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The Naughty Librarian

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Big Tits

Hey, guys! Just wanted to thank everyone for reading. Hope you enjoy this next part. Just a reminder: this is part 3 of a story that needs to be read in order. Happy reading!

Xoxo, Cassie


The next morning when Aria woke up, she couldn’t believe how brazen she had been the night before. The good girl she had once been was quickly being replaced by a brave little slut, and it was all because of him, her Master. He drove her wild, made her bold, made her feel sexy and desired. Not to mention horny as hell and insatiable. She had cum just the night before, but the mere thought of him had her juices flowing and her fingers moving south, towards her sex. She shut her eyes and thought about the night before. She could recall every second of their virtual encounter. As she rubbed her clit in circles, faster and faster, lost in a lusty haze, something hit her. His voice was familiar. She had heard it before, and it wasn’t that day at the library. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to concentrate until she came, she focused on pushing herself over the edge and came with a loud cry.

Once she had come down and could breathe again, she tried to place the voice, but it kept evading her. However, the more she thought about it, the more she was sure that the expensive cologne that still clung to the tie on her nightstand drawer was also familiar. She got the silky reminder and breathed it in. Just like with the voice, it was right there, but she couldn’t connect the dots.

As if he could read her mind, her phone rang. “Good morning, Master,” she purred.

“Wear something short to work today. No panties,” he barked and hung up.

Part of her was disappointed at how short the call had been, but she didn’t dwell on that. Instead, she jumped out of bed and straight into the shower to get ready. If he had requested a specific outfit, there was a high chance she’d get to see him today. She took her time in the shower, conditioning her hair to perfection and shaving herself smooth. She then moisturized every inch of skin and styled her hair as to leave it down, since he preferred it that way. Her makeup was kept simple, just some mascara and her favorite cherry red lipstick. His request for something short was a bit harder. She didn’t own much that was short and would be considered work appropriate. Hell, anything short isn’t work appropriate. About to give up, she remembered an off the shoulder sundress she had bought last year and had hardly ever worn. It went mid-thigh and if she paired it with a blazer and some heels, she might just pull it off.

After getting ready, she hurried off to work, doing her very best not to tug down on the skirt with every step she took. She usually didn’t wear such short clothing, and the more uncomfortable she looked, Escort Beylikdüzü the more she was sure people would notice how she wasn’t wearing panties.

Once she arrived at work, it was business as usual. She did, however, get many appreciative glances, which made her walk taller and make an inner promise to make more of an effort every day. Even though she had done it for her Master, being desired was as one hell of an ego boost.

After lunch, her phone pinged and she reached for it eagerly. There was a text from him. “Go to the last study cubby on the upper floor”, it said. She looked around, but her boss was hovering near by, so she’d have to wait for him to leave. 5 minutes later, her phone pinged again “NOW”, he barked. Or at least she pictured him doing so. The order was enough for moisture to gather between her legs.

“I’m going to the restroom,” she mumbled under her breath in case anyone was listening and hurried over to the last level, clutching her phone.

She half expected to see someone standing by the cubby, but that would be too good to be true. In fact, the entire floor was mostly deserted. It was a perk of summer vacation- fewer bystanders.

Shortly after her arrival, her phone pinged once more, with further instructions. “Sit on the ground under the cubby, feet on the floor, knees up, legs spread”. She read the words a second time and then a third. Did he really…? No. But the thought did thrill her. The phone snapped her out of her daze. “I’m waiting, Aria”. And she jumped to action, quickly scurrying over to the cubby, looking around one last time to check for witnesses, then getting on her knees and making her way under the cubby. She sat down on the floor, the tile cold against her bare ass, and leaned against the back. In order to fit, she scooched lower and when she complied with his parted knees request, she was awfully aware of how her now soaked sex was exposed. Thank God the wood went all the way to the floor, so she was at least hidden. As she waited, she felt the air-conditioned air hitting her heated core. The sensation was enough to harden her nipples, which now poked through the flimsy fabric of her bra and dress.

A few minutes later, someone sat on the chair in front of her. From her angle, she couldn’t see the face of the chair’s occupant, but she knew it was him.

“Hello, Aria.”

“Hello, Master.”

He scooched back to appreciate the view, and try as she might, she couldn’t see his face.

“Such a good girl,” he growled. “And so wet for me.”

“Always, Master.”

He grunted and removed one of his shoes with the assistance of his other foot. Once it was bare, he ran his big toe between her slit, up and down in a slow, teasing motion, Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan guiding it from her clit to her entrance and back again. The contact was foreign; no one had ever done that to her before. But that didn’t mean it didn’t feel good. It was so…naughty, and yet so delicious. Soon, she was whimpering, her fragrant scent filling the room.

“Such a good little slut,” he croaked, continuing his explorations.

“Your little slut, Master,” she moaned.

He grunted with pride and unzipped his trousers, pulling out his cock. She hadn’t seen it before, but the wait was worth it. The magnificent part of his anatomy that stood before her was the stuff fantasies were made of. Her eyes feasted on his shaft, taking in every one of his at least 7 inches and licking her lips. He was hard as a rock, his thick member pulsing, his mushroom head glistening with precum that she was dying to taste.

“May…may I touch you, master?” She asked, hoping he would say yes.

“Yes,” he growled, and she wasted no time wrapping her hand around the base of it, her slender fingers not able to encompass his girth.

A desperate need to please her Master overcame her and she had to do her best. Slowly moving her hand up and down, she tried to get a sense of what he liked. She varied on pressure, speed and let her hand teasingly brush against his head every now and then. His hips lifted to meet her touch and she couldn’t take it anymore, she needed a taste. Leaning forward, she swiped her tongue oved the slit atop his head, licking of the drop of clear liquid she found there and moaning at his taste. He was as delicious as she had imagined, good enough to manufacture and sell across the country.

“Suck me, baby,” he commanded in a moan. That he could sound bossy while moaning amused her.

She let go of his shaft and adjusted herself under the cubby to get a better angle. With the tip of her tongue, she traced the veins, her exhales teasing his head. His breathing picked up once she flattened her tongue against his base, moving it upwards over the underside of his cock. She still hadn’t touched his head, so she traced the underside of the engorged mushroom with her tongue, moving it back and forth over the sensitive skin, until she heard a muttered curse. That is when she chose to envelop the bundle of nerves with her warm mouth. This time, while she sucked softly, the curse wasn’t muttered.

Slowly, she moved her mouth lower, swallowing inch by inch of his sex, until his head had made its way into her throat. One her lips met the skin of his pelvis, she pressed them against his flesh, leaving a ring of her red lipstick for him to remember her by. With all of him in her mouth, she hummed, the vibrations Beylikdüzü Escort driving him wild and making her pussy gush, leaking her juices all over the floor.

“Oh, baby, that’s it,” he moaned, lacing his finger into her hair, guiding her movements.

Pretty soon, he was fucking her throat, her sloppy gagging filling the silent library. She knew she should care more if someone heard her, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She felt so wanton, so sexy, like a goddess, in control of this powerful man. Sure, her pleasure was his, but his pleasure also belonged to her. And she needed him to cum. She wanted to taste more of him, needed his seed to fill her mouth and slide down her throat. So she sped up her movements. Her head began bopping up and down and she brought her hand up, wrapping it around his base, then pumping it up and down so it met her mouth in the middle. He was getting louder, his breathing labored and she knew he was close. Her movements were feast but skilled. She knew exactly what she was doing, and the more she knew about him, the better it would be. She was determined to learn how to give the perfect blow job, his perfect blow job.

Without warning, he was cumming, filling her mouth with his seed, which she greedily swallowed. It was too precious to go to wasted. She allowed him to ride out his orgasm still in her mouth, and once he pulled out, she smiled in satisfaction at the sight of her lipstick all over his cock. Mine, she thought to herself with a smile.

“You are such a good pet, Aria,” he said, sounding breathy.

“It was my pleasure, Master,” she replied, licking her lips.

He was silent for a moment, and she just waited. “Why do you call me Master, sweet girl? Why not Sir?”

“Because Sir isn’t enough to express how much you mean to me, Master,” she replied without pause. It was the truth.

“You mean a lot to me as well, my precious pet. Way more than you know.”

“Then why can’t I see you?” She knew she sounded like a whinny child, but she needed to see him in order to belong to him entirely.

“Soon, my pet, soon,” he said, before adjusting himself into his jeans once again, pushing the chair back and walking away.

She scampered out of the cubby as fast as she could and looked around to spot him, but he was nowhere to be seen. He must have taken a short cut through the shelves, anticipating her curiosity.

She held onto his promise that he’d reveal his identity soon and went back to work after a quick stop at the restroom to make herself presentable again. Once she sat her butt back on her chair, her colleague gave her a puzzled look, but she just ignored the woman, too lost in her own thoughts.

Once she got home, there was a gift box on her mat, same bow as all the others, which meant it was from her master. She quickly grabbed it and made her way inside to open it in private. Inside the box she found a beautiful leather journal. As she opened it, the note fell. She kneeled to pick it up, and once she read it, she almost fainted. “Have you been writing about what you know, Aria?”

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