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Give Me One Night

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Pulling to a stop on a tree-lined street in front of a conservative house, I could have been in the heart of Anytown , USA. When the dominant female voice of my trusty GPS announced, “You have reached your destination,” a tactile sense of realism swept through me. This was no dream. The sun-baked leaves falling steadily on my Accord were all too real. Shutting down the engine, I glanced into my rearview mirror for yet another dose of reality–yep, it was me. Those blue eyes that have served me so admirably throughout the years; they never lied. The same baby blues that have treated me to sights of wonder and plunder, starry-eyed innocence and sordid sinful pleasures, comedies and tragedies too numerous to recall. I hardly needed my reading glasses to make out twin pockets of tiny crows feet at the corners–nature’s retribution.

The only saving grace was my eye lids. Once closed, my mind’s eye instantly catapulted me back to the impending vision of why I was here in the first place. Digital dots on a CRT arranged just so, had played on my emotions for months and set my ageless libido on fire. Laying my head back against the headrest, I literally bathed in more of that sensual vision. Weathered hands and fingers slid from my neck across the deep red silky expanse of my upper chest. Ten years seem to evaporate. Peaking from under one eye lid, I heaved a sigh at my still deserted surroundings. Like my hands were on autopilot, they slid further down my silk blouse to caress my greatest assets. Tightly bound within the confines of a lacy black pushup; still big, round, and begging for attention, my faithful melons responded with a few slinky bounces. Another 10 years disappeared, as I undid two top buttons from the balcony. Gingerly I fingered my way inside to tweak my nipples. “One must make a good first impression,” I determined.

Now to shave off say another five years, I thought. Kicking off my driving flats, I pried on a pair of shiny black patent leather pumps. Convincing myself out of 20 years was one thing, another five years might be a real reach. I reconsidered. Slowly tugging on my black thigh-high hose from the ankles, I smoothed the excess up over my knees. Glancing once again at the deserted street, I hiked up my too-tight black skirt. Simply stated, there’s no mind-altering drug strong enough to deal with these damn expanding thighs. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to fret over having a b-donk-a-donk butt–still nice and round (perhaps more emphatically round, but reliably functional for normal and extracurricular activities).

Once I unlocked each garter strap, and then reattached them to the adjusted hose, I was nearly out of breath. Thankfully, my intermittent pussy pampering over the final 200 miles (just to keep my fantasies flowing), hadn’t taken a huge toll on my matching French-cut satin panties. But maybe a little shot of Ralph wouldn’t hurt. Uncapping my handy travel-sized atomizer of Ralph Lauren’s Romance, I spritzed a burst between my bare thighs. Spraying an equal mist down my cleavage, I recapped the bottle and reapplied some lipstick. “Okay Girl, you gonna do this thing or not?” That was my final chance to scrap the whole pretentious idea. Taking a long breath, I must have exhaled for a good two minutes.

Suddenly my feet took charge, followed closely by my hand on the door handle. My mind in the same instant turned on me playing devil’s advocate. “You should have at least called them first. Most respectable people hate surprises, especially of this variety.” A gust of autumn wind greeted me as I opened the car door. Reaching behind the front seat I whipped my dark leather jacket from its hanger. “Don’t be a complete and utter fool, these people don’t know you from Adam; moreover they most likely don’t WANT to know you!” Adjusting to an extra four inches of height; I pulled the jacket on, shoved the keys in my pocket, and took my first steps down the walk leading to their house. “Well at least you left your purse in the car for a quick getaway. Now, what to say? Think of a lie… you’re an Avon lady… Fuller Brush person… encyclopedia salesman? I know, tell them your car stalled, that’s the ticket!”

Reaching the front door, I did one final shakedown (thank God). Checking my blouse collar, I realized I hadn’t buttoned back up. Doing so, I took one last nervous breath of confidence and rang the bell. The following two minutes seemed like hours. I reached to re-ring, when the door swung open. A tall bald man dressed in sweats gave me the once over.

“Hi… I’m… I mean, my CAR is…” my heart sank, as I gestured toward the Accord.

Turning back to meet his eyes my knees nearly buckled.

“Your car; is there trouble with your car?” He asked, but his broad endearing smile stole my complete attention.

“My car, no there’s nothing wrong… I mean it’s parked okay, isn’t it?” Now I was terminally lost in his warm smile.

“Yes, you’ve parked it very nicely young lady. I might even go as far as saying you did a splendid job of parking your Bycasino car. Now, what can I do ya for?”

Returning his gracious smile with one of my own, I heard a female voice from inside.

“Can you get that Hon, I’m on the phone?”

“GOT IT!” He returned.

“Who is it?” The voice rang out.

“DON’T KNOW… YET,” he barked back, letting his eyes bounce up and down me. “Who should I say…” he started when I interrupted.

“Are you Bill?” I asked, nervously tugging on the hem of my jacket.

He nodded, “And you must be…”

“I’m Barb,” I shyly replied, not knowing what to expect.

I could see immediately from his clueless expression, I wasn’t registering.

“Who did you say?” Sharon yelled again.

“Says her name is BARB; do we know any Barbs?” He yelled. “Though it seems like we should,” he flirted, then fixed his gaze on my feet. “Love your shoes; very sexy.”

“Thank you kind sir, but I was hoping for a little more than that,” I winked and shrugged my jacket off my shoulders and down to my elbows. Bringing my elbows together to accentuate my tits, I tried to strike a more recognizable pose.

“Ya know, there IS something familiar about you,” his eyes rose from my expanded chest to refocus on mine.

“How about I strip out of this skirt, get down on all fours and let you fuck me up the ass, while I suck on Sharon’s clit? Would THAT help to jog your memory, hmm?” I declared, shaking my jugs for greater impact.

“Oh my GOD! Holy SHIT! It CAN’T be YOU!” Bill’s eye lit up like Christmas, just as Sharon showed up in the hallway, wireless phone in hand.

“No, the only Barb I can even think of…” She came to a screeching halt.

Leaving me frozen in the threshold, Bill rushed to his wife like he’d just discovered the secret to global warming. “Baby, you’re gonna shit your pants! Do you have any idea who this is, do you?

“Well, judging from your antics, I think I can approximate a good guess,” she answered, bypassing her excited hubby to greet me. “I… I’ll have to call you back; something has come up,” she numbly spoke, before chucking the phone into a nearby recliner. “There’s only one Barb that could get such a response from Mr. Composure. Hi Barb, I’m Sharon,” she welcomed me with a smile.

“Surprise! Bet I’m the very last person you expected to ever show up on your doorstep?” I laughed and stepped inside. Once she closed the door, I extended my hand. Casting my hand aside, she favored me with a full neck-to-neck embrace.

“Surprise is probably the understatement of the year! I can’t believe you’re HERE!” Our hands dropped to lock at the elbows, as she backed away. In my high heels I was the same height as tall, 5’8″ Sharon in her stocking feet.

“I can hardly believe it either. Actually, I chickened out twice; thinking… well, not knowing what to think.”

“Don’t be silly, Barb. You’re our sparkling girl!” She exclaimed, cupping my face in her hands.

I blushed, until she forced my eyes up to hers. “I don’t really sparkle, I’m afraid…” She surprised me with a full mouth-to-mouth kiss. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, before her mouth slid to the side of my face to whisper in my ear. “I need to ask a serious question,” she whispered, as I felt her own sizable rack pressing against me. I smiled over at Bill across the room and nodded. “Do you find either of us even remotely attractive?”

“Geez Sharon, I’ve only just met you guys in person, that is. I like what I’ve seen so far, how’s that?” I answered and gave her shoulders a friendly squeeze. Keeping her arms at my waist, she leaned back again to stare me down.

“Okay then… God, I can’t believe I’m doing this… is he still watching us?” Her brown eyes shot to the ceiling, before settling again on my puzzled baby blues. “Of course, he is, the old horn dog,” she remarked, before tentatively running her fingers through my ash blonde locks.

“Yep, but I think he’s getting antsy,” I replied and leaned to one side to shoot Bill another questioning smile. “He’s prolly wonderin’ what the hell we’re up to…”

“Yeah well, okay; here’s the deal, Barb,” she began and started slowly taking off my jacket. “I want you and I to make out.”

“Like right here?”

“Yes, and right NOW!” The grey-haired woman demanded and yanked the jacket off my wrists.

“Is that REALLY what you want, hmm?” I winked, as I undid my long sleeved cuffs.

She started at the top button on my blouse and leaned in to kiss my neck. “YES DAMN IT! And I want you to do me hard; just like you do those bitches in your fucking stories,” she insisted in my ear, while she pulled my blouse off.

I hadn’t been inside their house for maybe ten minutes and Sharon already had me stripped to the waist, while her doting husband watched in total awe –God, I was hot! My melons, nearly bursting from the pushup bra, jutted out at full attention. Peppering my upper chest with tiny kisses, she slowly pulled down each bra strap. Gravity Bycasino giriş did its thing and produced a slight, yet noticeable sag, as my boobs billowed on the verge of release.

Ceasing her seduction for a second, she opted to attack my skirt. I had other ideas. “Here now Darlin’, I can handle that… later,” I said, removing her hand from my zipper. “You’re getting me way too hot; way too fast.” Holding her arms to her side, I leaned in to ruffle her ear-length hair, before stealing a kiss. “I love how you touch me, but you’ve got to give ME some playtime too,” I pouted. It was my turn to cup her face with both hands. Turning her face, I brought my painted lips to hers. Feeling her lips tighten against mine, I let my tongue glide ever so slowly between them.

She balked, “I – I don’t,” she stammered.

“I know, Baby. It’s kinda like stepping off the edge of a diving board the first time, isn’t it?” Closing her eyes, she nodded. “Afraid of getting a little wet, are we?” I mused, as I opened her dark vest.

“I guess so,” she finally cracked a smile at my double meaning. I threw the vest on the floor. We locked eyes again.

“Well, you prolly couldn’t have picked a better diving buddy to get wet with,” I offered and snuck another kiss from her smiling lips.

“You say ‘probably’ funny,” her smile continued, even when I reached for the catch on her slacks.

“You mean ‘prolly’? Yeah, I’m trying to keep things light…” another kiss. “Trying to relax you into another kiss.” I admitted, pulling her stretchy dark top up a few inches. “You should really check out your hubby. I think he’s major league hot to fuck us both,” I said, when she surprised me again with an open-mouthed kiss.

“Umm, now that was nice! How about we show that horny hubby of yours some more skin?” I suggested and raised her top up over her head. Pulling her arms free from the top, I was greeted with the incredible sight of two, large, pendulous boobs. “Ooh, Darlin’ ain’t we gonna have fun! Look at YOU!”

Obviously embarrassed at showing herself to another woman, Sharon turned beet red and used her arms to cover up. Taking hold of her wrists, I pulled her arms down. She straightened up and half-smiled, “I guess neither of us is 25 anymore.”

“Ya know, if we’re gonna stand here discussing age, we’ll never get anywhere. Why don’t you slip out of those and lie down on the couch, Baby,” I more-or-less demanded, while I turned to unzip my short skirt. Glancing behind me, I shot Bill a smoldering stare, as I slowly wiggled my ass to lower the skirt.

Both of my new mature fuck-buddies were glued to the show. Dropping her slacks and slipping out of her socks, Sharon backed up to the couch. When she cautiously sat and reclined, I strutted toward her in my high heels, hose, garters, and black panties. “That’s it Baby; and the rest…” I said, and began peeling down my damp panties.

A glare from their front window blinded me for a second. “Bill, do you think you can stop tugging on your cock long enough to pull those drapes, huh?” I said in a monotone voice, while my eyes locked onto Sharon’s. Snap-kicking my panties in his direction, I was able to break his trance. Walking behind me to attend to the drapes, he let his hand softly caress my bare ass. With all my attention focused on his wife, I hadn’t noticed Bill had completely stripped out of his sweats.

“Incredible!” Was his one word appraisal, as I felt his third finger slip into my crack.

“The drapes, Bill,” I reminded him, as my hand accidentally brushed against his short, thick hardon.

Reaching behind, I dislodged his probing finger. “Yes, Ma’am, as you command,” he countered and laid a tiny kiss on my bare shoulder.

“Gosh Sharon, you certainly have that one well-trained. Is he always that attentive?” I smiled down at her. Ignoring my query, Sharon had kicked into early stages of arousal. Spreading her legs, she raised her knee and briskly applied her hand to her finely trimmed mound. Watching her openly masturbate, I wondered for a split second if the sight of Bill’s slight seduction had turned her on. The drapes closed, but still afforded plenty of natural sunlight; just enough to give her pale skin a diffused glow.

“Ooh Baby, that’s SO sexy!” I said, letting my hand fall to favor my sparse, fair-colored bush. Spreading her thighs wider, she proudly separated and exposed her tender lips to me. Reaching down with my other hand, I mimicked her. Both of us were soon in the throes of self-pleasure, when I suddenly felt Bill’s warm nakedness from behind.

“If you only knew how many times I’ve dreamed of having you two… like this, umm,” he whispered, as his large hands eagerly raced up and down my arms and shoulders.

Holding my blurred gaze on his wife, I was taken at observing her reaction to the two of us. When I felt Bill’s tongue penetrate my ear, while his surprisingly nimble fingers unhooked my bra, Sharon hiked her pelvis to the max. Sensing the freedom from my Bycasino güncel giriş too tight bra, my chest and lungs expanded for a full oxygen intake. The sight of my large, round double-d’s served to switch Bill into second gear. Applying a half-choke hold on my neck, he swiveled me around to kiss me.

One final glimpse of Sharon’s fingers flying in and out of her well-lubed pussy set me on fire for her husband’s thick tongue. A chorus of moans added to the intoxicating aroma of female sex hanging in the air. Standing toe to toe with tall Bill, I reluctantly stopped pleasuring myself to get a firm grip on his manhood. The sense of suddenly feeling another woman grasping his cock set him back. His long liquid tongue froze in my mouth, as did the rest of his rigid body.

Okay Mister, it’s put up or shut up time; try this guilt-killer action on for size. Clamping my lips tightly around his tongue, I sucked like crazy. At the same time, I applied an equally tight hand grip around the base of his hardon; while tugging hard on the length of it with my other hand. A few seconds, and an open mouthed “AH!” later, I knew I had snuffed out that little voice of reason and fidelity riding ever so precariously on his shoulder. His hungry hands swiftly swarmed over my entire torso. I tore away from his kiss and leaned back to watch him feast on my tits. Yanking harder and faster on his ready cock, I felt the first tell-tale sign of lubrication oozing from its large head. My first urge was to fall to my knees and devour him, and give Sharon a real show. I even positioned myself to do just that. Sliding about half-way down his torso I stopped momentarily to spy his wife. Sharon’s pelvis had dropped to the couch. She was no longer engaged pleasuring her saturated pussy, and her tense body language said it all. I recalled what it felt like, years ago, watching my husband being serviced by another woman for the first time. To say I had mixed feelings back then would be an understatement. Of course Bill had no comprehension of why I stopped sliding and released my hold. By now he was lightly pushing my head toward his intended target.

“Man-O-Man; you guys are really something else! I don’t remember being this turned on; and this fast for a LONG time… WHEW!” I claimed, regaining my composure. Staring down at Sharon I spied a semi-smile and perhaps a sigh of relief.

“I, I mean WE, could fuck you right now!” Bill stated, grabbing a sizeable chunk of my ass.

“No Bill, I think you meant YOU, Silly.” I countered and stepped away from him and closer to the couch. “Horny fucker, ain’t he?” I quipped, leaning down to touch Sharon’s knee.

“I’m afraid he’s not the only one,” Sharon said, taking my hand from her knee and sliding it down her inner thigh. Stopping just short of her bush, I left my hand in place while her fingers spread her tender lips again.

“Well now, aren’t you the tease,” I winked and teetered on my tall heels. Feeling her husband’s hands on my broad hips, I stood up and turned to clue him in. “Listen Mister Marathon Man, although it would be deliciously naughty to have your hot cum in me, I think it’s more important that Sharon and I get to know each other better; don’t you agree?” I whispered and further advised him to take a chair and just enjoy himself. He nodded sheepishly, tucked his tail, and retreated to a chair across from the couch.

Turning my attention back to the couch, Sharon and I shared a smile before I went to my knees on the floor. “Hmm now, we were discussing teasing, right?” I said wistfully, as I leaned over her bare legs to rest my hands on her hips.

With my jugs precariously hanging ever-so-close to her pussy, she maneuvered her pelvis within inches of my globes. “You ARE good! I have no idea what you said to him, but…” she began. I interrupted by taking hold of one of my boobs and forced my hard nipple against her slit.

“Baby you have NO IDEA how good,” I said, staring her down. Spreading her pussy wide, I ran my jug hard up and down her super-wet slit; paying special attention to her clit. Craning her head forward for a better perspective of my handy work, her mouth opened.

“OH MY GOD! I never expected that to feel SO good!” She said, as I switched boobs. With both of my nipples coated with her juice, I hoisted each up to my mouth for a sweet taste test.

“SHIT; that is SO FUCKING HOT, Barb!” Yelled Bill, busily jacking himself.

“Mmm yum, I just knew you would taste so good,” I oozed, holding my boob high for a few lingering licks.

Sharon was heavily breathing, while her husband urged me, in no uncertain terms, to “Eat her out!”

“Did you hear something?” Directing the question to Sharon, I pretended being deaf to Bill’s direction. Raising her eyebrows, she gave me the cutest sisterly shrug. I leaned over again, entwined her fingers in mine and lavishly licked and sucked each finger. Once dry, I slowly laid each of her hands to her sides. Shooting her another quick wink and a smile, I lowered my tongue to her mound. Spreading her lower lips with my red-nailed fingers, I immediately went to work lapping up a wealth of her external juices. Only occasionally I let my tongue lightly tickle her clit. Hearing her moan, I felt her hand on my head, and I stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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