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The Chairman’s Wife

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She could already hear the shower running as she slowly pushed open the heavy wooden door. A wall of heat hit her as soon as she stepped into the steamy changing room from the relatively cool corridor, deep in the bowels of the stadium.

Many floors above her in the function suite, her husband and his colleagues on the board of directors were pressing the flesh with various sponsors, local dignitaries and journalists over dinner and drinks in anticipation of the new season kicking off. These events always bored her terribly but she attended, as did the other board-members’ wives, out of a sense of duty to her husband. The champagne flowed freely which helped, but she soon grew tired of the football talk between the men. The conversation between the other wives in attendance was entertaining enough for a while but after a couple of hours she found herself excusing herself from the company, grabbing a fresh glass of Moet and slipping away quietly for some time to herself.

She had wandered through the deserted corridors of the stadium, lost in her thoughts and light-headed from the buzz of the champagne, and before she knew it she found herself in the players tunnel, leading out onto the pitch. She stood in the shadows at the entrance awhile, enjoying the warm late-August evening before turning to rejoin the others upstairs. Retracing her steps she found herself passing the team gym, the entry to which was a floor to ceiling glass door through which she could see it’s sole occupant putting in some additional pre-season training. He had his back to her but she guessed by his physique that he was in his early 20s, about 6’2″ and in incredibly good shape. She sipped at her champagne and felt a tingle between her thighs as she watched the young athlete performing pull ups, his muscles taught and t-shirt soaked in sweat as he exerted himself. His shoulders were broad, his biceps contracted as he raised his head above the bar and she could make out the tell-tale V-shape of his muscular torso through his t-shirt.

She couldn’t tell how long she’d been watching him when he lowered himself to the ground, picked up his water bottle and walked through the door at the opposite end of the room. But before she knew it she found herself walking through the gym, then through that same door, unsure what she would find, but eager to see more of her eye candy. She could feel herself getting wet as she walked and the champagne had emboldened her, relaxed her inhibitions.

And so she found herself in a locker room, the only sounds being the click of her high heels as she slowly walked over the white tiled floor and the pitter-patter of water droplets falling on the floor of the shower room. On the floor, in the corner, lay his discarded gym wear. Another tingle ran through her pussy at the sight. Through the steam she could make out the most beautiful male body she’d ever seen. Muscular calves leading up to thighs the size of tree trunks. A taut arse, slim waist flaring out into the V-shape torso she’d salivated over from outside the gym. Even his neck was thick and muscular. She let out a low, involuntary moan that startled them both. He turned round quickly to investigate and was about to shout out when he saw his one-woman audience, but she simply raised a silk-gloved finger to her scarlet-coated lips in a “shush” motion. She gazed upon his broad chest, lightly covered in hair, his toned, flat stomach, and the “V” of muscle leading from his hips down to a patch of coarse black hair. A very impressive looking cock hung between his legs and hot water from the shower cascaded over his muscular frame. Her gaze travelled upwards once more.

His face was as rugged and beautiful as his body. He was square-jawed, blue eyed, with a roman nose. His dark hair was closely cropped and a couple of days worth of stubble coated his lower face, lending him the air of a man not to be messed with. He was tanned all over, and his right arm was adorned with a full sleeve tribal-style tattoo. A beautiful thug.

Her gaze never left his as she drained the remaining champagne from her glass before tossing it to one side, shattering it against the pristine white wall of the locker room. His mouth opened again to protest but once more she silenced him with the movement of her hand. He stood there dumbstruck, unsure what the Hell was happening here. Who was the glamorous redhead in the floor-length evening dress? Where had she come from? And what the fuck was she doing here watching a complete stranger shower? A mischievous smile played across her lips as she appraised the situation. This hulking athlete completely in thrall to her, slim, feminine, no more than 5’6″ in her heels. She was going to take full advantage. She was going to have fun tonight after all and it was all on her terms.

She took a couple of steps back from him, her eyes never leaving his. “Stay right where you are.” she said slowly an firmly in her cut-glass English accent. “You’re not to move towards me, not to speak to me, not to touch küçükçekmece escort me unless I tell you otherwise. Do as your told and you could have a very pleasant time. Disobey me and I can have my husband, your chairman, make life very unpleasant for you.”

This was nuts! The chairman’s wife! He could see his career falling apart in front of his eyes. Unless he did as he was told… Having just about gathered his thoughts it was beginning to dawn on him that the chairman’s wife was an incredibly sexy lady. She was wearing a floor-length, strapless black evening dress which hugged the curves of her body before flowing out from the knees down. A diamante belt clasped tightly around her slim waist. The dress exposed her delicate shoulders and just a hint of creamy décolletage. Her skin was pale and flawless and a pair of black silk gloves encased her slender arms up to her elbows. Her dark auburn hair was pinned up behind her head, exposing her graceful neck and accentuating her heart-shaped face. Her full lips were coated in lipstick of deep red and just a hint of rouge accentuated her cheekbones. Her slightly upturned nose couldn’t be described as anything other than “cute” and her green eyes glowed with mischief beneath her smoky eye make up and long lashes. A diamond necklace and matching earrings completed the ensemble. The woman was a goddess and blood started rushing to his cock as he looked her up and down.

His growing excitement was not lost on her and the desire in his eyes burned through her. “let’s begin then, shall we?” she said with a smile. He could only nod in agreement, gulping hard in anticipation. Her left hand lightly pulled on the tips of the five gloved fingers of her right, before slipping the glove completely off in one fluid, exaggerated motion and letting it fall to the floor in front of her. Her right hand then lightly pulled at the tips of the glove on her left hand. This time she raised her gloved hand to her mouth, took the loose material at the end of her index finger between her teeth and slowly pulled her hand out of the glove. She took the glove from between her teeth and twirled it theatrically with her right hand before turning her back to her entranced audience and throwing it over her left shoulder.

Her hips swayed seductively to the soundtrack in her head as she teased the younger man with her pert bottom straining the tight fabric of the dress. She glanced over her shoulder at him as her hands deftly unclasped the belt around her waist, extended her right arm out fully and let it dangle before letting it too fall to the floor. The meat between his thighs was thickening and lengthening with every movement she made and she could see the rise and fall of his chest quicken as his excitement grew.

Her own breathing was quickening as well and she tore her eyes from him and faced away in an effort to maintain her composure, her control. She would need it. She continued swaying to the music in her head as with slow, deliberate movements she found the zip at the side of her dress. She slowly inched the zip down from her chest to her waist, her left hand holding the material together before turning back to her audience. “You don’t mind do you?” she asked, her faux innocence betrayed by the spark of mischief in her eyes. “N-no” he stammered, swallowing hard. “I want you to. I really want you to.”

“Very well then.” she said, turning her back to him once more. “No turning back now” she though to herself as she let the dress slip down over her waist, down over her stocking-clad legs before delicately stepping out of the pool of material on the tiled floor, feeling deliciously wanton as she stood before this stud in only her lingerie. The gasp she heard from behind her confirmed that her figure was having the desired effect. Her long legs were encased in black stockings held up by a lacy black suspender belt, her calves accentuated beautifully by the black stiletto heels she wore. The dark bands of her stocking tops gave way to creamy white thighs and her pert, round arse was bisected by the tiniest of lacy black thongs. Above the curve of her womanly hips her waist narrowed before flaring out again, giving her a perfect hourglass shape. She rarely visited the gym but hours of horse riding and swimming in her own luxury pool helped her keep a trim but curvy figure. A strapless black bra contrasted beautifully with the pale skin of her back. She made great play of bending slowly forward from the waist, wiggling her delightful arse at her dumbstruck audience member before picking up the heap of material from the floor and placing it carefully on a bench facing into the shower block and turning back to her athletic young admirer.

His member was now fully engorged and the swollen purple head had pushed the foreskin fully back. It looked fucking enormous truth be told and her tiny black panties were soaked with her juices just looking at it. “No need to ask if you’re enjoying şişli escort the show, is there?” she teased. Instinctively his hand wrapped around his swollen cock to stroke it while admiring this beauty in her sexy underwear. “Ah ah ah,” she scolded, wagging a finger at him. “Don’t move unless I tell you so. Put your hands behind your back and just watch. Consider this your final warning.” Chastened and frustrated, he did as he was told. He didn’t want to blow it now, so to speak.

“Good boy” she said softly. She sat down on the bench facing him and just looked for a moment. Wet from the shower, those big strong arms behind his back pushing out his broad chest. His eyes burned with desire. And that beautiful cock, standing rigid for her, a woman at least 15 years his senior. She allowed herself a quiet moment of satisfaction as she gently rubbed her swollen clit through her lacy panties, unashamedly ogling the young hunk in front of her. She could easily come there and then but she wanted to draw this out for as long as possible. Reluctantly she drew her hand away from her pussy and leaned forward to remove her right shoe, at the same time exposing more of her milky white breasts beneath the black lace to the frustrated young man.

She stood up, bent her right leg and placed her stocking sole on the bench so he could see her gorgeous legs in profile. Her fingers deftly unclasped the suspender clips holding up her stocking before slowly, slowly rolling the nylon down her creamy thigh, over the curve of her calf and to the end of her dainty foot, pulling the stocking off completely with a flourish and letting it dangle in her grasp before dropping it on the floor with the other discarded items of clothing. She straightened her bare leg and placed her stocking-clad leg on the bench now, the curve of her bottom inviting his lustful glances. She removed her other shoe, ran her hands up over her leg, enjoying her own touch on her thighs before unsnapping the suspender clasps and rolling the stocking down her leg in the same fashion as before. Standing before him now, she unclipped the suspender belt and let it fall to the floor. The thrill of stripping off for this younger man was turning her on almost as much as he himself. She ran her hands over her soft midriff, sending a shiver through herself and bringing them up to cup her breasts through the thin black material.

Slowly walking towards him, like a tigress stalking her prey, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, freeing her full, high breasts. The round, white flesh, topped with beautiful pink nipples, already peaked with excitement now swayed gently as she walked to within two feet of him and stopped.

He was breathing heavily and his erection looked almost painful as drops of precum began lubricating the angry purple head of his cock. His balls looked full to bursting. Her voice almost cracked, almost betrayed her lust now as she spoke. “When was the last time you came?” she asked, eyes fixed upon his crotch. “Ten days.” He replied. “The boss wants us focussed on the first game of the season, no distractions. No women.”

“Poor baby” she said soothingly, her mouth watering at the prospect of unleashing over a week’s worth of pent up spunk from his big, swollen balls. She gazed up into his eyes and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. “I’ve been a terrible tease haven’t I?” she said playfully. “You’ve been feasting your eyes upon my legs, my bottom and my boobs. Shall I take off my panties for you?” She didn’t wait for an answer. His gaze travelled down her perfect body and he watched, rapt as she slid the black lace over her hips and down her thighs, letting them fall to the ground around her pretty little feet. A triangle of short auburn hair sat above her beautiful plump pussy and he licked his lips as he took in the sight of this magnificent woman standing before him, naked but for her diamond jewellery and a wicked smile.

“Do you like what you see then?” she asked, slowly turning round to let him appraise her from every angle.

“You fucking well know I do.” he answered roughly. “You can see how hard you’ve got me, how long are you gonna tease me like this for?”

“For as long as I want to.” she snapped back. “Essentially you belong to my husband. And right now that means you and your hard-on belong to me.”

He shook his head, his frustration and anger plain to see. The little prick tease was right though.

“Now now, no need to sulk” she said, her demeanour softening again. “I said I’d make this very pleasant for you after all, just as long as you did what you were told. And you’ve been a very good boy so far. But you got to watch me so I think it’s only fair I get to watch you a little while. Get back under the shower for me.”

He was beginning to get pissed off at being ordered around now, but he was more eager to shoot his load so he did as he was told and got back under the steaming hot jets of water.

“Clean şirinevler escort yourself for me” she ordered “but don’t you dare touch your cock.”

He took the bottle of shower gel from the ledge behind him and squeezed a handful of it into his open palm. He looked across to see the pale temptress leaning her back against the tiled wall, staring intently at him, idly running her hands up her tummy and over her beautiful breasts. He saw her bite her bottom lip as he slowly started to rub the shower gel into his muscular torso, lathering up his abs and chest and then working it into his powerful arms.

She took her left nipple between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand and squeezed hard, sending a jolt right through her body and a moan of pleasure from her lips. She wanted to feel those rough, masculine hands all over her body, stroking her, caressing her, exploring her. He turned his back to her as he continued to shower, soapy lather running down his back and over his taught buttocks and thighs. She ran a hand over her mound and slipped it between her thighs. Her fingers were immediately slick with her juice, she was absolutely sopping wet. It was time.

He first noticed the scent of her perfume, then felt her soft hands on his body as she slipped her arms around his waist, alternating between caressing his chest and stomach and dragging her perfectly manicured scarlet fingernails across his skin, sending a shiver through him. “Don’t move” she whispered in his ear before planting a trail of soft kisses down his neck and shoulder. His head tilted back instinctively, inviting more kisses. Her cool skin felt wonderful against his hot, wet flesh and he could feel her breasts pressed against his back and her little patch of pubic hair against his thigh. His breathing was heavy and his cock stood proud, throbbing, waiting for relief.

She opened out the palm of her right hand. “Squeeze a drop of shower gel into my hand, put the bottle back on the ledge and then place your hands against the wall”. His hand was almost shaking as he carried out her instructions, swallowing hard as he placed his palms against the wall. She continued kissing and licking his upper back and shoulders as she rubbed the gel between her hands, eliciting gasps and moans of approval from him. He looked down to see her little white hand close around the shaft of his cock and let out a low, deep growl as her hand travelled from base to tip, coating it in the slick, soapy mixture.

His cock felt hot, heavy and powerful in hand and she could fell the pulse from the thick vein running along his shaft. She could fell his body tense every time her hand came in contact with the bulbous head and resolved to be as careful as possible not to get him off too soon. Her pussy was throbbing as she began to grind against his thick thigh. Her left hand gently cupped his balls as she continued slowly and firmly pleasuring his rock-hard cock.

“I said I’d be good to you didn’t I baby?” she sighed. “Does it feel good having my hand around your big, thick dick darling?”

“So… Fucking… Good” was all he could manage as she began slowly kissing down his spine, the pace of her stroke now constant, up and down. Up and down. Up and down.

He let out a cry, a mixture of shock and pleasure, as he first felt her warm, wet tongue slipping between his buttocks and lapping at his arse. She felt like such a dirty bitch, rimming a man who’s name she didn’t even know while her husband was upstairs, unawares. The thrill it gave her caused her to moan, sending waves of pleasure through his body too. She felt his balls begin to tighten in her hand and immediately ceased her stroking and licking. She wasn’t ready for his cum, not yet.

He’d been lost in the sensation and had closed his eyes but they shot open as the pleasure suddenly stopped. He spun round in time to see her slowly walking towards to the locker room, hips swaying, arse wiggling seductively as she went. He shut the shower off and hurried through to find her.

He stopped abruptly as he entered the room. She was sat on the bench in the corner of the room, leaning against the wall with her legs spread wide. She was lazily caressing her swollen red cunt with one hand, the other tugging and pinching her nipples in turn, moaning and sighing softly. Her gorgeous green eyes were glazed over and she had an expression of pure, unadulterated lust on her face.

“Fuck me, please” she breathed at him. “Come over here and fuck me. I want that inside me. I want that fucking cock… In me… Now.”

He strode across the room and scooped her up in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist, kissing him deeply and passionately as he pinned her against the cold metal of the lockers. Her hands roamed across his muscular back as cupped her buttocks in his powerful hands, guiding her soaking wet hole onto the head of his now agonisingly throbbing cock. She groaned as she felt her self stretch to accommodate him and bit him hard to suppress a scream as he thrust his entire length into her at last. She’d never been filled like this and they both took a second to adjust to the sensations before he slowly and deliberately withdrew, almost completely, before slamming back into her, drawing a loud banging noise from the locker and a cry of pleasure to escape her lips.

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