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Teresa Scalia: Barbara and Roxanne…

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Teresa Scalia: Barbara and Roxanne Get Acquainted

Preface: In this story there are a couple references to earlier encounters between Teresa and Barbara. For a full accounting of those incidents, I refer you to the stories The Tale of Mrs. Teresa Scalia (uncovered) and Teresa Scalia Gets Her Revenge.

An electronic version of the William Tell Overture’s opening clarion call rang out from Barbara Anderson’s purse indicating a call on her cell phone.

“Hello this is Barbara”

“Barbara, Rhonda here. Have I got some news for you. Have you heard the latest about our friend Terri Scalia?”

“What has she done now? Fall into the pool again?”

“Oh no this is much better. It seems she went out to that strip club to catch Dominic there. The story is Dominic was in the place and Teresa walked in on him with some half naked floozy sitting on his lap.”

“Oh you’re kidding! What did she do?” Barbara said with gleeful anticipation.

“Teresa got a handful of the dancer’s hair and pushed her on to the floor. It turns out the dancer was Kathy Benson the schoolteacher.”

“Kathy Benson! I wonder what happened to her. You mean she’s a stripper now? How did you hear about this?”

“A couple of salesmen that Bill does business with were in there. And they knew Dominic and Teresa.”

“I’m sure that was a pleasant ride home for Mr. And Mrs. Scalia. She no doubt ragged on him the whole trip.”

“Well they didn’t leave together I can tell you that. The owner came out of her office and had the bar bouncer show Dominic the door. “

“Why didn’t the owner throw Teresa out as well? You would think he would want to get that trouble making bitch out of there too.”

“Barbara sweetie, it gets better. First off, the owner isn’t a he, it’s a she. I think I’ve seen her around town. I’m told her name is Roxanne Starr.”

“Roxanne Starr? The bar owner? What does she look like?”

“If it’s the woman I’m thinking of, she’s in her early 30s, fairly well dressed, when I’ve seen her, and quite shapely. And a red head to boot. Anyway back to the good stuff. Teresa and this Roxanne woman had words and started fighting. Except the fight was very one-sided.”

“Poor Roxanne, I know what it’s like to tangle with Teresa.”

“Oh no honey it’s not like that all. Teresa couldn’t get a slap in edgewise. Ms. Starr handled her with ease. She even managed to get Teresa on the stage and strip her down to her bra and panties in front of the whole bar!”

“You’re kidding! This Roxanne Starr must be some kind of woman. God I would’ve loved to have been there. What happened after that?”

“Roxanne pulled Teresa into a back room by her hair. Nobody could see what went on in there, but Teresa came out from behind the curtain after about 20 minutes still in her bra and panties. They said her hair was a mess and she looked flushed.”

“She walked back into the crowd in her underwear? God how embarrassing.”

“I guess that’s where her clothes were. At least her shorts, she got them from the stage and pulled them on. They said she walked out of the bar in just her shorts and bra. And, this is the best part, everyone got a good look before she put her shorts on and her bottom was fiery red.”

“My Oh my Oh my this is something. I think I should meet this Roxanne Starr. She and I now have something very important in common.”

A few days later Barbara made a phone call to the Gentlemen’s Club. The phone rang in the club’s office.

“Roxanne Starr speaking”

“Ms. Starr my name is Barbara Anderson. We’ve never met but we have a mutual acquaintance.”

“In my business I meet quite a number of people. Whom are we talking about?”

“Mrs. Teresa Scalia to be exact. It’s my understanding that you’ve got to know her quite well. If you know I mean?” Barbara said with a catty edge.

“I wonder what this is all about?” thought Roxanne to herself. “I’ll play along and see what develops.”

“Why yes, Mrs. Scalia did visit my business a week or so ago. Unfortunately she exhibited some rude behavior.”

“Well Ms. Starr, Teresa and I have a bit of a history ourselves. And I’d like to meet the woman who has gotten the best of her.”

“Stop by my establishment some afternoon. I’m usually in the office after 4 p.m. I look forward to meeting you as well.”

“How about tomorrow? If that’s okay with you?”

“Tomorrow it is then, Mrs. Anderson.”

Roxanne had done some research on Dominic Scalia and his wife. She knew Teresa had had some public dust ups with another local woman. Roxanne got on the phone and contacted her sources. She soon learned that Barbara Anderson was the woman with which Teresa had her problems. Unsure of Barbara’s intentions, Roxanne prepared for anything. She obtained a copy of a video made at the local Community Theater a few years back. The video showed Teresa being divested of her black cocktail dress by the rising stage curtain and the subsequent catfight with Barbara. Both women ending up avcılar escort topless and spanked by each other’s husband. Another more rare videotape surfaced. This contained footage showing Barbara struggling to keep her dress on while a mule pulled on the hem with his teeth. The tape showed Barbara tumbling completely out of her dress. Barbara rises to her feet when Teresa steps into the scene and pulls Barbara over her knee. Barbara then suffers some real punishment to her derriere courtesy of Teresa. Both videotapes cost Roxanne more than a few dollars, but it was worth it. She now had something on both soccer moms.

Barbara left her real estate office at around 410 p.m. and drove to the gentlemen’s club. She noticed the parking lot was beginning to fill already for the 5 p.m. start of Friday’s happy hour. Barbara was dressed for business in a beige suit and heels. Under the suit coat she wore a cream-colored blouse. The skirt of the suit was several inches above the knee to show off Barbara’s legs to their best advantage. Maintaining attractive tanned skin, Barbara was not wearing hose to go with her high heels.

Entering the club she noticed approximately ¾ of the tables were occupied. The doorman/bouncer greeted her.

“May I help you?” asked the rather formidable Jazz

“Yes I’m here to see Roxanne Starr, please.” said Barbara somewhat taken aback by the huge doorman.

“Follow me please.” Jazz lead Barbara through the tables to the rear of the club. The dancers had not yet begun performing so Barbara was the object of a few wolf whistles and many lusty looks.

“Do you suppose they think I’m one of those skanky dancers?” thought Barbara. “God I hope not!”

Jazz knocked on the wooden door, opened it and announced Barbara to Roxanne.

” Ms. Starr will see you.” Jazz said as he opened the door for her.

Barbara stepped through the door and saw a well appointed office complete with mahogany desk and computer kiosk, several file cabinets, and a very comfortable looking leather sofa.

“Mrs. Anderson, I presume. Please come in. Thank you Jazz. That will be all.”

Jazz took his leave closing the door behind him. Roxanne stepped out from behind her desk and both women sized each other up. Roxanne was dressed in a dark green lacy camisole top with matching stretch pants and heels. It was clear she was not wearing a bra as the clinging camisole fabric revealed.

“I thought Rhonda said she was well dressed,” Barbara thought to herself “She looks like a hooker. She might as well not be wearing a top.”

Roxanne was making her own assessment “So this is the blond from the video. Actually looks better in person. And a very nice pair of legs which she obviously is aware of by the length of that skirt.” Roxanne motioned toward the sofa, “Please Mrs. Anderson make your self comfortable.”

“Thank you” replied Barbara as she slipped off the jacket of her suit and took a seat on the sofa. The sofa had very deep and soft cushions as Barbara noticed when she sat. Her skirt rose a few inches on her thighs as she crossed her right leg over the left, the deep seat giving Roxanne a good view. Having no clue that Ms. Starr might find Barbara’s leg show attractive, Barbara draped her jacket over the arm of the sofa and made no attempt to conceal her gams.

Roxanne was indeed taking in the view offered to her. “I was right, she is very proud of those legs. And she does have a very perky pair underneath that blouse.”

“May I offer you something to drink?” asked Roxanne “I’m thinking about a margarita, myself.”

“Well, it’s a little early for me, but I’ll join you.” Barbara replied.

Turning toward the intercom on her desk, Roxanne bent at the waist and leaned over to send a message. Roxanne’s ample and shapely derriere was pointed at Barbara. The fabric of her tight pants highlighted the cleavage of her butt cheeks.

“Good God, I doubt if she’s even wearing panties.” Barbara surmised.

Roxanne spoke into the intercom “Maria would you bring two margaritas in please.”

“Yes Roxanne, on the way.”

Roxanne turned from the desk and took a seat on the sofa opposite Barbara.

“So Mrs. Anderson what can I do for you?”

“Being new to the area I’m sure you have no knowledge of my relationship with Teresa Scalia. I heard about your incident with her and curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to meet the woman who got the best of Teresa.”

As she finished, Barbara uncrossed her legs and re-crossed them left leg over the right. The hem of her skirt rose a couple more inches. Barbara made no attempt to adjust the hem. Something that did not go unnoticed by Roxanne.

“What’s this little blond soccer mom up to?” Roxanne was thinking “and why is she so careless with her skirt?”

A knock was heard at the door and Maria the cocktail waitress came in with a tray. Maria was a Latin girl of 25 with raven hair and flashing brown eyes. Her leather avrupa yakası escort crop top and micro-mini skirt left little the imagination. She was definitely busty with that well-defined Latin ass. Maria served Barbara first then offered Roxanne her drink.

“Thank you Maria”

Maria left the room and Barbara and Roxanne both sampled their drinks.

“First off Mrs. Anderson, my knowledge of your history with Teresa Scalia is a little more extensive than you realize. I’m fully aware of your conflicts. You see dear, I had to do some research in order to make a wise business decision and locate in this town. It has proved useful. After all I need to make the best financial arrangements I can and I’ve gotten some excellent deals on financing, construction, liquor and foodservice. I offer a few fringe benefits in exchange for some advantages for the business.”

Barbara was somewhat stunned and disbelieving that this newcomer knew anything about her conflicts with Teresa. She was also more than a little offended by Roxanne’s condescending tone and superior attitude.

“I doubt if you know as much as you think you do. Did you lure Dominic Scalia into this place?”

“Lure? I don’t think so. I couldn’t keep him out of here. Like I said dearie, I offer some things they don’t get at home. Why I’ve even saved thousands on the liability and hazard insurance on this place.”

“Insurance?” Barbara asked “What company? Whose agency?”

“The company is Mutual of Rockford and the agent is” Roxanne paused and thought for a moment “the agent is Mark Anderson who I believe happens to be your husband.”

“Are you saying my husband has been in this place sampling your “fringe benefits,”” Barbara said with mounting anger.

“Do you blame him? After all you’re the one who’s made a spectacle of her self. It’s all documented. I’m surprised you not aware of it. Here let me show you.”

Roxanne glanced at the digital clock on her desk and noted that it was 540 p.m. and that the Friday Happy Hour should be in full swing with a good crowd in-house. She stepped over to one side of the office where a wall mounted VCR and monitor were. From a shelf she selected a tape, placed it in the VCR and pushed play. The monitor lit up with the scene at the community theater. Teresa had lost her dress and was struggling with Barbara trying to strip her.

Barbara was in shock. She had heard rumors about the existence of such a tape, but never believed it actually existed. Barbara rose to her feet in anger.

“Where did you get that?”

“Oh there are several copies around. I even have some very exclusive video of you and a certain mule. Remember that Barbara?”

Barbara walked up to confront Roxanne, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the TV monitor. At this point in the tape Teresa had completely removed Barbara’s dress and was fighting to strip her of her bra. Barbara’s mouth fell open and she was transported back to that fateful evening. Roxanne crossed her arms and smiled with an air of superiority. The tape continued to run and showed Teresa and Barbara locked in battle, tearing at what remained of their clothes. As the scene progressed both husbands came onstage and took each other’s wife over the knee for some corporal punishment. Barbara watched until the screen faded to black. She then turned her attention to Roxanne.

“Why you black mailing slut! You used this to get Mark in here for a good insurance deal?”

“No darling, I merely used it to find out which husbands might be most agreeable to things I had to offer in exchange for some business considerations. There’s something else you may want to watch on this tape.”

The monitor screen lit up again and showed Barbara falling over a rubber barrel with a mule pulling on the hem of her dress with his teeth.

“Oh God don’t tell me you have this.” Barbara lamented.

The tape showed in great detail Barbara’s loss of clothing and Teresa’s execution of a bare bottom spanking to Barbara. Barbara looked at Roxanne and was seething with anger.

“Why you’re nothing more than a madam in a low rent brothel. You mercenary bitch!”

“Mind your manners Mrs. Anderson, you’re in my place of business and you wouldn’t want to end up like dear Teresa, now would you?” taunted Roxanne.

“I wouldn’t think manners would be anything you would know much about.” Barbara responded as she poked the index finger of her right hand directly into the fabric-covered nipple of Roxanne’s left breast. Roxanne slapped her hand away and then let Barbara make the first move. Anticipating a fight much like she had with Teresa, Roxanne blocked Barbara’s attempts to land slaps. She had so much enjoyment plucking the buttons in her previous encounter, Roxanne decided to use the same tactic with Barbara. One by one Roxanne would lift a button from Barbara’s blouse, Barbara, concentrating on trying to land a slap, took no notice. The two women moved around the office during bağcılar escort their combat. Roxanne backing up with Barbara following. Unbeknownst to Barbara the tape continued running and had begun again at the community theater scene. Also unbeknownst to Barbara, was that now her blouse was completely open. Merely held together by its being tucked into the waist of her skirt. Glimpses were available of Barbara’s very sheer white French silk bra. Roxanne broke off and took a step back to admire the view.

“Very nice Barbara. You certainly don’t compare with Teresa’s boobs in the size department, but they are very cute. Just love that bra.”

Barbara, breathing heavily, looked down and tried to pull the halves of her blouse together. She gathered herself for one last charge. The experienced Roxanne was more than ready for this and as Barbara came forward Roxanne got a grip on the blouse with wicked intent. Pulling at the collar, Roxanne got the blouse down over Barbara’s shoulders. Roxanne then slapped Barbara’s arms away and spun her to face away from her. Roxanne then got the short sleeves over Barbara’s arms and pulled the blouse free of the skirt. Barbara try to cover her chest is best she could with her arms. Roxanne, with Barbara’s blouse in hand, walked over to a closet and opened the door.

“I think I’ll save this along with another souvenir.” As she said this Roxanne took Barbara’s blouse and hung it on a hook next to another buttonless ladies blouse. At this point Barbara decided that discretion was the better part of valor. She beat a hasty retreat to the office door, forgetting about the loss of her blouse. Running into the main floor of the club with her arms crossed to cover her chest, Barbara frantically searched for the exit. On the main floor, Barbara heard loud laughter and catcalls. Looking up at the walls she saw four giant HDTV screens one on each wall. Playing on the screens was the videotape Roxanne had shown her. The tape had again reached the pivotal point where Barbara is stretched over Teresa’s lap having her derriere blistered with open handed spanks. The vantage point from which the video was shot proved to be excellent. Barbara’s up turned derriere was in full view, but her body was at a slight angle to the camera and it captured Barbara’s facial expressions as she looked back at Teresa. Barbara dropped her hands to her sides, exposing her breasts in the sheer bra, and watched, in big screen glory, her punishment. She slowly pivoted looking at each screen in turn, eyes wide with shock and mouth agape. Something had been triggered in Barbara’s memory while watching that video. She felt flushed and a bit of a tingle was starting in her lower belly. Barbara continued to watch and as she did her nipples perked up and pushed rigidly against the French silk of her bra. Roxanne stepped through her office door and took in the sight. Thinking to herself “This one has potential too. Her nipples betray her. How can I arrange something with her and that Italian? Something fun, but possibly very profitable?”

Someone in the crowd took their eyes off the big screen and noticed Barbara standing on the main floor in just her bra and skirt, her pink nipples becoming more and more prominent.

“Hey look it’s one of the bitches from the video!”

“No shit! Come on baby show us something!”

Soon everyone was shouting at Barbara. The tape ended and that combined with the noisy comments directed at her, snapped Barbara back into reality. Barbara looked down at herself and realized her clothing situation and mounting arousal.

“Lord, I’ve got a get out of here.” she thought. Barbara saw the exit over her right shoulder and made a quick turn to run for it. One stride into her escape Barbara ran fully into Maria the cocktail waitress. Maria’s tray flew into the air spilling drinks directly into her face and tossing coins and bills from her cash holder into the air. Barbara hugged Maria around the shoulders as both women fell to the floor, Maria on her back with Barbara directly on top of her positioned between Maria’s spread legs.

Their faces within inches of each other Maria shouted “What the fuck? Get off of me bitch!”

Barbara attempted to rise, but in her struggle, put both hands on Maria’s round and full boobs using them for support. Barbara’s skirt was rising up high on her thighs as she gathered her knees under herself giving those watching the hope of seeing more. Her skirt being little more than a belt, Maria was showing quite a bit. Maria reacted to Barbara’s hands on her chest by placing her hands over Barbara’s boobs. Maria felt the points of Barbara’s hard nipples against the palm of her hands Barbara took full notice of the full breast in each hand and also took more notice of the pressure on her nipples from Maria.

“Oh I’m so sorry. Please let me help you.” Barbara apologized.

“Just get off of me! God, you dumb bitch.”

Barbara got to her feet and forgetting about her exposed chest adjusted her skirt that had ridden up a considerable distance. She offered a hand to the fallen Maria. After regaining her feet, Maria looked around for her cash holder. She saw that the uncivilized and rude bar patrons had made off with the entire contents of the cash holder.

“My money! It’s all gone! Oh no. It’s all your fault.” Maria accused Barbara.

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