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The Root and His Aunt Lynn

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Backstory: Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is now a 19 year-old college student at a large Midwestern university. Having just completed his freshman year and recruited to play bass in a well-established local rock band, he has stayed on in the college town for the summer and is living with a couple of his band mates, working a day job on the university’s landscaping crew, and rehearsing or playing gigs a few times a week — all while continuing to spread his goodwill among the ladies.

Note: As lead-ins to this story, readers may want to sample some of my previous entries: Root and His Aunt Barbara, Root and the Lusty Professor Series, and The Root’s Mom Gets Nasty on Film. And per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are of legal age.


On a Thursday evening in early August, Lute got an unexpected phone call that would prove to be the harbinger of a fascinating week.

The call came from his Aunt Lynn — she was married to Jack, Lute’s dad’s brother. She was going to be coming into town that Sunday for a weeklong seminar at the university and hoped they could meet up for dinner. Pleased with the invitation, Lute made plans to meet her on Sunday at Aristotle’s, a Greek restaurant Lynn had frequented during her years as a student at the school.

Lute had always loved his Aunt Lynn. And ever since he had discovered that she and Jack were spouse swapping with his mom and dad, he found her even more intriguing. He couldn’t help but remember how he’d seen her lying naked in her bed at their lake house, her big white tits splayed across her chest and her light brown thatched pussy glistening in the candlelight as she waited for his dad to join her.

Lynn was a few years younger than his mom and was just as pretty and voluptuous. She was blue eyed had short dishwater blond hair and a beautiful smile that featured her bright white teeth. During the summer her skin was always nicely tanned from her days at the lake, and she met him at the restaurant wearing a light summer dress that showed just the right amount of tanned cleavage to be alluring but not slutty.

As Lynn and Lute dined and talked and shared a bottle of wine, their conversation became more frank and personal. And it wasn’t long before Lynn started reminiscing.

“I came to Aristotle’s on my first date with Jack. He was two years ahead of me in school, and we dated some during his senior year.” She then went on to explain how she and Jack had reconnected several years later when they were both living in the capital city and working for the state. And they’d been together ever since.

“I knew your parents a little back when we were all in school here, but we didn’t really hang out too much,” then she added wistfully, “Because when Jack and I got together we mostly stayed in bed at my place. We were horny as hell back then. And I suppose some things, just like the décor in this place, never really change.”

Lute chuckled at that as they both looked around at the big faded photos on the wall of the Acropolis and Greek islands surrounded by wide expanses of azure sea.

Loosening up even more, Lynn reached across the table and began caressing Lute’s hand, “Okay, now here’s the thing. My sister told me that you know what’s going on between your parents and Jack and me.”

Lute was taken aback and not quite sure how to respond, but seeing Lynn’s unembarrassed look, he just grinned and nodded.

“I hope you don’t think we’re immoral or anything.”

“No, not at all,” Lute replied, “I’m all for people doing whatever makes them happy, as long as no one else gets hurt. And from what I know about the arrangement you all have worked out, it seems like its good for everyone.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty amazing when you think about it,” Lynn mused. “But it really does work. Jack and I love each other, and we have a great marriage. And your parents are the same. But it’s also really fun for us to have other partners that we trust and love.”

“That’s all very cool,” Lute said as he met her steady gaze, “My sister and I don’t have any problems with it. None.”

Still caressing Lute’s hands and with a sparkle in her eyes, Lynn said, “Oh, and by the way, Barbara also said you’re the best lover she’s ever had.”

And then she added playfully, “And on top of that, Barbara also tells me you have the biggest cock she’s ever seen.”

Laughing and shaking his head, seeing where Lynn was headed, Lute replied, “Yeah, Barbara tells me I’m even bigger than Uncle Jack.”

“Right!” Lynn giggled, “And Jack is REALLY big!”

“Well, I guess that tells you something, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it sure does. And I hope you’ll forgive me, but when I called your parents house to get your number, I asked your dad how he’d feel if you and I, uh, you know, got better acquainted while I was in town.”

“And what did he say?”

“He didn’t have any problem with it, and told me he wouldn’t bring canlı bahis it up with your mom unless you wanted him to.”

“Let’s wait and see on that,” Lute said before asking, “And what about Uncle Jack?”

“Jack and I have an agreement that as long as we keep our extracurricular activities to pre-approved partners, there’s no problem. And you’re approved.”

“Uh huh,” Lute said as he looked into his aunt’s shiny blue eyes and considered her proposal.

“Barbara tells me you like older women. Especially ones that enjoy getting nasty,” Lynn continued as she kept a steady gaze on Lute, reading his expression. “And in case you haven’t guessed, being nasty is a family trait that Barbara and I share.”

The couple finished their wine while Lynn signaled for the check, which she insisted on paying. And once they were outside in the warm late summer air, she suggested they walk over to a bar that she also used to frequent during her college days.

Like Aristotle’s, the bar hadn’t changed much, and since it was a Sunday evening and students were still on break, it wasn’t too crowded. Sliding into a booth, Lynn ordered a Seven and Seven while Lute got a beer.

“After left Aristotle’s, Jack brought me here on our first date. We sat in that dark booth over there in the corner. It turns out the bartender was a buddy of his, so he made our drinks really strong — especially mine — and after two Seven and Sevens, which was my drink of preference in those days, Jack put his hand down my jeans and fingered my pussy until I came like crazy!”

“No one noticed?”

“Oh, I’m sure they did. Especially the bartender, who gave Jack a big thumb’s up when we left. But I was way beyond caring by that point. I probably would have let him take me right there on the table if he’d wanted.”

Lute was enjoying her story as much as she was pleased to tell it. “Okay, so what did you crazy kids do next?” he prodded.

“Well, we started walking back to my apartment, but on the way I pulled him into the woods over on the old part of campus and pinned him against a tree. Then, I gave him an amazing blowjob. My best ever, and he shot off a huge load. But I gulped it down like a French whore. He told me later that I was the first girl to ever swallow it all! And then we went back to my place and spent the rest of the weekend in bed, fucking like rabbits. By Sunday my pussy was so sore! But from that day on I knew I could never be really satisfied by any guy who wasn’t packing a big dick.”

“Does my dad measure up for you?” Lute inquired, hoping his pop was able to please this vixen.

“Oh, yeah, your dad does just fine…just fine. And your mom’s pretty sweet in the sack too, you know.”

Not realizing that Lynn and his mom were also lovers, Lute gave her a quizzical look.

“What, you didn’t know your mom also likes to be with women?”

“Yeah, I knew about that, but I didn’t know about you two,” he said as he took in this new information.

“We’ve done threesomes with your dad or Jack a few times. But sometimes we also like for it to just be us girls, kissing and rubbing our big tits together, getting nasty, diddling each other’s pussies. Stuff like that. It’s really fun!”

Though he was getting used to Lynn’s straightforward talk, he still struggled with the idea of his mom as a sexually adventuresome creature. So Lute was still processing what he had heard when Lynn reached under the table and started slowly massaging his leg while they finished off their drinks and ordered another round.

While they drank and talked, Lynn asked Lute about school, his band and his love life. She was especially intrigued to hear about his relationship with Tess Stone, the art history professor. As he gave her some more details about Tess, Lynn leaned forward across the table and gave him a nice view down her top at her fleshy tits, and he made little effort to avert his eyes. Lute didn’t say anything about Tess’s daughter Maya, but he did mention that he and Tess had done wild threesomes with a couple of her female lovers.

Then as they grew quiet for a moment, smiling at each other in anticipation of what might come next, Lynn asked, “So, what do you think sweetie? Want to go back to my hotel and let me show you the secret family handshake?” And as she said this, she gripped his thick cock through his jeans and gave it a firm squeeze.

While Lynn continued groping his crotch, Lute motioned to the waitress for their check. And when they exited the bar, Lynn caught the bartender’s eye — a fellow about her age — and gave him a thumb’s up, which he acknowledged with a wink as she hooked her arm through Lute’s and steered him out the door towards her nearby hotel.

The wine and two strong Seven and Sevens had eased Lynn into an especially lustful mood. So they were only just around the corner from the bar when she pulled Lute into a dark alley, pushed his back against a brick wall and locked him in a long tongue-lashing kiss.

“Goddam, I can’t bahis siteleri wait to fuck you!” she whispered in his ear as she ground her crotch against his bulging tool. “I’ve never had a cock bigger than Jack’s and my pussy is all wet just thinking about what that’s gonna’ feel like inside me!”

Lute lifted up the back of her dress and grabbed her panty-covered ass as he moved his hips forward to drive his stiff meat into her pussy. They continued their deep open mouth kisses, working their tongues down each other’s throat as they ground their bodies together.

Lute was just about to shove his face into Lynn’s cleavage when a door opened a few yards away and a restaurant worker walked out carrying a bag of trash to a nearby dumpster.

Taking their cue, the couple disentangled themselves and continued walking the few blocks to Lynn’s hotel. Once there, they took the stairs up to her room, avoiding the lobby and the chance of meeting up with any of her seminar colleagues.

After Lynn had anxiously fumbled with the room key and shoved open the door, she and Lute quickly reengaged and began groping, kissing and moaning as they feverishly pulled at each other’s clothes. When they were finally stripped down to their undergarments, Lynn pushed Lute back onto the bed and positioned herself over his bulging crotch, preparing for the big reveal.

Slowing herself down, she began to sensually stroke her fingers along the full length of the python encased inside his brief. And as she did, she quickly realized it was even bigger than she had imagined.

“Oh, my god, Luther!” she whispered, ” Oh…my…god!”

After several more exploratory strokes with her hand, Lynn leaned down and began to run her tongue along his bulging meat. And then slipping her fingers inside the band of his shorts, she began to pull them down — first over his cock’s big mushroom head and then gradually down the shaft of his veiny beast.

When his cock was fully exposed, Lynn gave a swooning sigh, “Oh, yeah! Now THIS is a fucking HUGE cock!” before stretching her mouth onto its bulbous head and sucking away, each slurp confirming she was entering unexplored territory, which made her pussy tingle in anticipation of receiving Lute’s beast.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she continued working over his cock, stretching out her mouth and throat like never before. Stopping to anoint his member with a big lubricating wad of spit, she let a strand string out as she looked up at him and whispered, “Your Uncle Jack will be amazed when I tell him about this. And after he gets over being jealous, he’ll be proud to know he’s been bested by his favorite nephew.”

“And how long do you think it will take for him to get over his jealousy, Lute asked with a curious chuckle.

“Oh, no more than a few years or so,” Lynn joked as she dove back onto his rock hard tool, “Five, tops.”

Hearing that, Lute laughed as he lifted his hips and shoved his cock deeper into Lynn’s mouth, causing her to momentarily gag before she applied another wad of spit and went back to work.

Undoing her bra as she continued, Lynn slipped it off, giving Lute a look at her fleshy tits. They were just as he remembered, only bigger. And the contrast of her succulent white breasts against her tanned body made for an alluring image.

Remembering Lynn’s comments about her nastiness, Lute decided to put her to the test as he rocked back on the bed and shoved his ass up into her face.

“Yeah, baby. Now suck on my balls while you stroke my cock.”

With a devilish grin, she did just as he asked and took his big nut sac into her mouth and began relishing his balls with the same expert technique she had offered his thick meat, now had wrapped in her hand.

“That’s right, baby, that’s right,” Lute encouraged as she slurped his balls and ran her tongue along his shaft. And after shifting himself up a bit more, he coaxed, “Now, tongue my asshole, baby. Yeah, just like that. All around the rim and as far inside there as you can get. Mmm…yeah…that’s really nice…really nice. Yeah, you are definitely a nasty one, aren’t you?”

After Lynn had thoroughly worked over his cock and ass, Lute grabbed her head and eased her off his crotch.

“Now stand up and take off those panties,” he said, “Show me your big tits and that sweet pussy.”

Though reluctant to move away from his cock, she did as he asked and stood at the foot of the bed and slid off her panties. Posing for him, she seductively lifted her gorgeous saggy tits to her mouth as she swayed seductively to the jazz station he had tuned on the bedside radio.

Watching her move, Lute saw that she was blessed with just the right amount of mature curves he loved. Her big white tits with their sexy bikini top outline drooped perfectly down her tanned torso. And her fleshy white ass made for a succulent balance to her statuesque frame.

“What does my mom like to watch you do when you two make love?” he asked as he continued admiring his new lover.

“Well, bahis şirketleri she really likes to see me finger my pussy.”

“Then do that for me.”

“But I want to get back on your cock, baby!” she pleaded, looking down at the amazing muscle that stood at a 45 degree angle over his stomach.

“I’ll keep it ready for you,” he said as he reached down and began stroking his veiny tool.

With a pouty grin, she slid a hand between her legs and kept moving to the music as she began fingering her twat, all while intently watching Lute stroke his meat. And with the combination of her own expert touch and Lute’s erotic display, it was only a few minutes before Lynn’s primed pussy was wet and a climax was roiling to the fore.

Seeing she was on the verge, Lute cajoled her, “Yeah, cum for me baby. Let me see you cum!”

Surprised by how she was so quickly ready to cum after just watching him stroke his huge cock while she touched herself, Lynn’s eyes spread wide as she locked in on his and gasped, “Oh, yeah…oh…oh…oh!” Then leaning her head back, her big floppy white tits swayed against her chest as she moaned, “Oh…fuck…yes! Yes!”

Once the thrilling wave had coursed through her body, she looked at Lute and shook her head in wonder as she gave him a blissful smile. Then, after a deep breath, she slowly resumed swaying to the music.

“Does my mom like to watch you put your hand inside your pussy?” Lute inquired.

“Yeah, she likes that.”

“I’m sure she does. So show me how you do that for her.”

Lynn lifted one foot up onto the bed and moved her right hand into her crotch, slowly sliding her fingers in one at a time until they were up to her knuckles, which made her groan.

Again looking wide-eyed at Lute, she began working her fingers in and out of her gaping twat.

“Get that big cunt ready for my cock, baby, ’cause I’m gonna’ fill you up when I shove this inside you,” Lute whispered as he continued stroking his rod and watching her work over her pussy. “Yeah, get it in there. Yeah, that’s right. I bet my mom likes it when you really shove your hand up there, doesn’t she?

Lynn just nodded.

“Now tell me what you want me to do to you,” he said.

Without hesitation she moaned, “Oh, god, I want you to put your big cock in my pussy!”

“Cool. Then what?”

“I want you to fuck the shit out of me.”

“Uh huh. So, you like it hard?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Is that how Jack fucks you?”


“Do you think he does my mom that way?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s how she likes it too.”

“So…do you think Jack gives it harder to my mom than he does to you?”

Now looking at Lute with her eyes half closed she eased her hand out of her pussy, she said softly, “Maybe,” and then added with a giggle, “But if so, your dad makes up for it. He’s a fucking tiger!”

“I bet he is,” Lute chuckled, “Do you let him fuck you in the ass?”

“Yeah, I like it when he does that.”

“What about Jack? Do you like to have his big cock in your ass too?”

“Oh, yeah, but not as much as your mom does. She goes wild when he takes her like that.”

The thought of Jack driving his big cock up his mom’s ass made Lute pause for a moment before he continued.

“So what about me, you nasty thing? Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?”

“Oh, yeah. But first I want you in my pussy,” she said as she spread open her labia, showing him her cunt’s juicy pink interior, “I’ve got it all ready for you!”

Seeing how true that was, Lute motioned for her to join him. Giving an exaggerated sigh of relief, she scrambled onto the bed and the two began kissing while Lynn took over stroking Lute’s cock while he focused on caressing her floppy tits.

“You Casey boys are really something,” she whispered as she looked down at Lute’s erect beast. “Jack’s dick is nice and long, and your dad’s is really thick. But damn, Luther. You’re thicker and longer than both of them. I can’t even get my hand around it!”

Lute considered what she had just said and couldn’t help but take some pride in knowing he was the big winner of the family.

Still marveling at his member while Lute glommed his mouth onto her tits, Lynn whispered, “Now fuck me with this monster, Luther. I want it, baby. God, I really do!”

Easing her over onto her back, Lute spread her legs apart and mounted her, positioning the bulbous crown of his cock against her juicy twat. Grabbing his shaft, Lute worked his cock’s head against her flaps and onto her clit, which made her squirm and moan in delight.

“Oh, god, yeah, baby!”

Lute then began to gradually insert his meat into her ready cunt, inching it along as he usually did with his first time lovers — giving their pussies a chance to acclimate to his sizeable intruder. But he quickly realized that no such slow introduction was necessary with Lynn. Her years of being with Jack had apparently stretched out her vagina to such an extent that Lute’s entry into her deeper recesses would be effortless.

Looking up at him with a nasty smile as he slid his thick meat into her pussy, Lynn raised her hips and welcomed him in as their bodies melded together.

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