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The Story of Rhea Ch. 04

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Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I am still waiting for my next Rhea. Please email me. I feel I have an obligation to explain what took me so long to come up with the final part. I was away on a business trip to a wonderful city. The task I was commissioned to undertake went well but the sad part was I didn’t have any company. At thirty something, I feel an old man.

I hope you have enjoyed the first three parts. This is the continuation and hence, it’s better to read this after you are done with the earlier ones. Let’s get on with it then. Ah, before we jump in, I got to warn you that this part of the story is super steamy and super hot. This is not for the faint hearted. There’s lots of anal, cumming, rimming and watersports. If you feel you are not ready for it, I recommend you don’t read any further.


As Rhea dragged me out from the stream, holding my dick, I watched those amazing full hips sway and tease me. I had those buns in my hands just a few seconds ago but they still looked like they were a million miles away, my unconquered peaks, the ultimate mission of my life.

Just a few days ago, they were hidden beneath a beautiful saree, seemed totally innocent and were a complete mystery. Rhea herself seemed a traditional Indian woman happily married with kids. When I first saw her in the Bombay airport, I thought I had nil chances of ending up this way. Forget this, I didn’t even visualize the possibility.

I’ve already established I’m not a hunk. I would usually require about twenty minutes, to get back to business after a bang, but my dick just refused to die down in the magic of her hand. And with the beautiful sight of water dripping along the curves of her shoulders and back, onto those hips and converge between those ass checks, drove me crazy.

I wanted to grab that ass, bend it over and lick the dripping water. All of it. But my body didn’t obey the orders from my brain. It was as if I was in a trance. A mystic spell around me cast by that delicious ass.

The sun streamed in through the canopy. The grass was glistening, wet from the rain sometime ago and bright from the sunrays kissing it. When we reached a little distance from the stream onto the open area where we left our bags and a trail of clothes — my clothes, she turned around and winked at me.

She squeezed my dick hard and said, ‘Ready again Tiger?’

‘Rhea, I think I am falling in love with you. Why are you doing this to me?’ I asked.

Her face turned just a tad serious and she said, ‘Come on Kris, this is fun. Enjoy it while it lasts. I know these couple of weeks were amazing, at least for you.’ She smirked and continued, ‘But I don’t think we can get along forever. We are way too different from each other. And we got our baggage.’

Those words brought me back to reality. She’s true. I love my wife and my kid. This is fun yes, I am unfaithful yes, she is the wildest ever yes but this is not my life. I still love my family and they mean everything to me. I enjoy these jigs but that is what these are. I needed to get back to reality some day. The real world, the real me.

As if reading my mind, she shook me, ‘Hey Socrates, I don’t care what you are thinking but that fellow down there is turning soft. And I’m not done with him yet. Either you get back right now or I’ll have to rape you.’ She declared with her hands around her hips.

I smiled back and shook my head, ‘You are one crazy bitch.’

‘You think so? You got no idea how crazy I am. Tell me who does this?’ she said and turned around.

She spread her legs wide, about three feet away from each other. Then she slowly bent over. Right before my eyes. Her pussy slowly appeared between her beautiful thighs. Rhea winked at me from between her legs and slowly touched her pussy with her middle finger.

She rolled her finger for a couple of seconds from the outside, then reached farther out from between her Pendik Fetiş Escort legs right to the top of her ass. She slowly brought it down, pressing it along the crack. One inch through, her fingertip disappeared in her tight ass.

Having realized that I am not getting the full show, she bent over a little more making her ass checks spread wider. Her fingertip appeared again. She slowly brought it lower and lower and then it stopped.

She looked at my dick, smiled at the acknowledgement she received in the form of a throb, looked back at me and gave that wicked smile again. ‘Watch me now’ she said as she resumed the journey to the center of her ass.

Her finger finally reached her asshole. She pressed on the surface and rolled her finger slowly, massaging it. She took her finger away from her asshole from time to time, just to give me a show before getting back at it. Soon she was moaning and I had to grab my dick.

‘Stop right there. If you shag I will stop.’ She almost screamed.

I took my hand off my dick as if I just received an electric shock. She smiled at my reaction and said, ‘Good Boy, let me treat you for obeying.’

She took her hand away and put the finger in her mouth. Damn, if I was holding my dick shagging, I would’ve come right then. She then swirled her finger in her mouth and took it out with her spit shining on it. She put it back on her asshole and pressed on it.

This time she applied more pressure and slipped her finger tip in. She moaned loudly and soon started to finger fuck her asshole. In a few strokes, her finger went in till her knuckle and she changed the strokes into a more circular motion.

The heat was getting to both of us and we started to sweat again. I loved the humidity, for the first time in my life. She took her finger out and stood up. She turned towards me and came within two inches of me. She locked her eyes into mine and said, ‘You know someone crazier?’

Before I could answer she brought her finger to my lips and brushed it along. I quickly took it in my mouth and sucked on it hard. She smiled and brought her lips to mine with her finger still in my mouth. We sucked on her finger together as our bodies met again.

The sweat replaced the water that evaporated and ensured our bodies were slippery enough against each other. We hugged real hard with my dick almost paining from the crushing it was getting between our tummies. Our tongues played with each other while her fingers dug into my back.

She broke away just enough to say, ‘So did you like the show lover?’

‘Yes. Yes I did.’ I panted.

‘You think I’m just crazy now?’

‘No, you are the craziest. I don’t know what to say. You are just too much.’

‘What did you like about my show?’


‘Say it Fucker!’ she shouted into my ear as she bit it.

‘Ok ok. I loved the way you fingered your asshole. I loved watching you do it.’

‘And how did you like me eating my finger?’

‘I almost came watching you do it. I have never seen a hornier sight.’

‘Hmm, sweet. Now brace yourself for something naughtier.’ She said as she kissed me again. She then slowly got to her knees but took me along. She then pushed me onto the grass and made me lie down on my stomach.

She lied on top of me and started to kiss my neck. She then lifted my hand a little and licked my armpit. And it was wet. I went crazy down under. She then went lower and stopped at the tip of my ass. By now I knew what was coming. And I hated she stopped just to tease me.

‘Go on bitch, lick my ass. I know that is what you are going to do. I want it now, lick it.’ I screamed.

She laughed and said, ‘You wish Tiger. You still have no idea how wild I am.’ Then I felt her weight ease away from my body and before I realized her next move I felt her hands around my hips lifting me slightly. She then spread my asscheecks and I felt Pendik Gecelik Escort a strong pushy sensation on my asshole. And then I felt the wetness. I looked back and saw a steady stream of hot piss from her pussy hitting my asshole.

I must have had my jaw drop real wide because she grinned wide and exclaimed, ‘You are so cute Kris. You can close your mouth now and open your ass more.’ With that she directed her flow all over my ass and my back. I was in heaven. One that I never explored before.

When her flow trickled to a stop she had it flowing along her thighs before dripping onto the grass. She then fell over my ass splashing her tits against my ass and her face against my back. She wet her face in her piss on my back at the same time rubbing it all over me. She then went lower and spread my ass wider.

It was then that I felt her tongue between my ass. I heard her tongue swish between my cheeks and realized the amount of piss that actually remained there. She lapped it all up as she went lower and lower. Then with an energetic push, she spread my ass real wide and dip her tongue into my asshole.

She lapped at her pee while her hand directed the drip onto my balls and dick. She rubbed my balls hard and held my dick while she tongued my asshole. Then she pushed at my asshole hard and slowly entered in. She then began tongue fucking my asshole while she stroked my throbbing hard dick.

I think at that instance I blacked out because when my eyes cleared again I had just erupted into her hands while her tongue was an inch deep into my ass. Her nose tip played crazy between my ass cheeks. I came so much my balls hurt real bad and I came for at least thirty seconds before I could stop.

She slapped my ass cheeks, rolled me over and said, ‘Watch me eat you now.’ She then rubbed my cum on her hands all over my dick and took the head in. She started sucking at the same time slurping up my cum into her mouth while her fingers played with my balls and asshole.

My dick defied logic as it stood its ground, tired and exhausted but hard for more action.

She let go of my dick when she realized it won’t be going soft any sooner and said, ‘Now its your turn’

I had no clue what she meant. She lied down flat on the ground first and then slowly spread her legs. When they were so wide I could literally see till the end of her pussy she started lifting her legs off the ground and went on till she could fold her elbows around the back of her knees

Then she bent her back so that she could open up more till her feet actually touched the ground on either side of her head.

Her pussy and asshole opened up beautifully. She winked with her asshole and said, ‘What are you waiting for?’

‘Aren’t you ashamed being in this position?’ asked I.

‘What for? I got the most beautiful pussy and asshole. And you love them both. Now get to work.’

‘You want me to eat them?’

‘Yes but not right now. I need some real action. First pee in my mouth a little so that I can gurgle and enjoy it. Then pee on my tits so that I can play with my wet nipples. Then pee the rest some in my pussy. Then open up my asshole real nice and pee into it till it flows out. Then fuck my ass real hard. You upto it?’ she asked.

I lost myself somewhere in her sentences. She’s not just a horny wild crazy bitch. She’s devil herself. Before I could think anymore my dick ordered my body to move to her. I put my legs on either side of her face and bent and little.

I slowly peed into her open mouth and once I filled her mouth she closed it and before I realized I splashed her face. Then I guided a controlled flow over her tits while she massaged them, onto her navel, down to her pubic hair and into her pussy. Then as I realized I was coming to the end of the flow I guided the rest into her open asshole.

Then I got between her legs and positioned my dick on her asshole Pendik Genç Escort and slowly pushed. She opened her mouth and slowly spilled a little pee making it drip onto her cheeks, then her ears and onto her hair. My dick made my pee splash out of her asshole, while I slowly entered her.

She drank the rest of my pee and shouted, ‘This is not an opera, I need some hard rock. Push harder and faster.’ I took the cue and pushed hard and her ass suddenly gave way as she screamed and bit my ear. Once I got the head into her ass I started pumping her hard as she bit my cheek and chin.

I held her asscheeks in my hand while she did the same with mine and we rocked harder and harder as I pumped her. She shook violently as I fucked her ass more and more and once half my dick got in she rolled me over, pinned me to the ground and started fucking my dick with her ass.

She rode me like the bitch she was and suddenly started to pee again. Although it wasn’t much it was the most erotic sight I ever saw with that pee dripping slowly onto my dick and the trickling sensation it caused on my balls and then my ass.

I couldn’t take anymore and started to cum hard into her ass. I filled her ass so much my dick popped out for lack of space and she fell on top of me. We were both completely exhausted and our bodies were dripping in sweat. She licked my lips and slowly nuzzled on my lower lip.

She put her hand back, dipped it in her asshole and picked a scoop of my cum. She brought it to our lips and we both lapped at it. She then put her lips against my lips and stayed still. I slowly closed my eyes and before I realized fell asleep exhausted from the fucks.

When I woke up, the sun had moved behind the trees again and the afternoon felt cool and nice. She was still on top of me, still sleeping. I put my hand over her ass and felt for her asshole. It still had my cum all over it and dried to a semi fluid.

I slowly massaged her asshole as she woke up. She looked at me, smiled and said, ‘I have a secret to tell you.’ I just smiled at her knowing nothing can surprise me now. She put her hand back, touched my finger and continued her asshole massage with her fingers on top of mine as she said, ‘You are the hottest man I ever had. Your innocence and your charm meant I could discover my wildest secrets and my darkest depths.’

‘Kris, I’ll adore this experience all my life. And yes, I do love you.’ She kissed me on my lips and kissed my neck again. We lay that way for another hour before we got up.

We then took a cool bath in the stream and resisted fucking each other again as we needed to reach another camp two miles downstream.

We fucked sixteen times on that trip to Machu Picchu and back. Two weeks after, we reached back to India and when we got down from the flight our families were waiting for us. I hugged my wife and kissed her openly in the airport, it was the first time I kissed her in public. She was surprised but let me introduce Rhea to her and Rhea introduced us to her husband.

Then we said goodbyes and went our separate ways to our waiting cars and just before Rhea got in, I turned back to look at her. There she was, holding her kid’s hand walking towards her car, clad in her beautiful saree talking to her husband. Anyone looking at her could never imagine how wild she was or how crazy she could be. As if hit by my eyes she turned around, smiled real wide and waved at me before she got into her car.


I’ve been reading for over ten years and always thought this is a place where we let our imagination run wild. I realized some tiny figment of that huge bunch of stories could be real stories only when it happened to me. To share this is my privilege and the reason I’m doing it after so long is because I miss my Rhea now. I hope I get that wild fire back in some form.

The next story I’m going to write is also completely true but it is devoid of as much passion. I shall wait till I get some responses on this before I post that one because I like to keep my readers guessing. If you like this one, please do rate. And please do comment. Your personal comments will be cherished and I promise to write you back. Thank you so much for reading.

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