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Whores, Strippers, and Prostitutes

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Whores, Strippers, and Prostitutes

Dolly lives with her adult son, Hank, her mother, Loretta, and her grandmother, Rose. Keeping it all in the family, they all have sex with 22-year-old Hank.

Author’s Warning:

This story has graphic, consensual, sexual scenes of incestuous sex between a mother and son, a grandmother and grandson, and a great grandmother and great grandson. If incestuous sex bothers you, please don’t read this story. Please read another story.

Author’s Note:

I write stories for your sexual enjoyment for free. The least that you can do is to vote, leave a comment, and/or e-mail me your thoughts. The only readers who vote all the time, every time, are those mentally disturbed people who give a one vote to every and all stories without even reading the story.

Whether they read the story or not, only one in every 500 hundred readers who opens a story will vote for a story. That’s disturbingly low for a writer looking for encouragement to continue to write stories for you on this site.

In case you are unaware what it takes to write a professional story, it takes about 90 hours over 2 to 3 weeks to visualize, create, write, read, edit, rewrite, reread, and reedit a story over and again before submitting the story.

If only those fans who favored me as their favorite author and/or who favored my story as their favorite story, would vote for my stories, I’d have much more votes and much higher scores. I’d have scores that reflected my hard work in writing stories for you. So, please vote.

# # #

Now, if you’re looking to masturbate while reading this story, please read a different story. Even though they’ll be plenty of incestuous sex in this story, perhaps, not enough for you, but I don’t write pornography, I write erotica. More fact than fiction, I write true stories with plot, dialogue, description, imagery, and tension.

Please don’t be nasty and down vote my story when you leave to read a different story. I’m only giving you a heads-up so that you don’t waste your time reading a story that doesn’t interest you.

Thank you, stay safe, keep a 6′ distance from people, and wash your hands. I pray for all those who have the Coronavirus. God bless you.

# # #

Whores, Strippers, and Prostitutes

As told me by Hank for me to write, this is a true story about his mother, Dolly, his grandmother, Loretta, and his great grandmother, Rose.



Many people have called my mother a whore, especially women, especially jealous women. Yet, not offended by mere names and labels, my mother, Dolly, is, indeed, a whore. Rather than feeling shame for being a whore, she shrugs and laughs at their insults. If anything, her choice, she likes being a whore.

She’s proud to be a whore. Not only was she a whore, still is a whore, and will always be a whore but also, she worked downtown as a stripper. I don’t know about you but I don’t know of any strippers who aren’t whores. I’m proud to write that my whore of a MILF of a mother had the sexy and shapely body, and still has the sexy and shapely body, to be a stripper and an in-demand whore.

Seriously, think about it. With most mothers short, obese, and out of shape, how many sons can say that their mothers have a good enough of a body to be a stripper? Can you envision your small breasted and/or fat assed mother stripping off her clothes while dancing around a pole as horny, cheering men throw dollar bills at her feet and tuck them in her G-string? Sadly, and the undeniable truth, once most women are married with children, no longer having the time and money that they had to primp and pamper themselves when dating, too many mothers let themselves go.

True, many wives can say the same thing about their husbands. Once they’re married, no longer taking pride in their appearance and never dressing up again, they wear jeans, flannel shirts, and baseball caps. Once they’re married, they may not shower and/or shave every day. Once their married, they eat whatever they want and drink as much as they want. In the same way that women pack on the weight and don’t exercise, done with all of that now that they’re married with kids, men pack on the weight and don’t exercise either.

‘Fat, fat, fat, unless they’re single and looking for a partner for sex everyone is fat. With everyone having donuts for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and pizza or Chinese food for dinner, seemingly, everyone is fat. They work all day and, forget about exercising, they flop themselves on the couch and watch TV all night. Except for my MILF of a mother, my GILF of a grandmother, and my GGILF of a great grandmother most women are fat,’ I thought while staring at my sexy Mom, my shapely grandmother, and my attractive, great grandmother.

# # #

Yet, unless women have career type jobs and are making good money, men support women to stay at home with their children. Granted, that’s not an easy job and most times a thankless job to do but men pay women to do that. Just as giving men sex whenever they Bakırköy Escort want and as much as they want, staying at home cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, and taking care of the kids is their job.

For men to continue working and earn more money, women must do their jobs. They signed on for that when they vowed to love, honor, and obey. I know that it’s a sexist thing for me to write but it’s the truth. Sometimes, the truth can be an eyeopener and an awakening that will set you free.

Unfortunately, whether it’s the man or the woman looking to stray, now that they’re no longer naively blinded by love, how dare they go back on their marriage vows? Legally binding, a contract is a contract. Until death do they part, they stood before God, their family, and their friends to swear their forever love for one another and to one another. The same advice that applies to football players, applies to housewives and to husbands. Quoting coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots, “Just do your job.”

No longer wearing makeup, doing their hair, and infrequently shaving their legs and other areas, many married women no longer care about their physical appearance in the way that they did when they were dating and trying to hook a man. Instead of wearing a sexy, pretty dress, they wear sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sneakers. Instead of wearing a short, sheer, low-cut, and sexy nightgown to bed they’re covered in long, flannel, granny nightgowns or flannel pajamas from head to toe. They may as well wear a sign around their neck that reads, ‘My pussy and my mouth are closed. No sex tonight or any night.’

Seriously, with them looking frumpy instead of sexy, who wants to have sex with them? Is it any wonder why so very men cheat on their wives? If married women with children took the same pride in their appearance as they once did when they were dating and trying to trap a man into supporting them for the rest of their lives, life would be so different. If married women still looked hot for their husbands, there’d no longer be the need for strip clubs, prostitution, and porn. Everything that men sexually wanted would already be waiting for them in their bedrooms.

“Why go out for hamburger when I have steak at home,” said the late, great Paul Newman about his wife, Joanne Woodward?

# # #

Yet, once women have babies, too many women no longer have sex. Once they’re done dating your ass and marrying your ass, too many women no longer give blowjobs. Forget about them wanting a cum bath, forget about them swallowing your cum, too many women no longer suck cock. Sexless wives are why ‘the other’ women make their living prostituting themselves and having paid for sex with your husbands. Sexless wives and cheating husbands, along with money issues, are the main reasons for failed marriages and divorce.

Admittedly, even though I write this stuff, I wouldn’t have an audience if you didn’t read this stuff. Think about it. How would you feel if your wife stared at naked, erect pricks in the way that you stare at big, naked breasts? How would you feel if your wife sexually commented on other men in the way that you always sexually comment on other women? How would you feel if your wife sexually lusted over other men in the way that you sexually lusted over other women?

No longer present in your sexual relationships, you’re sexually thinking of someone else when you should be thinking of her. Even when you’re having sex with your wife, you’re thinking about having sex with her mother, her sister, your mother, or your sister. Even when your wife is stroking your cock while sucking your cock, you’re thinking about your neighbor, your co-worker, her best friend, or some hot celebrity stroking your cock while sucking your cock. What’s wrong with you? Is it any wonder why your wife no longer wants to blow you?

Think about it because it’s true but did you know that reading and/or watching porn is akin to cheating on your wife. Whether she’s someone you see on the street, neighbors, co-workers, or relatives, you’re taking time and your feelings away from your woman by lusting over another woman. How dare you? What’s wrong with you to cheat on your wife and the mother of your children, whether physically or in your heart and in your mind? That’s just nasty. You’re nasty.

With you no longer physically, mentally, and emotionally there in your sexual relationship, is it any wonder why your wife no longer doesn’t want to have sex with you? Duh? What the Hell are you thinking? Your differences are just as much your fault as it is her fault. It takes two to ruin a relationship.

After you read this story and all of my stories, I want you to turn off your computer until next Saturday when I post another story. I want you to make out with your wife as if she’s a porn star while stripping her naked. I want you to lick her pussy while fingering her pussy. I want you to give your wife a sexually orgasm with your fingers and your tongue.

Then, Başakşehir Escort not nearly done there, I want you to make love to your wife before fucking her hard and fast enough for her to cum. Maybe then, she’ll take your in her mouth again. Maybe then, she’ll not only suck your cock but also will allow you to cum in her mouth and even allow you to give her a cum bath.

“Good luck and you’re welcome for me saving your marriage.”

# # #

Whores, Strippers, and Prostitutes

A loving son not only has incestuous sex with his mother but also, he has incestuous sex with his grandmother and great grandmother.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as told to me by Hank, not Henry nor Harry but Hank, just Hank. He was named after Hank Williams, the country music legend from the late 40’s and early 50′. His forty-one-year-old mother, Dolly, aka Cherry, Kitty, and Bambi, named after Dolly Parton, loved country/western music, too. With her dyed, blonde hair, her pretty face, and her double D, bra cup breasts, she resembled a taller and younger version of Dolly Parton, especially when she was singing and playing her guitar.

Dolly’s mother, Hank’s grandmother, Loretta, aka Bunny, Cashmere, and Diamond was named after Loretta Lynn and loved country-western music, too. Like mother, like daughter, Loretta had a pair of double D breasts, too. Big breasted women ran in their family as all of the women were either a D cup or a double D cup.

A musical family, when they weren’t stripping off their clothes while dancing around a pole, they played music and sang together. Dolly played the fiddle, the guitar, the banjo, and the mandolin. Loretta played the accordion and the piano while singing. Rose played the mouth organ when not singing. Sometimes, to earn a few extra dollars, when not stripping, resplendent with color coordinated cowgirl hats and boots, they’d play for weddings and special event gatherings at the VFW while wearing their sexiest, country-western outfits.

If only the men that they musically entertained knew that they were all whores, strippers, and prostitutes, wouldn’t they be surprised? If they all knew that they were all whores, strippers and prostitutes, instead of having them entertain them musically, they’d want the women to entertain them sexually. They’d gladly install a pole for them to dance around while stripping off their clothes. Instead of playing their musical instruments while singing, they’d much rather have the women play their sexual instruments while sucking and fucking.

A family tradition, Dolly’s fifty-nine-year-old mother, Loretta, worked as a stripper in the late 80’s. Dolly’s grandmother, seventy-six-year-old Rose, aka Feathers, Bubbles, and Silky worked as a stripper in the late 60’s to earn her living, too. Another family tradition, just out of high school, Dolly, Loretta, and Rose were all pregnant by their 18th birthdays. With Dolly not knowing who the father was, with the help of her mother and grandmother, they raised Hank, her baby, on their own.

# # #

Unlike many of my friends’ mothers, my mother was the definition of MILF, a mother that I’d like to fuck. Actually, unlike many sons who sexually fantasized of having sex with their mothers, I have fucked her many times and hope to continue to fuck her forever. Sexy and shapely, she never left the house without looking like a million dollars. A real, head turner, every man would turn to look, stare, and ogle her as she walked by them on the street. A real, sexy mama, every woman would give her looks of envy while wishing that they looked like her.

Retired now, she made good money stripping. She’d earn much more money posing topless while wearing her G-string, than she’d earn working as a hostess at a restaurant. She’d earn much more money undressing herself while dancing than she’d earn as a private secretary for a man who ogled her and copped cheap, desperate, and inappropriate, sexual feels of her sexy and shapely body. Unembarrassed and unashamed, she earned extra money on the side prostituting herself and sucking and fucking cocks at private parties.

“I’m tired, Hank,” said my mother coming home from work and kicking off her high heels. “My back hurts and my shoulders are sore. Do me a favor, Sweetie. Massage my aching back and my sore shoulders.”

Fortunately, for me, once a stripper always a stripper, as if she was still stripping on stage, she’d stand, turn to face me, and seductively stare at me. Unembarrassed and unashamed, as if I was a customer holding a fistful of dollar bills and this was my first time seeing my mother in her big, white, low-cut, and sexy brassiere, she’d slowly unbutton and remove her blouse. Then, reaching around herself while sexily teasing me, she’d slowly remove her bra in front of me while I stared at her big, double D cup, naked breasts.

‘The obvious benefits of being a stripper’s son, I love my mother’s big tits,’ I thought.

She’d move to the couch to lay on her stomach for me Bebek Escort to give her a deep tissue, back and shoulder massage. Obediently obeying her by giving my mother what she wanted and needed, I massaged her naked back and shoulders. When she lay on her stomach, her big tits stuck out from both sides of her. Unable to resist while massaging her back, but controlling myself from reaching beneath her to finger her big, erect nipples, I groped and felt the sides of her exposed, naked breasts.

“My knees hurt. I’ve been on my knees all night,” she’d say with a dirty laugh, no doubt from all of the blowjobs that she gave in the VIP room. “Put some of that heat ointment on my knees, too,” she said turning on her back and pushing her feet back to raise her knees.

When she raised her knees, the hem of her short skirt fell all the way back to expose her bright, white, panty clad pussy. In the way that I stared at my mother’s naked breasts, I stared at her panties. I loved seeing her panties as much as I love seeing her naked tits. After massaging her back and shoulders, and rubbing ointment on her knees, I was tempted to rub my mother’s pussy through her panties.

As if I was massaging her naked ass, which I’ve done many times, I lovingly applied soothing ointment to her knees. Never tiring of seeing my mother’s naked breasts, I paid special attention to her big tits. After she moved from her stomach to her back for me to apply some heat ointment to her knees, as my special treat for giving her a back massage, she’d allow me to have my wicked, sexual way with her naked breasts. She’d allow me to touch them, feel them, and fondle her big breasts.

More than any other woman’s tits, I truly loved my mother’s big tits. An admitted big, breast lover, all the women in my family have big tits. I touched, felt, and fondled my mother’s tits as if I had never groped her tits before. Then, when she closed her eyes to softly sleep, I’d pull, turn, and twist her nipples while sucking her big tits. It’s one thing to for me to have my wicked, sexual way with a woman’s naked breasts but it’s something else entirely for me to have my wicked, sexual way with my mother’s naked breasts.

‘How many sons wished they could see their mother’s naked breasts,’ I wondered while staring at my mother’s big, naked tits. ‘How many sons wished they could touch, feel, fondle, and grope their mother’s naked breasts. How many sons wished they could pull, turn, and twist their mother’s nipples? Then, I stared at my mother’s bright while panties while wanting to have sex with her. ‘How many sons wished they could see their mother’s panties in the way that I’m seeing them now?’

“That feels good what you’re doing to my nipples, Hank, but you’re making me all wet,” she said turning her head to give me a sexually aroused look with her naughty smile. “Do me a favor, after I shower, I want you to eat me. I want you to eat your mother. I love it when you finger my pussy while licking my cunt with one hand and fingering my nipples with your other hand,” said my mother. “I need to cum and I love it when you give me a sexual orgasm by giving me oral sex.”

# # #

After working as a stripper and, then, prostituting herself all night, I was happy to eat my mother’s cunt. As if I’ve never seen her naked before, I watched as she emerged from the shower and, as if she was my woman instead of my mother, she entered her bedroom naked. I felt so lucky.

‘How many men wished that they could see their mothers, especially their MILF of a mothers naked,’ I thought? How many men wished that they could have their wicked, sexual way with their mothers’ naked breasts and their mother’s naked pussies? How many men wished they could give their mothers’ sexual pleasure by fingering and licking their cunts.’

With her ready for me to eat her, as soon as she climbed on the bed and spread her legs, I took my usual position. Where most men only think of their own sexual satisfaction, especially when with a prostitute, they seldom give a whore any sexual pleasure. Never thinking of her as a whore but as my mother, I wanted to give her sexual pleasure. Determined to make her cum, I rubbed her clit, while fingerfucking her pussy and licking her cunt. Then, reaching up with my other hand, I pulled, turned, and twisted her erect nipples.

“Hank. Oh, Hank. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Mommy is cumming. Mommy is cumming. Rub me harder. Finger me deeper. I’m almost there,” she said with sexual arousal. “I’m almost there. Don’t stop.”

As if she was alone in her bedroom masturbating herself, no longer having to roleplay and pretend her sexual arousal for Johns, she had a quiet orgasm. I allowed her a few moments to enjoy the afterglow of sex before continuing.

Then, I climbed down from her bed and stood beside her. When she rolled over to me, I moved closer to her mouth for her to stroke and suck my cock. She took me in her hand to stroke me and finger the head of my prick with her manicured fingers before taking me in her mouth to suck me.

Even now, after so very many times that my mother has blown me, it was still difficult to wrap my head around her was sucking my prick. She was such and experienced cocksucker. Even better than the blowjobs that I received from my grandmother and the gum jobs that I received from my great grandmother; my mother always gave me the best blowjobs that I ever had.

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