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Extra Credit Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Oral Presentation

The next day she took the video back to the professor: “I’ve finished my first extra credit assignment. Here it is.”

“Very good” he said, I will grade it tonight. “Did you learn anything?” She didn’t know how to react to that, but somehow sensed that ‘yes’ was the right answer. He seemed pleased. What did he expect her to learn? She thought about it, and realized that she had learned that it turned her on to think of being seen on a video tape. As she looked at him while he talked she began to wonder what his dick might look like. She had seen a lot, since she started college. Was his long and thin? Short and thick (she liked the thick ones)? What would it look like in his hand.

“Now, for your next assignment. I presume you are not a virgin?” He asked, clearly pretty sure of the answer.

“No, I’m not a virgin.” She replied, thinking, ‘obviously not, I sure as hell wouldn’t have wanted some professor to be my first.’

“I want you to find some guy to do this with, can you think of anyone?”

She thought for a minute “how about you?” with a sly smile and just the right flirtyness.

“No, no, this is your assignment, not mine. Have you ever just hooked up with someone in a bar? That might be ideal for this case.” He said, smiling slightly at the word assignment.

“Yeah, I’ve done that, I suppose that would work. You want me to tape having sex?” She thought, yeah I’ve done that a lot. I do like just ‘hooking up’, it’s so nasty. My parents would have a fit, but I just love it.

“What I want you to tape is a great blow job. Probably best if he’s standing up. You need to be naked, at least from the waste up, and then you need to show proper enthusiasm for the job at hand. Finally, I want you to tell him to ‘come all over your face and tits.’ I want to be able to see the come on your face and tits. Also, you should avoid letting him know you are taping him and avoid getting his face in the video. Again, I want to see your face, especially at the moment of climax.”

Wow, she thought. She had given blowjobs a few times before, but she couldn’t recall doing anything quite this slutty. She wasn’t repulsed, but thought that she probably should be.

“I’ll give you over the weekend to complete your second assignment, that should give you ample time. Keep in mind that your grade depends upon a good tape. You might start tomorrow night, since it might take more than one try to get it right. That will give you Thursday, Friday and Saturday night to pick up an appropriate person.”

“What do you mean, more than one try?” Now she was getting a little worried, how many guys would she have to blow to get this right?

“Well, we want to make sure the come is on both your face and tits, and that we can see your face. If the elements are not framed well, your grade will be lower.”

Man, this was getting a little picky, she thought. Oh, well, in for penny in for a pound. She would go to the bar tomorrow and pick up some guy. “If I have to do it more than once, do you want to see all of the trials?” As soon as she asked it, she knew the answer would be yes, and that it now pretty much obligated her to multiple trials.

“Your grade will be higher if I can see that you put a solid effort into it. No one is perfect. You may never get all the elements right in one tape, but effort is important.”

She left his office, beginning to feel somewhat worried about this. She didn’t usually have a problem picking up guys, but first she had to figure out how to get a good tape without the person knowing, then she had to somehow get the guy to come on her face. As she thought about that, while walking across the quad, she started to feel a little tingly down in her cunt. Actually, the thought of some guy blasting her face and tits with cum started to turn her on. She liked sex…a lot. Her parents were very religious, and growing up she had been told how evil sex was. But at college she had discovered that she loved to party: sex, booze and rock and roll. Of course that was what got her into trouble in classes.

Thursday night came and she was all set up. A female friend who was a computer geek had set her up with a mini-cam that recorded directly to her computer, making it easy to start it. No fumbling with a cam. She had positioned the mini-cam and carefully made some marks to frame things about waist high.

As she was walking through the lobby, she saw a guy from the floor above her looking at her. She was dressed for “pick-up” and she knew that her large tits and curvey hips were accentuated. The guy was almost drooling. She paused and then turned and walked over to him.

“Hi Tim, what are you up to tonight?” She asked in her “friendly-flirty” voice.

“Uh, well, um I guess I was going to study and maybe watch the basketball game on TV. It looks like you’re going out…” he was practically staring at the extensive cleavage she was showing.

“Well, I was thinking about going şişli elit escort out, but it just occurred to me, we both have that History test next week, were you going to work on that?” Why bother going all the way out to the bar, when there was fresh meat here, she thought. This guy wouldn’t know what hit him.

“Well, um, yeah, um, I was going to spend some time tonight going over my notes and trying to outline stuff.” Still, unable to raise his eyes above her neck, he stammered through his plans.

“Could I study with you? It might help me save my grade in that class…” and avoid having to sleep with a professor who had lived through most of the history he taught. Sometimes they couldn’t even get it up.

“Well, sure, but ..”

She cut him off “Great, let’s meet at my room in an hour, is that OK?”

“Uh, yeah, well, sure, but …”

Again she jumped in with “great, I’ll see you then.” And abruptly turned and went back to the elevator.

She double checked her equipment – both kinds – and was ready when the knock came, right on the dot. She opened the door “Hi Tim, come in. I’ve got my notes spread all over.” He walked in and looked around the room. His eyes, of course, returned to her breasts. Sometimes that bothered her, but over the last hour she had begun to get so aroused at the thought of performing with this guy. She imagined the feeling of his hot come showering her face and especially the feeling on her breasts. Her mind also wandered back to the prof, and what he would think of her tape. Tim’s visual attention to her tits was not unwelcome, in fact her nipples began to get hard under his gaze. She had left on the tightly fitting, low cut, cotton pullover and the hard cherry pits that were her nipples showed up in stark relief since she was bra-less. She could see the color come to Tim’s face. A quick glance at his jeans revealed a surprisingly large bulge. She was getting pretty turned on too, should she just grab him and blow him? What would he do?

“Do you like my blouse?” she asked with a light giggle and a smile.

Startled, and realizing he was staring, he stammered “Uh, well, yeah, it’s pretty and, uh, I, uh, like the color…” Clearly he was worried she was mad.

“Oh thanks…” she said as friendly flirty as she could, “I like it a lot too. It makes me feel so … so sexy … when I wear it.” Her voice dropped to a whisper at the end. She leaned a little closer to him, with a conspiratorial grin on her face. His surprise at the comment was obvious.

“Well, um, yeah, um, I can see that…” He didn’t know what to say. She reached out and took his books from his hand and set them on the desk. She turned back and took two steps until she was standing just in front of him. She looked into his eyes, which for the first time since he had walked in were not glued to her tits. Gently she took his hands in hers and softly kissed him on the lips. His kiss was awkward and unsure, clearly he wasn’t very experienced. As she began to seduce him, knowing exactly what she was going to do, her nipples became rigid and almost painfully erect. She could see that his dick was straining at his blue jeans. Deftly she maneuvered him to the proper spot. Then she spoke.

“Perhaps our studying will go better if we relieve a little of the tension here … and make ourselves more comfortable.” She could tell his mind was reeling. Slowly, with great show, she slipped the blouse up over her head saying “I think it would help if I slipped out of this blouse, it’s clearly making it difficult for you …” He was speechless as her breasts swung free of the tight fabric. She gently touched her nipples and closed her eyes for just a second, imagining how much the professor would like this part.

Opening her eyes, she saw Tim just starting to reach out for her breasts. She guided his hand onto her nipples and he began to gently stroke and pinch them. Her juices began to flood out of her cunt, she could feel them begin to drip down her leg. She was wearing no underwear beneath the short dark skirt. She felt so nasty and hot. ‘God’ she thought, ‘I’m so turned on by all this. I just love the idea of blowing this guy for the prof. That’s so weird.’

After a few minutes of his gently pawing of her breasts she slipped down onto her knees and began to undo his jeans. He just stood there, obviously not sure what to do, and not wanting any of this to stop. As she pulled his underwear down, his larger than average cock bounced free. She started to take it into her hand, and the first spurt of cum hit her face. ‘Oh shit, he’s coming too fast’ She let the come cover her and hoped that the prof liked it as much as she did.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry…” he stammered “I’ve never had anyone do what I thought you were going to do, and I just go so turned on…” his words tumbled from his mouth. “I didn’t mean to make such a mess…”

She looked up and smiled, his innocence was such a turn on “It’s OK,” şişli escort as she kissed his member and licked the last drips from the now softening tip. He moaned so loud and his cock practically jumped with the touch of her tongue. He was still so hard. And she was positively aching to have a dick in her cunt. She pushed him onto the bed, and thought: too bad the camera isn’t pointed in this direction.

Pushing him down on his back, she climbed atop him. She slid herself forcefully onto his pulsing pole and began to ride him. Her juices were flowing freely and she closed her eyes and pounded up and down, just using his dick. He didn’t seem to mind. Her orgasm gripped her, and she felt him buck too. But she just kept riding, reaching her second and third quickly. Finally, his softening dick slipped from her. She would have ridden him through at least one more orgasm if it hadn’t.

They studied, and fucked, the rest of the night. She basically abandoned the idea of the video, she just wanted his dick in her again and again. Finally, spent and tired, with little accomplished for the history exam, he left.

The next morning she reviewed the tape. It was OK, but she knew the professor would never accept it. She hadn’t actually had his dick in her mouth, although the cum shot was perfect and the framing was great. She needed someone more experienced…she giggled: Tim was definitely more experienced this morning, maybe I’ll just try him again tonight she thought. Would the professor care? Probably not.

Later that morning Tim called and asked if she wanted to go to a movie. ‘Uh-Oh,’ she thought, ‘if I accept this and we do it again, he’s going to think I’m his steady girlfriend.’ She had tried being a “steady” once, and basically didn’t like being tied down. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more convinced she was that a new mark was a better idea. “Tim. I don’t want you to be hurt, but last night…was just…well, I just don’t want to be involved with someone right now. I…I needed to…just to be with a man, and you’re cute and nice and…well kinda sexy. I’m so sorry, I don’t want to hurt you.” She could almost hear the relief in his voice.

“Actually, I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to be a jerk and not call you, last night was fantastic.” It was amazing how strong and clear his voice was this morning, not the stammering boy of last night. “But, actually I have a girlfriend back home, and well, I really like her…although she’s not as much … fun … as you are.”

She almost laughed. He had no idea. “I understand. I didn’t know you were involved with someone, I don’t want to break anything up. I’m sorry if I caused a problem. Let’s just keep this our secret.” That would be her ideal too. Although she was not a prude, she didn’t want to get a reputation as more of slut than she already had.

“That’s great. I won’t tell anyone.” His relief was clear. He would not even brag to his roommate probably.

She began to make plans for the evening. She hoped this time would work even better. She left her room, again, dressed for “pick up.” This time, though, she went straight to her favorite bar. As she stepped out into the mayhem of a Friday night college bar, she rose onto tippy toes and surveyed the room. Who could she get, who would perform for her? As she surveyed the room and fantasized about some of the guys, she began to feel very turned on. She decided that she wanted to avoid anyone she knew. She didn’t want any more awkward “next morning” phone calls. Since this was her “usual” bar, that would be difficult. She got up and left.

Walking down the strip, she slipped into a bar that carried a different crowd. Quieter people. This was more the “Honors Student/Intellectual” crowd: the geeks. No loud music, and the floor was clean: no spilled beer. Most of the people were talking or even reading while having a beer. Her “dressed to the nines” outfit was clearly out of place. Many heads turned as she sat at the bar. She ordered a drink and focused on a foursome playing some game at a table in the back corner. The leader of the group was kinda cute in an average way. One guy was tall and lanky, and frankly funny looking, while the other two guys looked very young. Although she thought they had seen her when she came in, only the two younger guys seemed to be eyeing her. The lanky guy was talking animatedly with the leader who had his back to her. She walked over. About halfway there she added a “saunter” gently swinging her hips so that the skirt swayed.

She pulled a chair up and sat at the table “Can I watch, I’ve always wanted to find out what this game was all about.” She said in a sweet innocent voice that was in sharp contrast to her attire. The three geeks simply stared, having never dealt with such a question before, at least not from someone dressed like her. The leader looked her in the eye, and in a strong deep voice said “Sure, why don’t you sit here, next to me, so you can şişli eve gelen escort see all the good stuff.”

She must have looked startled, since he said “It’s OK, I’m a gentleman and a scholar.” The other guys nearly split their sides laughing. She was surprised because she hadn’t expected his voice to be so deep, strong and smooth. More to the point, she certainly hadn’t expected him to be so sure of himself. Usually the geeky guys – and at least he was hanging around with them – were pretty nervous around the more outgoing women like herself. He seemed entirely comfortable with her, even amused.

She sat and they talked and played. She flirted and hinted that perhaps they could leave together. As the night wore on, she became a little apprehensive. She didn’t have time to strike out. Further, she couldn’t believe this guy wasn’t just falling at her feet. As she sat with him, and listened, his voice was so smooth and strong that she found herself attracted to him far more than she would have guessed. In looking him over, she noted that he was actually in very good shape. The other guys were scrawny and immature, but he clearly worked out and it showed, but in a subtle, not muscle bound way. Even more, while the three geeks were practically drooling, he hardly ever eyed her body. She had seen him check her out, and slip a glance down her shirt. But he didn’t ogle her. The longer they sat, the more interested she became. What would his dick look like: would it be strong and muscular? Long and lean? She wanted to see the 6-pack stomach that his knit shirt suggested was under there.

Finally, after nearly 2 hours, the game broke off. The three geeks packed up and spoke briefly about “tomorrow night.” The leader packed his stuff into a backpack, but remained seated as the three geeks left. Then he turned to her and said “You have the most sensuous lips I have ever seen. I am going to gently kiss you now.” And he leaned in and kissed her. God was he smooth. His kiss felt like velvet. The light touch of his tongue between her lips sent shivers down her spine. She couldn’t wait to get him back to her room. Last night was hot, but tonight would rock her.

She stood and took his hand “come with me” she ordered him. He followed her willingly. They stepped into her room and she quickly took command, before he could. She could tell that he was experienced and that he liked to take charge, so she beat him to the punch. She stripped off his jacked, and then his knit shirt and ran her fingers down his muscular chest. Her pussy, bare beneath the skirt, began to get slick with her juices as his firm body turned her on.

She stood him where the camera would capture the action and deftly hit the key on the computer to start the recording. In one smooth motion she pealed her blouse off and dropped to her knees in front him. She unsnapped his pants and found he was “going commando”. As she slid his khaki slacks to the floor she looked up into his eyes. He was a little surprised by her take charge approach, but was clearly loving the direction. His dick was unremarkable. About average size and girth – she hoped the old saw about “it’s not the size but what you do with it” would be right on tonight. She gently took his very stiff member in one hand and began to kiss and lick the tip. He let out a deep moan and ran one hand through her hair. His light pressure told her he wanted his dick in her mouth, but she removed his hand and continued teasing the now purple head.

Finally, when his moans indicated that her teasing had done it’s job, she engulfed him. She had never really deep-throated before, and wasn’t sure how it would work. She simply tried to swallow his dick. His hips swayed forward into her face and she gagged a little as he pressed into the back of her throat. Then she began to bob up and down. Slowly at first, then gently building a rhythm. She cupped his balls in one hand, and grabbed the base of his cock in the other. Her pace quickened, and she would pause at the top to circle his hood with her tongue. When she felt his balls begin to tighten and rise she pulled her mouth away and stroked his shaft with her hand. The first spurt caught her across her eye and forehead. It was hot and thick and clung to her eyelashes. The second and third spurt moved down to her chin and the top of her breasts. His last, weaker spurts, landed as big drops on the top of her breasts. Their warmth sent chills across her nipples. Turned on by the thought of the great video shots she had just captured, she began to massage the cum into her tits. He moaned as he watched her and said, in a deep low voice “I love seeing my cum all over you. Your tits are so hot. I want to massage my juice into you.”

Before he could drop to his knees, she stood and thrust her chest out. His hands deftly cupped her breasts and squeezed them up together like a wonder-bra. Then he slid his hands around them, smoothing the hot jism into her skin. She was so turned on she couldn’t believe it. She had never been cum on before, and the naughtiness was exciting. The feeling of his hot cum hitting her breasts made her tingle, and as he touched and caressed her and smoothed his cum into her she had a little orgasm standing there. She could feel her cunt twitch and leak juice down her bare legs.

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