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Auctioned Wives Ch. 04

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Stella was very happy at that moment, and she wanted to pat herself on the back after conducting the last two wives in this game. She was wandering through the hallways looking for Diana at that moment when one of the producers called her on her pager.

They wanted her to report directly to the control room office, there was a new problem that had to be solved. Stella walked down the long hallway and turned the corner and saw Diana talking to her black boyfriend.

Stella wanted so much to continue with Diana but had to se what her producer wanted to see her about and kept walking.

Stella opened the door to the control room and saw the head producer standing their waiting for her. His name was David and he didn’t look very happy at the moment.

“Stella. Would you come back to my office for a moment?”

Stella shook her head and followed David through the control room and glanced at the screens and saw the other two wives still screwing their black lovers. Stella smiled knowing she did so well with the first two and wondered what David wanted to see her about.

David walked into his office and waited for Stella to enter the room. When she did, she saw a blond haired man seated in a chair in front of David’s desk.

“Stella. Won’t you please come in and take a seat? I want to introduce you to Diana’s husband. Tom. This is Stella.”

Tom stood to shack Stella’s hand and sat back down in his chair. Stella looked very surprised to see one of the wives’ husbands here and wanted to know what was going on. How could she go on with the show with one of the husbands getting in the way?

“Stella. There has been a change of plans and I want you to know this wasn’t my idea. The order came from the network itself, from the top brass.”

Stella crossed her legs as she sat forward and listened to David.

“Stella. They decided to bring Tom here and let him know what was going on and what our plans for his wife was going to be. We informed Tom about the money they would receive if his wife were to go through with our plans.”

Stella listened to David with an alarmed expression n her face. None of this was supposed to get out until the show aired.

“After much consideration, Tom has agreed to help us with his wife’s decision. He will join you shortly on the floor with Diana once she is paired with a mate.”

“David. I think we better work fast. Diana was standing in the hallway with one of the men, I think his name is Toby. For all I know, she may have taken him back to her suit by now.”

“Stella. You’re very right. His name is Toby and I already informed him not to proceed with Diana until you had a chance to see him. This will give you a chance to talk with Tom here about our plans and what we would like him to do.”

Stella looked over at Tom who smiled back at her and wondered why he was so willing to see his wife screwing a black man and possibly becoming pregnant with a black baby.

She looked at David saying, “Do you mean that Tom is aware of everything we are doing here and he still wishes to proceed?”

“That’s right. Tom said he has always been a closet cuckold and when he contacted us concerning his wife last week, he mentioned that he heard a rumor about what we were doing and wanted to get involved himself.”

Stella was confused as she replied, “Do you mean our plan has gotten out to the public about our new show next season?”

David smiled and held his hand up as he tried to comfort Stella.

“Stella. Our network had done a little investigating on their own on Tom’s background and they decided that he would be the perfect candidate for our show since they found out about his fetish to see his wife screwing another man.”

Stella didn’t really care much but she turned toward Tom saying, “I just want to make myself perfectly clear that you are to listen to me and try to interfere with your wife’s progress in anyway or you both will be disqualified.”

Stella was almost in shock as she sat looking at Tom who had a silly grin on his face as he replied, “Don’t worry, I’m looking forward to watching my wife getting screwed. When can we get started?”

Stella was very surprised listening to Tom’s answer and looked over at David.

“Don’t worry Stella. Tom is here to enjoy this as much as Diana. Take Tom out on the floor and I’ll inform Toby that you’ll be getting started very soon.”

Stella stood and looked over at Tom. He was starring back at her like a little kid being taken into a candy store for the very first time. She nodded at David before leaving the office and looked back to make sure Tom was following her.

Once they got into the hallway, Stella turned back at Tom saying, “Remember that I want you to listen to me carefully and not interfere with anything I may tell your wife. Nor do I want you to interfere with anything that Toby may do to your wife. I hope you understand and cooperate!”

Tom just smiled like a little boy with anticipation in his eyes knowing that he would tuzla escort soon watch the mating of his lovely wife with a black stud she had chosen from the mansion.

Stella was still worried as they walked down the hallway. Tom scared her because if he were her husband, she would most likely divorce him after the show. She wondered how Diana would react knowing her husband was here to watch her as she enjoys a black man.

Stella took Tom down the hallway and opened a closet door and fumbled through a few boxes until she found a black mask that would cover most of Tom’s face. She didn’t want Diana to be alarmed if she saw her husband.

She gave the mask to Tom and helped him adjust it over his eyes so Diana wouldn’t recognize him. She also gave him a jumpsuit which looked much like what a doctor would wear in a hospital.

She than told him to remove any jewelry he was wearing including his wedding band so his wife wouldn’t be able to recognize it. Stella waited for Tom to put the ring in his pocket and nodded to her that he was ready.

They continued there walk down the long hallway and up the stairway to the suites and passed one of the wives’ talking to a black man in the hallway. Tom kept starring at them as they walked past.

He kept following behind Stella but didn’t realize she had stopped and walked into her. He had been watching the white wife with the black man in the hallway and had his head turned. Stella had an irritated expression on her face as she motioned for him to stand where he was while she opened the door to Diana’s suite.

Stella carefully opened the door and peeked inside the room. She turned back toward Tom saying, “I want you to stay here for a moment while I speak to them.”

Tom stood where Stella had left him with his heart beating rapidly in anticipation of seeing his wife with a black man. He waited for several minutes and watched a white wife take her black lover into another suite next to his wife’s.

His dick was hard thinking about that woman getting herself screwed by that large black man she was with.

Within moments, Stella had opened the door and motioned for him to come inside the room but reminded Tom not to say a word.

Tom followed Stella into the suite and looked around and saw a living room with plush furniture and a doorway that must be where his wife was at that moment with her black lover. He followed Stella through the doorway and saw a dim light on inside the room ahead.

Tom could see a shadow on the wall as they walked around the corner and into the bedroom. Tom’s heart skipped a beat as he turned the corner and saw his wife sitting on the edge of the bed kissing the black man.

Tom saw his arm wrapped around his wife’s tiny waist and looked to see the other hand massaging her nice full tits. She was completely naked except for a pair of red high heeled shoes.

Tom stepped closer until he was next to Stella and waited for her directions as he starred at his wife being kissed by the huge black man.

Tom saw that the big black man named Toby were still wearing satin pants but could see a massive erection poking through the thin material. Tom stood next to Stella feeling his own dick beginning to get hard knowing that below that thin material was a huge black cock that would soon be entering his wife’s hot pussy and enjoying the warmth of its tight confines.

Tom wished he could just pull off the mask and give his wife encouragement but he knew he would jeopardize losing the money if he did. He kept watching the huge black man fondling his wife’s tiny white body.

Diana’s nipples were hard and poked out as Tody massaged the big pair of white tits in front of him. He leaned forward and kissed Diana again sending his tongue deep inside her mouth.

Tom could see Toby’s tongue being sucked into her mouth as their saliva mingled. Diana’s lipstick was smeared as they pulled away and Diana looked at Stella to see what she wanted.

Stella motioned for Toby to stand up and waited for the big black man as he pulled his satin pants down his large legs. Tom saw the huge black cock spring free and gasped at the size of the big black mushroom head.

Toby stepped free of the satin pants and tossed them onto the floor as Stella took her hand and placed it on Diana’s shoulder saying, “Feel free to touch his beautiful black cock.”

Diana nervously moved her hand out and wrapped her little fingers around the thick black shaft in front of her and felt it throbbing in her tiny hand. Diana looked back at the man in the black mask and looked at Stella wondering who he was.

Stella could see she was about to ask about him and jumped in saying, “This man is here to watch you take your first black man. He has a desire to watch a beautiful housewife being taken for the very first time by a black man.”

Diana glanced at the man in the mask saying, “I’m a little nervous having someone else watching me.”

Tom didn’t respond because he didn’t want his wife göztepe escort to find out it was he under the mask and just looked toward Stella to see what he should do.

Stella touched Diana’s shoulder again saying, “Don’t worry, this man is here to give you encouragement and to help you with your decision about your birth control pills.”

Diana was confused as she looked at Stella than at the man in the mask as she stroked the big black cock.

“I don’t understand why this man is here to help me make a decision about my birth control pills.”

Stella smiled as she said, “Diana. This man will be acting as your husband today. I want you to pretend that this is your husband under this mask and I want you to look at him and tell him why you plan on disposing of your birth control pills before you allow Toby to fuck you.”

Diana looked very upset and scared at the moment as she looked at Stella.

“Stella. I can’t stop taking my birth control pills. I’ll get pregnant if I do. Besides, my husband would be furious if he ever found out what I did.”

Stella looked at Tom saying, “I want you to walk into the bathroom and look in the cabinet and bring Diana’s pills out here for me.”

Tom did what he was told and retrieved the little packet of birth control pills and gave them to Stella who placed them in Diana’s hand.

“Diana. I want you to think about Toby’s big cock inside your white belly and I want you to imagine him deep inside your tummy with its big cock head pointed straight for the entrance of your womb.”

Diana was starring at Toby’s cock as she listened to Stella.

“Imagine how it would feel having him spurt his hot potent seed deep inside you where it can mingle with your eggs. I want you to imagine that this man behind the mask is your husband and your getting your little flat tummy filled with black baby seed.”

Diana was definitely excited as she took Toby’s cock in her hand again and began stroking him.

“Imagine this is your husband and you are doing this to please him. Your doing this for the money but you know deep in your heart that your husband is turned on seeing his beautiful white wife being taken by Toby. I want you to imagine Toby filling your belly with his potent black seed and giving you his approval.”

Diana had her eyes closed as she listened to Stella and feeling the huge black cock in her tiny white hand. She still held the packet of birth control pills in her other hand as Stella continued to speak.

“Diana. I want you to take the packet of birth control pills and open the case and start poking the pills out with your thumb while our masked man who is acting as your husband, catches them in his hand.”

Diana stopped stroking Toby’s cock and opened the packet of pills and held her hands out toward the masked man. Tom held the palm of his hand out to her as she began poking the tiny pills out of the case with her thumb.

Tom’s cock was stiff at the moment and his heart was beating faster as the tiny birth control pills fell into his hand. Tom watched as the tiny pills fell into his hand, one at a time until the packet was empty.

Diana looked up at Stella who was smiling and glanced at Tom who was holding the tiny birth control pills in his hand.

Stella turned toward Tom saying, “I want you to go and flush these pills into the toilet and come back here and watch this woman as she is taken by her black lover.”

Diana had a worried and concerned expression on her face as she watched the masked man enter the bathroom and listened to the toilet flush and the man walked back into the bedroom and waited for his next direction from Stella.

Diana was still wearing her wedding band and engagement ring and looked over at Tom saying, “I want you to slip off her wedding rings from her finger and put them into our pocket.”

Diana was supposed to have taken them off but she must have forgot or was afraid. She watched as Tom took his wife’s rings off and placed them into his pocket and stepped back looking at Stella for her next direction.

Toby’s cock was sticking straight out waiting to get into some action with the petite housewife. Toby had been told who the man behind the mask really was which made it more exciting for him. Screwing a man’s wife right in front of him and possibly making her pregnant. Making her pregnant with an interracial baby while her husband watched.

Stella decided to get things started.

“Diana. Are you ready to begin your first breeding session?”

Diana was too embarrassed to reply to Stella’s question but looked down at the floor catching a tiny glimpse of Toby’s huge cock pointing in her face.

Diana was horny, it had been several weeks since she had sex with her husband and the time she spent at the mansion walking around and seeing all these black men got her excited and very curious to know what it would be like to get screwed by one of them.

Stella glanced over at Tom saying, “Go ahead and help Diana position üsküdar escort herself on the bed for her lover. Make sure she is comfortable and use your fingers to see if her pussy is wet.”

Tom moved around the bed and took Diana’s hand and helped her scoot up toward the head of the bed until she was able to lay her head back on the pillow. Tom spread his wife’s legs and used his finger to see if she was wet.

Tom nodded at Stella letting her know that Diana was wet and ready for her lover. Tom watched Toby walking around him and getting onto the bed between Diana’s legs.

Tom helped spread Diana’s legs apart for the big man as he adjusted his legs between Diana’s legs and took hold of his large cock and began to guide it toward the entrance of her pussy.

Tom could see his wife’s body trembling with excitement and fear as Toby lowered his body down onto Diana. Diana instinctively pulled her legs back while keeping them spread for Toby to have good access to her pussy.

Toby rubbed the head of his large black cock at the opening of Diana’s pussy slit. He moved the head along the slit several times until he finally gave a push forward sending the mushroom head into the folds of her tight pussy.

Diana’s body jerked when Toby’s cock entered her pussy and her face looked like she was in a little pain at the moment. Toby stayed completely still inside her tight pussy allowing Diana to have some time to adjust to his large size.

Tom watched his wife as she placed her hands on Toby’s waist and held her legs back for him. He watched as Toby began slipping his large black cock inside Diana’s tight pussy. Diana’s eyes were closed as she tried to relax her pussy muscles.

Toby’s cock was so large that it really didn’t matter how much she tried to relax because she was stretching very tight around his massive cock like a tight rubber band. Toby was rocking his body now sending an inch of his cock into the small white wife at a time until he finally had most of its length buried in her tight white pussy.

Toby began fucking the tiny woman making her catch her breath with each inward stroke of his huge cock. Tom saw his wife’s finger nails begin to dig into Toby’s skin. That only seemed to excite the huge black man even more as his pace picked up.

Tom could hear his wife breathing hard and faintly heard Diana whimpering into Toby’s ear. She was making little meowing sounds like a little kitten as Toby began screwing her much harder now.

Stella stood back watching as Toby screwed Diana and kept an eye on Tom watching his reaction to seeing his wife getting screwed. She saw that Tom was enjoying the show and couldn’t wait to see his face when Toby pumped Diana full of his potent seed.

Toby was screwing Diana now with much greater force making the mattress bounce with each downward stroke of his large cock. Toby was a huge man that weighed more than three hundred pounds and more than seven feet tall.

He dwarfed the small housewife he was screwing on the bed at that moment. Her nails were dug deep into his skin as she held onto his waist as she tossed her legs high in the air and began begging Toby to cum inside her pussy.

Toby couldn’t hold out much longer. He had held back from having an orgasm for several weeks knowing he would be chosen for sex with one of the beautiful housewives.

This was his moment, the moment he would send his potent seed deep inside this white woman. He would have a good chance of making her pregnant today.

Diana’s began to shake as she had an orgasm digging her nails into Toby’s skin making him bleed. She kicked her feet into the air as she screamed out loud and Toby shot his thick load of hot black baby seed deep inside Diana’s belly to mis with her eggs.

Toby kept stroking his cock into the tiny housewife until Tom could see the white sperm sipping out around the large cock. He must have filled her with a large amount of seed in order for it to sip out along her tight pussy.

Stella instructed Tom to move very close and hold his wife’s legs in the air as Toby pulled his cock out.

Tom waited for the big man to finish and watched Toby slowly pull out of Diana’s pussy with a plop. Tom could see the large puddle of seed forming at the entrance of his wife’s pussy.

Stella took something out of a little bag she was holding and gave it to Tom. It was a vibrator and she wanted Tom to use it on his wife. The vibrator resembled a real cock about the size of Tom’s cock.

Stella wanted Tom to work the vibrator into Diana’s pussy and plug it shut so none of Toby’s seed could escape. Stella held Diana’s legs back against her belly as she watched Tom shoving the vibrator into his wife’s pussy.

Tom was able to shove it inside Diana without letting any of Toby’s sperm escape. Tom slowly used the vibrator on his wife watching her body move in rhythm to his strokes.

Tom could hear the wet squishy sounds that came from his wife’s pussy knowing it was Toby’s seed he was pushing around inside his wife.

Toby was laying back on the bed and Tom could see his huge cock coated with Diana’s pussy juice. He was limp but still very large and Tom tried to imagine himself how that monster cock must have felt inside Diana’s pussy.

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