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Twin Passion Plus One

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Since some of you asked nicely, here’s what happened next with Sarah and Thomas. And for those of you who didn’t like the first outing, I suggest that you avoid further pain and stop reading now.

‘Sorry. I sort of jumped the gun a bit there,’ Thomas said, having spurted a small bucketful of cum over his sister’s shapely breasts even before she had had a chance to approach her own orgasmic threshold.

His sister laughed. ‘Well … you certainly pulled the trigger. But don’t apologise. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I found it very sexy.’ And she again traced her fingers across her breasts that were still wet with cum.

‘I should have waited until you had come first,’ Thomas said. ‘Sorry.’

His sister laughed again. ‘If you had waited for me,’ she said, ‘you would probably still be waiting. I was having way too much fun. And, anyway, I still have my magic fingers. And you can watch. Yes. In fact, I’d like that. So far, the only person who has ever watched me diddling myself is Lulu. At least I think she’s the only one.’

Thomas frowned slightly. ‘You mean that I can look and learn? So that I get it right the next time?’

‘No. Not at all. You seem to have already learned. I’m not sure where,’ his sister said with a wry smile. ‘I mean you can watch and enjoy.’ And Sarah began by stroking her fur-covered mound. ‘Did you know that Lulu has shaved her twat,’ she said. ‘No. You probably didn’t, did you?’ (Lulu – Louise – was Sarah’s best friend. Well, her best friend apart from her brother.)

‘Oh? Did Lulu tell you? Or did she show you?’

‘She showed me.’


‘It’s certainly very smooth,’ Sarah said, nodding. ‘Smooth as a baby’s bum. But I think I still prefer mine with a bit of fur. It’s a proper grown-up twat with a bit of fur, isn’t it? A minge with a fringe.’ And she laughed.

Her brother nodded.

As Thomas watched, Sarah let her fingers wander south to the head of her cuntal valley. The outer lips of her minge with a fringe were quite plump and spread, and her pink inner lips were glistening from all the previous attention they had received. The index finger of her right hand made a few circuits of her nubby clit which was now peeping out from under its little hood, and then her finger continued south, dipping into her open fuckhole before returning to where it had started. And then she did it all again. And again. And again.

And then Sarah’s right hand was joined by her left hand. ‘Two hands for twice the fun,’ she said. And as her right hand focused on her clit, her left hand travelled south. Way, way south. All the way to her pink arsehole.

Thomas felt his cock twitch. Yes. He would have to remember that for the next time. He would have to remember to pay a passing visit to Sarah’s apparently-receptive rosebud. ‘I can see that you’ve done this before,’ he said softly.

His sister smiled. ‘I might have. Once or twice.’

For perhaps five minutes, Sarah continued. Stroking and poking. And then, almost without warning, she began to shake and shudder, and buck like a frisky colt, or, in her case, like a frisky filly. ‘Oh, oh, oh,’ she said softly. ‘Oh, oh, oh.’ And then she suddenly relaxed – as though she had just been dropped from several feet above the surface of the bed. ‘Mmm,’ she said. ‘Mmm. Oh, yes.’ And her hand returned to slowly caressing istanbul escort her furry mound.

Thomas’s cock was almost back at full attention, and he was tempted to take it in hand and demonstrate his own masturbatory skills. But then he decided to save it for later. He snuggled back down beside his sister and placed his hand on top of hers. A few minutes later, they were both asleep.

When morning came, the siblings were still entwined in each other’s arms.

Thomas awoke first. He carefully disentangled himself, got up, and went for a pee. And then he headed for the kitchen to make some tea. Nicky was already there. Sitting at the table. Her head resting on her hands.

‘Are you OK?’ Thomas asked.

‘I think I have a headache,’ Nicky told him. ‘And I feel as if I might throw up.’

‘Oh. Right. I believe it’s called a hangover,’ Thomas said. ‘I read somewhere that wine will sometimes do that. Do you need some Nurofen?’

‘I just took some. I keep some in my bag. Just in case I meet someone who needs some.’


‘Well … just in case I meet me with a hangover.’

Thomas laughed. ‘I’ll make you some tea. Perhaps green tea with ginger. I think that’s supposed to be good for hangovers, isn’t it?’

Nicky groaned. And nodded. ‘Are you OK?’

‘Yeah. I think so. Still a bit … you know. But … we’ll get there.’

‘And Sarah? Is she OK?’

‘As OK as can be expected.’

‘I should have brought some weed with me. I don’t think too much wine is good for me. I must be getting too old. But, given that it was the cops that called me and asked me to come over, weed might not have been such a good idea either. Why don’t they just make the bloody stuff legal and be done with?’

Thomas laughed and dropped a couple green-tea-with-ginger teabags into the pot. Then he grabbed three mugs and placed them on a tray next to the teapot. ‘As soon as the kettle boils, I’m going to take this up to Sarah’s room,’ Thomas said. ‘Are you going to come up and join us?’

Nicky nodded. And then she said: ‘Actually, I might need to pee. Perhaps when we’ve done that …’

Thomas frowned. When we have done that? Was Nicky that bad? Did she need his help to pee? But then he realised what she meant. ‘Oh. Yes. Right.’

By the time that Thomas got back up to Sarah’s room with the tea, Nicky was already there. Sarah was sitting up in bed, and Nicky was sitting in the arm chair, in amongst some of Sarah’s abandoned clothes.

‘Is it hot in here?’ Nicky asked. ‘Or is it just my imagination?’

‘Umm … it’s warm,’ Sarah said. ‘Mother liked the heating turned up a bit.’

‘That’s right. She didn’t like wearing clothes, did she?’

‘Well, she liked clothes as much as the next person,’ Sarah said. ‘ But not at home. No. Not when we were on our own.’

Nicky nodded. And then she said: ‘And you two are not wearing any clothes.’

Sarah laughed. ‘You noticed,’ she said.

Nicky nodded again. ‘Perhaps I should take mine off too.’

‘If it will make you feel better,’ Sarah said.

While Thomas poured the tea, Nicky removed her clothes, folding them (as best she could) and putting them in a neat pile on the floor beside the chair. ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘Yes. That feels better.’

Thomas passed a mug of tea istanbul escort bayan to each of ‘the girls’. ‘Green tea with ginger,’ he said. ‘Supposedly, good for banishing all traces of nausea – however said nausea was acquired.’

Nicky held her mug up to her nose. ‘Umm. It certainly smells good.’

Thomas took his own tea and sat on the edge of the bed. For a couple of minutes, none of them said anything.

Thomas had seen his aunt naked many, many times. Nicky was his mother’s younger sister. She was – or at least had been in her younger days – the tearaway of the family. Funnily enough, she looked a little like an older version of Sarah. But she was a little shorter that Sarah. And her breasts were slightly bigger than Sarah’s breasts. And they sagged a little. Also, Nicky had a bit of a tummy. Thomas had never thought of his aunt in a sexual way. She was just Nicky. Mad Aunt Nicky. But looking at her now, he could see that, even with a bit of a hangover, she was really quite sexy. Thomas felt his cock begin to stir. Oops! Time to think about something else, he told himself.

‘Is the tea working?’ he asked.

‘Something is,’ Nicky said. ‘The Nurofen has probably started to kick in.’ And then she said: ‘Did you two sleep together last night?’

‘Umm … yes, we did,’ Sarah said. There was no point in denying it. The bed had clearly been slept in by more than one person. ‘I needed someone to cuddle me,’ Sarah said.

Nicky nodded. ‘Yes. I probably did too. But I’m not sure that I could have made it upstairs.’

For another couple of minutes, the three of them sipped their tea in silence. And then Nicky said: ‘So?’


‘Yes. What are we going to do today?’

‘Not a lot that we can do, is there?’ Thomas said. ‘Don’t we have to wait for the cops and the hospital and the funeral people?’

‘I suppose so.’

‘I think we just have to wait for things to run their course,’ Thomas said.

Nicky nodded again.

‘What do you want to do?’ Sarah asked, putting down her now-empty tea mug.

Nicky half shook her head. ‘Not sure. Not sure that I’m up to making any big decisions just yet. Perhaps a shower. And then I might try to think about it again.’

‘Yeah. No rush,’ Sarah said. ‘A shower would be good.’ And then she looked at her brother. ‘A shower?’

Thomas nodded. ‘Yeah. Why not? A shower sounds good.’

‘So … who’s first?’ Nicky said, looking first at Sarah and then at Thomas.

‘There doesn’t have to be a first,’ Sarah said. ‘One for all and all for one? The shower is plenty big enough for three.’

For a fraction of a second, Nicky looked almost shocked. But then she smiled. ‘Three.’ And she nodded. ‘Oh. OK,’ she said. ‘Yes. Why not?’

‘Have you finished your tea?’ Thomas asked.

‘I think so.’

Sarah threw back the light duvet and then swung her shapely legs over the edge of the bed. With nothing left to detain them, Sarah, Thomas, and Nicky headed for the bathroom – and the shower big enough for three.

Thomas took the lead, turning on the shower, and setting the water temperature. And then he held the door open for the ladies. ‘After you,’ he said. For a moment or two, Nicky hesitated. It was fair enough. She had not had the benefit of the ‘practice run’ with Sarah and Thomas escort istanbul the previous evening. But Thomas gently steered her into the glass box. Sarah followed, and finally they were joined by Thomas, who closed the door behind him.

‘Mmm,’ Sarah said as the warm water cascaded down on them.

Nicky still didn’t seem quite sure what to do, but the twins corralled her between them, Sarah in front of her, Thomas behind. Sarah reached for a flannel, rubbed a little soap on it, and handed it to Thomas. And then she looked at Nicky and smiled.

Nicky didn’t exactly jump when Thomas began to wash her back, but it clearly came as something of a surprise. But then she relaxed. She even closed her eyes. Sarah signalled to her brother, with the slightest raising of her eyebrows and a faint nod, that all was well.

Thomas began with Nicky’s shoulders, as he had begun with Sarah’s shoulders. And then he worked his way down her back. When he reached Nicky’s waist, he went to his left, gently washing her left hip, and then to his right. And then he paid special attention to his aunt’s womanly arse. ‘Hmm,’ Nicky said, and she bent forward slightly so that her arse was closer to Thomas.

When Thomas had completed washing ‘his’ side, he handed the flannel to his sister. Sarah rinsed it, re-soaped it, and began washing Nicky’s front, again starting at her shoulders and working her way down, washing her womanly breasts and slightly rounded tummy.

While Sarah washed her aunt, Thomas held Nicky steady, and occasionally he planted a gentle kiss upon her neck. She could always say no if she didn’t want to be kissed. Thomas would have understood. But she didn’t say no.

When Sarah had almost finished washing the front side of Nicky’s torso, when she had reached Nicky’s hairy-but-trimmed mound, she paused. Would Nicky want her to continue?

Nicky spread her feet slightly and thrust her hips forward. Not a lot. Just a little. Just enough. But there was the answer to that question. And when Sarah had finished washing Nicky’s nether lips with the flannel, Sarah let the flannel drop to the floor of the shower and she continued with her fingers. ‘Mmm,’ Nicky murmured.

And then the twins quickly helped each other to wash and rinse off. Thomas’s cock was already fattening up like goose preparing for Christmas. And Sarah’s outer labia were almost back to the way they had been when her brother had visited them the night before.

Thomas turned off the water, and they all stepped out of the shower. Then they grabbed towels and hastily, but gently, dried each other off. At that point there could easily have been another conversation. ‘What next?’ But there wasn’t. Together, the three of them returned to Sarah’s bedroom.

Sarah threw the duvet all the way back and patted the centre of the bed to indicate to Nicky that pride of place was to be hers. Nicky hesitated. But then she got onto the bed and lay back.

‘How is the head?’ Thomas asked.

‘The head is beginning to feel a lot better. I think that the shower was probably a good idea.’

Sarah climbed onto the bed and lay on her side facing Nicky. Thomas went around to the other side of the bed and climbed aboard from there.

‘What now?’ Nicky asked. ‘Now that we are clean.’

Sarah smiled. ‘Now,’ she said, ‘… now I think that we should have a family fuck. Have you ever had a threesome?’ she asked.

‘Oh, yes,’ Nicky said. ‘Several. But not recently.’

‘Well, that still means that you know more about how to do it than we do. So you’re in charge. Where do we start?’

Nicky looked at each of them. And then she smiled.

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