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The Joys of Family Sex

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Emily lay on her bed naked. stroking her pussy after work. She began to play with her dd boobs. She started to hear the wet slapping sounds. The sound drove her wild. The sound was coming from outside her door. The wet slapping sound meant only one thing. She heard the sound a lot. She heard the sound when she was changing, Masturbating, or when she was getting a good rodgering. The sounds set Emily’s pussy on fire. The sounds of wet slapping only drove her on. To masturbate even harder. Emily suspected that the reason she flicked the bean so often was to hear the wet slapping noise once again. She began to masturbate to the sounds of the slapping. The wet slapping sounds were of a male masturbating. He was watching her through the keyhole. The bedroom door was opposite her bed. So he had a good view.

The masturbtaor was her son Tom. Tom was 19 years old. He had grown into one fine young man. And he was the main man she fantasized about these days. Emily hated herself for it. But she could not help it. Thoughts of incest had always made Emily wet. Emily was considered attractive by men. so She was used to male attention. But she never dreamed that her own son would be sexually interested in her as well. She knew Tom was rather fond of using her panties. She regularly found evidence of his enjoyment in her panties. She regularly saw the outline of her panties on his bum. Through his clothes. She also suspected he had a stash of her panties in his room. She had to many panties go missing. Sometimes she would have panties disappear. Then reappear several weeks later in her hamper. Emily knew that she could not judge her son. As she used to flick the bean to thoughts of her father railing her. She had suppressed those naughty fantasies. But then her son turned 18. And slowly over time, she had begun to see him not as a boy. But as a man. And her naughty incest fantasies began to resurface again. Her own crush on her son had gotten so bad in recent times. She now had to be careful not to scream out her sons name. During her orgasms.

Emily’s own orgasm began to build slowly. She went to her nightstand and retrieved one of her many Dildos. She lay back on the bed. She had a long look at the door. The sounds that drove Emily wild continued. She would just love to be able to open the door and see her son stroking himself. But she knew that if she were to approach the door her sexy son would bolt. She inserted her Dildo into her pussy. She began to pump it in and out, in and out. She matched her speed to the speed of her son. She wanted him to realize that she was aware of him. She wanted him to open the door. To burst in and catch her in the ‘act’.

Her orgasm built and built she wanted to get on all 4s to give her son a different view. But she chose to stay in her position. The rate of the wet slapping sound was only increasing.

Emily was nearing her moment of bliss. she loved the feeling of the Dildo in her pussy. she only wished it could be a real cock. Such as her sons. The wet slapping sound made her even hornier. Emily does not bother to keep quiet when masturbating or getting fucked. As she knows that Tom likes to listen to the sounds she makes. She never turns the lights off for masturbation or sex. Knowing that her son can see her makes everything so much hotter. Emily was looking forward to her ‘date’ with Jeremy. She knew that Tom would be watching them fuck through the keyhole. She was getting close now. Pumping her Dildo in and out of her pussy. Her orgasm began to build and build. She was pretending that the Dildo was her son’s cock. She could still hear her son masturbating from outside her door.

Her orgasm was building and building. She began to put on a real show for her son. She made a lot more noise than she usually did. Emily heard her son Tom say. “Fuck me, mummy.” This shocked Emily. But it pushed her over the edge into the bliss of her orgasm. And in her brief moments of her shock and pleasure. She screamed out “Fuck me Tom.” She enjoyed her brief moments of bliss. But as her orgasm ended the feelings of shame artemisbet yeni giriş crept in. She had just screamed out fuck me Tom. Her son’s name. The one who really lit her pussy on fire. Emily knew that the only reason she had screamed those words out. Was because she had heard her son scream out. “Fuck me, mummy.” Her son had screamed it out first. She now knew what she had always suspected. Her son indeed wanted to fuck her. But what would she do with this information. Was she really going to actually pursue her own son. She knew if she acted on her own naughty desires that it would change their relationship. The burning in her pussy told her the answer to the question.

She lay there for a few minutes. She got up and began to get dressed she wanted to go for a run. their was a neighbor having an eat out. Her and Tom were invited. She needed to go for a run. As she could not yet face her son. She also needed time to think about what had just happened.

When she was heading out of the house. She could not bring herself to leave the house without saying goodbye to her son. She also needed to clear the air with him.

“Hi, Tom.”

“Hi, mum.” Upon hearing him say this. She felt a tickle in her pussy. As it brought back memories of 20 minutes ago.

“Just going for a run. You are still going to the eat out. Over at Sara’s.”

“Yea I am.”

“Could you organize dinner for yourself tomorrow night. As I have another date with Jeremy.” Her son had a big smile on his face at hearing this.

“Yea that’s no problem.”

‘Well I will head-on. I should be gone an hour.’

So she went for a run. She went the usual path. As usual, she got a lot of attention from men. They loved to look and her boobs and bum as she ran. During her run she decided she was indeed going to throw caution to the wind and allow her self to explore the potabilities with her son. She knew they both wanted it. But she was not sure if it was really a good idea. As she came near her house she saw her next door neighbors out for a walk. The Carlson’s. A mother and son. Mirade and Terence. They were walking hand in hand. Occasionally she sees them holding hands.

After she was done and back at the house. She found her son in his room. She went to her room. She knew at once her room had been disturbed. She found her underwear drawer open. And a bra hanging from the edge of the drawer front. He wants me to know he did a pantie raid she thought. She went over to the panties she had worn to work. They were on the floor. Inside she found a big gloop of her son’s sperm. She lifted the panties to her face. She breathed in deeply. She loved the smell of sperm. She gave a quick lick. She found it to be a pleasant-tasting sperm. She hoped to be able to drink the sperm directly from its source one day.

She had a quick shower. Her pussy was aching for some attention from the shower head. But she resisted the temptation. She would have her fun later she thought.

She got her body dried. And began to get dressed. She did her makeup without her top on. She thought she better go and make sure her son had gotten dressed. She was just about to put a t-shirt on. But then she thought why is a t-shirt really required. He has seen it all before. She also wanted to do it as she knew she was been naughty and wanted to start teasing her son. So she went off to her son’s room in just her purple vs bra and skirt.

When her son saw her in her bra his eyes lit up. He was staring at her boobs.

“Good you are dressed. Just came to make sure you were dressed. We are leaving in 20 minutes.”

She left. Her son never uttered a word.

20 minutes later she found her son in the kitchen. They walked together to the house.

At the house, there were lots of people. Sara and her husband. And there 2 daughters and a son. Emily’s sister Lisa and her family was hear. Her husbands name was James. Daughters Veronica, Lilly and Kim. Toms best friend John and his mum Katrina was hear. And of course there was there hosts. Sarah and her family.

Her artemisbet giriş and her son had a nice time. At one point she saw her son chatting to Thomas. She seen Tom chatting to John for a while. near the time she was leaving she saw. Sara’s husband Jake spank his daughters on the bum. Her name was Danielle’s. she was around 21 and it looked to be in a playful way. Emily had to admit. She would not mind spending 10 minuets with her head between Danielle’s legs. She did wonder was maybe her and her son not the only strange people who lived on the street.


Tom had a lot to processes today. When he was watching his mum masturbate. When he climaxed he screamed out fuck me, mummy. She defiantly heard. He felt shame for a few moments. But then his mum had screamed out fuck me Tom. This shocked Tom. He now knew that his mother felt the same way. But he did not know how to approach his mum about what happened. But when she was away for her run he was in her room having another wank. He decided he would leave evidence of his pantie raid. He left her pantie drawer open and hung a bra from the edge. He did not know if he should do it or not. But only time would tell. Then his mother came back from her run she came into his room wearing a bra. Mum had not done this in years. He struggled to look at her face. She was so beautiful in her bra. His cock became hard again instantly. Tom did wonder was his mum showing herself off. After what happened earlier. And him leaving evidence of his pantie raid. Was she going to start wearing a bra around him more often. He hoped so.

They went to the eat out with his mum. He knew he looked at her away too much. His next-door neighbor Thomas noticed. He said to him. “Nothing wrong with having a look at your mother. Or having a feel. If you can get away with it. He did not know how to feel about this either. He asked him he ever spied on her. He of course lied. And said no.

Tom was ecstatic that his mum had another date with Jeremy. After dinner, they would come back to the house and fuck. And Tom would spy on them through the keyhole. They fucked with the lights on. So he could see everything. He knew it was wrong. But he loved watching and hearing his mum been fucked. She had an incredible body. She was extremely sexy. She had large boobs. With a cute bum. Secretly Tom had a major crush on his mum. He loved to be around her. He dreamed of fucking her.

That night he heard familiar sexy sounds coming from his mum’s bedroom. He went to his mum’s room. The keyhole pointed in the direction of his mum’s bed. On the other side, he saw his mother lying on her bed. she was wearing a red lace bodysuit. She looked stunning in it. She was playing with the outside of her pussy through the body suite. She was moaning softly. Tom began to play with his cock. Soon she had gotten her boobs out and began to play with her nipples. He loved to watch his mother play with her nipples.

She went to her nightstand. And brought out one of her Dildos. She had a collection of toys. She took off the bodysuit.

She got on all 4s with her bum pointed in the direction of the door. Tom often wondered was his mum aware that her son was watching her through the keyhole. She often gave him a great view of her body. Did it perhaps turn her on. Knowing he was watching.And if his suspicions were correct. He often wondered about ways to escalate things with his mum. But could not think of a way to do it. So he only spied on his mum.

She began to pump the Dildo in and out of her pussy with increased speed. And with it she began to make more and more noise. he knew his mother’s own pleasure was building. His own rate of masturbation increased. He wished he had a second pair of his mum’s panties too smell. But they were all the way back in his own room.

She then left the bed. And began to look for something. She cam back to the bed and set a book on the bed. She retrieved a suction cup Dildo a rather large one. And stuck that to the top of the book. He thought she was going to masturbate cowgirl style. She artemisbet güvenilirmi next retrieved a bottle. He then realized it was lube. She began to apply it to her ass and the suction cup Dildo. He realized she was going to fuck herself analy today. He had never seen her to it before.

She picked up a Dildo and she impaled her ass on the suction cup Dildo. She then began to gyrate her ass on the Dildo. With the other Dildo she pushed it in and out of her vagina. It was so hot looking at his mum do this. If he was not careful he might come early. She moaned throughout her double penetration. She seemed to be enjoying her self. She did this for some time. She then changed positions. Laying back on her bed. Giving Tom an excellent view of her boobs and the rest of her naked body. He would just love a close-up of her pussy as she masturbated. He had never got a proper look at it. He knew she was shaven. But he did not know if it had large or small lips.

She was now masturbating at a much-increased rate. She was beginning to make a lot of noise. Her moans were so sexy to Tom’s ears. He could probably cum to just the sounds of his mum’s moans. Tom knew that his mother’s climax was only moments away. Tom began to masturbate faster and faster. It began to feel better and better. Then his mum said “fuck me, Tom.” And liquid sprayed from his mother’s pussy. At this moment Tom covered his mothers bedroom door with his semen. His mother had just screamed out his name. While her orgasm hit. This was of course the second time she shouted this out today.

He peaked through the keyhole. And what he saw shocked him. His sexy mother was walking towards the door in the nude.

Tom took off towards his room. He opened his room door. He got his room door closed. Just as his mum opened her door. He ran and turned of his light and jumped in his bed. And pretended to be asleep. He heard his mother walk past his room. He presumed that she needed a drink of water after her intense self-induced orgasm. Tom lay in bed in nothing but one of his sexy mum’s thongs.

She spent a few minutes in the kitchen. But as he knew his mother was passing his room. She stooped and opened his door. Tom pretended to be asleep.

“Tom,” said his mother.

Tom pretended to wake up slowly.

He opened his eyes and saw his mother had popped her head around the door. He could only see her head. He knew she was been careful to not reveal she was naked.” Hello,” he said in a fake groggy voice.

“Oh sorry for waking you”

“I heard someone outside my room. Thought it might have been you. But you were sleeping.” At this moment she leaned a little too much into the room. Revealing her left boob. She had such delicious boobs. Tom would love to be able to suck them. Tom had such a hard erection at that moment

“Yea I was asleep.” He lied. He feared his mum was on to him. He did not mention that his mum was exposed at that moment.

She looked down at her boob. Seen that it was exposed but did not attempt to cover it up. She smiled.”Well, good night then.” And she left.

Tom did not know what to think. He was still shocked at what his mum had shorted out. She had shouted out fuck me Tom for the second time today. He suspected that she had intended to shout out his name all along the second time. And then his mother had exposed her boob to her son. Intentionally or not. He did not know. But he suspected and hoped it was intentional.

He lay awake for the next 20 minutes. Till he thought it was safe to go and clean his mum’s door. He got out of Tom and got a pair of boxers on. And approached her room door with a tissue in one hand and his phone with the light on in the other.

When he got to the door he discovered it was clean. The light was off in her room. She must have cleaned it up when she went back to her room. Perhaps she had rubbed it into her pussy. The thought made Tom extremely hard once again. He went back to his room got a second pair of his mums panties that were fresher. He lay down his bed. And put the thong directly over his nose. He began to masturbate to the smell of his mums pussy. And imagining his mother eating his sperm and rubbing it deep into her pussy. With the aid of his erotic fantasy’s about his mother he blew his second load that hour. He soon went to sleep still thinking about his sexy mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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