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That One Night

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It was a normal night in my small town. I was currently studying with my best friend Cindy. After three hours of studying we couldn’t take anymore. I had an idea that would I knew would help us relax. The Whiskey my dad keeps in his office. I told Cindy of my idea, we went up stairs together looked for the whiskey. We found it and went to my room, we started drinking and after almost thirty mins of drink we were both very drunk. We were talking about random things the topic soon began to change to sex. I remembered the lesbian porno my brother keeps in his room as I went to go get it I felt myself become wet.

I returned with the video and somehow I knew that something unexpected was going to happen between Cindy and I. As we watched I felt myself become more aroused I moved my hands down lower and lower teasing myself. I felt myself become wet to the point where I couldn’t control myself anymore I put my hands underneath my shirt and began playing with my breasts. I let out a light moan unknowingly.

I looked over to Cindy florya escort and I was her staring at me. I removed my shirt and inched closer to her hoping that she would touch me. Her arms wrapped around my waist and she began kissing me. The kiss became more heated and intense. We couldn’t help ourselves, our hands began to roam each other’s bodies. I moaned as her lips left a trail of kisses all the way down to breasts. She kneaded and played with my breasts. I felt her put a nipple in her warm mouth and move her hands down my skirt ending right over my crotch. I began playing with me through my panties I was very wet and I knew for a fact that if she took my panties off then I would surely cum. After playing with me through my panties and nipples. She moved down to my skirt and pulled it off leaving me only exposed in my panties. She moved down dangerously close to my area and pulled my panties off leaving me completely exposed.

I felt her warm tongue begin to explore me in ways that halkalı escort I had never been explored. She continued for a few mins before stopping and fingering me. She continued to do the and stopped before switching to eating me out again this pattern continued for mins. I felt myself go closer and closer to the edge when finally Cindy stopped and pulled away smiling at me. She came up and kissed me on the lips and asked a question I think she knew the answer to.

“Do you want to cum for me baby?” Cindy asked me in a husky voice.

I replied with ease knowing that is what I wanted, “Yes.”

“Yes what?” Cindy asked me.

“Yes I want to cum for you.”

With that she moved back down and started to work wonders with her tongue while finger fucking me. I felt myself grow closer and closer to my climax and this time Cindy was not going to stop. I was close to my climax and all of a sudden I felt Cindy finger fuck and lick me faster and faster and I had finally haramidere escort hit my climax.

Cindy went and got something from her bag and when I looked closer I noticed that it was a dildo. I asked why she had it and all she said was that I would soon find out. She began kissing me passionately trailing my neck with wet kisses every now and then. She began kneading my left breast while pinching and rolling my nipple between her fingers. She began to suck my breast before trailing wet kisses down to my pussy. She licked and sucked on my clit she brought the dildo to my hole and slowly pushing it in. She began to pump it in and out of me while kissing me passionately. I knew I was beginning to reach my climax again cumming harder than I ever did when I was with a guy.

I began to catch my breath when all of a sudden Cindy took off the rest of her clothing. She lowered herself close to my area again she began to slowly rock her hips grinding against me. She began to moan loudly against me. We were grinding against each other causing a heat to grow inside of me more and more. Soon we both began breathing heavier. We looked each other in the eye we knew we were close to climaxing against each other. We finally hit the climax mixing each other juices.

We were coming down from our high when I had another idea. But this one was directed solely towards her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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