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The Cabin Pt. 02

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Author’s note:

As the feedback to “The Cabin” was very encouraging, we tried to continue our little experiment and write a sequel to it. The experimental part of these two stories is that none of the characters are called by their names and their physical descriptions are reduced to the bare minimum that is needed to distinguish between them, thus allowing your own imagination to fill in the details.

Like the original story, “The Cabin Pt. 2” is co-written by my muse and dear friend, Literotica author mollycactus. We hope you have as much fun reading as we had writing it. If you did, a friendly note would be appreciated.


Glancing at his watch, he was pleased to see her emerge from the woods on time. As she stepped out from the shadow of the trees into the bright, warm sunshine she paused to slip off the simple sundress that she was wearing. Since she wore nothing beneath it, in moments she was gloriously nude.

She began strolling towards his cabin holding her bunched up dress low by her side so that her body was fully on display. She showed no evidence of being concerned if she was seen by any of the other hikers that frequented the area. In fact, knowing her as he did, he was certain that the possibility of being observed merely added to her excitement.

Standing in the cabin’s doorway, he watched as she climbed the few steps up onto the front porch. She may have exaggerated the swing of her hips as she did this, but she certainly beamed a radiant smile at him as she closed the distance between them. Sinking gracefully to her knees she gave his leg a loving embrace – her normal greeting. As she did this, she murmured, “Greetings, Master.”

Her exaggerated hip swing had made him smile. Even in her nervousness for the night ahead, she hadn’t lost her sense of humor and that little gesture, that token of her great character, flooded his heart with love for this extraordinary woman, overflowing into his chest like the feeling of sinking into a warm hot tub on a cold November night. And while he’d watched her climbing the last step to the porch in front of the cabin and kneeling in front of him it took all of his self control to not just pull her up and embrace her, and make love to her right there and then. But he kept his cool, knowing that tonight it was not love they were seeking. Tonight was about lust. About fulfillment of their most primal desires, often frowned upon by society and suppressed by religions but burning in the minds of all with an intensity that cannot be quenched.

“Welcome, my girl.” He spoke softly while he stroked her silken blonde hair. The radiant smile she gave him in return while looking up to him from her kneeling position told him more about her adoration for him than she could ever express with words.

“I’m so glad to be with you again, Sir,” she replied in the formal way he’d become to recognize as her signal that she was in her submissive mood, implicitly telling him without lengthy explanations that tonight she’d be under his control and do anything he’d ask of her. Not just because of his desire, but because every fiber in her body craved to be dominated by her strong willed lover, to give in to his perverted desires… to be his. Longing for him to release her from her self-imposed shackles of civilized virtues and obligations. Even if only temporarily to allow her inner slut to wallow in lust without prejudice or guilt. Her heart fluttered from her proximity to him as she inhaled the spicy, manly scent that was uniquely his. They both became aware of a soft purring sound emanating from her throat.

“And I am happy you are here again,” he replied as he took her arms and raised her to her feet. “Now please show me that you’ve been a good girl and followed my instructions.” He was fully aware of the redundancy of his request. Punctual as she was, he was certain that every square inch of her pretty body including its orifices was squeaky clean, perfectly hairless and lightly scented. He was also perfectly aware of her reaction to his inspections and he felt his manhood stir in his pants at the mere thought of the response of her intimate body parts whenever he groped and fondled her.

She gracefully stood with her legs shoulder width apart and her hands behind her head with her elbows high. He looked into her sparkling, intelligent eyes and studied her sensuous lips. She offered no resistance as his hand gently grasped her chin and turned her head slowly side to side. Next, his hands cupped and lifted her tits, softly thumbing her nipples into erection. “Very good,” he stated with a prominent smirk on his face. “Now turn around and bend over.” Still standing in the doorway of the cabin, she did as she was told. Facing the front porch, field, and woods she bent at her waist and braced her hands just above her kneecaps. She sighed happily as she felt his fingers parting her labia to expose the treasures that they guarded. Her sigh turned into a soft gasp as he used a finger to carefully probe and inspect her honeypot. The finger emerged coated with her fragrant, slippery juices. Escort bayan She had a clear expectation of what would happen next, so she mentally prepared herself. The wet, slippery finger insinuated itself through the tight ring of her puckered hole and pressed inward to plumb the naughty depths. Withdrawing his finger, he studied it and declared, “Quite clean and fragrant. Excellent! You may stand upright again and turn to face me!”

When she turned around, she put her hands behind her back, pressing her elbows back making her breasts stand out, their now erect nipples screaming for his touch; She also spread her legs just over shoulder width, offering her dominant lover all her carnal goodness. He grinned in response and in an attempt to turn her flaming lust ablaze he pressed his clothed body frontally against her nudity, pressing his chest against hers. Moreover, he pushed his cloth-covered erection against her sensitive bald vulva as proof of his arousal for her. As he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her even tighter against his body, he hoarsely whispered in her ear, “Remember the guys who helped me construct the deck and hot tub behind the cabin? I’m throwing them an all-you-can-eat-and-drink barbecue party with a special treat. And guess what that treat is?” He chuckled, pausing briefly before continuing, “I hold her in my arms now!” He let those words sink in, but ultimately turned his head to look into her face once he didn’t get a reply.

Hopelessly aroused by the inspection and subsequent embrace of her lover, her mind had already begun to slowly descend into the tranquil waters of subspace. While she’d been aware that he’d spoken to her, the sound of his melodious voice was more like the hypnotic song of the siren, filling her with emotion rather than information. Although she was now aware that he was looking at her as if she was supposed to say something, she had a hard time remembering what exactly it was he’d told her – something about the deck – and friends. As if waking up from a deep sleep, she somewhat sluggishly murmured, “What… how?”

While watching her, waiting for her response, he’d already noticed her dilated pupils and the look of total relaxed bliss on her face. From his knowledge of her, he knew these were tell tale signs of her deep state of submission. He was a bit surprised that it took merely a few minutes to get her there but from his previous experiences with her submissiveness, understood that this was the place she wanted to be. But now he needed her attention, even just for a few minutes, to get her prepared. Therefore he continued talking, a bit slower now to make sure his words would get through to her. “You, my slutty lover, are their special treat. I’m granting them the sight of your pretty body as well as its use, under my supervision.”

He smiled as her eyes widened, and her mouth gasped for air. Without giving her time to respond, he continued, “You remember your safeword, right? The one we always use?”

She nodded and replied, “Yes. It’s Rainbow. My safeword is Rainbow. Do the others know that too?”

“I’ll make sure they do. I’ll also make sure they know that I don’t want anyone to get so drunk that they lose control.” He added, “If you feel unsafe at any point, just let me know and I’ll end the party.” Smiling, he continued, “Now, let’s keep this a surprise for them as well.” After explaining what he wanted her to do, and making sure she understood, he finished with, “Get your dress back on and join us at the deck in…sayyy…10 minutes?” He picked up the platter of meat that was his excuse for entering the cabin and took it out the back door. Rejoining the party, he saw that the first batch of meat was grilled almost to perfection. Some of his friends were placing the side dishes on their plates in preparation.

Meanwhile back inside the cabin, her inner slut screamed with frustration when he casually scurried off back to the yard again, leaving her alone with an aching desire for his touch and a maelstrom of questions whirling through her mind, rewinding his words over and over again. “His friends? There must have been at least 5 who helped him! The sight of her body? And the USE of her body? As a reward? What did he think she was?” An unsettling feeling of doubt about her lover welled up in her stomach while she wondered where he got the audacity to assume she would be OK with this! She briefly considered walking off – let him and his friends go fuck themselves. There was however also this other voice, a very convincing one that often spoke from her nether lips when she was aroused that whispered promises of hereto unknown levels of physical lust, of being wanted and desired and being overwhelmed with salacious sensations, of fulfilling one of her deepest, lewdest fantasies…

As she shook her head and took a few deep breaths to align her thoughts it dawned on her that by leaving her waiting here alone, he had actually given her time to make up her mind, and leave if she wanted to. She was certain that if she left he wouldn’t hold it against her. It was Bayan escort just his way of avoiding lengthy discussions or negotiations and ‘what ifs’ scenarios. It also meant that if she decided to join the party it was by her own choice. He’d know she’s there because she wants it, not just because he told her to do it. And after another deep breath, she proudly stepped forward towards the door. “Yes, I want this,” she murmured to herself. Her sweet-talking nether lips had won the argument. Again.

He smiled when he saw her stepping – no – striding defiantly through the back door and across the deck in the direction of the fireplace. It cost him a lot of self control to keep a straight face when he noticed his friends one by one stopping their cheerful banter, looking at her with open mouths and eyes popping out of their sockets. He agreed that she was indeed a sight to behold. Since most of his friends had never met her before they must be wondering why this pretty chick just walked into their party without saying a word. The bearded guy that stood closest to him turned his head away from the woman and asked in a low voice, “What’s she doin’?” while pointing his beer in her general direction.

“Just wait and see. You’ll like it,” he whispered back.

The chairs around the fireplace were recycled car seats mounted on a frame. After she approached one with as much grace in her posture as she could muster, she operated the lever to set it in a half-reclining position. This was followed by her gracefully undoing her summer dress and dropping it to the ground. She noticed her lover smiling approvingly as six men looked flabbergasted at the scene in front of them with their eyes bulging from their sockets.

Judging by the butterflies in her lower body, her inner slut was having a ball. None of the spectators, contrary to what she had expected, seemed to make the slightest move towards her. She felt her initial anxiety make way for a building feeling of confidence. After she’d positioned herself behind the half-reclined chair, she leaned forward over the back of it with a theatrical move that ended in a frivolous butt-wiggle. Her torso was now comfortably supported, with her hips at pelvis height, perfect for the display of her pussy and butt hole. Not only for display – but also available for casual use sexually. She felt the first tingling in her privates, visualizing the naughty view she was providing.

“My friends!” her master and lover broke the silence. “For this gathering, my lovely girl is going to act as sort of a ‘party favor’ for you all. This is my special way of thanking you for all the hard work that you did, helping me. I invite you to do as you please with her as long as she doesn’t get hurt – remember, she’s very precious to me.”

As one, his six friends turned their heads and looked at him, trying to judge if he was pulling a prank on them. But they couldn’t deny the fact that there was a naked woman draped over the back of a car seat. They also couldn’t deny the fact that she showed no signs of coercion. In fact, even though she hadn’t spoken a word, they noted that she’d been smiling the entire time. From their point of view, it was obvious that the entire situation aroused her as well as it did them. Still, they seemed nervous about this unforeseen situation. They even seemed shy about looking directly at her. Their eyes would sort of slide sideways, looking out of the corners of their eye sockets, almost relying on their peripheral vision.

“We need to make a little more room here at the food table, since we’ll be eating soon. I need a couple of you to help me move these coolers that contain the beer.” With a little grin on his face, he gestured to three of his friends – the shyest ones – to help him lug two heavy coolers full of beer to a point on the far side of the large deck, beyond the place where his submissive was draped over the seat back. Now when any of the party-goers needed a new beer, they had to walk right by that salacious display. He was amused to see his friends quickly swivel their heads for a glance each time they went by her. As he himself went for a beer, he was pleased to see a tiny trickle of her pussy juice on her inner thigh. Even though no one had spoken to her or touched her, she was obviously turned on just being present and on display for these six strangers.

After picking that fresh cool beer for himself and grabbing a chicken leg off the grill, he made himself comfortable in a recliner chair near the grill and with an amused smirk on his face watched what was going to happen next. It didn’t take long before two of his friends started egging each other on about something. Smirking, talking quietly together he thought they were making a bet – probably about who was going to do something first. Finally, his bald-headed friend set his beer bottle onto the floor of the deck, stood up, hitched up his pants and resolutely walked over to her. His hand briefly stroked her bare ass, and then he strutted back to his seat – mission accomplished. A small amount of money changed hands, Escort confirming her Master’s hunch about a bet.

Now that the ‘touch barrier’ had been breached, his other buddy – the one with the mustache – took a fortifying swig of beer and walked over to the naked girl and placed a hand on each of her cheeks, grinning defiantly back at his friend. He very gently smacked both of her ass cheeks, obviously afraid to hurt the woman, but of course he had to trump his mate. A second guy joined him now, coming from the other side of the table. This one briefly knelt beside her, asking in a very soft tone if she really was OK with this.

“Very much so, Sir.” she replied in an equally soft tone.

This was apparently all the confirmation he needed – his hands immediately started to roam her body, fondling her tits with one hand while running his other one along her ass, lowering it to her inner thigh and back up again. The caresses drew a little sigh from her mouth and this seemed to be the cue they were all waiting for. Within the blink of an eye, she felt not two but six pairs of hands all over her body. Hands stroked her smooth, warm butt, legs and back. One slipped under her to cup and knead her tit. Goosebumps appeared on her flesh, and she softly voiced another sound blending a happy sigh with a whimper of need.

But the barbecued meat was now perfect, and it was time to eat, so they abandoned her for the moment, piling their plates with food, leaving her inner slut VERY dissatisfied for the second time that evening. Unseen to the crowd, she rolled her eyes and thought to herself, “Men!”

As his helpers ate, her Master brought his plate to be close to her. As he ate, he cut off small pieces for her, feeding her by hand. “Thank you, Sir,” she whispered, nibbling delicately. She didn’t want to eat too much, but it was heavenly being remembered and included.

He saw his friend wearing the muscle shirt beckoning him. Curious, he walked over. With eyebrows raised inquisitively, he asked, “Yes?”

“Ummm, we’ve been talking, and I was delegated to ask you something.”

“Yes? Go on.”

“Well, earlier you… err… said we could ‘do as we please’ with her, or something like that. Umm… does that mean we can have sex with her? You said you didn’t want her hurt, so we’d like to be sure,” he whispered.

Her Master smiled. “Look. She’s naked, on display, and available. She loves sex and light humiliation. So call her names, and fuck her silly. And, before you ask, yes, she also loves anal sex. So clearly tell everyone that her mouth, pussy, and ass are all available today. As much as they want.” Of course, he could’ve addressed the whole group. But somehow, it seemed more titillating for his friends to whisper about this like some conspirators.

Sure enough, ‘muscle shirt’ went over and the other five men leaned into a huddle to hear what he’d learned. The looks of astonishment on their faces was priceless. “No way!” one of them exclaimed. The muscle shirted man grinned broadly and nodded knowingly. Someone else whistled his surprise, which triggered a round of jubilant ‘high fives’ among the huddled group. Slapping one another on the shoulders as a further sign of solidarity, they moved almost like a herd to surround her, still sipping their beers, perhaps finding a little courage in those bottles.

“She’s got a nice ass,” one commented, stroking one of her cheeks. As he took his next swig, he adjusted the baseball cap he was wearing.

“Yeah, nice and firm,” the tallest one said, pinching her butt tissues in appraisal. “And look! She’s completely shaved down here! I’ve heard that some whores do that!” he crowed. “Her pussy lips are as smooth as her butt, but feel soft like velvet!” Other fingers stroked her there, confirming what they’d been told. Her Master grinned as he watched her cheeks flush with the embarrassment she craved. She was really enjoying this treat, he could tell.

“I’ve always been a leg man,” the guy holding his beer in his right hand commented. He ran his left hand up and down both her legs, raising goosebumps of excitement. “These are great. I bet they’d feel wonderful wrapped around me,” he leered. She quivered and moaned softly.

“Well, her legs are fine, but I just love these tits,” muscle shirt said, grasping and kneading them. “I love hanging on to tits when I bang a woman doggy-style.” He thumbed her nipples. “And I’ll be doing that to you soon, slut. Would you like that?”

A little shiver rippled along her body as she whispered obediently, “Yes Sir. I’d like that.” Mentally, her inner slut added,”A lot.”

“Hear that, guys?” he said loudly. “This slut wants me to grab her tits as I fuck her doggy style!” This statement was greeted with guffaws and lewd suggestible comments. She felt her flush of humiliation deepen, and assumed her aroused scent must now be prevalent in everyone’s nostrils, since it was quite obvious to her. The mere thought of luring these studs towards her with nothing but her own arousal made primal sensations of lust sear through her mind. She chuckled briefly and almost silently as she envisioned herself as a doe in season surrounded by a herd of rutting stags! She sure hoped that they wouldn’t start banging their heads together for their right to mate. She was, after all, available to all.

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