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Taking it up the Ass

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It strikes me as odd that sometimes, taking it up the ass, is a thoroughly pleasant experience. It’s all about the details and the circumstances. One of the best ass fucks I ever had was some serious asshole into asshole action. In this case, it did take one to know one and the results were intensely gratifying.

Way back in my crappy job days, I was the office manager of a chain retail store. It was a great job, I only had to work half days and my fellow managers were awesome guys. We really got that place running smoothly, and corporate was noticing our efforts. We consistently performed best in our region in many areas.

Unfortunately, it also brought the regional director around our store often. His name was Larry. He was in his fifties, always dressed in a Kmart version of professional, grey thinning hair, pale skin, glasses, and in all ways, the very stereotype of a burned out businessman.

He made it a point to be unpleasant. Everyone was tense around him as he circled about watching everything and everyone looking for anything to bitch about and never offered anything but negative feedback. He regularly scared our staff, and always caused great stress to the managers.

I was indifferent to him, even though it was a regular occurrence to catch him staring at my tits. I was working another much better paying job, that was soon to become full time. I had nothing to lose.

One day, he was there when the store was quite crowded and the managers were pretty busy and frantic. There was a problem at the register, and my manager buddy, Wayne, wasn’t sure what to do. Larry was right there, giving him an even harder time about it. In desperation, Wayne turned to me for help. I knew the answer, so did all I could to help Wayne and get things rolling again. To my surprise, my solution, only increased Larry’s ire, and he turned his attacks on me, following me to my office and drilling me about how I knew the answer.

As I defended my solution, I knew I was right. So as he badgered me, I held my ground and finally said, “Okay, I’ll tell you what, I’ll print out the policy for you and if I’m wrong, you feel free to fuck me up the ass.”

He went silent, staring at me, his hand still up in air as he tried to intimidate me. The expressions on his face contorted in various ways, until finally, he dropped his hand, and turned to walk out of my office. While I looked up the documentation, Wayne came in and apologized to me. He said he knew he was passing on the problem, but he was desperate. I told him not to worry about it.

I found the policy, and there it was on company letterhead, that I had done exactly right. I printed a copy and went out to find Larry. I found him in the general manager’s office, working on his laptop. I handed him the paper, and pointed to the relevant passage. He put the paper down and said nothing.

I still have no idea why I did it, other than maybe pure deviousness and belligerence. After his brush off, I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “You can still fuck me up the ass though.”

He pulled away from my hand and stared at me. I could tell he was off his game and not sure what to do about me. I took his moment of indecision to turn over the paper, write down my address, and hand it back to him saying, escort bayan seks hikayeleri “Tonight at eight.” I walked out quickly.

I didn’t see him again before I left for the day. I spent a lot of time giggling to myself and wondering what he’d do. I’d already won either way. Only time would tell if I’d get my ass fucked too.

Though he was dressed nearly the same when he showed up at my door that night with a bottle of wine, he was otherwise, a very different presence. He was still not anything resembling pleasant or cordial. Instead, I found as I invited him in and handed him a corkscrew that I had a willing and docile man in my apartment.

We made stupid small talk as we drank our first glass of wine. When I reached for the bottle to refill our glasses, I sat close to him on the couch, my leg against his. I asked him some question about the wine. After setting the bottle down, I ran my hand up his thigh. Knowing his eyes were on me, I took a long look at his crotch and grinned and licked my lips as I saw a substantial bulge.

I suddenly no longer cared who he was or how boring the evening had been so far. All that was on my mind was his bulge and if my ass could take it. I finished my second glass of wine quickly, my hand rubbing his inner thigh as he babbled about something or another. I had no interest in getting to know him. I put my empty glass down and reached for his pants. I undid them, opened up his fly, and stuck my hand down into his briefs.

He had the thickest cock I’d ever touched. “Wow,” I exclaimed, as I wrapped my hand around it, “I hope you’ll fit.”

He stared at me and still had a confused look on his face, as if still trying to decide what it all meant. Not me though, I had my hand on a thick piece of meat and I wanted to feel it worked into my ass. I stood and took his hand and pulled him along with me to my bedroom. I’d already cleaned my ass and had lube and condoms beside the bed which was stripped down to a bottom sheet and pillows.

Half full wine glass in hand, he stood by the end of the bed and did nothing. If I didn’t know what a compete asshole the guy was, I could have even thought his indecision and lack of action was cute.

I took his wine glass and set it aside. I pulled his pants and briefs down to his ankles and sat him down on the bed. I removed his shoes and pulled away his clothes. Then, oblivious to whatever he was thinking, I ran my hands up his thighs and took in the view of his big balls and hard cock. I didn’t put a tape measure to him, though now I wish I did, but when I looked at his rod, I really wondered if I would be able to take it. He was long, and he was thick.

I went for his balls first, I ran my tongue along the bottom of his sac gently. He let out a loud long moan and laid back on the bed. I grinned to myself, I knew then I would be calling the shots and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with him. I licked his balls all over, and then started sucking them. He was surprisingly responsive and vocal. When I ran my tongue from his balls to the tip of his mammoth cock, his hips fluttered and he moaned loudly. The man obviously hadn’t been getting any.

I gave the tip of his cock a long wet kiss, then got up. I undressed quickly as he watched and finally stirred into action to remove his shirts. As I stepped out of my shoes, I asked him to lay in the middle of the bed. When I was naked, I picked up a bottle of lube and laid down next to him, my head at his crotch. I handed him the bottle and told him to coat and massage my ass. While he poured lube, I took the tip of his cock into my mouth and began sucking it gently as I worked my tongue against the underside.

When he touched his hand to my ass, I scooted closer and put my leg over him. He poured lube all over my ass, and then began rubbing it around. I rubbed my hand on my ass to get it full of lube, and then took his shaft in my hand as I held his tip in my mouth. My pussy was so wet and when he ran finger up my crack, I moaned and clenched down, thrills running all through my body.

I sucked his tip harder, as I grew more and more hot and excited. He began massaging my hole, his well-lubed fingers circling it, gradually putting more pressure and relaxing me back there. I was so eager to feel the thick meat I sucked struggle into my ass. I moaned loudly when he finally slipped the tip of his finger into my hole.

He knew what he doing and as he slipped his finger in further, I let his cock fall from my mouth and mashed my face against his balls. His finger felt so good, I couldn’t do anything but enjoy it. He moved it around, rubbing inside, and loosening me up. I wrapped my arm around his hips and writhed against his flesh as he slipped a second finger into my ass. The tables had quickly turned, and I was now his willing body.

He got up and pushed me down flat and then straddled my thighs and poured more lube right into my crack. Using two fingers, he rubbed up and down between my cheeks, and then pressed them slowly into my hole. I moaned loudly. Pushed all the way in, he moved his two fingers around, and then began sliding them in and out. It felt wonderful. He continued to makes circles against my opening to keep it relaxed. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his fingers in my ass, moaning constantly.

When he slowly pulled his fingers out, I opened my eyes and looked back. He was opening a rubber and I smiled, knowing he’d soon be pushing the thick head of his cock into my eager ass. I watched as he rolled the rubber down his stiff pole, and then covered it in lube. I clenched my pussy again in anticipation of his shaft soon to be crammed up my ass.

He put his fingers back into my hole and moved them around, getting me loose and open. When he pulled them out, I felt his cock slid between my lubed cheeks and press against my hole. I seriously questioned if he’d be able to get it in. He kept the pressure up and massaged my opening with his cock, gently pressing against it, letting off, and then pressing again. It all felt wonderful and I longed to feel it make its way in.

I took deep breaths and relaxed as he continued to press against my hole. Slowly, my opening let him in. It was very tight, and very gradually, as he continued pressing in and out, my ass opened more. Finally, he got partially in, and then held there, moving around, and I stayed relaxed. He pressed in deeper, very slowly, and I gasped as the head of his cock finally got through my entrance.

He left it there a few moments, and then slowly pushed in. I let out a deep loud moan and uttered, “Oh yes!” He grabbed my cheeks and spread them wide and pushed his thick rod in all the way, deep into my ass. “Ohhhhhh yes! Yes!” I exclaimed, when I felt his balls against me and his cock filled me so full.

Holding a few moments, he slowly slid back out, all the way, then pressed his tip in again and filled me faster. I closed my eyes and gripped the sheet in my fists as I moaned loudly. It got even better when he began slowly fucking me, taking long strokes and squeezing my cheeks in his hands. “Ohhhhh yes! Yes!” I shouted, and he sped up his motions. I writhed below him in great pleasure as he grunted with each thrust.

“Harder!” I demanded, my eyes shut and my mind lost to his cock. He obliged and took it up another level, really ramming it into me. I couldn’t believe how big he was, how tight he filled me, and how amazing it felt. I reached my hand down and stuck my finger into my wet slit to rub my clit. The added pleasure overwhelmed me, everything felt so incredible as he continued to slam his cock into my ass.

My bed shook wildly, my moans and his grunts grew louder. He laid on top of me, humping my ass fiercely, his breath hot on my neck. Our skin slapped together as he drove in deep and I loved the weight of his body upon me. My hard nipples rubbed against the sheets as he pounded into me.

“Ohhhhh yeah, ohhhhh,” I called out repeatedly. He grunted even louder, sat back up, and began thrusting in to my ass in short jerky movements. I took it all happily, wishing he’d never stop. He began long slower strokes and ran his hands up and down my back. His breathing was ragged, and he uttered, “Oh so tight,” under his breath.

He moved his hands to my hips and grasped them firmly and thrust hard and deep into me. I gasped, and then moaned loudly as he began pounding me hard and fast again. “Ohhhhh fuck yes!” I yelled, as he gave it to me so good and hard. I rubbed my clit faster and was so lost to his intense hard pounding and huge cock in my ass.

With a loud bellow, he grasped my hips harder, digging his fingers in, and fucked me in wild jerky thrusts. He yelled out as he came, and pushed deep into me. I rubbed my clit hard. The sound and feel of him cumming, took me over the edge, and I moaned as waves of orgasm ran through my body. He collapsed on top of me, still humping into me slightly and panting.

I still felt no affection for the guy, but I had serious gratitude for such a great fuck. He took a few moments to recover, then slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. I laid on my side and watched as he dressed. We said nothing, but we were both smiling. I took his hand as I walked him out. I thanked him for the wine and the fuck.

He stepped out, then stopped and turned around and asked, “Can I come back again?”

“Will you stop giving the people at my store such a hard time?” I asked.

He grinned fleetingly and said, “Okay.”

I smiled and replied, “Call me, you may come back if you are good.”

He gave a quick nod and walked away.

The next morning, I found flowers waiting for me in the office. I took off the card and it had only my name, nothing else. My wonderfully sore ass knew the giver. At the manager meeting later, I swore my guys to secrecy and told them about my evening. Wayne took the flowers home to his wife that night. We rarely saw Larry at our store after that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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