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Wanking for Wendy

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If, for you, jerking off isn’t trendy,
Then read about wanking for Wendy,
Now her story is out,
I don’t have a doubt,
You’ll be hard as a rock, not bendy.


The nature of marriage has changed rapidly. During 25 years in the swinging scene I’ve seen it happen at first hand. In the old days there weren’t too many of us, we were mostly late-30’s and 40’s and we were discrete in the extreme. Nowadays, sex parties are over-subscribed and full of young couples openly looking for something different. For all that, many marriages still seem to drift apart and end up in the same kind of non-compatibility problems as they always did. Sex, or the lack of it, is still a big issue.

I know that many husbands blame their wives for lack of sexual imagination and not being willing to experiment. From a woman’s point of view, however, I am more inclined to wonder if those husbands know anything about female sexuality. Certainly, just as many wives complain about husbands with a low sex drive. Nowadays, though, women are much more prepared to do something about it. Wendy was a perfect example.

I’d known her a while but it was only when we started doing the same gym classes that we got to know each other. It wasn’t long before we were talking about the intimate details of her marriage. This is quite a normal experience – people open up to me very easily. I think it is because I listen, I don’t make judgments and I am not afraid to ask personal questions. As I get older, I find it happens more and more. I was all of 20 years older than Wendy so perhaps she saw me as something of a mother figure, though I have to say that my thoughts about her were not so motherly.

‘Our sex life was never great,’ she once told me, ‘but nowadays it’s almost non-existent. His only interest in life outside his job is playing golf and then drinking with his friends afterwards.’

‘Have you ever thought of having an affair?’ I asked.

‘Oh yes,’ she replied, ‘but you know how it is. If I as much as smile at a guy, tongues start to wag. And I just don’t know what I would do if Carl threw me out.’

(Carl was her husband.)

Whatever was causing the problem with Carl, it wasn’t her looks. She was tall, slender, blond and sun-tanned. Nor, from what I could tell, was it her imagination.

‘I once saw a girlfriend’s brother jerking himself off,’ she told me when I asked about the things that gave her a turn-on.

‘How was he doing it?’ I asked.

‘He was standing at the end of the bed with his jeans around his ankles,’ she explained, ‘and there was a magazine opened out over the bed. I could see him through the crack in the door. His hand was moving so fast that I couldn’t actually see his dick. It looked amazingly intense. It was fascinating. Then he kind of groaned and I saw the sperm shoot out over the magazine.’

‘So what did you do?’ I prompted.

‘I ran home and locked myself in the bathroom and, well, I played with my fingers,’ she answered, rather sheepishly.

‘Is it still a fantasy?’ I asked.

‘Yes, it is actually,’ she responded. ‘I once asked Carl if he would like to do it for me.’

‘And …?’ I prompted again.

‘He said I was perverted and over-sexed,’ she answered and I’m sure I saw a tear form in the corner of her eye as she recalled her thoughts and feelings.

‘It’s hardly what I’d call perversion,’ I tried to re-assure. ‘If Carl never had a wank, he’d be the first guy in history.’

I had never met Carl but those who had said he was a handsome guy from a wealthy family and Wendy had done well for herself. She got the reputation of a rich bitch who put herself above everyone else, but that wasn’t my experience of her. She could appear aloof and distant but that was a protection mechanism to cover-up her loneliness. What she really needed was someone with whom she could talk and confide.

Some days later, Wendy brought our conversation back to the subject of watching guys jerk off. It seemed to be very much in her thoughts. Our conversations usually took place in the sauna after gym classes. If you are both more or less naked, perhaps intimate conversation comes more easily.

‘Is it a turn-on for you as well?’ she asked.

‘If it’s to do with sex, it turns me on,’ I replied, laughing.

‘But have you actually seen it?’ she asked.

‘Of course,’ I answered. ‘I’ve seen it lots of times.’

‘Wow!’ she exclaimed. ‘Does your boyfriend do it for you?’

I never divulge a lot about my own sex life unless I’m asked by someone I like and trust. All Wendy knew was that I was once married for a short time when I was young. I decided I’d give her a small insight.

‘I don’t have a particular boyfriend,’ I told her. ‘I have a group of friends that I like to get together with. Over the years I’ve seen lots of things and participated in most of them.’

Wendy’s eyes widened with curiosity but I wasn’t going to tell her much more. Instead, I went back to her little fantasy.

‘If you would really like to watch a bursa escort guy wanking, I can probably arrange something,’ I offered.

‘Are you serious?’ she asked, with some astonishment.

‘Yes, I’m serious,’ I told her. ‘If you would like it to happen, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.’

‘Wow!’ she exclaimed again. ‘You’d better give me some time to think about that.’

It was only a matter of days before we were discussing the subject yet again.

‘Were you serious about arranging something with a guy – you know – to watch a guy …?’ Wendy asked.

‘Yes, I can arrange it,’ I answered.

‘Well, how would it work?’ she asked. ‘I mean, does the guy just take it out and do it, or ..?’ ‘OK. Let me give you a scenario,’ I responded. ‘With the guy I have in mind, I think he would give you a nice performance. He’d undress for you and you would have to do the same. He would deserve some encouragement and stimulation, don’t you think?’

‘Do you mean I would have to touch him?’ she asked.

‘No, not unless you wanted to,’ I answered. ‘But he’d want to be able to look at you. And you’d get pretty turned-on wouldn’t you? I mean, that’s the whole idea. So, you’d probably want to touch yourself as well.’

‘Yes, I suppose so,’ she said. ‘So, it would be like he was jerking off in front of me and I was doing the same in front of him?’

‘Exactly that,’ I replied. ‘Does that appeal to you?’

She didn’t answer, she just disappeared into her thoughts for a while as if she was imagining the scene and evaluating her feelings.

‘Can I ask you another question?’ she said quietly and I nodded in response. ‘Well, would you stay with me? I mean, just to make sure I was OK?’

‘Yes,’ I answered, ‘if that’s what you’d like But have you ever been in a sexual situation like that with another woman? How would you feel about another woman seeing you as well?’

‘I don’t know,’ she answered. ‘I guess I’ll just have to think about it.’

‘I’ve got another question – do you think I’ve got a dirty mind?’ she asked.

‘A dirty mind?’ I repeated. ‘Well, I think you might have a long way to go before you catch up with me.’

Every I time I met Wendy in the sauna over the next few weeks, our conversation revolved around her fantasy as she tried to decide whether or not she wanted to experience it for real. We talked about who the guy would be and what he looked like, what she would wear, where and when it might happen, and a host of other details. We went over the whole scenario from A to Z. I was just about at the stage of telling her to either make up her mind or to drop it when she came to me with a very determined look on her face.

‘I’ve made a decision,’ she announced.


I called Bruno. His real name was Brian but he got the name of Bruno because of his bear-like appearance. He was stocky and generously covered with hair, everywhere except his head, where he’d shaven away the little that he had. He wasn’t exactly the answer to every maiden’s prayer but he radiated sexual energy as if he was leaking testosterone from every pore. Behind the rugged appearance was a man of easy-going charm and a genuine interest in people. He made no bones of his passion for sex but had a way of not being offensive about it. I never met anyone, male or female, who didn’t like him and he was especially popular with couples looking for a man to join in with them.

‘I was hoping that you might be inviting me to give some attention to that tight, little pussy of yours,’ he said, after I’d explained about Wendy.

‘If you get started down that track,’ I answered, ‘then Wendy won’t get a look in. So, what do you think?’

‘For you, I would do anything,’ he replied. ‘And besides, I owe you for that weekend you spent with my American visitors. But, tell me the truth. Are you lining up this Wendy for yourself or have you already …?’

‘Already nothing,’ I interrupted, ‘and if I had, I wouldn’t tell.’

‘Are you sure she knows what she’s in for? She’s not going to panic and run when things get started is she?’ Bruno questioned.

‘I’m as sure as I can be that she knows what she is doing,’ I answered. ‘She spent a long time making her mind up. And besides, she’s a perfect 10 so it’s worth the risk.’


Wendy arrived, as I expected, with her nerves jangling.

‘It’s not too late to change your mind,’ I told her.

‘No,’ she said. ‘I know I’m nervous but I’ll be OK. I’m excited more than anything else.’

‘Come on then,’ I said. ‘Let’s sit down and have a drink and relax for a while. And by the way, you look just great.’

She’d dressed as I suggested – sexy but not over the top. It was a nice change from the suburban casuals that she usually wore. And her hair had been scissored into a more stylish cut, rather than the classic blond shoulder-length look. She looked just stunning.

‘It was time to re-invent myself,’ she explained.

I had dimmed the lights and lit candles and incense burners all bursa escort bayan around the big open area of my apartment. Wendy and I sat at the bar by the panoramic windows and watched the sky turn from twilight to darkness. I chatted with her about an affair I’d once had with a young American guy, trying to build an intimate sexy atmosphere. At the same time I was finding it hard to keep my eyes off Wendy’s stockinged thighs over which her skirt had ridden up as she perched on the bar stool. Now wasn’t the time to make a move on her but I wasn’t going to leave it too long into the future.

When Bruno arrived, my first concern was to observe the chemistry between them. He was more my age than hers and, though I had told her all I could about him, meeting him face-to-face could have easily caused her to have second thoughts.

Bruno himself was clearly enchanted with Wendy. He was very experienced in such situations and was soon talking with her as if he had know her for years and our get-together was an everyday occurrence.

I managed to catch Wendy’s eye and to give her a questioning look.

‘Jill is wondering if you feel OK about me?’ chirped the ever observant Bruno.

‘I feel great with you,’ Wendy replied. ‘I think Jill has made an inspired choice.’

‘Well,’ he said, dropping a hand to the front of his trousers, ‘I guess both of you can understand that something is coming up down here and I’m starting to find it hard to contain myself.’

‘Come on then,’ I laughed and ushered them both to the sofas in the other corner of the room.

Bruno didn’t need an invitation to begin undressing, watched by a nervously smiling Wendy. It was her moment of truth and I didn’t give her time to think too long.

‘You too,’ I said and motioned for her to take off her top.

‘And you as well Jill, I hope,’ Bruno added.

I took the opportunity to lead the way for Wendy and quickly peeled off my T-shirt and unhooked my bra, then turned to Bruno and cupped my breasts provocatively. When I saw Wendy unhook her own bra, I was more than optimistic that everything would work out well.

Bruno stood lazily in front of us wearing only a large smile and skimpy white briefs which did nothing to disguise a prominent bulge. His stocky frame, massed with dark hair, and softly shadowed in the flickering candle-light, gave him an animal-like sexiness.

‘Time to sit down ladies,’ he said. ‘I think it’s over to me to make a start.’

I sat alongside Wendy on the sofa, one hand caressing my breasts and the other in my lap.

‘This is what you’ve been wanting for,’ I leaned across to whisper to her. ‘Let’s make the most of it.’

Bruno hooked his thumb into the top of his briefs, pushed the waistband down and positioned it beneath his balls. And there it was – his half-erect cock, surrounded by dense black hair, pointing lazily at us. With one hand resting on the top of a heavy thigh, he took hold of himself with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand and began to slowly massage along the length.

Wendy’s eyes were riveted to him and I could sense a rush of arousal in her. She took hold of her breasts, rubbing and gently pulling at them. I’d seen plenty of her in the past and at that moment more than ever, I would have loved to have my own hands on her body.

Bruno, watching us closely and full of smiles, continued to slowly rub and stretch his cock. It was growing noticeably under his attentions and perhaps not a little due to the sight of two women plucking at their titties.

‘It’s coming up nicely,’ he said, gripping the base, thrusting out his hips and showing us the extent of his erection.

I’d had several close encounters with that equipment but I didn’t remember anything so large. No wonder I’d felt stretched after taking him on. It was an unusual shape with the head, although swollen, being no thicker than the shaft. With all the other dicks I’d encountered, the head was the thickest part. It wasn’t that the head of Bruno’s dick was small, it was the body that was very thick, rather like Bruno himself. I was quite sure that Wendy would have never seen anything like it and that, like me, she was impressed.

‘Well, ladies,’ Bruno continued, ‘I’m sure you’d like me to take it slow so let me just get something to keep things under control.’

He took off his briefs, then found the toilet bag which he’d brought along with him. He took some massage oil and proceeded to apply a liberal amount to his dick and balls. Then he took out something which looked like a thin coil of black tubing and turned his back to us. When he turned around again, the tubing was fixed around the base of his dick and looped around his balls. His oil-slicked erection stood straight up and he proudly displayed it to us.

‘Oh my God,’ said Wendy. ‘That looks amazing.’

‘Well,’ said Bruno, ‘maybe it’s time for you both to show me what’s hiding between your legs.’

I exchanged glances with Wendy and, in unison, we both hitched up our escort bursa skirts and pulled down our panties. I was glad to see that she didn’t hesitate and it was clear that the intensity of the situation had taken her over.

‘I’m very wet,’ she said. ‘Do you think I could have something to put underneath?’

She wasn’t the only one with a wet pussy and I quickly jumped up and danced off to get a couple of towels. I took the opportunity to get rid of my skirt and when I returned I was naked but for stockings and heels.

‘Don’t sit down just yet,’ said Bruno, with a devilish smile. ‘How about kneeling over so I can have a good look at everything.’

‘Mmmm,’ I said, ‘Big Bruno wants to check the goods.’

I did as he asked and kneeled on the sofa with my ass pointing to him. I slipped my hand between my legs and with two fingers spread my pussy lips apart giving him a clear view of the slippery slit. I wiggled my bottom around and then eased a finger into my open cunt.

‘Oh yes,’ said Bruno, ‘That looks perfect.’

I didn’t spend too long posing; this was Wendy’s scene, not mine, and I didn’t want to distract from things. But I needn’t have worried because Wendy was losing her inhibitions. She stood up, removed her own skirt and sat on the towel with her legs spread wide. The blond wispy pubic hair that I’d seen in the sauna had been removed and there was nothing to hide a beautifully formed pussy.

Bruno was giving his cock long, slow strokes with one hand and playing with his balls with the other. My own hand was pressed up hard between my thighs and Wendy was using her finger tips to circle her clit. I watched her closely. Her inner lips were swollen into hard ridges, like an inverted V, and the tip of her clit was standing out like a delicate pink nipple. She was breathing heavily with excitement and, despite trying to keep her focus on Bruno, her eyes seemed to be swimming. It was as if she was experiencing one long orgasm. I thought of all those people who found her cool and aloof – if they could see her now …!

We got a demonstration of Bruno’s repertoire of wanking techniques; the palms of his hands together with his fat prick thrusting between them in a fucking motion, then forming his thumb and forefinger into a circle and rubbing it over his swollen cock-head, then grasping the top half of the shaft and twisting it between his fingers. From time to time he would pause to apply more oil and re-adjust the cock-ring. He was clearly enjoying himself and doing all he could to prolong things.

Applying just a little a pressure from the palm of my hand to my soaking wet pussy, I was content to sit back and watch the two of them. They were within touching distance but their hands stayed on their own bodies. They were working in unison, almost as if they were fucking. When Bruno speeded up his stroking, Wendy speeded up her frigging. When Bruno slowed down and teased the tip of his dick, Wendy slowed down too and gently brushed against the tip of her clit.

There was soft music in the background, but the sounds of hard breathing, involuntary gasps and hands moving on slippery body parts was what came to the fore. The sultry, musky smells of burning incense and raw sex filled the air. The atmosphere was so sexually charged that I knew it couldn’t last for long and I started to give my pussy more vigorous attention.

‘I am starting to get close,’ said Bruno, seeming to interpret my thoughts. ‘Spread your pussy wide for me Wendy and fuck your fingers into it.’

Wendy did as he asked and they both headed into the home straight. I made myself come as soon as I could; not a mind-blowing orgasm, just a gentle shudder to ease my tension. I was more intent on observing the two of them. Bruno stood with his feet apart and his shoulders slightly hunched. His hips were thrust forward and one hand gripped the base of his cock. The other hand was moving at ever increasing speed up and down his huge shaft. Sweat appeared on his brow and his face was etched with intensity.

‘Yes, come on, fuck your fingers, fuck your fingers,’ he was saying to Wendy, over and again.

Wendy’s hand was working as vigorously as Bruno’s and her expression was almost a mirror of his.

‘It’s coming! Now!’ Bruno exclaimed.

He suddenly stopped the rapid pumping and his body became totally rigid. Very slowly and gently he milked at the swollen tip until a thread of sperm shot out and arched through the air over Wendy’s shoulder. It was followed by another which hit her breasts and another which landed on her stomach. Bruno cried out in delight and relief. He wanked himself harder again and this time a shower-like spray emerged, spattering over Wendy’s thighs.

As Bruno was spending, Wendy, moaning loudly, reached her own heights. Her hips raised up from the sofa, two fingers jammed hard into her cunt and her body jerked in a final orgasmic release.

As her cries died down, she turned to me and threw an arm around me.

‘Unbelievable,’ was all she could find to say.

Bruno had settled himself into a chair and lit a cigarette. I expected Wendy to fall back and take her time to recover but instead she got to her feet and dried herself with the towel. Then she went to Bruno and kissed him on the top of his shaven head.

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