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Enki’s Puzzle Pt. 25

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All characters in sexual situations are 18 or older. Thanks for reading!

The house was quiet when Nick entered, silently closing the front door behind him. He crept into the kitchen. The stairs to the basement were as dark as the rest of the house. His dad must have gone to bed. Nick was about to do the same when he heard his mother clearing her throat in the living room. He changed course, not sure if he was in trouble. He was technically allowed to go out Friday nights, but he had left without telling anyone.

“I saw you outside with her, Nicky.” Kate felt a bit giddy. This was a moment straight out of her fantasies. She tried to reel it back in. It was no time for fooling around, not with her husband upstairs.

“Oh … well …” Nick saw her reclining by the bay window. “With Maggie?”

“Of course. Unless you were spending time with some other girlfriend.” Kate’s lips curved in a faint smile.

“You and Maggie are my only girlfriends.”

A quick shiver moved through Kate’s body. Her vagina flooded her panties. He was pressing her buttons. “Don’t talk like that with your father home.” She beckoned him over. “So, what were you and Maggie up to?”

Nick breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t going to have to lie to her directly. Even so, he hated the omission. “Like, you want a play-by-play?” Nick sat next to her and felt her hand on his thigh.

“I would have thought you’d had enough for the day after what we did.” She suddenly wished her bottom wasn’t so sore. “But you weren’t satisfied? You had to go to Maggie for more?”

“I thought you just said not to talk about it with Dad -“

Kate put a finger on his lips. “Sometimes I have trouble following my own rules. Tell me about tonight.”

“Okay.” Sitting in the dark, feeling her weight against his side, he told her about his time with Maggie. He left out the parts about Enki and his sister.

“She spit your stuff out?” Kate curled her lip like Nick was describing something faintly disgusting.

“You … um … must have spit when you first started doing that.” Nick squirmed in his seat. Despite all they’d done, he was still uncomfortable talking about sex with her. “I mean … Maggie’s eighteen -“

“You’re eighteen too, sweetie.” Kate leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “And I’ve seen you drink my stuff straight from my pussy.”

“Yeah … good point.” His dick had done yeoman’s work that day, but even so it began to swell again. “You said ‘pussy,’ Mom.”

“I’ve been hanging out with a dirty-mouthed teenager.” Kate giggled and moved her hand up his thigh. She could feel his hardness growing. “Even after everything that’s happened to you today, you still want more. Is it because she spit? Do you need someone to swallow?” She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.

“I don’t someone to swallow, I need you to swallow.” He could see her expression go slack in the lamplight that fell through the window.

“How is it you always know just what to say?” She pulled his pants down, followed by his underwear. A rich, earthy aroma rose to her nostrils. “You smell like sperm, Nicky.” She inhaled deeply. “You’re ripe with the cum your girlfriend refused to swallow. I love it.” Her hands held the base of his penis, it was still sticky. She almost swooned. “The cider frau cares for all in her orchard.” Kate’s bad German accent reappeared. She bent lower and took him into her mouth, moaning at the taste of the cum his girlfriend had left for her.

“Wow … Mom … Maggie can only get the head in her mouth … but you can get the whole … ugh … thing … down your throat.” Nick put his hand on the back of her head, feeling her take him with long, urgent strokes.

She gurgled and moaned as she worked. “Gggggghhhhhhhhh … mmmppppphhhhhhhh.” She forgot that they were right in front of the window. She forgot about her husband. She forgot about everything but making her magnificent son cum one last time on that monumental day.

“I’m … going to drown you … in cum … Mom.” Nick pushed on her head a little, guiding her rhythm.

Kate’s body shuddered. Her vagina was a waterfall.

“I’m going to …” Nick stopped when a light turned on upstairs.

Feeling her son’s sudden tension, Kate pulled her mouth off him with a slurp. She was breathing hard. “What is … it?” But then she saw the light, too.

“Katie? You down there?” Fred called from out of sight.

Mother and son froze, her hands still on his dick. They both stared toward the staircase, waiting for Fred to appear.

“Katie?” Fred called again.

Nick nudged his mother and quickly pulled up his pants. “Say something,” he whispered.

“Yes, dear. I’m … here.” Kate was still panting, searching for the right words. Somehow, she didn’t think that Fred would handle the truth well. Sorry dear, I was just sucking off our son in a competition I’m having with his girlfriend. Go back to bed so I can finish him. That wouldn’t work. “I couldn’t sleep, so I was up when Nick got home.” She looked at him. Half-truths bursa escort often made better lies than those cut from whole cloth. “He slipped out with his new girlfriend tonight, and I was discussing it with him.”

“Good for you, Nick. That Maggie is a hottie.” Fred’s voice echoed down the stairs. “Don’t grill him too hard, Katie. Give the boy some privacy. I’m going back to bed.”

“Good night, Fred.” Kate put her hand to her rapidly rising and falling chest. “I’m supposed to be teaching you about responsibility. That was dumb. I’m sorry, Nicky.”

“My fault, too.” Nick’s heart raced. If his dad had walked down those stairs, he was sure there would have been trouble.

“I’m your mother. I need to protect you from these sorts of mistakes. I need …” Her hand moved back to his lap. “You’re still hard.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Well, here’s our chance to be smarter.” She stood and pulled him to his feet. “Let’s go to the bathroom and lock the door. He won’t ever know.” She walked slowly out of the living room.

“Um … okay.” Nick followed her. Soon, she was sitting on the toilet, deep-throating him again. Nick watched her pretty face twist while she moaned and hummed on his cock while his idiot father was upstairs. His old man was probably wondering why she was taking so long to debrief him about his date. When he came, she gripped his hips tightly and gulped it all down. It was a perfect day. As his mom freshened up bent over the sink, he watched her round ass through half-lidded eyes. Maybe something they’d done had satisfied Enki’s last riddle. He’d solved one before by accident. It would be nice to finally be rid of Enki. Nick thought he could handle his life on his own from now on.

Kate gargled some water and spit it into the sink. She turned toward him, her face freshly washed. “Are you going to stand there with your thing hanging out all night, or are you going to take a shower? I can’t imagine what you’d smell like tomorrow without one.” Although she did try and imagine it.

“Sorry.” Nick tucked his dick away and buttoned his pants. “I’ll take a shower.”

“That’s a good idea.” She kissed him on the cheek. “Wait a few minutes before following me out, okay?”

“Sure. Good night.” He returned her smile and watched her open the door.

“Good night, sweetie,” she whispered. She left him there and moved slowly through the house. Her husband was already snoring when she got to bed. She shook her head. What a crazy day.


“Guten Tag, Nicky. How did you sleep?” Kate’s German accent greeted Nick when he entered the kitchen.

“I slept like the dead, meine Frau.” Nick returned the ridiculous accent and seated himself at the kitchen table across from his father.

“Waffles this morning?” Kate reached into the warm oven and pulled out their breakfast.

Fred looked at his wife and son with raised eyebrows. “Stop talking like Oktoberfest rejects. I don’t like it.” This was clearly some shared joke between the two of them. Fred didn’t like being excluded.

“Sorry, dear.” Kate dropped the accent and placed several waffles in front of Nick. “I’m visiting Alyson this morning in the city.”

“I’ll come along.” Fred took a bite of waffle and chewed thoughtfully. “I’ve been meaning to have a talk with Chris.”

Kate cocked her head quizzically. “Oh, um … Chris won’t be there. It’s only us girls. We have some things to straighten out.”

“Fine.” Fred shrugged. “I’ve got some work to catch up on anyway.”

“Can I come, Mom?” Part of Nick wanted nothing to do with the drama between mother and daughter. But another part of him knew Alyson might need him to help if things didn’t go well.

“What part of ‘girls only’ did you not understand?” Fred stared at him.

“Your father’s right.” Kate sat at the table with her coffee. “Just girls today.”

“Okay.” Nick shrugged. He would talk his way into going when his dad wasn’t around.


An hour later, Nick sat in the passenger seat of their minivan, watching his mom drive. He loved the way her boobs jiggled under her dress. They drove most of the way in silence, while she bit on her bottom lip. Nick had won the argument by telling her that she might need him for support if the conversation got rough. And that was true. Both women needed him. How strange. They could barely stand him before the puzzle entered their lives.


It was icy between mother and daughter once Alyson let them into her apartment. She gave Nick a questioning look, but didn’t say anything about his presence.

“Do you want some coffee, Mom?” Alyson closed the door behind them. She was wearing a long, frumpy dress that was almost puritan in its cut.

“No thank you, Alyson.” Kate looked around the clean, well-kept apartment. “Maybe we should go talk in your room.” She turned to Nick. “We need a little privacy for now.”

“Sure, Mom.” Nick sat on the sofa and watched them disappear into Alyson’s bedroom. When the door closed, he took out his phone and texted Maggie. At my bursa escort bayan sister’s place with Mom, might miss our date today.

A minute later he got a response. Good God, both of them at once?

He sent a surprised emoji. You’d like that, wouldn’t you. Nothing like that. And let’s keep our messages G-rated. There’s some family drama going on.

Maggie replied, Sorry. Want to hear about my morning?

Nick smiled. Sure. He texted back and forth with his girlfriend, losing track of time. Eventually, his mother and sister’s raised voices made him put the phone away. He got up and knocked on Alyson’s door. “You two okay in there?” The door opened and there stood his mother with her hands on her hips, her cheeks crimson, and a deep frown creasing her forehead.

“We’re going, Nick.” Kate took her son’s hand and moved to the front door.

“Two things can be true at the same time, Mom. I am sorry and … you don’t get to control me anymore.” Alyson stalked after them.

Kate quickly turned back to her. “Maybe I’ll tell your fiancé that you cheated on him.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Alyson shouted. “Maybe I’ll tell Dad …” The two women stood face to face, staring at each other. Nick was forgotten beside them.

“Tell him what?” Kate had a moment of panic. Nick couldn’t possibly have told his sister about what he’d been doing with his mother. Or could he?

Alyson’s lips turned thin and white with rage. “Maybe I’ll tell him how you guzzled milk from my boobs.”

“How … dare … you!” Kate screamed.

“Hold on.” Nick could see each was about to say something she’d regret. “Remember that you love each other.”

“Quiet, Nick,” his mother hissed.

“Yeah, shut up, Nicky. This is your fault as much as anyone’s.” Alyson’s muscles bunched in her shoulders. Both women turned their gaze on him.

“Yes … it is my fault.” Nick nodded. “I messed up for sure. Although … um …” It would help so much if his mom had believed him about Enki. But that was a lost cause. They were both still staring at him. “We both admit our mistake, right Alyson? Never again, right?”

“I already told her that, but -” Alyson was cut off by her brother.

“You need to know that Mom and I have done stuff, too. We … um … sort of had sex.” Nick heard his mother gasp. Her rosy cheeks turned ashen. Her eyes went wide. “But we were safe. Mom doesn’t want us to do anything stupid that would ruin our lives. I told her we wouldn’t. Promise her that too, Alyson.”

“I already promised her.” Alyson’s voice was barely audible. She watched her mother out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t believe Nick was outing them. She pretended like this was news to her.

“Mom, we’ve both promised. Can you please let it go?” The one thing Nick had learned above everything else was to listen. But silence reigned in the apartment. Rather than fill the empty space, he waited.

Eventually, Kate managed to speak. “You … you … told her.” She felt dizzy. Her secret was out. Alyson now knew what she’d done.

“I brought her into our circle, Mom.” He put his arm around his mom’s shoulders and held her, afraid she might faint like she’d done before. He squeezed her tight and felt her melt into him. He was happy she didn’t push him away. “How do you feel, Alyson?”

“I … um …” She thought things over. “I feel like maybe I … already knew … in a way. I could see how close you two have become. I’m happy Mom’s been there for you, too. And that she’s been responsible.” Alyson turned her gaze toward her mother. “You have to understand why I did what I did. I mean … you know how Nick is.”

Kate nodded, still leaning heavily into her son. “I do. I lived my whole life thinking sex was a fun, but forgettable thing we did for men. I’ve discovered how powerful a thing it can be … how much it can take over … I mean … how much I … um … I’ve surprised myself over and over again.” Her voice was reedy and thin. “I couldn’t have you throw away your future and marriage because you … and Nick did something foolish. And a baby … you can’t have a baby … not his baby.” She felt Nick’s hand lowering to her clavicle, playing with her necklace.

“I agree. It was stupid.” Alyson nodded, her eyes fixed on her brother’s fingers as they made their way into their mother’s cleavage. “I swear it will never happen again.”

“What are you doing, Nicky?” Kate looked into her son’s eyes. His face was so close, they could have kissed. His smoldering expression made her weak at the knees. Would he kiss her right in front of Alyson?

“I was thinking of our new circle and blood oaths.” Nick moved his hand inside his mother’s dress and under her bra. “You know, when kids cut their hands and swear forever and always?”

“What?” Alyson’s pussy flooded at the sight of Nick groping their mother. One moment, her blood had been boiling with anger. Now, it boiled with a different passion.

“I’m not saying we should do a blood oath. I’m suggesting something more natural. escort bursa Something that would fit our situation.” He pulled down his mother’s dress and her bra, letting her large breasts hang free. She didn’t stop him, but her face tightened, and her eyebrows furrowed. “I swear to take care of you two above everyone else.”

“You have a girlfriend, Nicky. Someday, you’ll have a wife. You can’t …” Kate’s voice died away when he kissed the slope of her breast and lifted it with his hand from underneath.

“I swear I’ll make better decisions, and I won’t put any of our lives at risk.” He kissed her boob again. Again, she didn’t stop him. “Now I’ll drink to cement the oath. Your turn, Alyson.” He latched onto her dark nipple, and sucked. He was rewarded with his mother’s warm sweetness.

Kate moaned. This was all new levels of insane. But it seemed everything that had preceded that moment had inoculated her against crazy new events. Instead of arguing or pushing him away, she put her hand behind his head and encouraged him.

“I swear to take care of you two above all others.” Alyson took her cues from Nick. He had somehow turned the situation completely around. She was in awe. “I swear I’ll make better decisions. I won’t risk our lives. Now I’ll drink, to cement the oath.”

“Wait … Alyson … I don’t … ooohhhhhh …” Kate found herself standing with her grown children both feeding from her. She cupped Alyson’s head and cooed. They looked so beautiful, peaceful, and happy at her breasts. “I can’t believe this. How did this …? Ooohhhhhhhh.” She let them drink. When her back began to hurt, Kate deftly moved them all to the sofa. She managed to sit without breaking their seal on her nipples. She sat in the middle, with Nick leaning next to her on one side and Alyson on the other. She slowly stroked their hair. Their gentle gulping replaced the frightful sounds of anger that had so recently filled the air.

Nick was the first to release his mother’s nipple. He sat up with a satisfied smile on his face. “Best oath ever.”

Upon hearing her brother’s voice, Alyson sat up and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Her smile was sleepy and sanguine. “That was nice.” She looked up into her mother’s soft, pretty face. “Mom?”

“Yes, sweetie?” Kate’s anger had vanished like fire in the rain.

“Can I have some more?” Alyson put her head into her mother’s lap.

“You’ve already had so much, a little more won’t hurt anything.” Kate leaned forward and lowered her boob down to Alyson’s waiting mouth. Kate felt Nick lean his cheek against her bare shoulder. He absentmindedly ran his fingertips along her free breast.

“We’re better together than we are apart, Mom.” Nick’s cock was huge and hard in his pants, but he wasn’t about to ask for any help with it. He had read the room perfectly, and he didn’t want to upset the balance.

“Yes. I feel like I can trust both of you … after sharing this.” She held Alyson firmly to her breast as her daughter drank. “Did you know this would happen? Is that why you tagged along today?”

“I had no idea. I just knew that you both needed me.” Nick gently played with her nipple. A dribble of milk wet his fingers.

“We did.” Kate nodded. “You were right.”

Alyson stayed at her mother’s breast for another half hour. Then, Kate put her boobs away and the three Dobsons went out for lunch. Both women were the personification of rainbows after a storm. They laughed, pestered Nick about Maggie, and gossiped about the faculty at Alyson’s school. When they parted that afternoon, there was nothing but kind words and affection between mother and daughter.


“I’m glad you two got it sorted.” Nick leaned back in the passenger seat on the way home, watching his mother’s tits shake gently as the car passed over small bumps in the road.

Kate glanced at him, saw where he was looking, and grinned. “This doesn’t mean you two can have sex. Not even with a condom. It’s too risky.”

“Okay.” Nick shrugged. “But other stuff?”

“Well …” She sighed, watching the road. She could feel her vagina responding to the lurid thoughts going through her head. Was there a new fantasy forming? “I suppose what I don’t know won’t hurt me, as far as all that goes.”

“Cool.” Nick wondered if Alyson had ever tried anal sex.

“I noticed that you’re very big and hard. But you haven’t said anything.” She glanced at the tent in his pants and then back to the road. “Would you like me to take care of you before we go home? You’ve earned some special time, I think.”

“I did have plans with Maggie.” He watched her smile fall. “But my girlfriend can wait. If you’re not too sore, maybe we can do what we did yesterday?” He watched her smile twinkle back into existence.

“I’m feeling much better today. But … we don’t have any lubrication.” She glanced at his penis again. “And your father is home. So … I don’t think we can.”

“I bet the cider frau would find a way,” he said with a thick, German accent.

Twenty minutes later, Kate walked out of the drugstore with a bag full of stuff. She hadn’t needed to go shopping, but couldn’t very well walk into a drugstore and only buy a bottle of lube. She got back into the car and gave Nick a sly look. “The same parking lot as last time?”

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