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Words I Shall Never Forget

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Standing in front of her I was very nervous with so many thoughts running through my mind. I was so unsure of how to take this to the next level with her. Both of our outward perceptions and words must have seemed so silly had there been any on lookers. Then finally the room fell silent as she turned to me with that grin.

Just that quickly her body melted into mine and we shared another long anticipated passionate kiss which had again rocked my very foundation. Pulling away from me she turned and closed both doors insuring our privacy from the prying eyes of the recorders roaming through out her home. Floating across the room and back into my arms she raised her arms and draped them over my towering shoulders. My hands set on her perfectly small waist almost being able to around her body as a belt would hold up lose fitting pants. We again locked our mouths with a notion crossing both our minds that we may never leave this embrace and parish with lightly lit smiles in our graves together. I have never known a kiss or a touch to be nearly this intense.

My will not being canlı bahis my own at this point I lifted her white tank top above her head tossing it to the bed. Beneath her shirt was a stunning satin black bra that pulled my heavy hands to it as if they wear a magnet reacting as an unheard of force. Lightly I tugged at her fully erect nipples, toying with them as she moaned into my mouth. I was certainly the aggressor at this point and I knew she would do my bidding from hence forth.

We danced in a semi cosmic circle turning her so that she was facing away from the empty bed. Knowing I could not wait any longer than I have already been forced to wait I pushed to the bed as my weight seemed to meet her body as her body fell to the mattress. Our lips met for a brief moment. Everything became a bit rushed out of the lust we shared for one another.

I stood up nearly tearing off my shirt in frenzy. She smiled approvingly at the shape of my chest I quickly returned to her wonderfully soft lips so that I may devour more of this affection from her. Pulling away from her it was now bahis siteleri time to admire just what I had before me. She was truly sculpted perfection, a work of art that should be admired for ages.

Feeling that our time was running I tore he pants off noting she had no unmentionables to fool with I leaned back into her kissing her neck and quickly working my way down. The entire time I was thinking I simple must taste her even if it is briefly due to our time constraints. My tongue excitedly lashed out and penetrated her she smooth lips. She squirmed just a bit at first so I wrapped my arm tightly around her left thigh. This gave me the control I needed to hold her in place while my tongue licked circles around the well hidden clitoris. Trying to hold it in she almost burst out in a scream as she became drenched in juices. I inserted a finger just to tease her for a bit before feeling my cock penetrate her eager opening. And with a small movement of my index finger she nearly jumped out of my grasp.

I knew it had been a long time for her but I had no idea that such bahis şirketleri a small movement of a finger delicately inserted could in turn cause such a reaction. Yet this pleased me immensely knowing that if a mere finger could do such a thing what reaction could my thick rock hard member coax from her.

With that thought fresh in my mind I plunged every inch into her depths. Yes, she had just the reaction I had hoped for. She had gasped with excitement and with my third or fourth thrust into her she burst into another orgasm. With every stroke I was trying to get as deep as I could. Feeling our bodies collide like nothing short of a a train wreck made me want to orgasm with every thrust. I hurried my pace to what could only be described by the look on her face as relentless punishment.

Finally as the sweat poured from my body and glistened on hers I let out such a groan that would have scared of Goliath. I felt my cock throb within her pushing every inch in as I unloaded into her. She squeezed her muscles around my cock making sure I was completely empty as I pulled out of her. My thought at that moment was…..

“I have never known a woman in such a need of pleasure.”

As I walked towards my car, she smiled and said “Thanks for the fuck.”

Words I shall never forget….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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