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The Body Mcallister Pt. 03

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The Body McAllister is dedicated to my friend Enrique Pullo. Special thanks to my friend Kat for her editing assistance.

This is the conclusion (for now) to the Body McAllister story. I reserve the right to revisit it later. My mind is already full of my next story. Having said that, I loved this universe and fully believe there are so many stories to tell. If you have any stories you would like to see featured based on the people you met in this series, please drop me some feedback.

Minette was a fun character to right after the perfection of Heather. Min is flawed, so delightfully so. Seeing her start to embrace them was satisfying to right. After the intense love of No Sacrifice and Lucky, this story was a bit of a break for me.

Having said that, I’m curious as to whether you all can figure out my favorite character in this story. 😉

Without further ado …


Minette Dusseau stood at her brother’s doorway. She had a realization after talking with her ex-boyfriend. She had never really talked with Luc about what happened all those years ago to drive them apart. They had been lovers in their youth, as their mother’s family embraced incestuous sexual encounters in a system known as the body McAllister. Their feelings for each other had deepened beyond what was normally considered acceptable in the family’s system, but they both continued to pursue other lovers. Minette had accidentally walked in on her brother with their cousin Abigail, whom she had no idea he was even seeing.

Part of the way the body McAllister worked is that everything was kept confidential. Min had a vague idea Luc had at least one other lover, but she didn’t know who it was or anything else related to it. Likewise, Luc had no idea who Min was sleeping with in the family. Min had more lovers than her brother did, but she didn’t see them often due to attending university on the other side of the state. Luc, on the other hand, made it a practice to have sex with Abigail often, at least twice a week. They were comfortable with each other, their encounters loving and special.

When his sister walked in on himself and Abigail, it was just in time to witness him telling Abigail he loved her as he orgasmed. Min had been horrified and … jealous. She had run from Luc’s dorm without giving him a chance to explain. Her father had sent her out of the country for the summer at her request. Min chose to leave the body McAllister. While she had loved the traditions of her mother’s family, she wanted a shot at a normal life.

Ted Aiello, a colleague at the District Attorney’s office, had seemed like the perfect opportunity to make that normal life a reality. To her shock, he had abruptly ended things with the announcement that his twin’s sister was pregnant with Ted’s twins. Reeling, Min had tried to take comfort in Luc, but he had pushed her away. Luc had pointed out to Min that she tended to make things about her rather than thinking about the other side of the equation. Minette was ready to discuss all of this with him at last.

“Minette … Hey,” Luc said. He stepped aside, letting her into his condo. Breathing a sigh of relief that he had let her in and that he was alone, she set her purse down and walked into his living room. They both took a seat on his comfy sofa. Luc cleared his throat. “What brings you by?”

Taking a deep breath and struggling to find the right words, Minette said, “Ted Aiello came to see me today. He requested that I keep the story of Heather and the paternity of her twin daughters a secret.”

Luc nodded thoughtfully. “It took a lot of courage for him to ask that of you, but I think it would be harsh to ruin her reputation when she didn’t even realize they had switched places during the conception.” He said this hesitantly, waiting for a potential explosion from his volatile sister.

Minette quickly agreed, reaching out to touch Luc’s arm reassuringly. “I always liked Heather a lot, she was nice and accepting. We got along great, I would never dream of embarrassing her by revealing what John and Ted did to her.”

He grinned, pleasantly surprised at this reaction. Min had the right idea and he was relieved at the change. “So, you came by to ask me to keep the secret as well?”

Shaking her head, Min explained, “I know you would never violate your ethics. You helped assist in the birth, you would be in all sorts of trouble if you breathed a word. Besides, that’s not you, Luc. You’re a good guy and it’s just not in you to do something like that.” She took a breath, and then went on. “Ted said something that really shocked me. He told me that what we had was real, that he had never cheated on me, that his ‘encounters’ with Heather were over before I came along. He was sincere, and I believed him.”

Biting his lip, Luc asked, “Well, that’s good, right?”

Minette lowered her head a moment, and then raised her gaze to his blue eyes, so like her own. “I had been so angry since that day he threw me out of his place. canlı bahis It never occurred to me that he was anything other than a slime ball. He was dealing with something major, and I was standing there thinking he and John had swapped with me, too. I insisted on staying, and I was going to cause a scene. Heather was so emotional when she arrived, absolutely enormous with her twins and being so pregnant and all. This situation had nothing to do with me at all. In that moment, I was so ashamed with my behavior.”

She went silent a moment, allowing herself a chance to gather her thoughts. Luc didn’t breathe a word, wanting to see where this was going. She screwed up her courage. “That day with Ted, I demanded to know everything and the chance to have my say, butut on that day with you, when I walked in on you and Abigail, I fled and left the country. I never gave you a chance to explain. I was hurt, I was scared, and I didn’t know how to deal with it at all. I could blame the fact I was so young, but given that I made the exact opposite mistake with Ted, I don’t think being 19 had anything to do with it.” She sucked in a breath, and then made her point. “I was selfish, Luc. I went overboard making myself a victim, and I never looked at my own behavior. I just wanted you to know that I’ve realized that now. And I’m sorry.”

Floored, Luc could only stare at his tiny, red haired sister. He had never seen her look so vulnerable, so contrite. He scarcely believed what she had just spoken aloud. Luc reached out and twisted one of her red locks around his finger. “Minette, we were kids. Moreover, we broke all the rules by falling in love. I was the one who took us on that trip and spoke of it first. I thought we could handle it while staying in the body McAllister.”

When Minette started to interrupt, Luc held up a hand to silence her. “I heard you out, let me finish. We were trying to have our cake and eat it, too. The traditions are all there for a reason. The only way the body McAllister stays intact is if all the traditions are followed.” He swallowed, and then continued. “Min, what you saw that day with Abigail, it was real. I do love Abigail a lot. I am not going to minimize my feelings for her to make you feel better, baby sister. I learned a long time ago, that you could love more than one person. Our parents prove it to each other all the time.”

He looked at her fiercely. “At no point did Abigail ever know about us, or our feelings for each other. Seeing you there must have been a huge shock. When you acted like you did, she was filled with guilt. So was I, for that matter. You left, and we felt it was our fault. Abigail and I never discussed it.” Luc reached out and cupped Minette’s chin. “But my dealings with Abigail had nothing to do with you. The secrecy is there to prevent exactly what happened. What’s more, I’m positive you continued to see others in the family as well. My god, Min. Every time we made love, you had some new trick to share with me. I had powerful feelings of jealousy sometimes, knowing that someone had taught you something that I had wanted to teach you myself.”

Minette opened her mouth to reply, but Luc shushed her again. “No, don’t confirm or deny it. There’s no need. You didn’t do anything wrong by enjoying your sexuality. The only thing you did wrong was make me out to be the bad guy for doing the same thing.”

Hugging her arms around her torso, Minette hung her head a bit. “I know. You’re right, all of it. I had been with other lovers all along. I guess the only difference is that I never told them I loved them while we were having sex. I loved them as my family; I enjoyed the sex with them. I didn’t mix the two.”

Peering into her eyes, Luc ducked his head a little to keep her gaze. “Except with me, Minette. You crossed that line with me. While I don’t trade the times with you for anything, it was wrong of us. We let the sex cloud our thinking. We can’t be together as a couple, not legally. We can’t be married and have children. The people who set up the body McAllister knew this, and that’s why we follow the traditions. We can make love, we can share love, but we can’t be in love.”

Her eyes filling with tears, Minette acknowledged what he was saying with a nod. Luc was right; there was no happy ending here for them. She could never ask him to be with her, and she knew he would never ask himself. They would be loving siblings, but they would never be lovers again, and it was both of their faults.

Leaning forward, Min buried her face in her brother’s chest. She cried in his arms, while he cried a little as well. “The road not travelled,” Luc thought to himself, his heart breaking a second time in his life over his younger sister. They would never know what might have been. He pulled away from her before he changed his mind and hauled her into his bed and never let her leave again. Kissing her forehead, he forced himself to stand and move away.

“I love you, baby sis,” he murmured. “Nothing can ever change what it is bahis siteleri in my heart. It will just have to live quietly in there, locked inside. No one will know but the two of us.”

Standing, Minette wiped her eyes on her sleeve. “Yeah, Luc, good talk.” She smirked. Her ability to deliver a smartass comment with aplomb would never fail her. She grew more serious. “You’re making the right decision for both of us. I want to thank you for being strong enough to make it. I don’t know that I could have been.”

Walking out to the kitchen, she grabbed her purse. As she was about to walk out the door, she paused, looking over her shoulder. “I don’t know if it’s appropriate or not, I’ll let you decide. But if you feel it’s the right thing to do, please apologize to Abigail for me.” At Luc’s nod, she walked out of the door, into the night.

Luc sagged against the kitchen counter; scarcely able to believe what had just happened. It hurt, but at the same time, it was as if a 500-pound gorilla was off his back. He exhaled several times, each breath he took in filled with the sweet air of forgiveness. Without giving it much thought, he grabbed his cell phone and texted Abigail. “Tonight? 30 minutes?”

Getting a thumbs’ up in reply, Luc grabbed his keys and headed out to his car, driving the familiar route to his cousin’s home. It was crazy, but he challenged anyone his age to say that he or she was still crazy about a lover he or she had been with since being 18 years old. Eleven years into their affair, everything between them was still electric and exciting. Even when Luc had been head-over-heels with Minette, he still preferred to spend more time in his cousin’s bed. He had never been sure why. Maybe it was because it was the path of least resistance. Sex with Abigail was simple, uncomplicated and oh-so loving, not to mention incredibly hot.

She let him in with a smile and a quick kiss. Abigail was a more mature version of his sister, a little more voluptuous. Her breasts were a little larger, her ass more round. She wore her red hair longer, in delicate waves. It was now pinned on top of her head. Taking him by the hand, she pulled him into her bedroom. She was wearing a baby blue, short silk robe that barely covered her ass. The sight of her in it had always driven Luc crazy with lust. He sat on the bed, wrapping one enormous hand around the back of her head; he pulled her in close for a kiss, as his hand found the curve of her bottom.

Moaning into his kiss as his hands touched her, Abigail wrapped her arms around his neck. Over their eleven years together, she had rarely turned down his requests to visit. He felt so good in her body; she had never tired of him. She pulled off her robe, now standing naked before him. Pulling her lips away from his mouth, Abigail looked down into his sexy blue eyes, her fingers running through his blonde hair, so much softer than her own. “I was surprised to hear from you tonight, but I’m so glad you are here.”

Luc sighed, pressing his head into her breasts. “I’m going to ask your permission to break one of the traditions. I have permission from the other person to do it.”

Abigail nodded slowly, wondering what was going on. Luc continued, “Minette came over tonight and we finally talked about what happened that day.” Abigail froze. They had never discussed it once. She had held it all in, the guilt overwhelming when Minette had left the body McAllister.

She remained silent, waiting for Luc to finish. He took a deep breath. “She said to say she’s sorry for the way she acted, Abigail.”

Floored, Abigail could only stare at her lover. A million questions filled her mind and nearly spilled out. She thought about it a minute, but decided it didn’t matter. Luc wasn’t with Minette. He was here, in her arms, sitting on her bed. Very shortly, they would be joined in some very hot sex, if she had anything to say about it. Smiling, she lowered her lips to his, and then pushed him onto his back.

Luc could only chuckle. He marveled at his cousin. She got it, she really understood the body McAllister in the same way he did. Yanking off his clothes, he grabbed her as she joined him. Laughing, he shoved her thighs apart. “I hope you’re in the mood for my tongue, because it’s going to be everywhere. Luc buried his face in her succulent pussy. She was creamy wet for him and he moaned at her taste. Even after all these years, he never got tired of the way she responded to his touch. Sucking her prominent clit into his mouth, he slid a finger in her passage, hooking it forward. Abigail had a sensitive g-spot and he loved taking advantage of it.

Minutes later, she was shaking, trembling with the force of a tremendous orgasm, her hands buried into his hair to keep him in place. Her painted toes pointed, and the arch of her foot was flexed and sexy. It was her tell that she was cumming and Luc loved it every time he saw it. He rolled them over, taking a moment to slide on a condom. He then picked her lithe body up, placing bahis şirketleri her on his erect cock and groaning as she sheathed him inside her tight body.

Rotating and gyrating on his dick, Abigail set a rhythm to their lovemaking that had him whispering dirty things to her, squeezing her pert nipples. She arched her back, his head buried deeply inside her and she used to cervix to tease it. Luc slid a finger between their bodies and soon she was clutching at him with her hands and her tight cunt as she came with a loud wail.

Before she could even begin to calm down from her climax, Luc rolled them over again. He used his weight to hold his heavy body off her much smaller frame. His dick never left her body and he thrust into her over and over, his pace frenetic and wild. He buried his face in her neck, her legs wrapped around him, and hands buried in his hair. His lips found hers, then her neck, then her nipples, then her lips again. He knew that he would not keep up his pace much longer. “Fuck, you feel so good, Abby.” He gave 4 or 5 more hard thrusts, and then he could feel his balls tighten to deliver their load. “I love you so goddamned much,” he yelled as load poured out his head, filling the condom as she found her release with him, her cries adding to his own.

Rolling over again, he held her in his big arms, pressed again his massive chest. His cock was still hard and buried within her, but he wasn’t thinking about fucking her again. He was thinking about how this had always been so right, even when he was in love with Min. He had loved Abigail, too. He regretted everything that had gone wrong with Minette, but he could never regret the woman in his arms. He just couldn’t.

Minette drove aimlessly for a while, tears streaking down her face. She didn’t want to go home to her little fairy house right now. She texted Uncle Eric, but he didn’t answer. “He’s probably got something else going on,” she smirked despite the tears. While she would never know for sure, she had a feeling Uncle Eric was in hot demand. Deciding against drowning herself in booze or sex, she pointed her car towards her parents’ home. Pulling into the drive, she could see the light on in the den. The light in her mother’s studio was off, indicating that she wasn’t working.

Minette let herself in, calling out for her parents. She had learned her lesson about going too far into someone’s house when she wasn’t expected. To her delight, Pierre answered her hail. “Minette, is that you? I’m in the den.”

Walking down the hall, Minette saw her father dressed down in sweats and a t-shirt, his feet bare. “Where’s Mom,” Min asked him, after greeting him with a long hug.

Her father’s only answer to that question was a wriggle of the eyebrows, “Oh, that. Say no more.” Margo, her sculptor mother, was a card-carrying member of the body McAllister. Min wasn’t sure how often she took advantage of the traditions; but obviously, this was one of those times. “You didn’t have plans yourself, Dad?”

While her Dad had decided against the tradition, he did have several lovers who weren’t family. One of them was the mother of his son, Philippe. Min had met him for the first time when he was 5 years old. Now 15, he was nearly as tall as Luc and very bright. Pierre had been as much of a father as he could be to his youngest child, paying for his support and spending as much time with him as he could. Rather than resenting the situation, Philippe had grown up to be a happy, well-adjusted teen. Minette adored her baby brother from the moment she laid eyes on him.

“Nope, I decided to stay in and relax. After being at that conference all last week, I needed peace and quiet.” He patted the sofa next to him. “But now that you’re here, there’s no one I’d like to spend time with more, baby girl.”

Having always been a Daddy’s girl, Minette cuddled close to Pierre. They watched the rest of the show on TV. Her father was a History Channel addict. Had he not gone into medicine, she suspected he would have buried himself in academia, researching things long dead. When the next show started, Pierre stretched. “Mind if we lay down? I could use a position change.”

Nodding, Min stood so her dad could get comfortable. He pulled her down and she laid half on top of him while they watched the show. As the world once again faced terror from Hitler, Pierre Dusseau and only daughter fell asleep on the couch, in each other’s arms.

A couple of hours later, Min awoke. Confused at first, she could feel the body of a large man under her and struggled to remember what was going on. He felt like Luc and her eyes closed in bliss. Then she remembered she had gone home. This was her Daddy. She smiled at having fallen asleep on him just as she had done when she was a little girl. She reached up and kissed her father softly on the lips, just a gentle, loving kiss from a daughter.

She planned on getting up and leaving afterwards, but Pierre had other ideas. Half-awake, he pulled Minette back in for another kiss, his mouth working against hers lazily. She gasped, feeling his erection starting to rise beneath her thigh. Groaning, she parted her lips, letting her beloved Daddy deepen the kiss, her own arousal growing.

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