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Uncaged Ch. 09

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I came back to awareness with a start. I sat up quickly, not quite sure what was going on. I was still lying there naked, breathing hard. Ben and Jade were kneeling in front of me, softly kissing each other. When they saw me sit up, they turned towards me and smiled again. “Look who’s back,” Jade said to me, “you went into this orgasm-drunk haze for a minute, so we thought you’d had enough for a while. Even though we keep leaving poor Ben here without finishing, we thought you deserved a break by now. How about we just call it a night and head to bed?”

I was still basically in shock about the whole situation. They hadn’t done anything wrong, other than surprise the shit out of me with how far they had me willingly go, but I didn’t know what to say. I started to stammer out, “Well… I…” but Jade cut me off immediately.

“Kat, for once, just shut the hell up and listen.” She was grinning as she said it. “Just be quiet and come get some sleep, I promise we won’t interrupt your rest. It’s been a long day for all of us.” I didn’t really have any brilliant thoughts to add, so I just nodded a little and quietly helped them get the sleeping pads and blankets together. Before long, we were all covered up in the tent, side by side, Jade between Ben and myself. Jade made sure I was covered up and comfortable, kissed me on the forehead and said goodnight. Ben was strangely quiet, but I think he was just doing his best to keep me calm and collected. I was exhausted, and within seconds, I started to fall asleep, strangely content with sharing the “bed” with my two, also-naked friends.

The last thoughts I had before drifting out were that this day had been far from what I had ever expected, but as surprising as it was, it wasn’t wrong. That was the best I could put it, it was strange, and new, but…just different. Really, it was good, that’s all I could think. Literally, as that’s where sleep took me.

I woke up some hours later, it was pitch black, somewhere in the middle of the night. I was lying flat on my back, and there was some light rustling coming from my left, where Jade was next to me, only inches away. I could hear whispering, but I couldn’t make out the words. Jade giggled quietly as well, and from her I could hear a “Shhhhh!” obviously directed at Ben.

I pretended to still be asleep, and closed my eyes again, not that I could have noticed much in the first place, I could barely even make out where their bodies were. But with a little effort, I could just make out what Ben was saying. I could only hear some of the words, but the gist was that he was still turned on from earlier, and wanted his chance to get off. Jade was trying to dissuade him, I think to keep from disturbing me.

She rolled to turn her back to him, telling him to wait until later, but he wasn’t agreeing with that. He rolled with her, spooning up against Jade. I could tell that his ataşehir escort hands were roaming Jade’s body, he was doing his best to convince her, and she was having a hard time keeping herself from going with it. It was a desire to not wake me, not any lack of willingness. I thought to myself, honestly, I loved them both as my friends, I loved Jade more as my (mostly) secret lover, and, I had to admit, didn’t have feelings for Ben like that, well, pretty sure anyways, but did enjoy the things we had been doing, and I did want him to enjoy himself too. Despite the two naked women he had been playing with, he really hadn’t gotten anywhere near the satisfaction Jade or I had. I wanted to just tell Jade to shut up herself and go with it, but I didn’t want to make anything awkward, if that was even possible now.

Ben was now clearly trying to get himself into Jade from behind, while they were both on their sides, Jade wasn’t resisting as such, but she wasn’t helping him either. She wouldn’t give him a proper angle to do it with her legs closed, but I was sure the only reason she was doing that was to keep from waking me. So, I thought it was my turn to surprise them both a little. As quietly and carefully as I could, I brought my hand down between her legs and lifted gently at her thigh that was on top, feeling her smooth skin on my hand. She gasped quietly, I don’t think Ben noticed, but now Jade knew that I was awake and aware. She didn’t resist me either and began to make room for Ben.

He, however, was still having troubles getting positioned in the dark, tight space of the tent (while trying to get into the dark, tight space of Jade…), so I continued my assistance and guided his cock inside her, his skin was surprisingly soft as well, despite how hard he was. He must have thought it was Jade doing that, because he didn’t say anything or seem surprised, but went with it, and slowly sunk all the way inside Jade. She was quite clearly wet and ready despite her actions. I didn’t want her to give away anything, so I quietly tilted my head the last little bit and kissed her before she could say anything that might give me away. I didn’t move any more than necessary, but quickly enough the two of them were rocking back and forth enough to hide any small movements I made from Ben.

The two of them continued just like that for ten, fifteen minutes, while Jade and I made out quietly. Ben was kissing and nibbling at the back of her neck while he fucked her, totally blocking any view he would have had of me being awake, even if he could see worth a damn. Eventually though, he began to slow down, and eventually stop. He pulled out and rolled to his back, letting out a gasp, but it didn’t sound like satisfaction. I pulled back a little bit from Jade, curious. She must have been wondering as well, because she whispered over her shoulder to him, “What’s avcılar anal yapan escort wrong?”

He rasped back, “This isn’t working, I can’t move enough to finish, just forget about it, we’ll take care of it later.” He sounded a little frustrated, but not upset. Just exasperated, sort of.

Jade noticed it too and tried to respond. “Keep going baby, it’s ok…” but he cut her off. “No, I’m not going to take the chance of waking Kat up, she’s been…great…all day, she’s done what we wanted, what we thought, you know, and I’m not going to disturb her now, we’ve still got time, she needs to rest, I can wait.”

I couldn’t believe that, Ben was always kind of a prick, but overall a decent guy. He was a fucking horndog I thought though, and I never pictured him giving up his own pleasure for such a selfless reason. (Although, that was some odd wording. What had they thought? Wanted?) Regardless, I wasn’t going to let that happen, just because he was trying to make things easier on me.

“Ben, just shut up and fuck her brains out already.” I spoke up, the first words we said at normal volume. He was surprised, and sat up immediately, looking startled. “Yep, I’m awake, thank you for thinking of me, but just fuck her, you deserve it. You’ve been fantastic to me this weekend, go for it.” I don’t know if he could see me smiling or not, but I really wanted him to go for it like I said. He started to talk, but I pressed on. “No, no arguing, just fuck this hot bitch until you’re satisfied.”

With that, I sat up fully myself and guided Jade onto her stomach. I took charge of the whole situation, probably for the first time on the entire trip. “Get over behind her and grab her hips, now.” He obeyed instantly, half out of surprise I think. He took Jade’s hips in his hands and pulled her ass up, leaving her face down into her pillow. “Now, put that big cock back into her and don’t say another fucking word until you come. If you do…”

“…I promise I’ll take her place tomorrow night.” I breathed. His jaw was dropped, but he caught up quickly enough with the situation, and was deep inside her as fast as he could be. Soon all I could hear was their moans and his body slapping against Jade’s as Ben took out all his sexual frustration into one earth-shattering fuck.

Jade just whimpered in pleasure against his onslaught, and tried to reach under herself to rub her pussy at the same time. I wasn’t going for that, I grabbed both her wrists and brought them behind her back. “Bitch, you’ve came a dozen times today. This one is all for him.” Ben took full advantage of it, striving for his orgasm as hard and fast as he could. They were both in great shape, but even they couldn’t keep up this pace for too long. I did what I could to help him along, I thrust my chest out enough that Ben took the hint and started to play avcılar bdsm escort with my tits as he fucked Jade.

I liked his touch, it was firm and insistent, he was just concerned about enjoying himself and that’s what I wanted right then. I took his other hand and brought it to my mouth, where I wrapped my lips around two of his fingers and sucked them long and deep, over and over again, trying to get him to imagine the feel of them around his cock. I was surprising myself with how much I wanted him to get off, I’d always wanted girls almost exclusively, with only a stray thought given to the general attractiveness of the occasional man. And there was no question, of the two of them I wanted Jade far more, but I couldn’t deny to myself any longer that, if I could have both of them, I wanted both of them.

They’d done so much for me, and had opened me up so much, that I knew I wasn’t going to want to go back to how it was before with either. They’d both shown themselves to care about me beyond just the physical, and I wanted both the connection between us all, and the sexual release. It was almost unnatural how smoothly this had come along over this trip and the days leading up to it. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out after this weekend, but I’d promised to separately be each of their own personal playmates, and I was damn well going to go through with it, until…maybe eventually we could come to an understanding with all three of us.

For this weekend though, I think we had that understanding, and I was going to take full advantage of it. Jade’s eyes were rolled back in her head by now, she was overwhelmed with sensation, I was positive she was enjoying it, but not accustomed to being used like this. She was so beautiful, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow when Ben was gone basically all day, as much fun as he was turning out to be, I wanted her more. But for now, Ben was obviously nearly at his breaking point, he was pretty well just grunting with exertion now. I leaned forward and tried to push him over as I breathed, “Do it. Come in the slut and you can do this tomorrow with me. Take my pussy just like this, as hard as you can. Pound the shit out of me.”

Ben stopped inside of Jade and looked right at me. I think he was smirking, mostly from the tone of his voice as he said “You have no fucking idea.” Then he turned his attention back to Jade, took his hands back and pulled her into him as he screamed.

He stayed deep inside her from start to finish as his orgasm took him, eventually pulling out with a groan and basically falling back onto the mattress pad. I smirked to myself at the male stereotype as he was passed out within seconds, but smiled to myself that he was finally satisfied. Jade wasn’t much more coherent, she hadn’t yet moved an inch from her position. I gently laid her on her side, her back to Ben, and lay beside her, taking her in my arms. “Good job my love, now time for you to get some sleep too.” She barely opened her eyes and nodded to me, as I kissed her slowly and deeply. She fell asleep just like that, my arms around her, and my lips on hers. I stayed in tight with her, just enjoying where our lives were going, as sleep caught up with me again as well.

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