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That First Spark

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Slowly, a rhythm develops between us, our mouths open and our lips and tongues begin to move together. Charlie’s hand comes up to hold my arm above the elbow, keeping my hand around her waist. Her other hand slides around my back and rests above my right shoulder blade. Her hand opens and closes slowly’ her nails gliding along the surface of my shirt, sending electric waves along my back that shoot down into my groin. My thumb traces gentle circles above her hip bone. I step in closer to her, and slide my hand from her hip to the small of her back as our bodies press together. I slide my left leg forward, bringing out bodies closer together at the waist. Charlie breaks our kiss suddenly, and I freeze. Have I gone too far? I pull back a little, looking into her eyes. They’ve always been striking. A light brown with surprising bursts of green in the center, like leaves floating in a river. Now, her eyes are dilated, and the only color remaining is a thin shell of brown. Her voice, when she speaks, is husky and slow.

“I think we should go back to the house.”

Oh shit. I fucked it up. I swallow hard and step backwards. Charlie steps forward and walks back across the bridge without looking back. I follow hastily. Shit, Shit, SHIT! I fight tears as we make our way back down the road towards the house from the park.The half mile between the old oak and our house stretches as I struggle to keep up with Charlie’s quick pace. A mosquito lands on my arm and I slap it hard, taking out my frustrations on myself. Charlie heads into the house and the screen door slams behind her before I can catch it.

“Charlie, wait!” I call as she rounds the corner towards my room.

Wait, what?

I turn the corner, my mind two steps behind me, and crash into Charlie. Or maybe she’s the one doing the crashing, because before I know what is happening, her hands are in my hair and her lips are on mine. She’s devouring me. Her momentum carries us to the bed, and I sit down hard. Charlie, taller than me now that I’m sitting, leans in, holding my face in her hands. I can feel the moisture on my face from my earlier tears, and apparently so can she. She etiler escort pulls away, her thumbs come up to wipe my cheeks.

“What’s this?”

I smile, and a short laugh splashes out.

“I thought you were upset. You wanted to leave and you ran ahead…”

Laughing softly, she kisses me lightly on the lips. Her hands begin combing through my hair.

“I was just so overwhelmed. I didn’t expect you to feel so good. I wanted you so much, I panicked, OK? Hey, I’m sorry.” She kisses me again, and her lips trail along my jawline and up to my ear. “And then when I got back inside, I could only think about getting you in here and having more of you.”

Charlie’s mouth slides down my neck planting soft kisses and nibbling bites until she reaches the v-neck of my shirt. When she reaches the center of my chest, she leans forward more, guiding me back onto the bed. She takes a moment to come back to face me, our eyes just a few inches from one anothers. Her hand slides up from my hip to stroke my stomach and waist, resting just under my breast, hesitating. She changes direction and moves back down to my hip, and repeats, going a little higher and a little lower with each cycle. My anticipation builds until I am leaning upwards into her hand as she grazes the waistband of my jeans. Her mouth is teasing my neck. Her breath is hot in my ear, sending goosebumps down my back and arms. Her breath is coming faster as we once again establish a rhythm of hands and mouths.

Once more she circles away from where I most want her to be and instead of waiting for the next round, I turn, rolling myself on top of her, our legs intertwined. Now when I move into her, I can feel the heat between her legs on my thigh. She raises her leg just a little, and I feel the cotton of my panties slide against the wetness underneath. I groan.

Charlie slides a hand up under the material of my t-shirt, and in one deft movement, unhooks my bra. I lean back onto my knees, straddling her, and Charlie sits up too. She pulls my tee and bra up over my head, and pauses, looking first at my chest, and then fatih escort at me. She takes my breasts in her hands, gently massaging them and stroking my nipples with her thumbs. I don’t know if it’s the rhythm, or the pressure, but it’s soothing and sexy at the same time. She takes one of my breasts into her mouth and teases the tip with her tongue, tracing slow circles, gently sucking. I feel like there’s a line directly from my nipple to my pussy, and it’s made of electricity. There’s nothing soothing about what she’s doing now.

She reaches down and unbuttons my jeans, sliding her hands under my waistband and cupping my ass, she returns to my neck, nuzzling the sensitive spot where it meets my shoulder. I grind up against her, and I can feel the muscles in my legs and my groin tense. My hand clench around her back and I need to feel more of her. I kiss her fiercely, demanding more. Her hands guide mine as I pull her shirt over her head. I take to her bra with both hands, unbuttoning and pulling it forward off of her in one motion. A generous handful, I had guessed, but now I can tell that they’re bigger than I’d thought.

Now, seeing her, touching her, it’s all so much better than I had dreamed. Her skin is a soft olive color, even where it’s been hidden from the sun by her swim suit. It’s her pale breasts that draw my eye, the ways they stand out from slim arms and stomach. I take her breasts into my hands, massaging them as I slowly slide my mouth down the side of her neck and across her collarbone. I can feel the goosebumps rising on her soft skin. I lean forward again, pushing her back down onto the bed, and hover over her, holding my weight on one hand as the other continues to tweak and massage her breast. My mouth moves down to her other nipple, reciprocating her earlier advances before sliding down the middle of her chest and onto her stomach.

Charlie’s waist has always been fascinating to me. It draws my eyes from any angle. Her waist tapers sharply into an hourglass figure before flaring out again into hips that are feminine without looking heavy. I rest my hand on her fındıkzade escort hip as I trace the waistband of her shorts with my tongue, lingering on the sharp blade of her hip bone. She moans, her hands gripping my hair. I can tell I’ve found one of her hotspots. I suppress a grin and look up at her. Her eyes are shut, but she opens them and looks down at me as I pause. She pulls me back up to her mouth, and holds me there with her lips and tongue while she quickly takes off her shorts, then moves to take mine.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask.

“If I don’t take them off, then I’ll be ahead of you. We need to be even.” I groan and playfully bite her on the shoulder

“Mmmm. That’s interesting.” Her response sends shivers over my body, and I kick out of my pants as we move so that we’re lying next to each other on the bed. I begin to kiss her again, first gently, then deeper while stroking and exploring her body with my hand. The round cup of her breast, the soft skin at the side of her chest, her waist. My hand fits perfectly in the curve of her waist. I linger there, moving back and forth. I don’t realize that I’m hesitating until she takes my hand in hers and guides it downward.

“This,” she whispers as my fingers slide beneath her panty line. “I want this.” Her hand is still guiding mine and we plunge downward together. I feel the soft bump of her pubic bone, and then the heat and wetness below. My middle finger finds her clit swollen and ready. I stroke her clit, finding her sweetest spot. Her body thrusts forward into my hand.

“There, oh, there.” She moans into my ear. Her hot breath sets fire to me. I kiss her fiercely. I thrust my body forward. My hand is moving on her clit, faster and faster as she rises towards me. She grabs my ass, pulling me in to grind against her. She hasn’t touched my pussy, but I’m tight and hot and so wet. I’m panting and pushing and rubbing her clit. She arches against me in three quick bursts and calls out, “Yes, oh god. AAAAHH!” Her whole body flexes and she holds me close. I slow the rhythm of my fingers and my kisses turn to gentle teases. I slide to her side on the bed and gaze at the quiet contentment on her face. It mirrors mine. We lie together for a few minutes. She strokes my hair. I trail my fingers up and down her arms. I feel the fire that we have started together inside me. It’s embers are low now, but I know the flames will need to be fed again. I can already feel them stirring.

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