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The Examining Room

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It seems that the animals you get for free sometimes are the most expensive to own. But, by the time you realize it, they have a hold on your heart and you’d sell all you own to keep them well fed and cared for.

It was time for Lucas to get his stitches out. The ligament repair on his left hind knee had been successful, and he was returning to his pre-op friskiness. I bundled him into the back seat of my car, being sure to lift his hindquarters so he wouldn’t have to jump up.

As I backed the car into the driveway, he wriggled between the front seats and proudly assumed the “shotgun” seat on the right. I smiled as I stroked his head. He is a sweet creature and it distressed me greatly to hear his whines of pain the night he returned home with the meds wearing off. But, his recovery had been swift and without complications and it was time to see his friends down at the Veterinary Hospital. Although he faced weeks of limited activity, at least the haircut he had was beginning to grow back. He looked like a Poodle that had been clipped in the dark.

After the ten minute drive, I swung the Lexus into the Vet’s parking lot and found a spot close to the door. I stepped out and just caught Lucas as he leapt for the ground.

“Dammit Dog!” I cursed, “You’ll re-injure yourself, be careful.” He looked at me with that expression of “Whatever you say,” and tugged on the lead as we walked to the Reception Room.

The room was deserted as we walked in, Lucas’s toenails beating a tattoo on the slick linoleum. Pulling him close, I leaned over the counter and caught the attention of the receptionist. She was a young woman, perhaps 25, with short blonde hair and a nice smile.

“Lucas is here to have his stitches out,” I announced quietly.

“Fine, Mr. Phillips, please take a seat. Dr. Lee will be with you in a moment.”

Lucas scrabbled his way to our seat and I sat with him leaning against my legs.

“Excuse me,” I asked the young woman, “I don’t believe I’ve seen Dr. Lee before.”

“She’s filling in for Dr. Dean,” she replied.

“Great,” I said and leaned back in my chair, idly flipping through the pages of “Cat Fancy.” Lucas busied himself greeting anyone who came through the door. He seemed to really enjoy his visits to the Vet. As it turned out, I would enjoy it, too.

“Lucas Phillips!” came the announcement from a Vet tech.

I threw my magazine down and let Lucas lead the way to the examining room. The Tech swung the door open and ushered us in.

“Dr. Lee will be with you in a moment, Sir”.

I thanked her and sat down in the lone, straight-backed chair. The room was sparse, a shiny linoleum floor, a sink and vanity on one wall, a chart of dog breeds on the other, the other two walls had doors. The space was dominated by a large, stainless steel, examining table. The room smelled of disinfectant, and the hum of the air conditioner almost drowned out the sound of dogs barking that filtered through the door on my left.

After what seemed like an hour, the door swung open and a woman in surgical scrubs breezed in.

“Hello Mr. Phillips,” she smiled, canlı bahis “I’m Susan Lee. I see you’ve brought your boy for his stitch removal.”

I was momentarily struck mute. She was a really attractive woman, Asian; probably Chinese, and her surgical outfit did little to hide her slim, well-proportioned figure. She was perhaps 5′ 3″, maybe early forties, compact and lean.

“Probably works out,” I surmised. “Oh, Dr. Lee, nice to meet you” I stammered.

“Please call me Susan,” she replied, “now let’s look over your handsome boy. Would you help me lift him onto the table?”

I bent down and put my arms around Lucas’s belly, and she lifted his forelegs. We slid him onto the table, ignoring his wriggling and protestations. As she bent forward to lay him on the table, the neckline of her scrubs drooped and I was treated to the sight of a pair of small, firm breasts confined in a black, lacy bra. She caught me looking and shot me a glance, followed by a small smile. Her dark eyes flashed and I felt like a schoolboy caught looking into the Girls’ Room.

“Please help hold him still, and I’ll look over his incision,” she instructed.

I leaned over Lucas’s body from one side of the table, gripping his foreleg and a hind leg, as she stepped to the other side. She leaned down again, and I was treated to yet another view of those lovely tits. I was beginning to feel the beginning of a hard-on and shifted my stance to make room.

“If you’ll step around the table you can help me keep the leg still,” she said, as my eyes followed the curve of her tight, round ass.

I switched sides and we stood together as she readied the scissors and tweezers. She shifted her position and our shoulders touched, I could smell her hair, an earthy freshly-washed scent. She turned to look at me and seemed to be lost in thought for a moment.

“You have nice eyes,” she remarked idly, and turned back to her task.

The patient was being exceptionally well behaved and Dr. Lee began to swiftly cut and remove the sutures, dropping each purple thread into a stainless steel tray. I watched her hands as they worked, sure and gentle. She had beautiful hands, delicate, with tapered fingers and neatly trimmed nails. I drifted into a fantasy world for a moment as I imagined her hands exploring my body, caressing my skin. As she worked, our bodies touched occasionally, and she didn’t seem to notice. Suddenly, without warning, Lucas made an attempt to sit up, sending the suture tray crashing to the floor.

“I’ll get it,” I exclaimed, just as we both bent down to retrieve the errant tray.

Our hands touched and I found myself looking directly into her deep brown eyes. There was an almost palpable silence as we stared at each other. The tension was electric. Her gaze had me transfixed and a small, knowing smile crossed her face.

She stood up and returned her attention to her waiting patient. With my heart racing, I slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer, alert for any sign that my attentions were unwelcome, there was none. She turned to face me, one hand still clutching the tray.

I lifted bahis siteleri the back of her shirt and slid my hand up her back, she stiffened momentarily and I was ready to bolt, but she kept her eyes on mine as I ran my hands up and down the bumps of her spine, feeling the outline of her shoulder blades. Her skin was soft as a baby’s and a light tan, very sexy.

She turned away for a moment and cleared her throat….

“Well, Mr. Phillips, Lucas is doing very well, let’s put him down now,” and together we deposited the wriggling dog onto the floor. Dr. Lee reached for a tin that stood next to the sink.

“Would Lucas like a treat for being so good?” she asked.

Lucas, never being one to pass up a good deal, politely accepted the offering and lay down on the floor, the better to savor his goodie.

“How about your owner, Lucas? Do you think he’d like a treat, too?”

She addressed the dog as though she expected a reply. She straightened up and glanced at me with a smile that spoke volumes.

I watched apprehensively as the Vet walked to each door in turn, locking it. Leaning over the sink she rubbed some soap onto her palms, and began to slowly wash her hands. Summoning up my courage I moved up closely behind her and reached around her, sliding my hands up the front of her scrubs.

For a moment she paused, leaned her head back and then resumed the languid hand-washing. Her bra had a front closure and I snapped it open, releasing her firm breasts. Her nipples were hard and quite long; I stroked her breasts, gently squeezing her nipples between the joints of my fingers. She moaned quietly, hand washing had ceased now and now she lowered her head, her straight dark hair hanging almost to the washbasin.

Putting my hands on her hips, I pulled her closer to me, letting my stiffening cock press against her firm ass. She raised her head again and leaned it backward against my chest. I buried my face in her hair. The scent was intoxicating.

I dropped to my knees and slid my hands down her belly until I found the drawstring for her cotton scrub pants. As I pulled it, her pants slid to her ankles, and the ass I had admired earlier was revealed in all its glory. It was magnificent, and her lace panties revealed just a tantalizing bit of her cleavage. I hooked my thumbs in the elastic and slid them to join her pants. She was beginning to breathe faster, and I just had to feel her sweet pussy.

Resting my face in the small of her back I inhaled a deep draught of her fragrance. It was like her hair: Earthy, clean and womanly. I slid the tip of my tongue into the valley where her tight ass began and she uttered a small moan. Parting her thighs just a little I ran my hand up her legs from her muscular calves, up the inside of her thighs until my fingers found her soft pussy lips. I was pleasantly surprised to find she was smooth, and extremely wet.

With my finger I separated her delicate labia and her large, stiff clit revealed itself. Circling her clit with my finger, I ran my other hand up her stomach and cupped each breast in turn. Then, I gave her nipple a sharp squeeze, bahis şirketleri and then pulled it quite hard. She cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle a yelp, but then dropped her head again and began to move rhythmically, in time with my finger.

Grabbing her hips, I spun her around, propelling her backwards, sending Lucas scurrying for a new place to lie; I lifted her onto the examining table. Laying her on her back on the shiny surface, I spread her legs forcefully and took in the breathtaking view. Her smooth Mound of Venus was prominent, her inner secrets concealed. With my fingers I tenderly spread her labia and dipped my finger in her wetness. With my thumb and forefinger I slid back the hood that concealed her swollen clit, and it proudly stood up, its pink head protruding, begging for attention.

I bent over and took her clit between my lips, sucking gently and it began to engorge even more. Pulling it into my mouth I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. Her slightly musky scent mingled with the ambient antiseptic smell of the exam room. The taste of her was almost sweet, heady, like the underlying flavor of a good wine. She reached down and ran her fingers through my hair, pushing my head closer to her sweet slit. Now she was moving her hips rapidly, holding my head down on her wet, pink lips. I felt her rest her feet on my shoulders as her breaths came in short, rapid bursts.

She ran her hands over my head, curling the strands of hair around her fingers and stroking my face softly.

I pushed two fingers firmly into her, and began to curl the tips, looking for that G-Spot up close to her bladder. With my other hand I firmly pressed on her belly, pushing it closer to my probing fingers. Her back arched and she muffled her cry with her hands…. a flow of warm fluid trickled onto the stainless surface and it was all I could do to stop her falling off the table. Sliding my fingers out, I pushed my face into her pink wetness and, with the tip of my tongue, traced the outline of her pussy lips from front to back. I wiped the juices from my chin with the back of my hand and stood up.

For a moment she lay there, her chest heaving, her eyes closed, a smile on her full lips, her beautiful pussy gleaming in the fluorescent light. Bending over, I kissed the soft skin inside her thighs and ran my tongue upward to her navel. I was lost in my reverie, but then she stirred, and slowly opened her eyes. Her gaze locked on to mine, and for a moment I was transfixed. She truly was a very beautiful woman

Raising herself onto her elbows; she slid her feet to the floor. Bending down, giving me one last look at that magnificent ass, she pulled on her panties and scrubs.

“I think Lucas will be fine,” she murmured. “I’ll be sure to give Dr. Dean a full, well ALMOST full, report.

She straightened her clothes, walked to the door and reached for the handle. Pausing a moment she turned to me, walked over and pulled me to her. Her lips found mine, and her soft tongue slipped into my mouth.

As we disengaged, she swung the door open and Lucas and I walked into the bright light of the Reception area. I turned to thank her, but she was already pulling a record from the rack.

“Johnson! This way, please,” and the door slammed behind her.

Hmmm, Lucas will be in need of a Rabies shot soon.

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