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The Night Was Better Than the Band

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Aidra Fox

This is a follow up to…A Good Weekend Gone Great


My boyfriend Ted and I went on a little weekend trip to see some bands that were playing at off campus bars over by the state university. At the first stop on Friday night we got there early before the place filled up and another couple joined us at our table.

Chris and Eric are students, yeah shouldn’t have been drinking in a bar since Chris is a junior and Eric a sophomore but so what. And they were also just about a younger version of Ted and me. Chris is a brunette 5-6 tall, 215 pounds. She’s on the track team throwing the discus and hammer, which accounts for her incredibly compact, solid body. Eric is a very handsome 5-9 tall and a slender 150 pounds.

So we were having a good time listening to the music and not drinking too much really but casually flirting and having fun. Chris and I went to the ladies room and after washing our hands Chris and I turned and were facing each there. I was surprised when she put her arms around my waist and looked up into my eyes. I had wanted to do the same thing but didn’t know if she would be receptive. But since she made the move it was my turn and I tilted my head down and kissed her.

Well that was how we started, I put my arms around Chris’ chest and rubbed her wide solid back while she slipped her arms around me and took my ass in both of her hands and kneaded my soft butt cheeks like they were bread dough.

When we came up for air she just said, “So we’re gonna?”

I kissed her nose and replied, “Damn right. You know Ted’s Bi.”

She smiled wide and said, “So is Eric, I guess we’ll all have at it.”

And with that we hustled back to the table and collected the guys. We had a hotel room but we decided Eric’s dorm was closer and we later found offered more than proximity.

I had forgotten just how small a dorm room was, the four of us bumped into each other getting out of our clothes before pairing up, Chris with Ted, I grabbed Eric, on each of the twin beds. Eric obviously had experience with a big girl so my 5-9 and 205 pound body was right up his alley. And I had no doubt 5-10 and 155 pound Ted could handle Chris.

Eric and I hugged, kissed, groped and laughed for a while, oh what a sweet young body to play with, before I climbed on top of him in a 69 position. Eric was happy because it didn’t take long before I had the better part of 7 thick inches sliding between my lips. At the same time I was on the receiving end of an enthusiastic muff dive compliments of Eric’s talented tongue along with a fabulous bit of butt massaging.

I managed to glance over and saw Ted under Chris in a 69, girl power on top is the way, so they were obviously hitting it off, and getting off. Eric and I were going strong, I got off at least twice and Eric showed great stamina and patience.

Then Chris came over and rubbed my butt saying, “Hey what do you think of trading partners?”

Well I figured we could always get back to where we were so that’s when we all shifted onto one bed. florya escort I sat down and Chris knelt in front of me to go down on me. Eric sat next to me and Ted was in front of him going down on him.

Now this was good as Chris put my legs over her shoulders and really dove at my already wet bush. Damn I thought this girl is into pussy and she sure can give head. I could see Eric smiling as he enjoyed Ted’s considerable cock sucking talent.

After Ted swallowed Eric’s load we all switched. Chris climbed up and stood straddling my legs, putting her sweet pussy in front of my face and waiting tongue while next to us after helping Ted put a condom on his stiff 8 inches, Eric got on his knees and laid over the bed.

I really would have liked to have been able to watch my Ted pork Eric’s delightfully tight little ass but with my tongue and lips occupied with Chris’ tasty snatch and my hands on her big firm ass pulling her to my face I was otherwise occupied.

Being a full figured gal I do have to say, I love the big strong girls and if I do say so myself, I was proud of myself being able to buckle Chris’ knees more than once when she got off.

Chris was rocking gently over me enjoying my efforts and I could just imagine the ass pounding Eric was getting from Ted by the way the bed was shaking when I heard the door open and heard a guy say, “Damn those bands must have sucked but I see you two made it a good night.”

It was Eric’s roommate and by a stroke of good luck his girlfriend. I couldn’t see beyond Chris as I was pretty well blocked by her thick body but I knew right off they were up for some fun because Joshua was quickly on the floor between my legs going down on me. What I could see next to me was his girlfriend Lindsey climbing on the bed next to us and sliding under Eric so he could eat her pussy. The new players getting right in the game.

For me it was back to lapping away at Chris’ wet snatch as Joshua showed some real prowess doing the same to mine. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Eric continued to go down on Lindsey and Ted who had cum climbed up to lay on Eric’s back and suck on Lindsey’s fat jugs.

When we all came up for air I got my first good look at the new arrivals. Joshua is a handsome blond haired 20 year old, 5-11 tall, 165 pounds and 10 stiff inches to enjoy. And Lindsey 22 fit right in, also a blonde she’s 5-8 tall and 230 pounds with a huge firm rack and wide hips. Damn she is awesome and she’s a powerlifter who is even more solidly built than Chris.

I didn’t even get a chance to change positions as Lindsey quickly got between my legs to go down on me and Joshua climbed up to put a foot on either side of me positioning his big dick right in my face. Well no complaints from me because I sure wanted to take a crack at that monster.

Before I got started on Joshua I was just able to see Chris on her back with Ted sitting on her chest about to feed his dick between her lips while Eric was already between her göztepe escort thighs fucking her pussy that I had gotten so wet.

I was thoroughly enjoying Lindsey’s muff dive and the full measure of Joshua’s big dick between my lips but after so much sweet tongue action I felt the genuine need to get fucked so I released that big stick from my lips and said, “Not to be selfish Joshua but I really would like you to fuck me and I mean now.”

Somehow though her ears were pinned between my thighs Lindsey heard that and reaching up to slap Joshua on the ass said, “Well that means I’ve done my part down here, come on boy get yourself in here where you can give this girl a big dose of what she wants.” Then as she got to her feet she added, “Now where’s that strap on, I might as well get ready to stick it to Ted since his ass looks so fuckable just sitting there.”

Then demonstrating her considerable strength Lindsey, putting her hands under his armpits pulled Ted back from Chris’ mouth and lifted him off of her and the bed. Damn, if Ted was ever expecting to get seriously ass banged by a woman this would be his big chance. So as Joshua rolled a condom onto his thick log Lindsey took Ted over to the other bed where he helped her get cinched up in the 11 inch strap on.

Joshua slid between my soft thighs and I reached down to take his dick in my hand and guided the head to the entrance to my wet pussy. I let out a pleasurable gasp as the big head slipped between my lips and Joshua eased a couple of inches into my greedy wet snatch.

Eric had finished banging Chris who rolled onto her side and took my left breast into her mouth and suckled it tenderly. Meanwhile I could see Ted was on his knees and bent over the edge of the other bed and Lindsey, having lubed up his butt knelt behind him holding that big strap on in one hand spread his butt cheeks with the other. What came next was a grunt from Ted as Lindsey poked the business end of that baby in his sweet ass and got going.

Once he caught his breath Eric moved over got behind Lindsey and leaning against her big butt gently rubbed her broad shoulders and solid back. I was only distracted from the fabulous fuck I was getting from Joshua for those few seconds it took to grasp the sight across the room.

Joshua heard the action across the room and saw me looking over so he paused briefly and took a look, “Lindsey just loves banging man ass, she’ll pound your boyfriend’s butt like she owns it. I hope he can take it”

Then as Joshua got back to fucking me good and hard I said, “Oh he can take it alright. Man or woman that’s how Ted likes it, big and hard, banging away.”

I couldn’t quite see Ted in front of Lindsey and Eric being so thin looked like a stick in the center of Lindsey’s wide body because I could see her on both sides of him. Damn what an incredible and powerful girl I thought.

As awesome as that show was Joshua was my focus as he was pistoning the length of his big cock in and out of halkalı escort my pussy as Chris was sucking and squeezing my fat tits. Ted wasn’t the only one who had hit the jackpot.

Feeling Joshua’s balls slapping against my ass was so good and when I pinched his sweet body between my thighs he sighed and slowed his motion as he started to cum. Damn it was fine.

When Joshua eased off me I needed a break and to stretch my legs having been on my back getting it from everybody for who knows how long. Just as I did I saw Lindsey removing the strap on then laying down on the bed on her back and there was Ted, good and hard with Eric helping him get a condom on. It didn’t take my Ted more than a second to between Lindsey’s thick legs to slip his dick into her pussy.

I got myself some water and came back to see Chris on her knees just getting started going down on Joshua as Eric was kneeling behind her ready to fuck her from behind. So I moved over and knelt next to Lindsey and we started kissing as I massaged her fat firm tits, while Ted pounded his dick into her pussy, banging against her thick body. I slid my hand down to massage Lindsey’s pussy and making a ‘V’ with my fingers let Ted’s cock slide between them as he fucked her hard.

When Lindsey and I paused our tongue dance she said breathlessly, “Would you get yourself into that strap on and take over after Ted, I just want to keep going.”

I kissed Lindsey and replied, “Oh you know it girl, our course I want to get me some of that.”

That didn’t take long as Ted reached down and pulled up on Lindsey’s thighs, no small feat, then thrust into her as he came. Boy, Ted was red in the face he really put everything he had into fucking the big girl and I could tell it took a lot out of him.

Lindsey pulled Ted forward on top of him and had him sitting on her big belly. As I was just getting the strap on in place she said, “Slide forward and let me suck those sweet balls Ted, they look delicious.”

Well that was sure music to my Ted’s ears, he loves getting those big balls paid attention to. My long dong in place I eased between Lindsey’s massive legs and poked the head of that strap on into her very wet pussy.

Fucking Lindsey was all the sweeter as Ted and I double teamed the powerful girl as my boyfriend straddled her face and I could watch her sucking on his balls.

I was pounding all 11 inches into Lindsey and oh it was awesome, her thick strong body was more than up to it she was getting off on it. That’s when Lindsey swung her legs around me and trapped me between her big powerful thighs. It was like the biggest tightest hug I’ve ever gotten and I hope Lindsey liked it because I came when she squeezed me.

I was fabulous fucking Lindsey, pounding down hard against her big solid body was something I’ve never experienced but damn it was intense. I lasted as long as my legs could hold out but finally I had to pull out and be satisfied with the job I’d done. I think Lindsey enjoyed it too, not to mention playing with Ted sitting on top of her.

We took a bit of a break before going at it again for a couple more hours. Ted and I finally got back to our hotel in time for a shower before breakfast followed by a quick nap. A few weeks later our newfound little play group accepted our invitation to spend a weekend at our place and fuck that was a wild time.

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