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the transformation part 1 , 2

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the night was gradually waning…i didn’ have any idea that 4 how much time i was lying unconscince there. it was in the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the greatest deseart on the earth, the saharas! by the way i need to introduce myself to you people, am Russel Martin. i am an archeologist and at the above mentioned moment i was the sole surviver of UN’s research group. we were looking for the traces of an ancient but unknown culture. discovery of existance of this culture had created a enormous hoopla, as it seemed, that the once existant culture was highly mistycal and had left some unexplainable things behind.

we were the team of 8 people who started from kenya. everything was alright until that day… i had gone to nairobi to buy some liquer as there were only few botteles left. the capital was some 400 miles from our camp. i came back in the evening only to find the nest empty.i searched everywhere but got nothing. there was no trace of any human being. there was a very queer atmosphere. something was very strange. i rushed to our site.. as i reached there, i found the bodys of my mates.

i was really numb, as i came back to sences, i found a stange map beside. there were some figures and pictures on that map. i looked at it and in no time i felt something was wrong with it. there was a road shown leading to some sort of temple. i realized something was written on it’s backside. it was a msg 4 me left by brian my late colleague… it went…’ go at any rate.’ his writing was very weak. so it was apparent that he wrote it on the way to his death. as soon as i send a signal 4 help. i darted in the direction shown in the map. it was after four days i realized that i had indeed committed a fatal mistake. my food was over and suddenly my satelight phone had started to send and recieve some strange signals. i was unable to contact anyone on my own. and after some more days i found myself in utter dispair and horribly weak state.i threw away my phone. it was a frighyning day and i fell unconscience.

the night was waning when i opened eyes! it took me half an hour to regroup myself and to gather some strength. i crowled forward. i was left aghast at the sight in front of me. it was an oasis, surely it was! i really did not know then, how on the earth i was there. smthing must have brought me there. the place was like a dream but was indeed a reality. there were some palms of various kind and the lush was all over the place. i felt the energy and joy running through my veins. i went to a tiny tree, i dont know its specy yet and snatched a unkown fruit from its branch and ate it savagely. after having eaten enough i decided to have look around.i noticed that it is surrounded by some very steep hills infact it was a cliff. it was ridiculous to try to climb it. i was shattered once again. on the opposite end, it must have been east as the sun was coming ove the hill, i noticed there was a hut probably a tent. i went there.
it was a very ancient hut,it was standing there from the time unknown. it was large enough to accomodate 3 peope and was 5 feet in hight. there were some trifle diagrams on it’s wall and a broken mirror was there. beyond that there was a small lake of an obscure shape. and on it’s edge there was smthing like a board made of copper, it was half burried in the sand. on the upper half of it again the same diagrams were there. and on the top there was a male figure on left an female figure was on the right side. something was written in between in some strange letters. i looked at the lake, the water was clean and pure. it was not that cold as it was afternoon by now. i decided to take a bath as i hadn’t washed myself 4 atleast a week. i played in the water and swam 4 an hour atleast. i came out of the water, put on the clothes and went in the hut and i guess i fell asleep instanteneously.

next morning i woke up by some stange touch on my neck, it was cold and silky. i screamed as i raised my hand, and i screamed again as i heard my voice…. my hand was looking as if it was of a women, my voice had also become feminine. as i sat up i felt that my chest had become heavy. i went outside to pee and when i slid my hand in my pant THE PENIS WAS NOT THERE…… as i urinated, its warm flow bursa escort on my leg woke me up completely… i looked at my chest, there were two more hills in this oasis now…. i went inside and looked in the mirror. a highly beautiful and equally wellshaped woman of an arebic complexion was standing there. her eyes were hypnotic and black. my t-shirt was unable to hold her tits and so the jeans was to hold her hips. the meaning of the copperboard was more than clear to now.

i was just amazed at my new body. i eagerly stripped all the way and stood completly nude before that mirror. what a body.. i got to fuck this angel right now i thought, and blushed as i realized it’s me. her skin was glowy wheatish white. her long hairs were brown. her tits were round an soft, at the list D cup nipples were brown and just inviting. her belly was flat n sleem. her hips were heavenly. and her pussy infact mine.. was hairless and pink. its lips were soft and now wet as rubed them a bit. a sensetion ran through my body. it was alien, it was erotic and i felt horny! i touched my nips, gosh the feeling was great. my nipple hardened as i touched it. the mechanism of female body was alien to me. i grabbed my tits and started fondling them. i took my left boob to my mouth and i started sucking my own nipple. a strange force was bulding inside me and i felt a strong desire to have something inside me. my right hand moved towards my vagina and fingers slid inside. the wet and lushy touch of my pussy and novel feeling of having something in started to send me the edge. i was moning in utmost pleasure..my left hand was playing with my nippeles and fingers of the right hand were penetrating my pussy. i had never felt so horny before. the pleasure was immence. i could feel that i am going to come. an electric wave ran throuh my body, i gasped, i screamed in pleasure as i expirienced my first orgasm as a woman. a fluid started to run through my pussy..and i was sweating. i lay there exausted for a while.

Days gone by. i was living there alone. i had left the hope of rescue. and as it is none was gonna recognise me in this body.i used live naked as i had nothing wear. days gone by, i kept masturbating and feeling more horny day by day. and then the last of the strange thing took place and it changed my life and made me what i am today.
it was evening and i was sitting under a palm. it was a sheer melancholy. i was feeling lonely and sad. i wanted to go back. i wanted some1 to talk with. and suddenly a mighty wind started blowing and a thunder like sound began. sand started to ruffle like a tornado. i was scared to my soul. and astonishingly the sand began to take shape of a human being. in no time a roman gladiator look alike was standing nude in front of me and was staring at me. he was 6 feet tall and perfectly built. he was fair and clean shaven. his eyes were black and the way he looked at me and my tits, i was blushing, my nipples were erected. he was smiling. his huge penis was also i thought gazing at me. and dont know for how long we were looking at each other. and then he steped 4ward.

he came to me and pulled me. i was in his arms, my tits were pressed aganst his chest and his cock was intruding in my vagina. he lifted my face and instictively our lips met. we were kissing passionately. except him there was nothing in my world. suddenly he broke the kiss, i looked at him expectantly.. he silently lifted me in his arms, and took me in the hut. i was lying on the lush. he was on top of me. we restarted our kissing. now his hands were fondling my tits and i was stroking his penis. then he shifted attention to my exquisite breasts. he took them in hands and started sucking my right nipple. that touch of his tounge was too much for my nips. i was moaning softly and my breathing was heavy. he was sucking and playing with my nipples 4 a while, and i started to cum. he looked at me and smiled. he shifted downwards. he started to lick my wet pussy. that single touch sent me over the edge. i clutched his hairs and burried his face in my crotch. he was eating my pussy frantically so was reacting i. i came again and his lips were full of my juices. i pulled him. i grabed his enormous cock in my hands and guided it to my pussy. i had never bursa escort bayan had something that big in my pussy. he started to thrust in………i was sreaming.. inch by inch he got into me.he started to penetrate me gently. at that moment he meant world to me. as a woman it was my first fuck. the feeling was divine. i had always been on the other side, but this feeling of penetration, the feeling of being made love was thousand times better. i was moaning loudly. my boobs were bouncing rhythmatically in accord with his penetration. he started to increase his speed and in a minut i experienced the most powerfull orgasm of my life. i was gasping for breathe and sreaming in sheer ecsatcy. he was fucking me hard and he was ramming his cock in a wildest way. i was moving back and forth, my tits were on rolercoaster ride. he was kissing me in between. the whole thing was best in my life. he was penetrating me for nearly half an hour. i had had several orgasms and then he stopped. he was moaning now.. his thursts became infrequent. the pressure was building inside both of us. and finally he held my tits tight, he burried his shaft all inside me and shot a huge load of cum inside me and subsequently i came with a monsterous force, this orgasm was bigger than earlier all. my womb was full of his cum and heart full of love for him. he collapsed on me in exausted state and totally exausted, i closed my eyes….

as we lay there on each other breathing heavyly, i was thinking about the turn of events which had changed my identity and the entire course of my life. i wanted to ask him that who is he? how on the earth he appeared out of the sand! what had happened to me? how and why? but how should i ask him, i thouht! i didn’t know what his language was and whether he knew engilsh? suddenly my train of thoughts was interrupted, i sensed he was talking to me but how come? i couldent hear a word yet i was able to understand me in my mind……… gosh i realized in a second that it was indeed the telepathy. i began to collect and understand his sentences. i undersyood what he was ‘telling’ me. i will give u the summery of all the explanation he gave to me.

his name was Ryan. he was a human being but of another kind. he was PARA-HUMAN. he was living for last 10350 years on and around the earth. he had seen the rise and demice of many cultures. he knew many sacred truths and secrets. he was the watchman and guard of the earth, it was the duty which the almighty had assignd for him. the traces of that unknown culture was of his belongigs. the strange language was his own.but how did i come into the picture? i asked him. he told me, that i was one of the most powerful souls on this planet and yet i was insignificant in this birth, my real purpose had begun as soon as i had transformed into this woman, infact i was trasformed… by destiny, the god’s wish into this hot and beautiful woman. that is what i was in my first life, a single woman in para-humanbeings. and now it was the time for the next generation to take birth, it was the time when i had to conceive Ryans son and the next protector of earth, i was the only capabe soul to concieve his seed……

i turned red at the thought of getting pregnant from Ryan. i knew by then that i love him from my heart and pussy. he began to kiss me again. we were smooching with much more love and passion this time. a passion and lust which was unfullfilled for millennium.

his gigantic dick was still inside me and it began to harden again. we were madly smooching each other. i stopped and told him to stand up and i sat up myself. he understood what i meant to do. he was grinning wide. i held his shaft and took it in my mouth. it was the first ever blowjob i was giving to anyone. i was afraid whether my mouth is capable to hold this monster. i started to smell it’s musky scent, it really made me damn horny. by now i had the head in my mouth.i licked and sucked on the knob and slowly started to pump my mouth up and down on his penis. it was feeling great. i was wildly licking his cock. it’s head was touching my throat deep down somewhere. i was oozing with lust. i plunged one hand down to my hot n wet pussy. While i sucked his cock, i played with my pussy. i stroked my vagina and made small thrusting motions with my round hips. i could hear Ryan gasping. escort bursa he was playing with my tits all the time. he was twisting my erected nipples. at the same time he was playing with my anus with his left foot. he was rubbing my hole with his thumb and nail. it was feeling like a current, which ran through my body with each and every twist n touch. all of my sex anteanas, my mouth, pussy, tits, nipples and anus were busy in recieving pleasure. as he was nearing to orgasm, i was also on the verge of an orgasm. Ryan held my head firmly and pushed me on the hard cock and climaxed deeply into my throat. his seed was literally raining in my throat. i was also cumming with vengence and i sank down deep in the escatsy of orgasm as i eagerly drank his salty cum.

now it was my turn to have my pussy bitten. i lay there on the ground. he began to suck my tits first. i gasped as he started chewing my nipples and pushed a finger back into my dripping wet pussy.he went down then to bury his face into my vagina ,and to suck my clit. he started caressing my asshole with his free hand. i was moaning loudly in pleasure. an electric wave was running in my body. my body stiffened and i screamed as he sucked hard on my sensitive clit, penetrating it with his tongue. Ryan then slid two fingers into my widespread pussy, pushing them in roughly and rubbing the soft and silky flesh inside. my body shivered and my breathe stopped and i gasped for it as he found my g-spot and started rubbing it hard while still bitting my pussy lips. i was already literally dripping wet ’cause of his fingers fucking my tender pussy and his sucking it. i felt close to the orgasm but i tried hard to delay it ,i wanted to enhance my pleasure, i felt his fingers pushing against the sensitive spot inside the cunt. intense escatcy was boggling my mind n body. his fingers which he had inserted in my pussy was pressing my anus from inside. i screamed out as he forced his fingers of second hand into my rear hole, pushing it in to the second knuckle while eating my cunt and pressing the midfinger hard against my g-spot. it sent me over the edge and i was cumming screaming out loudly. after some moments i stopped cumming and regained control over the body, my boobs were heaving as i was breathing heavyly.

he gently kissed my lips and told me to come outside. he intended to have a bath and i also nodded as it would refresh us for further sessions and it would clean our sweaty bodies. but he stopped on the edge of the lake. first of all he removed the copperboard. then he enchanted some mantra and the water swirled for a while. as he told me he had made the water normal otherwise he too would have become a woman as i did. i was astonished by his mystical power and world. but not allowing me to think and waste the time, he dragged me in the water. he started to wash me and massaging my body, especially my lushy tits. his touch was soothing and arousing at the same time. we kissed for a while. now i had aroused again, i came out of the water and took the dodgy position on the ground, i turned around and gave ryan an inviting look with my lustful eyes. it was enough for him. i wanted him to fuck my asshole. i was always curios about how it would be feeling to have an anal sex. i told him in my mind, come on Ryan fuck my ass hard make me again, come on… he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my ass, and slowly pushed the head in.i gave a slight moan of pain, but he continued to work his head in until he had it buried in my soft soft hole. “Oh my,that hurts,” i moaned, i was getting pleasure from the pain that came from his forcing himself into mine. I continued to work slowly back and forth, and I felt my ass muscles grip firmly on his cock. my hole was never fucke so that it was naturally tight. gradually ,my ass relaxed a bit and he was able to go deeper and get it faster. my moans were getting louder by the second, and he slapped my ass hard with his hand. i cried out when he did this, but made no attempt to prevent it from happening again. Soon he was slapping my ass hard repeatedly as he thrusted faster and faster into my ass. he leaned forward a little to push himself all the way in, to bury his balls all the way in. i was rubbing my pussy frantically and in seconds we both came hard……

the sun had set down. the place was bathing into the twilight. he was looking very divine in that light. he kissed me again and then we decided to have break for an hour as both of were exhausted…..

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