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Summer Rain

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In Richard’s mind, the question was quite simple, Why the hell am I walking through a park in the middle of the night during a rain storm? The answer was by far even simpler than the question itself, Because I love my girlfriend.

For the past few days, the humidity had been so thick that you could almost cut it with a knife. Everyone seemed to have been waiting for the storm which would finally break the spell. It had begun with a tremendous thunderstorm, the kind Richard’s girlfriend Rebecca loved. The thunder had been so loud, it had set off car alarms, shook the foundations in every building within reach of the massive cracks of thunder, and best of all, in Rebecca’s opinion, it had made her internal organs vibrate.

“I love these storms,” Rebecca had said gleefully as she and Richard had watched the storm from the front porch of her parent’s house. “I love the sound of thunder, and the flash of lightning. There’s something primal about it. Something erotic.”

Once the thunder and lightning had passed, the rain remained. Rebecca had walked off the porch into the downpour, and had squealed with delight. “Oh Richard! It’s so warm! Let’s drive over to the park and have a walk!”

Richard had chuckled to himself while watching Rebecca walk back to the porch, but once she grabbed his hand, he had realized how serious she was. And, really, asides from getting wet, where was the harm in a stroll in the rain? The threat of being struck by lightning had long passed. Plus it made her happy. So Richard had agreed.

His hair was now plastered to his head, and he could taste his hairspray as water ran from his hair and into his mouth. Rebecca gripped his hand tightly, and they were walking towards the middle of the park, which was where a large ski hill, and a smaller hill which was part of the park’s bandstand was located. Rebecca’s long blonde hair was also plastered to her head, and her rather large nipples pressed against the fabric of her drenched t-shirt. Because of how warm the rain was, neither had opted to wear a jacket of any kind.

“Isn’t this lovely?” asked Rebecca as they neared the side of the hill which faced away from the bandstand, and towards the ski hill itself.

“It’s great,” answered Richard, and he squeezed Rebecca’s hand. And for the most part, he did have to agree that he was rather enjoying this walk in the rain.

“Did I ever tell you I have always wanted to make love in a rain storm like this one?”

Richard looked at his girlfriend, seks hikayleri and shook his head. “Not once.”

“Well then,” said Rebecca, and she reached out her free hand and rubbed the crotch of Richard’s wet jeans, “Why do you think I suggested this?”

Richard arched an eyebrow. “Because you’re certifiably insane?”

“That’s right, and I’m all yours,” replied Rebecca, and she leaned in and kissed Richard on the mouth, her tongue slipping into his mouth to dance with his own. She stepped in closer and pressed her body against his, rubbing her crotch against his.

They stood kissing in the rain for several minutes, all the while Rebecca rubbing her crotch against his. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his cock grow hard, and press against her mound. Finally, Rebecca broke off the kiss and began to slide down his body, her hands trailing along above her head. When she got down onto her knees, she brought her hands down to the waist of his pants, and began to fumble with the button and zipper of his jeans.

“Since you agreed to this, you get a reward,” said Rebecca with a mischevious grin, and she pulled Richard’s hard cock out from between his boxers, and immediately took the engorged member into her mouth. Richard moaned in delight, and leaned his head back, feeling the rain splash against his face. Fellatio was something Rebecca normally chose not to do, but tonight had to be a special occasion in order to have her perform it on him.

Rebecca licked the head of his cock with short laps of her tongue before she licked the entire length of his cock, starting at the base, and moving up to the purple head, where she again began to lap at it again, almost as if it were an ice cream cone. While she did this, she also stroked Richard’s seven-inch cock with her hand. She then opened her mouth wide, and took his cock into it, her head bobbing furiously up and down his shaft, her tongue swirling around it.

Richard had his hands on his girlfriend’s shoulders, and he massaged them as she gave him a blowjob. He couldn’t remember the last time she had actually taken him into her mouth, but he was definitely not in any sort of mood to complain. Not in the least.

After a little longer on her knees, Rebecca stood up, and looked Richard straight in the eyes. She still held his cock in her hand, and was stroking it as she told him to get undressed.

“I want to be fucked in the pouring rain. Now.”

Richard obliged, and began to undress himself. Rebecca let go of his cock so that she could take off her own rain-soaked clothes, and within moments they stood naked in the park.

Rebecca got down on the wet grass, and spread her legs wide in order to welcome her boyfriend’s cock into her. As Richard moved between his legs, he pressed forward, and felt Rebecca’s pussy open wide to his thrust and grant him access. Her pussy felt even warmer than the rain itself, and within moments he was thrusting hard into Rebecca, his balls slapping against her ass. Rebecca wrapped her arms around him, and dragged her nails along his back, and moaned loudly as Richard bit her neck, and kissed her passionately.

“Oh, God, I love the feel of you inside of me,” Rebecca panted as Richard continued to pound into her. She guided his head to one of her swaying breasts, and sighed with pleasure as he flicked his tongue against her hard nipple, and tugged on it with his teeth. He then kissed his way down her first breast and up the second to do the same to her other one.

Rebecca wrapped her legs around Richard’s ass, and pulled him deeper into her, and began to moan louder as she felt his cock enter her at a different angle. It wasn’t long though before she was begging him to stop, so that she could mount him instead.

Richard pulled out of his girlfriend’s tight pussy, and took her spot on the grass. He watched as Rebecca climbed on top of him, and lowered herself onto his cock. She began to move up and down, and he folded his legs under Rebecca’s, and tilted his hips slightly, so that his cock was pressing against what he guessed was her G-spot. He ran his hands up to her breasts, and tugged on her nipples before slipping his hands behind her back and running them down to her perfect ass. He squeezed it as Rebecca’s movements became more frantic, and her breath came in sharp rasps. Within moments she let out a loud scream, and came before finally collapsing against his chest, breathing hard.

“Oh fuck,” whimpered Rebecca as she attempted to catch her breath, Richard’s hard cock still in her pussy. “Oh God I love it when you make me cum baby.”

Richard grinned, and bit her neck again.

“I think I’ll let you have another treat now though,” Rebecca whispered into Richard’s ear, and she climbed off of him. She got onto her hands and knees beside him, and then turned her head to face Richard. “I know you’ve wanted it for a long time. And tonight I’m willing to let you have it. Take my virgin ass, my pet. Find your release within it.”

Richard didn’t need any coaxing. He moved behind her, and Rebecca lowered herself closer down to the ground, her breasts touching the flattened blades of grass. She rested her legs on either side of Richard, and kneeled there like a frog, waiting for his cock to penetrate her ass. He moved in closer, and stroked his hard cock a few times before he mounted her from behind, and pressed his cock against her virgin entrance. He began to force his head against the puckered asshole, and moaned with extreme pleasure as her opening began to give way to his invading cock.

“Oh Fuck, yes,” moaned Rebecca as she felt her boyfriend’s cock begin to enter her tight ass. “That’s my pet. Fuck my ass. Take me in the way you always wanted to.”

Richard pressed forward a little harder, and felt his cock slide all the way into Rebecca. She gasped, and Richard leaned his body against hers, and whispered into her ear, asking her if he was hurting her.

“No,” she breathed. “I’m fine. Fuck me.”

Leaning up a little, Richard began to fuck his girlfriend’s tight ass, groaning as he felt her flexing her sphincter muscles, massaging his cock like never before. He too had never fucked a woman’s ass before, and had been curious to know what it had felt like. Now he did, and he hoped that she would allow it to happen again another night.

Richard began to thrust harder and deeper into Rebecca’s ass with each passing moment, his balls slapping wetly against her clit. Rebecca reached under her and began to play with his balls as he continued to fuck her ass non-stop. He leaned into her again, pressing his chest against her back, and began to breathe harder as he felt her tight ass begin to bring him close to his own orgasm.

“That’s my pet,” encouraged Rebecca as she continued to massage his balls. “Find your release within me. Fill my ass with your seed.”

Encouraged by her words, Richard fucked her ass harder and faster, and then as he felt his orgasm approach, he slammed his cock hard one last time into her ass before he finally exploded inside of her, filling her ass with his warm cum.

Richard slowly pulled out of his girlfriend’s ass, and lay down next to her. She rolled to face him, and he wrapped his leg around her and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her deeply, and then looked her deep in the eyes.

“Thank you,” he whispered, and then added, “I love you.”

“And I you,” replied Rebecca. “You, and no other.”

The two lovers then lay in the park, the rain continuing to fall on them. They did not get up to go until after the rain had finally passed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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