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The Fetish Continues

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This episode is a continuation of my previous 2 submissions, “A fetish Discovered” and “A Fetish discovered Part 2” My wife, Sue, had discovered my love of sexy lingerie and anal sex and had become so turned on by feminising me. After one session when she had just fucked my brains out with a strap on, Sue had asked me if I would have sex with a guy. I told her I would. However, in this episode things take an unexpected, but welcome, turn. Your comments are appreciated.


“Is that what you want me to do?” I enquired, “watch me sucking a guy’s cock then letting him slide it in my ass and fuck me?”

“Hell, yes, I really want to watch you. I seem to be so fucking horny at the moment. Ever since I found you fucking yourself. I’d love to see you with a guy”

Sue had expanded my female wardrobe, I had worn women’s underwear 24/7 since she discovered me on our bed wearing one of her thongs and stockings with a plastic cock in my ass. I also wore other girly clothes including sexy slips and nighties as well as skirts and little tops that showed off the sexy tattoo on my back and the cute belly button piercing, both of which I had had done as part of my feminisation.

I had been extremely curious as to what sex with a guy would be like, and now, it seemed I was to find out, I was so excited.

Sue spent hours on the internet looking for a “suitable” guy for me. The advert she put together was,

“Bi curious guy, 7″ cock, smooth all over, seeks a sexy guy for fun and games while wife watches. Loves to wear sexy lingerie and stockings, Would like to chat then meet up for a drink and see how we get on. Will take it further with the right guy.”

This was me she was referring to!!!

I had started to let my hair grow and was washing and conditioning it with girly stuff which was making my hair softer. Sue had begun to manicure my nails and I loved it when I was able to paint them, at weekends and evenings, with the same sexy red colour that I was wearing on my toes.

I work in a large office in sales and always wear a suit with shirt and tie for my job. Unbeknown to my colleagues, I had started to wear sexy little boy shorts or thongs as well!! But when I got home, I changed into my female things, with a touch of perfume too.

One Saturday evening Sue had gone out with her friend Claire. Claire was sexy, in her mid thirties and married. I knew she had not always been faithful to her husband and was up for fun. I didn’t want her to be a bad influence on my wife but they were good friends and I trusted Sue. On this particular evening, they had gone for a meal then onto a club in town. I didn’t expect her back until the early hours. I had a nice long bath, put on a pair of lovely peach coloured adana escort boy shorts with a matching chemise top and a short silky robe, sat in the lounge watching a DVD and enjoying a large glass of wine.

It was about 12.30, the phone rang. It was Sue.

“Hi, I’m on the way home,” She said, “won’t be long.”

“You’re early,” I said, “everything ok?”

“Yes great, listen sweetie, Claire’s staying over with us, is that ok?”

What the hell is she playing at I thought?

“Well not really, I’m not dressed for visitors, you know that.”

“Don’t worry, she knows all about you, I’ve told her…” I cut in.

“You’ve what? What the hell are you playing at Sue? I can’t believe it. No I don’t want her here.”

“It’s OK, she’s cool about it, calm down.”

Sue went on to say that Claire knew all about my feminisation. She had also told her that I’d be wearing my night things. Apparently Claire wanted to see for herself, she was also turned on by the thought of a guy being dressed as I was.

“Don’t worry baby,” said Sue, “See you in a minute.” She finished the call.

I started to panic, I got up and wanted to run for cover and hide. I couldn’t believe it.

I didn’t have long to worry, the taxi was obviously closer than she made out because I heard the key in the front door and before I could do anything they were both standing before me.

“Wow.” Said Claire, looking at me.

“She’s gorgeous isn’t she?” added Sue.

I stood there in disbelief that Sue had brought her friend into our home in these circumstances.

Claire walked towards me and ran her hand against my hair and neck. I looked over at Sue, who was feeling horny, I knew, all too well, that look in her eyes.

“Don’t be shy John, you look really good. I told Sue this is a fantasy of mine. If only I could get Alan to wear my panties, but he won’t,” Alan was her husband, we’d met many times. He was a great laugh and we all got on very well, “Sue told me about what you’ve been up to and I’m so envious of her. You look amazing. Infact with a bit of make-up and some boobs you’d easily be able to pass for a girl.”

It appeared that the girls had been talking about this all night. Claire was as turned on by a feminised man as much as my wife was although to Claire this situation had been, up until now, only a fantasy.

I had started to relax. Claire looked beautiful, a blonde with a fair sized chest, dressed in a little black dress and heels.

Sue came towards us and we all sat on the sofa with me in the middle.

“Don’t be mad darling, Claire’s as turned on as I am,” said my wife, resting her hand on my bare leg, “I’m so proud of you.” She leant towards eskişehir escort me and kissed me, a long passionate “I want to fuck you” kiss. I responded too. After the shock I was really relaxed now and comfortable with Claire being there. Infact more than that. Claire had a great body and I had often found myself staring at her boobs and ass. I’m sure she’d seen me looking at her more than once. We broke the kiss, Claire had leant over towards us. My silk robe had parted and she was looking at the hard on that was very obvious underneath my little shorts.

“Can I?” asked Claire, “Yes.” Replied Sue.

I wasn’t sure what my wife had just agreed to but Claire kissed my cheek twice before moving over to my mouth and kissing me in the same way that my wife had done moments earlier. I responded, what a nice soft sexy kiss it was too. Her tongue darted into my mouth as we held each other tighter.

Sue had started to remove my robe and kiss my shoulder.

Claire stood up and knelt before Sue.

I also discovered that Claire was bisexual and had been trying to get into Sue’s knickers for a while now.

“I’m so turned on.” She said as she embraced Sue and kissed her. My wife seemed to freeze for a second or two but didn’t object and they kissed very lustily for a few moments. Claire’s hand unzipped Sue’s dress which dropped to her waist. They kissed again this time Sue unzipped Claire which gave me a nice view of her pretty light blue bra, her gorgeous boobs nearly falling out of the lacy lingerie.

Sue walked out of the room and I stared at Claire’s sexy body. Her boobs heaving as her breathing increased with the lust that filled her. After a few minutes Sue returned with a strap-on, the double ender we used regularly and a couple of cocks.

I looked back towards Claire, she was sitting in just her thong now. I stared at those beautiful boobs.

“You look great, you’re gorgeous and so sexy.” I said to her.

I sat closer to her. As Sue sat down, she also removed her bra.

“Mmm, those toys look good Sue, what’s first? What do you fancy John?”

I stared at the tits, inches away from me. She looked at me, then her boobs and back to me again.

“Go on, touch them, I want you to.”

I looked over to Sue for approval “Go on, play with them.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I grabbed the boob next to me then the other one. My mouth went to the dark erect nipple and licked and sucked. As I glanced at Sue, I was shocked to see that Claire was playing with one of Sue’s tits. I stopped momentarily and watched as Sues head tilted backwards and she gave out a slight moan as Claire played with her extra sensitive nipple.

My cock sakarya escort was rock hard, it needed some attention. The girls knelt in front of me and both slid their hands up my legs to my cock. I’m not too sure which hand got there first but it was welcome. I was holding their boobs, rubbing them and tweaking the nipples.

“Get on your knees.” Claire ordered. I felt my shorts being slid away from my ass before a tongue started to rim me. I wasn’t sure whose it was bit it felt good. A hand moved under the chemise top and started to play with my nipples. Then a mouth covered then end of my cock, it was Sue.

The tongue disappeared from my hole then moments later I felt the familiar coldness of lube being rubbed into my asshole then the tip of the strap on as it rested at my hole before being pushed in past the opening and all the way into my ass. Claire rested for a moment then started to fuck me at a fast pace. Sue stood in front of me and watched as her friend fucked me. She sat on the floor and, with the double ended, slid one end into her asshole and then bent the other end and slid it into her pussy. Claire was fucking me faster now, the cock felt great as it slid in and out of my hole.

Suddenly the cock came out of me and I felt Claire pulling me to my feet.

“Take these off,” she said, pulling at the shorts and pulling them down my legs.

I stood in just the sexy top, Claire told me to lay down on the floor. I looked up and saw her pull my wife to her and start to kiss her passionately. Their hands were all over each other, Claire’s hand went down to Sue’s pussy and as she pushed two fingers in, Sue moved her legs apart for easier access.

“Oh god, yes, fuck me,”

“You like that eh?”

“Yes, yes…don’t stop.”

Claire’s mouth sucked and licked on her tits. I watched, gobsmacked. My wife was bisexual and I didn’t know it.

Sue appeared to be having trouble staying on her feet as an orgasm hit her. She bucked and screamed grabbing onto Claire for stability.

“Oh fuck, you’ve made me cum Claire.” She said in a surprised tone.

Claire looked at me, lying on the floor with my cock standing to attention. She moved towards me and slid onto my dick. She was soaking wet and started to ride me. Sue, who appeared to have made a slight recovery from her orgasm, decided that she wanted more and came and sat on my face. I licked and licked at the gushing cunt. She was so wet.

Within a few minutes I was on my way to cumming and by the sound of Claire she was too. We both came together. I tried my hardest to keep licking at my wife’s pussy as I shot my sperm into Claire’s cunt. Claire slowed down then after resting on my cock she got off and moved up to my face, pushing Sue off me.

She wanted me to clean her out and eat my own cum. Sue did too. I needed little encouragement as I licked at her sloppy pussy, sucking and swallowing our mixed juices while Sue watched me, rubbing her clit until she came again about 30 seconds after Claire.

It was going to be a long night.

To be continued …

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