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Tanya Comes Home Pt. 03

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All characters engaged in sexual acts are over 18.


After the first two days in which my sister and I seemed destined to fuck every few hours, nothing much happened on the third day. The TV news had told of two of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan. She didn’t know them, but sipping beers outside that evening, Tanya said to me: “I think I get it now. I mean us, and what we’re doing. You were right, what I’ve been through entitles me… No, what we all went through over there, and every other poor sod going to every other place people go and die, entitles us to grasp life any way we god-damned please.”

She caught my serious look, then as she always did, Tanya managed to make it a joke at my expense: “In my admittedly extreme case I grasped at life by grasping your cock. And you’re still fucked for an excuse, squirt.”

She laughed loudly, I couldn’t help but join in. “I don’t need an excuse,” I told her, “I have a hardon for my sister. That’s it, in a nutshell.”

“Oooh, you got one right now?”

“Um, almost!”

“Let me know when you get a proper one. I don’t want to waste my time.”

I leapt over and tickled her. She tried to fend me off but I had many years of experience knowing her weakest spots. In the end she fell off her sunchair, we wrestled and rolled about, stood and wrestled some more. Her ‘escape and evade’ training kicked in and she managed to wrestle me to the side of the pool. At the last instant, I used my body weight to pull her in with me.

Laughing and spluttering, we came to the surface together. We were in summer clothes. Tanya’s sundress wafted around in the water, I saw her pink panties underneath it.

She swished over to me and pinned me against the side. She had some trouble pulling the wet drawstring of my shorts but when she had, she pushed them down and off.

“Looks like I have to do everything myself. I have to undress you, I have to get you hard. I suppose I’m gonna have to do all the work?”

“Absolutely. All of it!”

“Hmm. Can you at least get out of the pool yourself?”

“Oh, I’ll try. Will I need my shorts?”


I hopped out and sat on the edge. Tanya did the same. She pretended to be bored, sighing: “Oh for heaven’s sake, you’re not even trying. That’s not hard enough! Get on the sunbed.”

I lay down with one elbow behind my head, grinning. Tanya bunched up towels and knelt on them beside me. She took my half-hard cock in her hand, flopped it side to side, then frowned at me. She bent her head, as I knew she would, and popped it in her mouth. She sucked gently, wetly, and soon my erection was complete.

She said: “If you were any kind of gentleman, you wouldn’t make me do this.”

I replied: “If you were any kind of lady, you wouldn’t talk with your mouth bursa escort full.”

She smiled and play-bit my knob. I flinched, but immediately she went back to sucking. When she was happy with her work she stood, straddled the sunbed and pulled the crotch of her panties aside then lowered herself on my cock.

“And there we have it, you lazy prick. I undress you, I get you hard, I even have to do the fucking for you.”

“Oh, you don’t have to…”

“Yeah, I do…”

She rode me gently, my cock hilting inside her at every downward plunge of her hips. I saw a new look in her eyes. They were bright, happy, and at the same time full of desire. For me, her brother. I hoped she saw the same in mine.

Some minutes passed, her riding me and me tweaking her tits, thumbing her clit, until the poor sunbed nearly gave way as she increased her pace, her urgency. I knew her signs now, she was going to cum. I just supplied the cock while she fucked herself with it. When she went rigid and just sat on my cock in a tell-tale sign that her orgasm was starting, I pushed up hard. She squealed and ground her clit on my mound furiously, turning an average climax into a thigh-shaker. I watched her cum, let her ride it out and saw it subside, then I fucked up at her again like a rabbit and was rewarded with some more shivers and jerks as I brought on another little climax.

“Oh you fantastic bastard, Dave! That was lovely.”

“On your knees, I’m gonna finish.”

“Yes, master!”

She climbed off me and knelt on the towels, her hands on the sunbed. I got behind her, planted my cock at her entrance, and pushed. She’d just orgasmed so she was wet and squishy. Just as I’d supplied the cock for her orgasm, she now supplied the pussy for mine. It took a minute or two before I felt the rising of my jizz, then pushed up hard. Tanya reached under and squeezed my balls gently, now it was me whose knees trembled as I came. Mine was rapid-fire pulsing, over in seconds, then I collapsed down onto her back.

Tanya turned her head and whispered in my ear: “Do you like fucking your sister, you big perve?”

“Oh yes.”

“Shame. I hate fucking you.”

“Bullshit. Old man Riley heard you cum that time.”

“Old man Riley died last year.”

“I know.”

“Dickhead. Um, unless you’re gonna fuck me again I’d like to get up now.”


“No what? No you’re not gonna fuck me or no I can’t get up?”

“Both. I like being in your pussy.”

“Too bad. My leg?”

“Oh shit. Sorry.” I’d forgotten she’d taken shrapnel and was off flying duties while it healed back to full strength.

Picking ourselves up, I sat her down on my lap. She hadn’t adjusted her panties and still had a naked pussy. I should have known from her wicked grin that she bursa escort bayan was about to prank me. Then I felt it – my sticky cum dripping out of her, into my lap, while she wriggled and laughed. I just took it. Nothing she did was wrong, as far as I was concerned.

We washed off in the pool. Tanya decided to sunbake nude, I joined in. The Australian sun demands respect, which means sunscreen. On naked bodies. At first it was a practical, safe thing to help each other do. Then I found myself sitting on her bum, rubbing her shoulders gently as she lay on the sunbed. She was lost in the sensation of it, perhaps dozing in the heat. I studied her back, muscular but definitely feminine. Her shoulders were rounded, her waist trim. The curves of her sides as they became hips, and the upward curve of her back to become her buttocks, fascinated me. She has the roundest, sexiest derriere…

I slipped backwards, now rubbing her buttocks. They were slick from her sweat and the sunscreen – an expensive one that is part lotion and therefore somewhat oily. Perfect for massages, and, as I was about to discover, lubrication.

I parted her arse cheeks as I massaged, occasionally letting my hand linger on her pussy, or maybe a finger press against her tight puckered arsehole. She gave little sounds and movements of encouragement. While gently stroking her back with one hand, I put the thumb of the other against her arse. It popped inside to the first knuckle easily, then a little more pressure got it all the way in. With the middle and ring fingers in her pussy, I rubbed fingers and thumb against each other through the thin membrane of flesh that separated them, so basically I was thumb-fucking her arse while I finger-fucked her pussy.

It didn’t drive her wild, exactly but she obviously enjoyed it. Her breathing deepened, her hips moved gently in rhythm with my hand. With my free hand I guided my cock where my fingers had been, pushing at each hole in turn. Tanya kept her legs together, so I pulled her butt cheeks apart and pressed my cock with my thumbs against her arsehole. I wanted to fuck her there, but I wasn’t about to ruin a good buildup by trying something she didn’t want.

I needn’t have worried. This was Tanya, of course. “Stop messing about, Dave. That arse isn’t gonna fuck itself.”

I laughed, then pressed. My cock bent, so I held it straight with my hands and pressed again. Tanya gave a little grunt and exhaled as my knob passed the tight pucker. I pressed some more, and it got tighter. Tanya held still, I tried again. The tunnel resisted, but began to give way.

Then as if a switch had been turned, my cock slid into my sister’s arse as far as I could push it. She tensed for a moment, relaxed, and pressed back at me.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not now. escort bursa I like it. Dave, gently though. I’m a virgin in that hole.”

I felt proud, honoured, but I’d deal with the finer emotions later. Right now, raw emotion took over.

A small stroke, another, and another. A little longer, longer still, maybe two inches out then back in.

She was hot and clasping in there. As I had done many times in recent days, I allowed my mind to dirty-talk me and help my lust along: I’m fucking my sister in the arse! Look at it grip my cock!

Below where my cock opened her arsehole, her pussy glistened wetly. If only I had two dicks… But with the one I did have, I fucked gently, slowly, delighting in the pure pleasure of my sister’s flesh. I felt heat in my cock build slowly, and I knew this climax was going to be fireworks. The slow-build ones always are.

Tanya sensed it, and held her butt cheeks apart for me so I could lay on top of her and continue fucking her bum. I whispered into her ear: “I’m gonna blow in your bum.”

“Mmm. Go on then.”

“Oh fuck. TANYA!”

The guttural sounds that escaped my lips signified the intensity of the climax I was rising to. I felt it even in my own arsehole, through my thighs, my hammering heart, my reddened face. And my cock. It twitched once, a little gob of semen escaped, then my balls emptied explosively in my sister’s bowel. I thought I even heard it jssst, jssst, as I spurted.

Fireworks went off in my head, red and purple, and still my cum jetted inside her. With a final groan, I held stiff for the last desperate spurt, then collapsed onto Tanya’s oiled back. My cock twitched madly in its fleshy cave, like cumming again but with nothing left to deliver.

After a little time collecting my senses, I again whispered into Tanya’s ear: “That was fucking incredible, Tan! Incredible! My fucking god, that was good!”

“Mmm, it made me very horny.”

I got the message. I pulled out of her bum slowly, taking my cue from her so as not to hurt her. I flipped her over onto her stomach, pulled her legs wide apart and went to work with my tongue. Her now-familiar pussy tasted as good as ever, and I was learning fast. In thirty seconds, she was panting, twitching, and cumming. This time I felt a definite flush of warm liquid as her pussy pulsed lightly on my mouth. I lapped it up.

When she’d finished, I looked up her stomach at her.

“Did you just squirt?”

“Maybe. Happens occasionally.”

“It was nice.”

“Did you drink it all?”


“Good. I hate wasting pussy juice.”

I laughed again. “Tan, did you like my cock in your bum?”

“Yeah. Never done that before, but once I got over the discomfort and weirdness of having a dick up there, I really enjoyed it. Better than my pussy?”

“Hell no, just different.”

“One more for the repertoire then.”

“Mmm. Tan?”


“I like fucking you.”

“That’s good, little bro. We’re gonna have so much fun living together.”

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