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The Beauty from England

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This story is dedicated to a friend that has become very special in a very short time.


It’s late when I show up at my friend’s house; not at all in the mood to party. He’d mentioned he had an English friend visiting, though, and that he thought we might hit it off. He knows I never could resist an accent, something different.

And he’s right.

As I walk in, I hear that sexy accent. I can’t see you through all the guys standing around you, predator-like, but I’m not the type to wait patiently in line. I grab a beer and find a place to stand and watch you. You seem to be enjoying the attention. When you finally turn so that I can see your beautiful face, I catch your eye. I tip my beer at you and turn to go find my friend.

While I am talking to my friend I feel a big set of tits rub softly against my arm. I turn and see your smile beaming right at me, and you excuse yourself as you squeeze past, that shapely ass pressed briefly up against me.

For the next two hours I casually watch you. I get no real acknowledgement pendik escort in return, but twice you manage to brush those breasts against my body.

I’ve kind of moved on in my head, focusing on the chat and the beer, when I see you looking at me with that little evil smile. Immediately, you turn and walk out the back door. I hurry out the front and around to the back yard.

As I round the corner of the house, I see you alone in the dark leaning against the deck railing. Your back is to me but you are looking out of the corner of your eye, waiting for me to follow you. You don’t hear me as I step silently up behind you. Now I grab you around the waist and with my right arm I clamp my left hand over your mouth.

I whisper in your ear, ” Don’t make a sound.”

You nod your head in silent agreement, and I remove my hand and place it on your left tit. I can feel your large nipple though your dress and I give it a hard pinch. I feel you tense and start to scream but you hold it in. I use my body to hold you maltepe escort against the railing as I pull your dress up and expose your bare smooth white ass.

Grinding my pants covered cock into your ass crack, I reach around and find your smooth pussy. I slip the tip of my finger into your wet pussy and whisper to you.

“Reach around and take my cock out.”

You do not move fast enough and I slap your ass – in the quiet night air it sounds like a rifle shot. You hurry and unzip my pants and reach in and take out my cock. I stroke it against your ass. Your soft skin feels so good.

In the dim light I look at your butt, and, oh, but how I want to spank you for teasing me with your sexy body for the last two hours. The music and the voices drifting out from the party remind me where we are, and I know that someone could come out at any moment.

Pushing on your shoulders I bend you over the railing. Pulling my hips back, I grab my cock and rub the head against your wet pussy. Rubbing it down until I hit kartal escort your clit, I then bring your juices up to your asshole, before sliding myself back down.

As I slip the head into your pussy, you moan and I put my hand on your mouth while I ram my cock all the way in.

You bite down on my hand and I think I will have to punish you for that later. As I pull out until just the head is left in, I grab you by those beautiful wide hips. Slamming forward, I pull back on your hips and we meet with a loud slap. I reach around to feel your hand already on your clit so I grab your tit and pinch your nipple.

We pick up speed as we slam into each other. I can’t hold out much longer and then I feel your pussy clamp onto my cock as you cum. When I feel you come down from your orgasm, I pull out and shoot blast after blast onto your ass.

We stand there for a few and then I pull your dress down over your ass and stand you up. As we turn toward the house we see two people watching us. You grab my hand and whisper to me.

“Please get me out of here”.

We run around the house and jump into my car. You laugh as you feel my cum squish when you sit down. As I start the car and put it in gear, I ask you where to.

“Any place we can finish what you started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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