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Anna of Whitecliffs Hall Ch. 02

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As you may remember, I recently sold my London-based importing and distribution business and moved down to the south coast. I have kept my London flat. For the moment anyway. But my main place of residence is now a spacious one-bedroomed apartment in a recently restored country house just outside a very attractive village.

My apartment is one of eight. And, like me, my new neighbours are all ‘of an age’. As I am beginning to learn, they also seem to be all ‘of a mind’. Some would say of a rather dirty mind. But I don’t think that I’d have it any other way.

On my very first evening in residence, one of my neighbours, Anna, invited me to her apartment to share a gin and tonic. The gin and tonic was just the beginning. Before the evening was over, the slightly mumsy corselet-wearing Anna had also invited me to share her hairy cunt and her beautiful arse.

During the course of my first week at Whitecliffs Hall, I met several more of my neighbours.

Henry and Louise I ran into when I went to acquaint myself with the communal library which was just off the impressive entrance lobby.

‘Ah, you must be the new chap,’ Henry said.

‘Humphrey,’ I told him.

‘Welcome aboard,’ he said. ‘I’m Henry … and this is Louise. We’re the unofficial librarians. Well … sort of. Not that the collection needs much looking after. It’s mainly just a matter of keeping like with like. You know how it is.

‘The reference stuff here is mainly just for show. If people want to know something, they generally look it up on the internet these days. The middle shelves are mainly novels and other such entertainments. And then around the back here is where we keep the … umm … interesting stuff. We’re quite proud of our collection of smut. Incidentally, if you find yourself in need of a bit of masturbatory inspiration, I can thoroughly recommend “Hello, Blackbird”.’ And he tapped the spine of one of the books.

Henry and Louise were the long and short of it. Henry must have been at least six foot four, whereas Louise was probably only five foot four. On tip toes. But then, sometimes, opposites attract, don’t they?

‘We must get you over for a stiffener,’ Henry said. ‘Perhaps see if Anna’s free. She’s a good sort. Well, they all are really. Met Anna, have you?’

‘Yes, I have,’ I said.

Henry nodded. And smiled.

I left Henry and Louise ensuring that like was with like – at least on the bookshelves – and I went to explore the pathway that led from the lawn in front of the Hall down to the tiny beach at the foot of the cliffs – the cliffs that, presumably, gave Whitecliffs Hall its name.

The sandy beach was, in effect, a private beach. Except at very low tide, it was cut off at either end, and the only access was via the stepped pathway back up to the lawn. A sign at either end informed people who may have lost their way that ‘Beyond this point there may be nude bathers’. Interesting, I thought. I was sure that the estate agent had not mentioned the beach as being part of the property.

When I returned to the Hall, Henry was sitting in the entrance lobby. ‘Ah! There you are, dear boy. I was just about to come looking for you. What about tonight, eh?.’


‘Yes. Caught up with Anna. She’s up for it. A stiffener or two, perhaps a bit of finger food, and then … well, let’s see what happens, eh? Shall we say six o’clock? Oh, and we’re thinking oysters in there somewhere. The season’s open again. You OK with oysters?’

‘I love oysters,’ I said.

Henry smiled – well, beamed actually – and nodded. ‘Yes. Thought that you might do.’ And he tapped the side of his nose with his forefinger. ‘A bit of lead in the old pencil, eh?’

Like güvenilir bahis Anna, Henry and Louise were what I would describe as ‘smart’ dressers. Not flashy. Not over the top. But not jeans and T-shirts either. For my appointment with ‘a stiffener or two’ I chose my favourite Italian linen and silk jacket: top-shelf style and quality, but not too formal.

I’ve never understood the attraction some people find in being ‘fashionably late’, and so it was pretty much on the dot of six when I knocked on Henry and Louise’s door. To my surprise, the door was answered by Anna. For a moment, I wondered if I had the right door.

‘Ah, we have a quorum,’ Henry called out from somewhere behind her.

Anna was, once again, immaculately turned out, this time in a plain black high-waisted skirt and a semi-see-through patterned blouse over what appeared to be a black bra. As far as I could see, she wasn’t wearing a corselet on this occasion. Oh, well.

‘How are you, Humphrey?’ she asked.

‘So much the better for seeing you, Anna,’ I said.

She gave me a hug, and a kiss that I felt was more than just a casual gesture.

‘Anna tells me that you are a gin and tonic man,’ Henry said.

‘Umm … yes. I guess so. In fact, anything really.’

‘Excellent,’ Henry said. And he thrust a large G&T in my direction. Even from an arm’s length away, my senses detected that Henry’s recipe for gin and tonic was of a similar ilk to Anna’s.

‘Cin cin.’

When Louise joined us, she was wearing what I believe is known as a wrap-around dress – French navy with a bright red tie at the waist. She was also wearing bright red high-heeled shoes. And, of course, she was a redhead – although I suspect that she may have had a little help from a hair stylist in the tonsorial realm.

‘Well, you ladies are both looking very nice,’ I said.

‘Thank you,’ Louise said.

Anna smiled and gave me another little kiss. ‘You like what you see? Play your cards right, and there could be more,’ she said. ‘Or less.’ And she laughed her naughty laugh.

‘And what have you been up to today?’ Louise asked me.

‘Well, after I left you two this morning, I went and explored the little beach at the foot of the cliffs.’

‘Our beach,’ Louise said. ‘Rather nice, isn’t it?’

‘Oh. So it is our beach? I wasn’t sure.’

‘Well … in effect,’ Louise said. ‘As I’m sure you noticed, except at very low tide, we’re the only ones with access.’

‘There was a sign about nude bathing,’ I said.

Louise laughed. ‘We don’t want anyone claiming that they weren’t warned, do we?’ she said. ‘Oh, and by the way, if you want company on the beach, Miriam’s your girl. You won’t find any tan lines on her, I can assure you.’


‘Oh, no. You won’t have met Miriam yet, will you? She’s over in France for a couple of weeks. Visiting her nephew. Except, of course, he’s not really her nephew. She just tells people that he’s her nephew. Bit of an age difference, you see. Still, whatever keeps us young, eh?’

My neighbours were full of surprises.

We sipped and chatted and sipped some more, and I soon discovered that Henry was as quick with the gin bottle as Anna had been the week before.

‘Whee! Is it just me, or is it getting warm in here?’ Louise said. ‘I think that I might have to take measures.’

I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant by ‘take measures’, but I was about to find out.

‘Humphrey, Anna tells me that you are a bit of a fan of the corselet,’ Louise said.

I briefly wondered what else Anna had told Louise, but, for the moment, I kept to the question of the corselet. ‘Umm … yes. As a matter of fact.’ There was little point in denying it.

‘Oh, güvenilir bahis siteleri good,’ she said. ‘Then you won’t mind me taking off my dress?’

I thought that I could sort of see what was coming. ‘Umm … I’m sure that I won’t,’ I said. ‘And, anyway, it’s your house, your rules.’

Louise smiled and tugged at the red sash that circled her waist. The bow came undone, and the two sides of her dress parted like the curtains at the beginning of a stage play. ‘The Importance of Being Louise’ perhaps.

Beneath the French navy-coloured cocktail dress Louise was indeed wearing an open corselet. Pale blue. With navy trim. Quite structured, but very elegant. And very sexy. And, peeping out from below the lower edge, there was a delightful tuft of pale ginger bush. So there was the answer to that question.

‘There you are, old chap,’ Henry said. ‘What do you think?’

‘Very nice,’ I said. ‘Very nice indeed.’

‘Yes, it is, isn’t it? I never get tired of looking at scenes like that. Well, more than just looking actually. But the looking part is pretty good too.’

‘Are you going to join me?’ Louise asked, looking at Anna.

Anna smiled. ‘What do you think, Humphrey? Should I?’

‘I somehow get the feeling that you will,’ I said. ‘So, yes, I think that you should.’

Anna smiled again, undid some sort of fastener above her right hip, lowered a zip, and teasingly lowered her high-waisted skirt. Underneath, she was wearing a cross between a very open girdle and a heavily reinforced suspender belt to which her black stockings were attached by stout suspenders. ‘My new vintage girdlette,’ she said. ‘I say vintage, but it’s a reproduction, of course. What do you think?’

‘Very … umm … sexy,’ I said, as she completed a slow pirouette. ‘Yes. Very sexy.’ And it was. It packaged her (if that’s the right term) beautifully. And the front of the girdlette – a garment that I had not previously encountered – was cut high enough to completely expose her beautiful salt and pepper bush and her plump-lipped cunt. ‘Beautiful,’ I said.

‘Open all hours,’ Anna said, as she deftly parted her puffy pudendum.

Louise smiled and nodded appreciatively, and, for a moment or two, I wondered if we were about to witness a bit of girl-on-girl action. I was still very much a new boy when it came to understanding who at Whitecliffs Hall did what with whom – and under what circumstances.

But there was to be no girl-on-girl. Not on that occasion anyway. Instead, Henry removed his shoes and his trousers and, dressed only in his shirt, he announced that it was oyster time. ‘I’ll just go and …’ And he headed for the kitchen, returning a couple of minutes later with two large platters of oysters on the half shell.

‘Oh, and …,’ Henry said, and, having set down the platters, he waved a hand in the direction of my legs.

Anna smiled. ‘Oh, yes. House rules,’ she said. ‘Oysters are eaten with trousers removed. We’d probably better get that beautiful jacket off too. Don’t want any accidents.’

While Anna helped me to disrobe, Henry tipped an oyster into Louise’s mouth, and then Louise returned the favour. ‘Perfect,’ Henry said. And then, after repeating their feeding ritual, Henry and Louise exchanged a long, slow kiss. It was all rather arousing. And I could feel my cock starting to lift the hem of my shirt. Or was that Anna who was lifting the hem of my shirt?

Then it was the turn of Anna and I to feed each other oysters. The oysters were nice. They were very nice. Plump. Creamy. Salty. In fact perfect.

And then the corselet-clad Louise took a couple of oysters from the platter and went and perched herself on a high bar stool, spreading her iddaa siteleri legs wide. ‘Come and get ’em,’ she called to Henry. Henry did not need a second invitation.

Smiling broadly, Louise fed first one oyster and then another into her spread ginger-fringed cunt, and Henry positioned himself to retrieve them, first chasing them with his pink tongue, and then sucking them into his mouth.

‘Scrummy,’ he said. ‘And I do believe that they’re working already.’ And he showed us all his long, thin cock – which was now displaying an uncanny resemblance to the jackstaff on the stern of a pocket battleship.

‘I think that you might be right,’ Louise said. ‘It would be a pity to waste such beautiful wood.’ And she once again spread wide her cunt lips and assisted in the matter of Henry’s entry.

Given the nature of the business that I used to own and operate, it should not come as a surprise to you to learn that have seen more than a few cinematic representations of erotic activities in my time. And yet, while I have seen many pornos, I have seldom been particularly aroused by them. Perhaps there has been a brief moment here and there, but nothing of a sustained nature. Something to sometimes get me started; but seldom sufficient to carry me to a suitable finale. And so it was with Henry and Louise’s live performance.

Watching my neighbours fucking – Louise in her beautiful blue corselet, Henry in a tasteful Ralph Lauren Polo shirt – was at first quite stimulating. But I must confess that the novelty soon wore off. I wanted something more. And not just any old thing. I wanted Anna. ‘Shall we?’ I said.

Anna removed her semi-see-through shirt, revealing her sturdy full-cup bra. Then she smiled and looked around for a suitable item of furniture.

We settled on a wing-backed chair in dark green leather, the sort of chair that one might encounter in a gentlemen’s club. Anna knelt on the seat, facing the back, her knees spread as far as the chair’s arms would allow, presenting her slightly ample and partially girdle-clad woman-next-door posterior for my delectation. I took up my position astern and reached between her spread thighs, reacquainting my fingers with her hot, wet, and hairy cunt. It felt every bit as good as I remembered from our previous encounter.

I did wonder – albeit briefly – if we should have sought the permission of Henry and Louise before we started treating their elegantly-furnished living room as a fuckatorium. But I didn’t like to disturb them. Louise, perched on her barstool, had already started up a rhythmical grunt that would have done a Russian lady tennis player proud, and Henry was thrusting away in the manner of a man determined to get his full oystersworth.

After a bit of finger work, I lined my cock up and slid into the lovely Anna. ‘Oh, yes,’ she said.

Oh, yes indeed, I thought.

Once everything was nicely coated with Anna’s magic cunt juice, I went to work on her sweet arsehole. ‘Oh, yes,’ she said again. ‘Come on. I can look after my cunt. You get on and give the dog a bone.’ And so I did. At first, it was just a nibble. Just a little taste. But then I gave her the whole nine yards. Well, five or six inches, anyway.

Somewhere astern of me, Henry and Louise were reaching the moment critique. ‘Oh! Fuck! Yes!’ Louise was saying. ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ And Henry appeared to be in complete agreement.

Once Henry and Louise had quietened down a bit, I was suddenly conscious of the fact that we should probably hurry things along a bit, and I broke from a gentle trot into a light canter. ‘Here we go,’ I warned Anna. And, ever the perfect hosts, Henry and Louise cheered us into the final straight.

‘Well,’ Henry said, as we took advantage of the box of extra-large facial tissues that Louise handed around, ‘the oysters seem to be particularly effective this season. Of course, I think that the corsetry helps too.’

And, yes. I think that Henry was probably right.

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