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Good Neighbors Ch. 05

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It was four o’clock in the morning and I was sitting on my own front porch minding my own business. Grieving is a solitary business best carried on at night and I have certainly earned the right to grieve. My fifth husband passed away a year ago and I was still dealing with it. You’d think after being widowed five times I’d get used to it or be immune or something, but I am not.

It doesn’t make it any easier to know what the neighbors all say about me either. Well, all the neighbors except Liz and Abbie, maybe. You see, Liz and Abbie are the reason I’m writing this and it all started that morning at four.

I couldn’t sleep so I was sitting out on my front porch in the dark. Mostly I was wallowing in self-pity and sadness. My name is Lena Black — and I am black — and I am a widow — have been a total of five times now. I know the neighborhood thinks it’s cute to call me the Black Widow, but I hear them whisper it behind my back and it hurts.

Anyway, let me get back to that night at four in the morning and everything that happened because I was sitting out there. It was dark, and I was drinking tea and mulling over the sad state of my life when a huge, rumbling truck with all sorts of chrome and gigantic tires came rolling down the street. I heard a scream as it approached. It sounded like a woman’s scream so I perked up and paid attention. The truck had an ominous look about it and I’d heard about gangs and big trucks, you know, so I was keeping an eye out.

The truck pulled into Liz Nobbing’s driveway, rolled to a stop, the engine cut off and the lights went dark. Liz and Abbie both leave the coach lights on their garages on so I could still see pretty well. There was a tall fella standing up in the back of the truck. I saw him right away. Then I saw that he was holding on to a woman. He wasn’t exactly holding onto her in a protective way or a way that showed they were horsing around either. To be very blunt, he was fucking the holy living shit out of her. The woman was holding onto some kind of lights on the cab of the truck for dear life and from the way the fella’ was goin’ after her and the long, long strokes he was taking, he must have had a really impressive piece of equipment on him.

Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

The woman started to collapse when the truck stopped. I think the fellow giving her what-for started to cum about then too and they sort of settled into the bed of the truck together almost out of sight. I could still hear the woman groaning and panting and the fellow chimed in and let out a loud groan too. That’s when I recognized the voice of the woman. It was Liz.

In all my days as Liz’s friend and neighbor I never would have expected her to be a part of something like this. She’s always been reserved and proper and a good neighbor. At first, I thought maybe there was some sort of foul play going on, like she was being raped or something. I was just getting ready to grab my phone and dial ‘911’ when the driver of the truck climbed out and it turned out to be Jeff Haffenshaft.

I could hear Liz groaning and then I heard the two young men talking. Pretty soon the fellow in the bed of the truck picked Liz up gently in his arms and handed her over the side of the truck to Jeff. That’s when I noticed just how muscular and ‘hunky’ Jeff was. His friend in the truck was really muscular too but taller. When he climbed down from the truckbed, I could tell he was a several inches taller than Jeff and he appeared to be black.

This was definitely not something you see every day.

Jeff Haffenshaft was the only one with any clothes on, too. Anyway, the two boys talked softly to Liz and then each of them kissed her long and slow and deep while Jeff held her cradled in his arms. Liz appeared to be in pretty rough shape, but she definitely wasn’t resisting all the attention these boys were giving her. Their hands were all over her for a minute or two while they kissed her. Pretty soon they roused her, she entered the code for the garage door and Jeff carried her inside.

The tall young man stood there beside the truck for a long time so I got a chance to check him out pretty good. Damn, but even his muscles had muscles! Now it’s been a long time since I checked out a man’s hardware. Hell, It’s been almost two years since I even thought about that sort of thing, what with my last husband being sick for so long and all the darned grief after he passed.

For the first time in a long time I did take notice and I decided I liked what I saw. This boy was hung like my second husband — maybe even better. The fellow climbed back in the truck slowly, started it and then drove away. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry as he drove off, so I got a closer look as he drove away. He was just as handsome as he was well-built.

Things were only quiet for about two minutes after he left and then a beat-up old car rolled into Abbie Haffenshaft’s Bycasino driveway. It was some little, dented up foreign thing that rattled and chugged. The second it stopped a young fella I’d never seen before hopped out of the front of the car and dragged the rear door open. This young fella was as naked as you can get too.

Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

The car door squeaked something fierce. He stood there for a long time. I couldn’t see a soul in the back but pretty soon — and all at once it seemed like — the young fella waiting held his hand out and the other car door opened up. The next thing I knew, Abbie Haffenshaft half-crawled, half-wiggled her way out of the backseat and another young fella got out on the other side. Abbie was naked and so were the two young fellas.

Now, that’s another thing you don’t see every day.

Unlike Liz, Abbie was on her feet and able to walk. She kissed the fella on the passenger’s side long and slow. I was just beginning to think Abbie was gonna do more than kiss him when she stepped back, pried his hands off of some places I only let my husbands and my doctor touch and then she slowly shimmied around to the other side of the car. She gave the same treatment to the other fella. I’ve never seen a female kiss two men so long and passionately as Abbie kissed them both.

About the time I started to think she was gonna shinny up this second young stud like he was a tree and she was going to swing on one of his lower branches, she pushed herself away from him, leaned down and said something to the driver. I don’t know why it surprised me when Liz’s son Benjamin climbed out of the driver’s seat. At least Benjamin had his clothes on. Abbie said something softly to him, took his hand after he got out and then they sort of ambled off toward the garage door.

The word ‘ambled’ did not come close to describing the way Abbie was walking. Once, when I was married to my first husband, Bob and he was still in the navy, we were exploring one of Tijuana’s rougher districts when we saw one of those women Tijuana is famous for doing a slow, lewd strut just like Abbie was doing. Two sailors a half block away saw her and started walking her way. It was like her swaying ass and rolling hips were a man-magnet. I glanced at my husband, Bob who was beside me and thought for a second I was going to have to poke him in the eyes to keep him from following her too.

Well, that working girl back there in Tijuana was only putting on a show. She was selling her goods. Abbie didn’t need to sell anything. I was pretty sure those two boys watching her had already bought everything she had to offer lock, stock and pussy. I am positive the only thing that kept them from following her straight to the garage was the fact that she had pretty much already sucked all the good out of them.

They looked tired but boy, they sure looked like fine, virile young men from over here on my side of the street. That’s a thought I hadn’t had in my head in a long time. Losing a husband, even if it is my fifth, will do that to a woman. Seeing two naked young men standing across the street with some serious sexual mischief on their minds was putting an idea or two into my head.

Well, Abbie got the garage door open and about the time I was beginning to think all the excitement was over, Abbie proceeded to push that Nobbing boy up against her car and kiss him. She didn’t give him any kind of motherly kiss either. About the time I thought they were going to have a sex party right there against the car, she yanked the boy’s pants down, gave his pistol a hasty stroke or two and then kissed it long and careful. Before I knew what was happening, Abbie was up off her knees and doing her best to run for the backdoor. She stopped and waved goodnight to the two fellas in the driveway and then she shut the garage door.

Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

The last thing I saw of Abbie, she was running off into the house. That Nobbing boy was busy tearing his clothes off like they were on fire and the two naked fellas with the hardons in her driveway were just standing there. They were . . . well, they were naked! . . . and they looked mighty fine.

When the garage door finally closed the two young fellas snapped to attention. The whole scene changed and they were all about pants and shirts and shoes. They had a little trouble and had to slow down some when they tried to get their erections stuffed back into their pants. When they finally got most of their clothes back on, they lunged back into that little rattle-trap of a car and sputtered back up the road toward town.

I sat there, sort of stunned by what I’d seen. What I’d seen was a revelation. My neighbors, my best friends of the past several years, were carrying on with young men half their ages. They were coming home at day break and clearly, they didn’t think a thing of coming Bycasino giriş home naked as jay-birds with their young bulls in tow.

Well, the whole thing confused me at first. It slowly began to dawn on me that I liked what I saw. In fact. I wanted some of everything Abbie and Liz were getting too. I got this sort of warm, all-over glow about then and I smiled. I hadn’t smiled like that in a long time. Let me tell you, it came as an even bigger shock when I looked down into my lap and discovered I had a hand under my nightshirt, my legs were open and a couple of my fingers were absentmindedly dancing the waltz with my clit. I think they had been working for awhile too. Clearly, my clit was enjoying the attention! My clit hadn’t been awake like this in a month of Sundays and — this is the important part — I wanted more!

Right away my mind started thinking and planning. Liz and Abbie were good and dear friends and I was sure they would be willing to share their good fortune if I approached them in the right way. As far as the young men I’d seen them carrying on with, well, I was sure I had a lot to offer that they might find entertaining. I may be fifty-eight, but the last time I checked, men were still giving me a second and third look and a smile when they could catch my eye even though I hadn’t been doing much in the way of makeup or attractive clothes for some time. I hadn’t been eating much for the past year and while my body didn’t have the greatest muscle tone, I had lost some weight. I figured I’d be getting a lot more exercise soon to make up for my sluggish ways if I played my cards right. My memory of the full-bore nature young men’s sex drives told me I might just be making some new friends soon.

Late the next morning I was up, itchy-nervous and ready for action. By my estimate neither Liz or Abbie would be up and ready to receive guests before one. I was certain they would be receiving guests however. After thinking it over, I was pretty sure neither gal knew about the shenanigans they were each up to. I decided to use that to my advantage.

Now, in case you’re inclined to think that just because I’m fifty-eight and much-widowed, I am some wrinkled-up, feeble old sad sack — you are wrong. I will have you know that except during my periods of grief, I’ve stayed active, watched my diet and paid close attention to my appearance. In my younger days I even did a bit of modeling. When I was in my mid-forties my third husband, Ed encouraged me to get a boob-job. I was blessed with a great pair of hooters (I hope they still call them that) but in my forties they began to settle a bit. Ed joked and called my boob-job “upkeep” because the plastic surgeon only enlarged them a tiny little bit but he did return them to their proud and lofty status on my chest. Why, even now, more than ten years after my surgery, my little ladies stand out on my chest like headlights. They’re still sensitive too and they point straight ahead in ‘nippy’ weather or when I’m aroused.

I spent a lot of time getting ready. My legs were shaved. My hair was done the best I could do by myself, even though I was in serious need of a bit of a trimming and styling. My makeup was perfect and I was wearing an outfit I just knew would knock young men’s socks off. It consisted of a bright red stilettos — the ones that drove my fourth husband, Tom positively wild every time I pranced around in them, a hip-hugging red skirt that ended two inches above my knees and a semi-sheer white blouse. Underneath my outfit I had on white sheer stockings, a no nonsense white garter belt, crisp red satin panties and a lacy, almost see-through red bra. I toyed with the idea of going panty-less but I didn’t want the young men I was about to meet to think I too easy.

Abbie would be my first call. She would be seeing two callers and it might take her longer to wrangle her little band into shape for the trek to my living room. I knew it wouldn’t take much convincing. Liz was a bit more uptight and conventional about so many things that I was certain she would burn a path to my door in no time, her young black stud in tow.

“Morning, Abbie!” I began, “Are you rested and feeling your oats, girl?”

“Lena! Good to hear from you. How are you feeling? You know, Liz and I worry about you. You know, you have been through quite a rough spot.”

“Yeah . . . well, something came up last night that sort of snapped me out of my funk,” I answered.

“Well, that’s great!” she beamed, not suspecting what I had in store for her.

“What-say you come over and I can tell you all about it, hon,” I added, hoping this would press her to reveal whether she had plans.

At that very moment I heard the sputtering rattle of the little hoopty from last night and I had my answer. Still, I wanted to force Abbie’s hand.

“Can you come over?” I repeated.

Abbie had heard the same clatter I heard. I went Bycasino güncel giriş to the window and looked out as the rusty little contraption rolled to a stop and the sputtering of the motor died away.

“W-w-ell, I have company that just arrived. Maybe tomorrow, Lena,” she said.

“Company! Great! I do hope it’s those two lovely young gentlemen from last night. They seemed so attentive to your every need as you parted company. They were so polite and so conscientious,” I answered.

There was a long silence on Abbie’s end, followed by a bit of nervous mumbling before she finally spoke up.

“You-, well-, but-, she began. I was sure she was scrambling to concoct an explanation for what I’d seen.

I ignored her stammering and pushed on, “I suppose you’ve sent Jeff off somewhere for the day?”

“H-he went hiking with Liz’s son, Benjamin. They won’t be home till dinnertime. Why?”

“Oh just wanted to make sure you were covering all the bases.”

“Why do you ask?” she asked me. She sounded a little apprehensive now.

I grinned, knowing I was about to pinch her hard. “Well, Abbie I had trouble sleeping last night so I was out sitting on my front porch around four this morning. I was really surprised when you came home naked and practically humped those two young men right there in the driveway. It really set me back when I saw you take Benjamin’s cock out and lick it like a lollipop. I do hope you finished what you started with him. You had Benjamin so excited I thought he was going to explode right there in the garage with his pants down around his ankles. That wasn’t the first time you’ve sucked his cock, was it?”

What followed was a long and painful silence. I would wait as long as it might take for my friend and neighbor to respond.

Finally, she did reply, saying, “I’m so sorry you saw that.” There was a lot of shame in her voice.

“Oh, I’m not sorry at all. Good lord girl,” I began excitedly, “Do you know how arousing that whole scene was? I haven’t even thought about sex in months and then I saw you enticing all three young men like that! Don’t misunderstand me Abbie, you could have passed for a streetwalker last night. Damn that was hot! You ought to give lessons.”

“You don’t think less of me, do you?” she asked sheepishly.

“Are you kidding?” I asked, “You managed to shake the widow’s weeds right off me. For that I thank you.”

There was another long silence between us on the phone until I finally broke it by saying, “Why don’t you and your young friends come over to my place in a couple of minutes?”

Abbie sounded shocked when she replied, “Your place?”

I’d already thought of that and countered, “Well, yes. Unless you’d like to meet me over at Liz’s.

That seemed to snap her garters. “Sure! We’ll be over at your place in five,” and then she added almost confidentially, “This is just between us girls, right?”

Just before I ended our phone call I answered, “Sure. You bet. Just us girls.”

Of course, ‘us girls’ included Liz too. They were sharing their sons. They each deserved to know how generous they were being.

I dialed Liz next. I hadn’t heard the rumble of that big pickup truck yet but I was certain it would be arriving soon. After a night spent entertaining a young black stallion with a cock almost the size of my forearm, she was entitled to a few extra minutes in bed. At the time I had no idea that Jeff Haffenshaft had also contributed massive amounts of cock during the evening and on into the morning. She had every reason to be a bit sore and frayed around the edges.

“Hello,” Liz said into the phone.

“Hi, Liz! How are you on this fine summer afternoon!” I was trying to be painfully, irritatingly cheerful. I suppose I was jealous. After all, Liz was just as exhausted as I wanted to be.

She perked up at recognizing my voice. “Lena! You sound so good! I hope you’re — well, getting through things.”

“This is the best I’ve felt in ages, honey. I feel like I have been asleep for almost two years. I’m awake now and I have you to thank for that.”

“Me? I haven’t seen you or spoken to you in a week,” she blurted out.

Liz really was rather innocent.

“Well ” I began, “I had trouble sleeping again last night, so I was up around four this morning. I was sitting out on the front porch with a cup of tea when I heard a shout. It sounded like somebody yelled ‘All of it!’ real loud. And then this big pickup truck pulled up in your driveway with you in the back.”

I stopped my little story there and let it sink in and steep in her conscience.

Following a long pause Liz asked me in a voice soaked in overwhelming shock, “You saw that?”

“Why, yes, I did, honey — and I only have one question,” I said flatly and then paused before pushing on, “That boy you were with was — well — very gifted. Did you get ‘all of it like you screamed?'”

There was another long pause and then Liz exhaled softly over the phone. It was as if all the wind was going out of her sails and she said meekly, “Well, yes. At least I think so. I sort of blacked out then. I don’t remember a lot of the details.”

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