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The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 39

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 39

Gabriella’s Tales — Part 2

Since settling in Regal Bay, Gabriella Santiago had met several women around her own age who seemed to be enjoying a healthy sex life, whether in or out of their marriages. Gabriella had maintained a steady dating routine over the last decade, but had not hooked up with any one man for more than a few weeks. As she aged, men her age just didn’t seem to do it for her anymore. Neither did older men. Her craving was for virile, youthful, and energetic men, men who were in their twenties almost exclusively, were the men who got her libido vibrating. She had to credit two of her women friends with opening her bright brown eyes to a new and exciting world; Joan Kuykendall and Natalya Aleshinova.

Gabriella worked weekends at the Regal Bay Golf Club as the club’s female golf pro. She enjoyed working with amateur golfers, most notably younger ones just getting started in the sport. Having been a tour pro for nearly a decade, she had taken up her position in Regal Bay after accepting a generous offer, and had slipped out of the top rankings. Besides working at the club, Gabriella also maintained a position at Regal Bay University, where she was the women’s golf team coach as well as a sports therapy instructor.

Through her position at RBU, Gabriella had met Joan, who enjoyed playing both golf and tennis in her free time. Of similar age, the two women grew to be close friends quickly. So, too, did Gabriella with Natalya at the Golf Club. Natalya was in charge of setting up events at both the club and the adjoining resort, and as such the two worked together much of the time. With Gabriella’s ties to the major American golf tours, she was invaluable in drawing the Ladies Professional Golf Association to add Regal Bay as a tour stop.

Michelle McGregor, who worked directly under Natalya at the Golf Club, also worked with Gabriella when it came to organizing and planning golf outings and events. As such they enjoyed many hours together planning events through the winter and early spring, while enjoying the fruits of their labors during the warm summer and well into autumn. Michelle played host to the many groups as well as prominent individuals who came to Regal Bay to play the course or enjoy the resort and near-by casino. Gabriella, in her role as the local celebrity and golf pro, often joined groups in a round of golf, or for dinner at the Golf Club restaurant.

When working on a project together, Gabriella and Michelle would usually dine in the restaurant together, with files and forms scattered about the table as they ate. After, they would retire to the cocktail lounge to relax and unwind. On this particular Monday evening, after a hectic but successful week-end event had concluded, Gabriella and Michelle enjoyed a quiet after-dinner drink in the cocktail lounge. There were only a few others in attendance, although it was only a little after nine, and none bothered the two beautiful middle-aged ladies sitting in the corner.

Conversation had long since turned personal, as the two women pushed their work aside and unwound. They had ordered martinis, and were on their second apiece when the conversation inevitably turned to the realm of sex.

“I tell you, Gabby,” Michelle whispered, “I don’t know what it is, but some of the boys Eric runs around with… I swear older women are all they ever look at!”

“What do you expect around here?” Gabriella asked with a grin, before popping the olive from her martini into her mouth. Her deep Argentine accent growing deeper with every cocktail consumed. “There has to be something in the water. It just isn’t natural having so many fine young men with Oedipus complexes, all in one area!” She giggled before adding, “Not that I’m complaining, have you! Oh, to be so young again, myself! The energy I would have!”

“But then you wouldn’t be on their radar!” Michelle retorted. “I mean, there are plenty of beautiful young girls their own ages running around Regal Bay, so why do there seem to be so many guys dicking their own mothers?”

“Listen to you! As if you haven’t spent an evening or two in bed with your own sons? Please! Pot — kettle – black. It’s all I’m saying.” Gabriella tossed back her martini and waved towards the bartender with the empty glass. It would be her third of the evening.

“Okay, so I’ve dipped into the sinful pool myself, okay?” Michelle replied in a much softer voice than Gabriella.

“Don’t you mean, skinny-dipped?” Gabriella corrected with another hearty laugh.

Michelle had a story to tell and wasn’t put off by her friend’s self entertainment. “Just the other day, one of Eric’s friends came over looking for him, I think his name was Pete, or Rick, I can’t remember. I admit, I’d had a couple after work. Brian wasn’t home yet and for some damned reason I was horny as hell,” she explained before tossing down the last of her martini. “Anyway,” she continued, “Eric wasn’t home ankara escort yet, either, and I let this kid in, thinking Eric would be home any time. I still don’t know what happened, exactly. I only know that before I knew it, I was on my knees sucking this kid’s fat dick!” Michelle sighed heavily and shook her head. The bartender, and older gentleman than either of them, brought over a fresh martini for each of them.

“Enjoy, ladies,” he grinned, bowed, and turned away. Whether he had heard any of their conversation or not, Gabriella wasn’t sure.

Once the bartender had moved out of ear-shot, Michelle continued. “The boy had me eight different ways from Sunday, and I’ll tell you, he had some serious stamina! Made me cum two or three times before he loaded me up good. I was still dripping when Eric finally showed up!”

Gabriella was stunned by her friend’s brashness. Michelle continued after gulping down her olive and half of the martini. “That boy was just one of many let me tell you. I hate to think that I’ve lost count! I don’t even remember most of their names, if I ever knew them in the first place.”

“Why bother to worry?” Gabriella shrugged. “I don’t. I never think about those that I’ve been with, unless I want to be with them again. I figure, if I can’t remember their name, so what?”

Michelle shook her head and turned her attention back towards the bartender. “I just don’t want my name passed around town, you know? I don’t need a reputation. Brian’s a great guy and we’ve had an open relationship for years, but he doesn’t know about the boys, our sons I mean.”

“Again I tell you, don’t worry about it,” Gabriella insisted. “You know as well as I do that for every girl our age getting jiggy with a stud half our age, the men our age are doing the same with girls half theirs!”

“Getting jiggy?” Michelle laughed. “What the hell is that?”

Gabriella smiled, and then wiggled her shoulders, making her breasts jiggle. “Getting jiggy!” she grinned, presenting her jiggling breasts with her hands. Both noticed the bartender looking their way with a wide grin on his face.

At that point, in an effort to change the subject, Gabriella mentioned that she had been having issues with her entertainment system in her condo. “I think maybe one of the speakers went out, although it’s quite possible that I screwed up the settings somehow. I’m just not very good with these new electronics.”

“As it turns out, Eric is fantastic with electronics,” Michelle told her. Eric was her youngest son. “He set everything up in our house. And he’s taking those media studies classes at RBU. And, he works part time out at Fryers, so I’m sure whatever’s wrong with your system he can fix.”

“That would be fantastic! I just can’t listen to garbled music, and I need my music, Michelle. You know that.” Gabriella chair-danced for a moment, again drawing the bartender’s attention. She smiled and waved her fingers towards him.

“I’ll have Eric come around to your place tomorrow, Gaby,” she insisted. “He’ll have your music sounding awesome again in no time, I can guarantee it!” she added with a grin. There was a lot in that last statement, Gabriella realized, after the fact.

The next afternoon, Eric was waiting on the front porch of her condo. He was a handsome young man, slim with dark hair cut short on his head, a wispy beard that traced the line of his chin, and glasses that made him look the part of an electronics technician. Unlike his older brother, Eric had inherited some of his mother’s Hawaiian features, with a slightly darker complexion and facial features that hinted at her Asian ancestry. The scooter he’d apparently ridden was parked in front of her garage and Gabriella nosed her Lexis near it.

After brief introductions, she opened up the front door and waved him in. “Come on inside,” Gabriella offered. “The entertainment center is right in here.” She led the quiet young man into her front room, which she used primarily as an entertainment room. Eric, with his tool bag in hand, went to the wall unit and asked, “So what’s the trouble, Mrs. Santiago?”

“The music, it is so very garbled, with not enough bass or too much,” she explained. “The sound from the television cuts out, sometimes. It is run through the sound system. And call me Gabriella,” she added. “There is no Mrs. Santiago, unless my mother is in town.”

“Okay, Gabriella it is,” he replied with a grin. “This might take a while, if you’ve got things to do.” He set his bag on the floor in front of the wide entertainment center and took a seat beside it in front of the stereo system. He reached up and powered everything on.

“I do have a few errands to run,” she said, “if you don’t mind. I’ll leave you my number and you can call if you need anything, or have any questions.”

“That will be great,” he said. “I’m probably going to have to pull a lot of this out, to get to the wiring in the back. ankara escort bayan I think I know what’s been going on. I’ve seen it a few times, in the dorms on campus. I can fix it pretty easily, once I get back in there.” He pulled a grey and black box the size of a paperback book out of his bag and held it up. “You probably just need one of these, and I’ll do some re-routing. Won’t take long at all.”

“That will be great,” she replied with a smile. “I’ll just go change, and I’ll check back before I leave, okay?”

“That’ll be fine,” he said, and then turned to the task at hand.

Upstairs, Gabriella showered and slipped into a casual burgundy dress suit. Her errands that afternoon included a meeting with a potential scholarship candidate and her family. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, I’d think,” she told Eric as she passed through.

“I’ll be done long before then,” he told her, his attention on his work. Gabriella left Eric to it and headed out.

Nearly two hours passed before Gabriella returned home. The afternoon sky had darkened as a storm moved in, and she pulled on into the garage. Eric’s scooter was still parked in front of her condo, however it had been moved up the walk towards the front door. Inside, Gabriella found the young man still at work in the living room, although it looked as if he was finishing up.

“How are things going?” Gabriella asked as she entered the room.

Eric jumped, as if startled by her sudden appearance. “Jeez! I didn’t hear you come in,” he gasped.

“I’m sorry,” she said. Then, “Have you fixed it? Is my music back to where it should be?”

“Hopefully, it’s better,” he grinned as he stood up. He then went through what he had to do, what he had to replace and repair, as well as the settings that had to be reset. Most of it went over her head, but she figured Eric knew what he was talking about well enough.

“Basically, I just had to give the whole system a tune-up. Not much to it, really,” he finished. He aimed the remote control, and the stereo kicked on. Soft Latin music began to play, and to Gabriella ears it sounded as if the music was all around her. “I moved the secondary speakers into the corners, behind those tables,” he pointed out. “It opened the sound up really well.”

“Yes it did,” Gabriella agreed. She moved about the room, grinning and listening to the music. She even started to dance across the floor, passing by him as he watched. “You’ve done a great job, Eric. What do I owe you for your time?” She reached for her pocket book, having already planned on paying him well, should he provide the results his mother had boasted about.

“I don’t need paid, Gabriella,” he insisted, using her name. “It was my pleasure.” She saw his smile, wide and bright. She felt his eyes as well, as if taking her in entirely.

“Maybe a celebratory drink, then?” she asked. “I have a fresh bottle of Zinfandel chilling, if you’d like to share a glass with me.”

“That would be nice,” Eric nodded. “But only a glass. I’ve got to drive home, still, and get up at four to go into work.”

“Damn! That’s awful early,” she replied while leading him by the hand into the dining area between the front room and kitchen.

“Most of my days are early ones,” he explained. She felt his eyes on her as she headed on into the kitchen, leaving him at the dining table. She retrieved the chilled bottle and two glasses and returned to him. She moved silkily, almost dancing as the music played.

After opening the wine and pouring a glass for both herself and Eric, Gabriella waved him into a chair and took one herself at the four-place table. They both took sips, and then the music became a little more romantic. Gabriella recognized “Amary y querer” (To Love and To Want), and wondered if Eric had any idea what he had put on, or how it might affect her. This song was one of her favorites, and always seemed to turn her mood towards the romantic, however her day had gone. She wasn’t in any need of further encouragement, and as they each drank a little deeper from their glasses, their eyes locked. They enjoyed the music together without comment.

Finally, as the last notes were played, Eric broke the silence and asked, “Can I ask you a question? A personal one?”

Gabriella topped off her glass and with her eyes on him, replied, “I don’t mind. Ask me whatever you’d like.” She watched as he seemed to grow just slightly uncomfortable, and even shy under her gaze. She sensed what was on his mind, probably due to her earlier conversations with his mother. She was aware of Eric’s desires, and shared those very same lusts.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “It’s just that, you’re very pretty, even sexy.”

“Thank you, Eric,” she replied. “That’s very sweat of you to say. You know I’m the same age as your mother,” she added, for no particular reason. Truth be told, she was in fact four years older than Michelle, but who escort ankara was counting?

Eric looked up then, capturing her eyes with his. “I know,” he said. “That’s why I think you’re so sexy. I like women who have lived. Mature women turn me on more than immature girls do.”

“So I turn you on, is that it?” she asked him. She reached out and laid her hand upon his.

“Yes, you do.”

Gabriella looked him right in the eyes then and said in a silky, seductive voice, “That’s good, that’s very good. Because you are turning me on as well.” She then leaned over, took his head in her hands, and kissed him. Just briefly, but it was enough to break the ice. Their lips met again, and this time their kiss grew deeper and more heated. Eric slipped from the chair he sat on and went to his knees before her. Her mouth opened wide and her tongue rammed between his lips. She moaned as his tongue danced with hers. His arms went around her waist and hugged her tightly.

Gabriella then stood and pulled Eric to his feet. Their lips parted and taking his hand in hers, she led him without word up the two flights of stairs to her bedroom on the top floor. Here, the music continued to play. Speakers in her bedroom brought the romance of the music to their ears even as they moved to the bed.

Eric’s legs banged into the edge of her bed and his knees bent. He fell back onto the bed, pulling her along with him. Their lips parted only long enough for her to climb atop him, straddling his waste with her knees. She kicked off her shoes, as did he, and their lips again locked together.

Gabriella sat her full weight onto Eric’s lap and felt the bulge at his crotch through her panties and hose. She was indeed exciting him, just as he was exciting her. Her hands went to his chest and began to unbutton his shirt. His hands ran down her back and took hold of her dress, lifting it upwards onto her back. He stroked her skin, from shoulder blades to the swell of her ass, and ran his hands further down, across her hips and thighs.

Gabriella broke her mouth from his and began to kiss down his neck and onto his chest. She pushed his shirt open to kiss his pectorals, covered with a tangle of dark chest hair that ran on downward towards his belt. Eric’s hands tugged free her waist belt and tossed it aside. Next, he began to pull her dress upward. She sat up fully, wiggling her hips in time with the music. Her crotch gyrated on his and she felt his manhood grow ever harder. As he pulled the garment off over her head and added it to the belt on the floor, Eric felt her sexual heat on his penis. His breathing grew heavier as they tore at each other’s clothing.

Gabriella’s mouth went back to Eric’s even as his hands went around her back and unclasped her bra. Her breasts fell free between their bodies as he pulled the bra away, adding it to the growing pile of clothing on the floor. Her nipples, the color of milk chocolate, capped her coconut-sized breasts. Eric took each in a hand, and greedily cupped one into his mouth.

“Oh, yes,” Gabriella sighed as his mouth latched onto her flesh. He went to the other freed nipple and gave it a matching, deep suck. Gabriella sighed again, deeper. She rolled her hips again, feeling his cock now in line with her slot. She took his head in her hands to hold him in place, if for only a moment longer.

Back and forth Eric went, from breast to breast, chewing and sucking upon her nipples while looking up into her face over the rim of his glasses. As he feasted upon her breasts, Gabriella brushed his shirt from his shoulders. She massaged his naked flesh as he continued to suck at her teats like a hungry babe. Eric’s own hands ran across her back, up to her shoulders and back down to her ass, caressing her flesh and warming it.

Gabriella felt his cock growing harder beneath her crotch, and as their passions grew ever more heated, her hips began to thrust forward and back. His cock was effectively being stroked by her pussy, even though several layers of clothing still separated them. She pulled his face up to hers and again planted her mouth to his, while shoving him backward. With him on his back, she again began to kiss his body, going lower with each touch, until she came to his belt.

Eric scooted further onto the bed, sliding out from underneath Gabriella far enough that she could sit up and attack his trousers. It didn’t take her long to have his pants down around his knees. His cock bulged quite prominently, tenting up the front of the boxer shorts he wore. She leaned her face down to lay alongside his bulge, upon his hip. Her long hair dropped to his hips, tickling his flesh as her hands went to his bulge and began to stroke up and down its length. Her excitement increased at the feel of a fine, young, hard cock twitching beneath her touch.

Gabriella began to kiss Eric’s upper left thigh, just below his shorts. He sighed and pushed up to his elbows to watch. Her eyes met his, and she ran her left hand up through the right leg opening of his boxers, to wrap her fingers around his cock shaft.

“Oooohhh!” Eric sighed again as her warm grip tightened around him. He rolled his head back and licked his lips as Gabriella began to stroke his cock. Her lips continued to touch and tease him across his belly and chest.

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