coming in quick pants against her neck. Almost all at once her body erupted in climax under him, her pussy clenching around him milking him. Giving him the final push over the edge as he groaned in satisfaction as his cum emptied deep within her.

She opened her heavy eyes and focused on him lying beside her on the floor, his shirt messed up. The collar stained with lip colour. His pants still undone. At some point they had gotten off the table and her dress had been wrapped round her.

His voice soft and satisfied with a hint of humour as propped himself up on his arm and looked down at her.

“Do you believe in being struck by cupid’s arrow now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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