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The Neighbor

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This is a new story that starts off pretty light but gets heavier in the future. If you have comments or questions leave them and I should be able to get back to you. Feedback is very welcome.

This is a work of pure fiction, chipped from my imagination like ice on the side of the freezer. Any resemblance to blah, blah-blah…


The Neighbor

Max felt the broken ridges of concrete beneath him as he clumsily maneuvered his F-150 into a tight parking space. The 5-point turn into this spot would become very familiar in the coming months, but for now it was a concern. He was used to a small town with big roads and little pink houses. He felt a small wave of anxiety at the newness of all of this, but it was drowned out by his rising excitement. His phone buzzed in his pocket, but he ignored it. He killed the engine. It was either his father or his mother, and this was too sweet a moment to share with his overbearing parents. He stepped out of the truck and stretched after his 3-hour drive. His dad was probably trying to re-explain the directions to him in vivid detail. He took a moment to look around. There were jumbled buildings sprawled all along the road pressing in on one another, jostling each other for street space. The neighborhood wasn’t the nicest in the world, but it wasn’t a shithole. It was a pretty typical place for young college students.

A shy smile crept over his face. And that’s me now. In the building next to his new home, the curtains on a window rustled as if someone had just stepped away. A woman in her early 40s stepped out and brought Max crashing out of his reverie. She was gorgeous, dressed in jogging clothes that hugged her body. She had a gentle hourglass figure that spoke of years of casual discipline. Her running shorts softly squeezed her ass, which was, in a word, ridiculous. A pair of soft yet toned porcelain legs stretched for miles down to dainty ankles and cute, child-sized shoes. Her breasts were tightly compressed by an unseen sports bra.

Her face was framed by a model’s sharp bone structure that would’ve been at odds with the gentle curves of her body but for the milky white, soft skin which added a whisper of forgiveness to her sharp, gorgeous face. She had dark brown hair and matching sharp eyes that bore into him, offering no quarter. Her large mouth wore a smile of greeting.

All this whipped past Max’s mind in a few seconds as she approached. She seemed to radiate something vibrant. His tongue glued to his mouth. Her eyes claimed his until he broke off nervously, but found that to be worse. He forced his gaze from her lips but then it was her breasts

He was saved by her words, “Well hello there sir, are you my new neighbor?” She smiled brightly. If she had noticed his attention, she gave no indication.

All at once Max got his tongue back. He fought the hurricane to the back of his head. He couldn’t always talk to girls, but this was a mannered adult. He was raised to be able to have polite conversation in his sleep.

“Yes ma’am, I’m just now moving in,” he said, relieved to hear words come out.

Her smile grew a fraction when he called her ‘ma’am.’

“Oh, that’s wonderful for you! You must be so excited,” she said, reaching out and touching him arm. It was a friendly gesture, but also adana escort tied Max’s tongue back down for a moment.

She filled the pause without skipping a beat, “You’re an incoming freshman aren’t you?” Her enthusiasm was infectious, and he found himself smiling back at her sheepishly.

“Yeah I am actually. How could you tell?” he asked.

She smiled pleasantly, “You just have that look about you. Don’t worry, it’s a good one.” He flushed at the compliment and found himself at a loss for words again.

She continued, “Besides, you look so young. You can’t be older than 16.”

He fired back quickly, almost defensively, “I’ll be 18 tomorrow.”

She smiled brightly, “Well happy early birthday then. It was very nice meeting you.”

With that, she began to jog away, putting in her earphones as she went. Then she turned back over her shoulder, catching Max still watching, and called out, “My name’s Melissa, by the way. Let me know if you could use a hand moving anything”

“I’m Max!” He called lamely after her.

After a couple minutes, Max’s stomach tried un-knot itself as he walked toward the front door. He brushed it off. She’s an adult, you don’t need to be nervous around an adult.

He had noticed a ring on her finger…What’s a gorgeous woman like that doing with a guy who has them living in a college town, in and surrounded by cheap student housing? College parties alone would make that miserable. Max didn’t know, but his arm was still tingling where she’s touched him. He played back the encounter in his mind, his erection swelling instantly. He would’ve normally gone into his room to let off some steam, but at that moment the door opened, and a yell pulled him from his musings. His cousin Jacob crashed into him, using his extra 6 inches and 50 lbs to put him into a crushing bear hug and lift him off the concrete.

“MAX! Where’ve you been, you were supposed to get here last night. We had a few people come over in your honor!” Judging by the overwhelmed state the garbage cans by the street, Max figured his cousin was underselling a bit.

“I know, I know. But I’m pretty sure my mother caught wind of it too because all of the sudden she was ‘nervous about you making such a long drive at night.'”

Jacob let out a booming laugh, “Man, she’s fighting that losing battle to the bitter end, isn’t she?” Max grinned. Jacob shook his head, “Well let’s get you moved in. I’ve been looking forward to mixing your nice shit with my cheap shit all week.”

The next 8 hours were a blur of lifting, cursing, and arranging too much stuff to fit in not enough space. Max hated moving on occasions where his father had needed help, it was always a grueling process of lifting and lowering to made-up standards meant to protect every delicate odd and end from being damaged, or worse, placed poorly.

It wasn’t nearly as bad with Jacob however. Jacob somehow kept a beer in his hand through the entire process, and the only thing that got damaged was the floor where a dresser had scratched across it. Well and a lamp wouldn’t turn on but Max didn’t care. He’d kept an eye out for his new neighbor through the entire process, but she must have made it in when he wasn’t looking. He did see a surly, older woman coming out of the house eskişehir escort in their other side, prompting him to chuckle to himself. Of course Jacob’s house is surrounded by the only two people in a square mile who wouldn’t be happy about loud, late nights. My house now too, he reminded himself.

By the time they had finished, it was dark and they’d both worked up a decent sweat. With a huff, Jacob went off to take a shower. Max walked into his room and sat on the bed and took stock, exhaustion creeping in. The place was fairly cheap. The floor was uneven in places; the fridge looked like a relic from a museum. It was your standard student housing for your standard state college. Max’s father had been furious that he hadn’t applied to any Ivy League schools, and his mother had been horrified at the housing he had opted for. But Max never even considered going anywhere other than with Jacob. His cousin was his hero; ever since they were kids, when Jacob would stand up for him when an older kid would pick on him. Jacob was his Dad’s brother’s son. Max’s dad has been a grinder and a worker, an attorney with a no-nonsense attitude. Max’s childhood has been full of nice things, strict rules, and manners.

His uncle Rob, conversely, had dropped out of school and gone to work in a plant right away. They’d never been wealthy people, but Rob was loved by everyone who met him. He had a good-natured sense of humor and a knack for making people feel at ease around him. Jacob was his father’s son, through and through. He had that same kind, jovial way about him. Max has always thought that if someone ever won the lottery, Jacob and Rob would be the only guys in earth who would be nothing but happy for them. They weren’t quite as cerebral as Max and his dad, but they both had good heads on their shoulders. Whereas max was brainy and awkward, Jacob was just a well-rounded guy. They had the same tanned skin and blue eyes, but where max was slight yet toned, Jacob was a hulking bear. Add that to his careless charm… He always carried a few extra pounds, but the girls flocked to him. And Max idolized him. Everyone did.

And now they were roommates.

The next thing Max knew it was sunny outside. His eyes flirted open, and he remembered where he was. A smile crept across his face as he stretched in his bed. His engorged cock rubbed against his bed. He groaned as he repeated the motion. He got out of bed and walked to his bathroom. He had to brush his teeth for several minutes before his erection had subsided enough to let him go about the rest of his business.

He showered and came out damp, his towel slung over his shoulder. It was unlike him to parade around nakedly, but he smiled broadly and thought why not? There’s nobody who’s going to walk in without knocking anymore. His dick got hard as the possibility of having a girl here alone played into his mind. As the thought bounced around the girl started to resemble a teen-aged Melissa. He remembered the soft, porcelain skin of her face. Skin that just begged to be touched. He imagined her gasping lips as his kissed along her jaw, his tongue sliding along that soft, soft skin.

That was when he noticed the window in his room. It was facing the three-and-a-half-foot gap between his house and Melissa’s. sakarya escort He walked to it and peeked past the curtain. There was a larger, reciprocating window with shutters that were too long to be able to shut in the tight gap between houses. The interior curtain was one of those designs with long, thin rods of horizontal wood hanging one after the other. There were gaps in the wood that gave him a pretty clear sense of what lay on the other side.

Adrenaline shot through him. It was a bedroom. His eager dick swelled again, and he covered it shyly with his towel even though no one could possibly see him. He wondered if it was where Melissa had slept last night. The blankets were messy and tossed still, but the room was empty. He felt a pang of guilt and made a forceful promise to himself not to peak into her room again. He was about to close the curtain and turn away when he heard a door slam. A moment passed before Melissa strode into the bedroom then into the bathroom. She was wearing gym clothes and was plastered in sweat from a jog. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. He heard the water start running from his room. Melissa stepped back into the bedroom. His heart thudded in his throat, his fingers trembled on the heavy curtain. The blind obscured his view until he noticed he could see her better when she was moving. Unbidden, his head started to bob slowly up and down, and the room sprang into much clearer contrast, as his brain pieced the moving gaps together in a full picture.

There was a full-sized mirror against the back wall that Melissa stepped before. Max’s breathing started coming in shallow. He had a perfect view of her rear and the mirror showered him her front. He had to turn away before he did…something that would make it impossible for him to look her in the eyes. Was she about to undress?

She pulled the ponytail away and shook her wavy brown hair out behind her. Her hands ran easily through her hair. Then her hands were under her shirt and it was sliding off, exposing her neon green sports bra. Max’s cock ached in the towel, his eyes were wide. She lowered her shorts next. Her legs glistening with sweat and her chest still heaved slightly from her jog. Max moaned softly; he started thrusting slowly into the towel, the thick fibers rubbing roughly against his sensitive organ. Then Melissa pealed the sports bra up and away. Her tits came free in slow motion it seemed. His breathing froze as his thrusting became faster. Her tits were ripe and full, her nipples small and pink. The cold air must have been cooling off the sweat bc they stood proudly on end.

She began turning this way and that, looking at herself in the mirror, her tits bouncing freely. Time had been very kind to Melissa. Max’s thrusting became erratic. She ran her hands up her milky white stomach and squeezed her breasts, giving the mirror a pouty look and cocking her ass to the side. Max stifled his groans as he fought to stay on the right side of the edge. His swollen cock felt so amazing that he didn’t want to climax, but it was a losing battle. His eyes were glued to her as she traced a finger along her pert nipples. Max lost it, his eyes unfocused and his balls twitched. His dick fired off rope after rope of cum into the towel. He lost his balance backwards, tripping his way clear of the curtain. He stumbled back as his dick erupted, his unfocused eyes struggling to create equilibrium. He caught himself and enjoyed a full second of post orgasmic bliss before he noticed.

Then ice shot through his veins. The curtain was rocking back and forth, its heavy metal bar at the bottom rapping loudly against the glass window.

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